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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 77)

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Are awesome yaar... Superb..
Continue soon..
Thx for pm Smile

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awesme part
loved it
thanks for pm
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nandini was feeling hot and so she woke up. she looked at the time. it was 3 am of night. manik was sleeping peacefully facing her his back. she didnt thought of disturbing him and slightly lowered the temperature of the ac so that the room becomes a bit more cold. she drank a glass of water and then went back to sleep.
the next morning
nandini stretched her arms in a lazy way and opened her eyes.. another beautiful sunny weather it was. she turned around to maniks side hoping to be greeted with his smile. but today it was different, manik was still sleeping and she was the one to wake up before him. nandini found it a bit unusual as everyday when she opened her eyes she used to find him smiling at her and saying goodmorning with a kiss. he was facing her his back. nandini looked at him and saw him sleeping like a baby. his hair was coming on his forehead and she caressed them. she planted a kiss on his forehead and thought he would wake up but there was no response. slowly nandini turned him around and now manik was lying straight on the bed.
n=good morning manik..
she whispered in his ear, still he was sleeping. nandini holded his hand and felt it quiet warm. then she touched his forehead and saw that he was having fever. her eyes grew big in tension. how come he has fever??? she again touched his forhead, hands they were warm...
n=manik..manik utho na...please
he slowly opened his eyes and gave her a weak smile. he touched her cheeks and
m=um okk jaan
n=what okay..tumhe bohot bukhar ha...i dont understand ke kaise hua...
manik turned to the other side and looked at the ac. the ac was direct facing him. nandini looked at the ac and then at manik
n=manik... um sorry.. meri wajase , mujhe garmi lagrahithi toa mane galtise ac ka temperature low kardiya. i didnt realize that it was directly facing u and now meri wajase...um sorry manik
he put a finger on her lips and sat on the bed with the help of nandnini. she put a pillow behind his back so that he would feel comfortable
m=um fine..esa kuch nahi hua ha.bass thora sa fever
n=manik, thorasa nahi ha... ruko i'll check ur fever.
m=are par...
she wasnt ready to hear anything. nandini dialed the receptions number and ordered a thermometer for immergency and a glass of hot milk. after a few moments the waiter came. nandini thanked him and quickly put the thermometer inside his mouth. she was looking so nervous, every now and then she would caress his hair and touched his temple. manik wasnt even arguing with her because he knew it was waste to explain her anything now. he let her do what she wants. after some minute she took out the thermometer.
n=102 !!!
m=see..its nothing..
n=its nothing??? manik seriously???

m=nandini seriously its alright.. aur kaunsa utna fever ha?? accha chalo yeh sab choro aur ready hojaw..we are going to the beach today
n=mr malhotra and what do u think u are going??? tumhare samne ek doctor ha and doctor ka yeh order ha ke ap bed se nahi utrenge, yahipar beth ke rest karenge samjhe ap???
m=jaan, um alright aur ek pill lelunga toa theek hojaunga u need not to worry
n=manik..um sorry meri wajase tum iss halat me ho, trust me i really didnt know
m=ssshhh.. nandini ma theek hu and tum esa kyu bolrahiho?? i myself am addicted to ac, ac ke begar mujhe neend nahi ati, i guess kal cold drinks kuch zyada peeya tha aur yaha room me direct ac ke niche...thats why. nothing much. theek hojaunga
she was having a guilty look, caressing his hand again and again. he brought her face closer and kissed her forehead
m=accha u need not to feel guilty
n=i am and until tum theek nahi hojate, i wont be able to forgive myself
m=esa kuch nahi ha,ek bat bolo jaan, why are we here??? hum yaha isiliye aye ha cause we want to know more about eachother right?? tum yahi chahti thi and i also agreed ke we'll get to know eachother, support eachother and fulfil eachothers lackings. so?? and mane last night bhi tumse kaha tha na that we had promised to be with eachother and see we are here, toa kya hua?? um a bit sick tum ho na mera khayal rakhnekeliye dr nandini manik malhotra
saying he touched her nose which initially made her blush
m=thats like my jaan...acchaa ab bolo what can i do to make u feel better??
n=jo ma kahu???
m=tumhari kasam jo tum kaho
she kissed his hand and gave him a huge smile
n=okay then i want ke hum aj kahi bahar na jaye and tum room me rest karoge. we'll spend some quality times in the room okay???
m=but jaan u wanted to see the beach aur..
n=manik jaise tumhare lie mere happiness se barkar kuch nahi ha wasehi mere lie bhi tumse barkar kuch nahi ha. and jeetna ma tumhe janti hu mr malhotra kal hum jab wapas jayenge tum phirse apne regular schedule me itne busy hojawge ke tumhe apna bilkul dhyan nahi rahega
he smirked and pulled her a bit more closer holding her hand
m=tum ho na?? meri angel to protect me and take care of me
this sensual tone of his would make her go crazy anytime..the way he would smirk at her , caressing her face , put her bangs behind her ear and coming closer to her
nandini's pov
how does he manage always to distract me??? his voice tone makes me irresistable ... are we heading for our first kiss???  the way he is caressing my cheeks, i cant help but close my eyes. his touch over my body is no less than any current.. we are coming closer more and more..i think i want this kiss..our first kiss. i can feel his hot breath on my face..he's so close
almost touching her lips, he murmured against her lips
m=i want our first kiss to be more special nandini..and more romantic
saying he kissed beside her lips.nandini opened her eyes. she didnt have the courage to look at him having the crimson look. she smiled and ran inside the washroom. manik smiled to himself and ran his hands throught his hair
m=i lover her so much
nandini came out of the washroom after tking a quick bath. she saw manik had ordered breakfast for her. she stood infront of him , her hands on her waist and giving him a glare
n=tumhe lagta ha tumhare fever ke time ma tumhe yeh sab, yeh pasta sandwich, yeh sab khane dungi???
m=yeh sab tumhare liye ha jaan..u love pasta right???
n=manik fever tumhe ha aur tumhe abhi zyada khana chahiye , naki mujhe?? apne bareme kabhi sochoge nahi na tum??
m=tum ho na mere bareme sochnekeliye
said he gave her a sweet childish smile and she gave him another angry look. nandini took the phone and order some soup, juice and some noodles without that much spice. after sometime the waiter served the food
n=yeh lo..pehle soup peeyo
m=chiii..ganda hota ha
n=manik...please tum 2 years ke bacche ho?? jo ese karraheho?????
m=nandini seriously..yeh soup kitna tasteless hota ha, i used to see how dad had to eat when mom used to give him
n=yes and now you have to eat it..come on
m=ek shart pe
m=tum mujhe khilawgi...
n=theek ha
first of all she took a napkin and put it around his neck like a mother does to her baby. then she took a spoon full of soup and blowed a bit air so that it doesnt remain that much hot. then she bought it infront of him and he drank it. after drinking it he made a aweful disgusted look
m=chhhiii... ganda ha
n=maniikkk, khaneko ganda nahi bolte
m=tum na ekdam meri mom jaisi ho..i remember jab woh mujhe woh kya khichdi type khilati thi...
n=tumhe khichdi nahi pasand???
m=no way...mukti loves it.i don't but u like it??

n=well... sort of, mummy jab banati ha when im sick its yummy
m=ganda ha
m=accha sorry but seriously nandini yeh soup kitna pheeka ha
n=yeh pheeka nahi ha, cause of fever the taste of your tongue has gone so stop doing these tantrums and drink it
manik accepting his defeat and took the bowl of soup and started to drink it like a good boy. nandini smiled watching this cute scene. she too took the plate of pasta and began to eat as manik gestured her with his eyes to eat with him. though she didnt want to eat pasta infront of him during his sickness but still manik was manik, didnt mind at all and she had to eat it. nandini gave medicine to manik once he finished drnking the soup
m=nandini..jaan lets go to the beach, um sorry because of me u are not able to enjoy this trip
n=manik..please dont say this trust me i enjoyed each and every moment. and these private moments jo hum abhi spend karraheha woh sabse haseen paal ha. and i love ur company whether it is on the beach or in our room.. and mujhe bilkul bore feel nahi horaha ha. aur tum kyu guilty feel karraheho?? its me jiski wajase tum aj suffer..
m=aj kehdiya dubara mat kehna. tumhari wajase mujhe kabhi koi problem nahi hosakti aur nahi hogi. so dont dare say anything about my jaan
n=accha okay nahi bolungi.
m=thats my good girl.. but hum ese room me beth ke kya karenge??
n=mmm... lets play game???
m=game?? kya???
she jumped off in excitement. for a moment manik was just surprised how childish one can be
m=nandini?? seriously?? monopoly??
n=ha manik..its the most favourite childhood game of mine. chalo na khelte ha please
m=ha par yaha kaha???
n=ruko main na resort ke indoor game room se lekar ati hu
and before manik could even stop her she ran out of the room like a cute rabbit leaving manik laughing and blushing. after few minutes she rushed back, locked the door and ran up to the bed. manik was observing her childish antics. the excitement, happiness while distributing the money and arranging the cards, her angry pouty looks when she wasnt able to find the matching parts of the cards ... he unknowingly started to blush and smile. after arranging the board properly she handed manik his money and throwed the dice first.
n=yaaayyy... its a six.. yahooo
manik was enjoying her cute jumps and shouts rather than playing the game.he would loose the game in a second to make her this level happy. he could clearly see behind the ambitious, hard working dr nandini murthy there was a sweet bubbly girl who was so much reserved to herself. but he was happy about the fact that she was opening herself infront of him slowly and smoothly. his thoughts were interrupted when nandini clicked her fingers infront of him and bringing him back to the game. he smiled and played his turn. both of them had become tom and jerry during the game. pushing each other, hitting with pillows, laughing and tickling eachother. trying to snatch the dice but nandini being short manik took the opportunity and many more... both didnt realize when they landed up sleeping cuddling to eachother. manik resting his head on the headboard and nandinis head on his shoulder.

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It's fab like always...
I loved it..
Waiting for nxt update
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Fabulous updt
U r simply a superb writer
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very nice update 
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aww its so sweet
Loved it
Cont soon
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i jus loved the update...so awesome...very cute and simple...loved it so much...thankx...cont soonSmile

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