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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 72)

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I just luv ur story...please update soon

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Very nice update..i love ur story...plss update the next chapter sooonn..
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waiting for you to update Embarrassed
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Such a beautiful story
Read all parts in one go
Update soon 
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chapter 12
once the breaakfast was done, manik and nandini decided to start the sight seeing. manik changed himself into a white tshirt with his shorts. he saw nandini combing her hair wearing a black sleevless top and white pants. he stood beside the mirror and watched her
n=ese kya dekh raheho??
m=dekh raha hu..how pretty u r looking
m=but yeh dress..yeh to mukti ne
n=someone said that i am allowed to blush but not allowed to feel shy. and jab ma apne husband ke sath hu so why should i feel shy??
he smiled at her talk. she took her hands in his
n=manik,tumhare sath jab hoti hu i feel im in the most safest place of the world and i know ke ma jo bhi pehnungi ull adore me in that right???
he nodded in yes and kissed her forehead
m=haa chalo
nandini took her bag and was going out when manik stopped her. he quickly took the bottle of water from the table and put it in her bag
n=yeh kya ha???
m=bahar bohot dhoop ha, u might feel thirsty and weak so yeh water bottle. he was her guardian, he never left any place for complaining she
thought. holding eachothers hand manik and nandini sat inside the car which manik had booked for their sight seeing.  nandini was enjoying the weather, places very much. she was jumping inside the car like a baby whenever she gets to see a little glimpse of the sea and manik was sitting beside her adoring her expressions and excitement. she didnt allow to switch on the ac and had left the car window open so that she could enjoy the wind..
as per as nandini's wish they first stopped at a famous church of goa. nandini admired the beauty of the church. it was huge and white in colour. she entwined her hands with manik. he saw a different glow in her face
n=pata ha manik, i dont why i always love to visit church..ek alagsa peace milta ha. i love this place, and tumhe pata ha ke yaha par agar married couple sath me ek candle light kare aur pray kare toa wish surely puri hoti ha aur unki married life humesha happiness se bhari hoti ha
m=you believe it???
n=yes i do...kyu tum nahi mante???
m=i believe it cause you do. Chale???


nandini insisted that she wanted to do a river cruise so according to her wish manik took on her a river cruise. on the cruise many people recognized manik and rushed to him for his autograph. he was not only the youngest successful business man of india but also he was the lead singer of fab 5. nandini was feeling very proud and happy seeing her husband's popularity. having so much of name and fame still manik had not a single bit of pride in himself. he showed his attitude in sense of business which was necessary to be confident , strong and to win. manik malhotra was born to be a winner...among the fans, a sweet little girl holding a rose came to manik. he happily sat on his knees infront of her and took the rose. the girl kissed his cheeks and said " i love u manik, you are so handsome" manik hugged her and picked her in his arms. nandini couldnt help but took a picture of the duo. the girls mother took her picture in maniks arm.
some of the young girls were getting too close to manik and taking pictures. his eyes went on nandini who was sitting on a chair and smiling at him. manik excused himself from the crowd and went to her. he holded her hand and brought her to the crowd. everyone now recognized nandini too as his wife. the teenage girls were whispering eachother, expressing their jealousy.manik saw nandini was smiling
m=kya hua?? ese smile kyu karrahiho??
n=kuch nahi..bass tumhara itna nam, itna pyar sabka.. manik um feeling so lucky and so proud of u...
manik blushed a bit and gestured her a thank u. after the cruise was over, nandini was feeling hungry so first they decided to have their lunch and later on they will go for shopping. manik took her to a five star hotel. nandini order  a sea food platter while manik ate a normal veggie platter.nandini was very much adventurous and full of excitement. manik liked that she was somehow like him not a boring person and liked to move around places. this honeymoon gave them another chance to get to know eachother more. manik preferred himself vegeterian food as he liked it .. nandini liked both vegeterian and non-veg but most of the time she ate vegeterian. but manik was manik , he ensured that she should get the right to have everything according to her wish and he himself didnt have any problem with it... they enjoyed the meal very much having loads of talk and laugh.
after the lunch was finished manik took her for shopping. at first nandini looked around the shopping mall. it was huge and the only mall in goa which had branded stuff. manik always used to have the best and wear the best. he had nothing except branded ..and he would make sure nandini would deserve the same or more than that. nandini was feeling a bit uncomfortable and indirectly saying to manik that its too much expensive here but manik being manik, handed her the credit card with his serious look and gestured her to shop with right. when he say his wife was being the typical shy ones, he dragged her to one of the shops and selected some dresses for her. nandini was highly impressed with him seeing the taste of his choice. she stood beside him and saw him selecting dresses for her. he put one by one infront of her and tested if they would look okay on her. then he handed the dresses to her and told her to try out them. nandini went inside the trial room and put on one by one. she smiled and blushed.. they were lovely. nandini came out of the trail room and gave the dresses to be packed.
next it was time for manik's shopping. manik tried to excuse himself but nandini was not falling in his traps and dragged him inside the showroom of polo and raymond.she susshhhed him making him stand infront of the mirror and tried some tshirts over him.. they also some gifts for their family
finally after a long tiring day they came back to their resort.nandini lied down on the bed keeping the shopping bags aside, while manik ordered their dinner in their room and went to freshen up. while manik was inside the washroom, his phone rang. it was mukti. nandini smiled and picked the call and before she could say anything mukti started to talk thinking it was manik
mu=bhai..dad ki tabyat thori kharap hogayi ha.. do baar faint hochuke ha. mom is very much tensed and worried. ap bhi nahi ho yaha, bhai need ur help. when u came back from london and took dad for checkup uske reports kaha ha?? we need it urgently...
n=mukti its me, manik washroom me ha
mukti's eyes were wide open. she cursed herself for not letting the other person speaking first
mu=nandini..um sorry..woh mujhe laga
n=mukti mujhe bolo...kya hua ha??? is dad fine?? serious kuch nahi ha?? dont worry manik ko bahar ane do, we'll be there as fast..
mu=nandini are you mad??? tum log apne honeymoon pe ho and its not that immergency, its just je ese situation me gharme ma akeli hu. aur humesha you know bhai used to handle all this and i would help him cause nandini mom and dad ko handle karna its only bhai can do this..
n=mukti tum shant hojaw..and suno meri baat
nandini gave her some medication ways and asked her not to let him go out and take rest. she also prescribed some medicines and said its nothing but cause of weakness and stress
mu=thanks nandini...
n=aur ha, kal subhah doctor ko bulakar ek bar routine checkup karwa lena and dont get panick theek ha???
mu=yaa..thanks nandini. by the way, dont tell bhai all this woh khamakha disturb aur tensed hojayega. you guys are on your honeymoon and now i realized je accha hua mera call tumne pick kiya aur bhai ne nahi..
n=mukti its completely fine, agar humari zarurat humare family ko hogi we'll surely come and yeh honeymoon yehsab hota rahega and manik se kyu chupaw?? its about his dad
mu=exactly..that why. you know dad ko lekar bhai bohot zyada senti ha , tum please kuch mat kehna..please nandini.
m=nandini whos it???
mukti hearing maniks voice, cut the call. nandini turned around and looked manik standing in bare chest and drying his hair with a towel.. for a moment she thought if he had heard anything or not? but when he gave her look of question and smirked seeing her expression ..she understood he hadnt heard anything.
n=ab woh.. kuch nahi.mukti ka phone tha
m=really?? kaise ha gharme sab??
n=sab theek ha gharpar
nandini was avoiding his gaze..she got up from the bed and went to the cupboard, doing nothing but showing herself busy
m=accha mukti ne dad ke bareme kuch bola?? you know i tried to call him during lunch time but it was unusual that his phone was off..and he wasnt even in the office..
nandini was more nervous, mukti told her not to tell manik anything he would get worry and she could see how much worry he was becoming. it was hard for her to hide things. nandini somehow avoided the questions and went inside the washroom. she was standing infront of the mirror and thinking to tell manik everything , but also that mukti had told her not to tell...how can she hide things from him that too about his father?? after a lot of mind fightings nandini splashed water on her face and came out of the washroom changing in her night suit. she saw manik was watching tv and waiting for her to join him as the dinner had arrived. nandini served both of them food on two plates and they enjoyed the dinner with some sweet talks.
nandini was getting any sleep.she was feeling restless, flipping on the bed. manik was sleeping facing his back to her. thinking for a long time, nandini  had enough and she couldnt hide it anymore.
n=manik... manik
she touched his shoulder and slightly shaked him. he opened his eyes and saw her awake , trying to wake him up. he turned on the side table lamp and sat on the bed being tensed. she was so much nervous
m=jaan..what happened? ur okay???  kya hua?? tum ese pareshan kyu ho?? did you have a nightmare??
n=manik... woh i wanted to tell you something
m=ha bolo na

she holded his hands and took a deep breathe
n=woh mukti ka call aya tha , usne bola tha k dad ki tabyat thori kharap ha because of weakness and he fainted also two times. tumse puchna chahti thi ke reports kaha ha.. manik um sorry mane tumse yeh pehle nahi kaha, mukti ne kaha tha tumhe nahi bolneko tum pareshan hojaoge isiliye. i swear manik, ma tumhe batana chahti thi par tum sad aur tensed hojaoge isiliye kaise kahu samajh nahi araha tha...manik please gussa mat hona.. aur tum tension mat lo mane mukti ko samjha diya ha ke dad ko kaise rest dena ha aur kya medicine dena ha..bass tum naraz mat hona.please??
she was waiting for his response. how would he react?? will he be angry?? but his reaction was opposite to her thoughts. he holded her hands in his and kissed them
m=thanks ke tumne mujhse sach nahi chupaya... agar yeh bat mujhe mumbai jakar pata lagta then i would be very angry with you
n=manik ma..
m=ssshhh(put his finger on her lips) nandini..its okay i can understand ke tumpar kya beet rahithi. mujhe pata ha mukti ne tumse kaha hoga not to tell me cause i will be very much tensed , worried for dad and yes right now i am. but i am also reliefed that you gave the proper medication idea. yes , i love my dad very much and too senti about him . shayed isiliye mukti ne kaha tumse and u agreed cause tum mujhe pareshan nahi dekhsakti. par nandini hadnt we promised that we'll share everything to eachother??? everything means everything?
she nodded to his question
m=and thanks ke tumne promise nahi break kiya. um happy u said the truth.
he again kissed her hands and pulled her in a hug cause he knew he was nervous and scared how would he react. nandini hugged him back closing her eyes.
n=tum naraz toa nahi hona???
manik smiled and broke the hug
m=nahi... bilkul nahi. bass thorasa tensed hu. kal subhah ghar call karke situation kaisa ha janna parega
n=tum tension matlo, sab theek hoga i believe and tum ho na, tumhare hote hue kuch galat nahi hosakta
he kissed her forehead. both lied down switching the lights off.nandini could feel he was worried and tensed. she holded his hand and rubbed it with her thumb gesturing she is with him. he smiled back her and kissed her hand back

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loved it
cont soon
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its awesome dear loved it thnx for the pm cont soon
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Such a Adorbale one!!

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