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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 65)

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This time don't wait up Tull page 77

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Edited by samaira1103 - 10 June 2015 at 11:43pm

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awwwsmeee pls update regular na plsss
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beautiful update
loved it
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Awww awesome update
Too cute manan
How supportive manik n her in laws
U described goa weather is well
Update soon
M eagerly waiting for ur update
Thnx for pm

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Awww hi #Manan_Kashian Tongue seruxly yr wht ur doing 2 us Wink making us crazy by ur ff LOL seruxly i have read ds part atleast more dn 4 times as im getting addicited 2wrds ur story Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed hats of 2 u ur for penning down sch a unique n wonderful story Clap Clap if i could give u award for it i surely would have given it 2 u Embarrassed Embarrassed i have a req dt if u can so plzz update ds story on regular basis as i cant w8 for further dt how will ds story shape up Tongue

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the sandy path seemed to be so pleasant for manik and nandini..the silent walk, stealing glances of eachother every second, the blush and the smile was just their perfect moment. nandini guided him towards the sea. manik being the ultimate lover followed her and their entwined hands.. she let their feet touch the cold water of the sea, standing at the corner...the windy weather blowing on their faces and giving the cool touch to their bodies.manik squeezed their hands and gave her a sparkle around her body..
m=you know i love it jab tum ese blush karti ho
n=pata haa
m=accha kaise???
n=well.. kyuki jab mujhe blush karte tum dekhte ho tab tum bhi bohot cute si smile dete ho..aur khud blush karne lagjate ho
manik smiled how she had noticed his expressions and movements..
n=kuch der yaha bethe??
m=theek ha
they sat at the edge of the sea, the water slightly hitting their faces and giving them cold touch..  they remain seated their for sometime, didnt say anything just watching the waves and entwining their hands... sometimes nandini would draw a N & M on the sand with her finger..manik smiled seeing her doing all this.
n=manik..um thirsty
m=accha tum ruko i'll get something to drink
n=theek ha
manik went to a nearby stall to buy water for her. nandini was sitting and thinking about her life , how it changed, how in a blink of eye she became someones wife, but she was loving these change.. nandini realized manik hadnt come back and it had become quiet late..she decided to check on him. she went to the nearby shops and saw manik wasnt there..she looked here and there and asked one of the shopkeepers if a tall guy had come there or not..the shopkeeper asked nandini to look behind. nandini saw manik was sitting with a little kid and tieing a bandage on his leg. she stood there and was watching it..how the multimiliniore, famous singer was sitting infront of a kid and taking his care.. nandini smiled standing far but then realized that the kid might need medical care..she went to him
n=manik kya hua??
m=kuch nahi..yeh baccha yaha khelraha tha aur gir gaya..usse chot laggayi toa bas wahi bandage karraha tha
n=is he okay?? can i help?
m=nahi sab theek ha aur yeh baacha bohot strong ha right??
manik kissed on his cheeks and the kid also kissed back on his cheeks. manik ruffled his hair and the kid ran from there ..
m=um sorry nandini, yeh lo tumhara drink.. woh yeh baccha gir gaya tha and ma..
he was interupted by her kiss on his cheeks
n=manik... tum itne acche kyu ho. i mean seriously...tum kitne cute hooo
she pulled his cheeks making him go red.
n=awwweee someone is blushing
m=esa kuch nahi ha..its just ke i cant see someone in pain right infront of my eyes. dad ne humesha sikhaya ha ke always try to help others
n=manik..itne acche ho tum but this world is not so good comparing to ur kindness, people will take advantage of ur kindness
m=i know but thats the difference between them nd us nandini. they choose the wrong path and me , i choose the right one. dad says that no matter how people treat u, if ur okay in your place then u'll have the satisfaction that atleast u tried.
she was listening to his words carefully. none can guess the real manik malhotra would be like this, the tough and rough introvert business man was so simple and calm-quiet inside.. manik looked at her lost in her thoughts and clicked his fingers infront of her
m=what? kya hua??
n=kuch nahi... resort chale? feeling tired
m=sure chalo.
they again started to walk back to the resort holding eachothers hands... nandini was already too much tired and sleepy. manik noticed her walking a bit slow and tripping every now and then though he was always there to catch her.
m=nandini wait..
n=kya hua??
he bent down and picked her up in his arms..
n=manik..kya karraheho?? um okay
m=ssshhh tum bohot tired ho aur theek se chal nahi parahiho..so let me carry u
m=nandini..let me do it , its my right
the way he claimed his right, she just allowed him to carry her all the way to their room. while walking manik was too much careful not to hit or get banged so that nandini might get hurt whereas nandini was staring at him. how perfect he was, a perfect son, businessman, frend and mostly the perfect husband. he put her down after reaching their room.
m=tum fresh hojaw aur so jaw.
n=ma things unpack karleti hu. tum change karlo pehle
manik went inside the washroom while nandini opened the suitcase to unpack their things.. she was taking out manik and her clothes and arranging them in the cupboard. she saw that the tops were not actually hers, they were a bit short tops . moreover there were some knee length tight fitted dresses. nandini was blushing hard looking at those but at the same time confused how did they come inside her bag  . she was even more confused seeing manik's  clothes okay but hers.. at the very bottom of the suitcase there was a red packet. nandini opened it and sawa white lingerie ..her eyes remained wide open. she was just shocked to see it... inside the packet was a note written by mukti "have a beautiful night, *wink* ". finally nandini understood it was all packed by mukti and that is why she told her that she has kept a sureprised.. nandini felt to hit her head on the wall. she closed her eyes and was praying to her ayippa what will she do ?? mukti hadnt kept any spare clothes or night suit for her..what will she wear now??? nandini wasnt surely going to wear this infront of manik.. when she opened her eyes she saw a packet infront of her holded by manik. she turned around and faced him. he gave her the packet
n=whats this??
m=khud deklo
nandini opened the packet and saw it was a cute red and white night suit with pajamas and short sleeves tops. she smiled seeing this but at the same time confused how did manik get to know about her dress problem. before she could ask any questions he said
m=woh before going to beach when you went to freshen up i had opened the suitcase to take out my toiletries bag. at that moment i saw that mukti had packed these weird short dresses for u and that
he pointed to the packet of lingerie which nandini was hiding behind her .
m=so... i bought a night dress for u from the resort shopping mall when u were talking to ur mom. and dont worry about the rest of the clothes, were going shopping tomorrow at that time u can buy comfortable dresses.
she just simply smiled how well he understood her, before saying he managed to do everything according to her wish, manik holded her gently from her shoulders
m=tumhe mere samne uncomfortable honeki koi zarurat nahi ha nandini. u look amazing when u blush but dont ever feel shy infront of me to say anything. anything means anything. and dont worry , as i had said, i'll wait for that day. no matter how much time it takes. atleast tum mere sath ho, mere pass ho for humesha and i am grateful to ur ayippa for sending u as my life.
in response to his words nandini hugged him, resting her head on his chest and hugging him close. the most comfortable and safest place for her. he also held her without wasting any time, assuring her to be with her humesha.
n=thanks manik. thank u so much
he broke the hug and kissed her forehead cupping her face.
m=tumhare lie kuch bhi jaan.
nandini blushed hard hearing him calling jaan. he enjoyed her crimson face very much
m=why do u blush so much when i call u jaan???tumhe accha nahi lagta?? esa ha toa i wont call
n=nahi..esa kuch nahi ha
m=matlab accha lagta ha??
manik smirked at her blushing face which she was trying to hide. hitting him on his chest she ran inside the washroom. manik smiled. while she was changing he arranged rest of the clothes in the cupboard and put the suitcase aside. when nandini came outside she saw manik sitting on the bed resting his head on the headboard and doing something in his phone. she climbed on the bed and sat beside him.
n=kya karraheho??
m=kuch nahi, london office se ek mail aya tha bas wahi dekraha tha
n=anything serious???
m=nahi... actually i am handling the project so sare details and updates mujhe dekhna parta ha. dad ko itna stress dena abhi accha nahi ha. he has become very much weak u no
n=manik, tum sabkaa kitna khayal rakhte ho,ayippa tum jaisa beta , bhai har kisiko de. u care for everyone...
he smiled and holded her hand
m=jinse hum pyar karte ha nandini we are bound to care for them, cause any scratch to them hurts us the most.
n=they are very luck manik to have u with them
m=and i am lucky to have them and u with me
hearing her name nandini smiled and blushed. he adored her this expression very much
m=tum sojaw, ur very much tired and tomorrow we have a long day outing
nandini nodded. both lied down switching the lights off. again they were facing eachother and just smiling to eachother holding and playing with eachothers fingers.. the next day
sunrays and sweet smell of the blooming flowers in the garden made manik open his eyes and he saw the most beautiful sight sleeping beside him, holding his hand close to her chest. he was mesmerized by her beauty, so pure and elegant. he lightly caressed her cheeks and planted a kiss on her temple. he relaxed himself on his elbow and stared at her,admiring her each and every detail. he was never tired of watching her, no matter how many times he would stare at her like this he would find it less comparing to her beauty.
nandini opened her eyes slowly and saw her husband staring at her lovingly. she smiled at him sweetly and clutched his hand more close to herself. he smiled and again kissed on her forehead
m=morning jaan
n=morning... tum kab uthe???
m=ek ghante pehle
n=kya?? toa itni der se kar kya rahethe?
m=i was looking at the most beautiful girl sleeping infront of my eyes
n=seriously manik?? tum kabse ese mujhe dekhraheho??
m=ssshh... i dont ever mind staring at you aur tum ho hii itni khubsurat ke nazre nahi hata sakta tumse
she smiled and kissed the hand she was holding
n=hum breakfast room me kare?? aramse??
m=sure ..anything for u jaan. tum fresh hojaw. i'll order the breakfast in our room
nandini took her toiletries bag and went inside the washroom. manik called at the reception and ordered breakfast for them. when nandini came out she saw manik was not in the room. she took a glance in the garden and saw him swimming ...she stood near the door and watched him dive.. how hot he looked she thought.. the tattoo on his back, his muscles..all in one he was perfect she thought. for a moment she found herself hard to resist him.. manik saw her watching him and smirked. nandini saw him coming out of the pool in black shorts and bare chest so she approach towards him with his towel. he raised his eyebrow making her confused
m=towel mujhe kyu derahiho??
n=manik...dry yourself.
he smirked at her and came close to her
m=tum kardona
in a second nandini turned into red hearing him ..he pulled her closer from her waist..
m=shadi ke bad, you know yeh sab normally wives karti ha mane movies me dekha tha..so ???
nandini was blushing. he turned around and smiled. he knew she would do it and was waiting for it. controlling her blush nandini slowly started to dry his back first with the towel...manik was watching her through the glass door. she was no less than a tomato. her cheeks turned into deep red and her eyes stealing glances of him. when she finished the back he turned around facing his bare chest.
he didnt let her complete and pulled her closer by her waist..
m=mera maan nahi ha karneka..tumhi kardo
looking to the other side avoiding his eye contact nandini dried his chest, shoulders with the towel.she was finding it hard to avoid his gaze and manik was taking the advantage by sliding his hands from her back to waist, hands to shoulders. she tried to move but his grip was tighter than her strength. the sweet romantic moment was disturbed by the knock on the door. manik smirked and let her go
m=i'll just come back
he went inside the washroom taking the towel giving nandini a relief. she opened the door and saw the waiter had brought breakfast for them . he kept the food and wished her a good morning. nandini smiled back and closed the door taking the food . manik came out putting on his shirt and shorts and saw nandini waiting for him with breakfast
m=tumne shuru nahi kia???
n=nahi..sathme karenge..ajaw
both sat on the couch together . nandini removed the plates and saw manik had ordered so many things. french toast, sandwiches, pasta, butter, juice, fried eggs and coffee.
n=manik itna sara breakfast??
m=ha woh... today they didnt have indian breakfast on the menu so mane yeh sab
n=ha woh theek ha but itna sara... sandwiches and juice would be enough
m=mrs manik malhotra,  it wont be enough and tumhe yeh sab khana parega. wasebhi meri mother-in-law ne mujhse complain kiya tha ke unki beti subhah nashte ke time kuch zyada tantrums karte ha so basically woh sab ajse mere samne nahi chalega
n=this is not fair..mummy ne meri complain tumse ki..how mean
m=kyu?? shes my mummy too..and ab chalo..one by one sab khatam karna parega and jabtak breakfast not over, no outing
she made a pouty angry face, crossing her hands against chest . manik smiled seeing her childish tantrums. he took the sandwiches and holded one infront of her mouth. at first she didnt take a bite , then he said
m=well..i thought ke smoke chicken sandwich tumhara favourite ha so..
as soon as she heard smoke chicken sandwich she took it and started to eat
n=manik..ur the best.u no this is my favourite... so yummy..
manik was watching her, it seemed that a two year old baby is eating chocolates of her favourite ones.. she was taking one bite and her other hand and fingers were filled with the sause and meonise. manik took a tissue and cleaned the sides of her lips, hands like a mother cleans of his child. she smiled and forwaded the same sandwich which she had eaten to him. he smiled and happily took a bite from it..
manik then took a glass of juice and gave it to her.
n=manik straw do na
m=lol..nandini kaun kahega ke tum ek doctor ho??? ur more than a kid
n=mummy jaise mat bolo
m=accha yeh lo
he put a straw in the glass and gave it to her.she happily started to drink it.. he thought of capturing these moments of their honeymoon. manik took out of his phone and took some selfies of them together.

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lovely update
loved it
cont soon

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