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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 59)

jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Ugla update kab aayega? Update the next part na please.

riyatolani90 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 12:00am | IP Logged
Pls update soon pl plsCryCry
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lovely updateThumbs Up
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Plz update d next part na
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It's been so long ..u didn't update ..plz do the next one soon ..waiting Disapprove
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Heyy dear HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY sorry I forget to wish u on 7 ...



Congratulations & celebrations Clap Party   

I wish that u get whatever u want may god completes ur all wishes...

Lots of love:


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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 3:37am | IP Logged
Its been so long yr... plz do updt today... m waitng fr nxt prt.. u penned dis stry with lots of emotions nd its superb... :)
MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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manik and nandini came back home and saw there luggage was already packed in their bedroom. they looked at eachother giving a confused expression. mukti and nyonika came to their room with another suitcase
m=mom whats all this???
mu=uffo bhai ... we knew ke tumlog ghar lautke tired honge toa humne thorisi help kardi and here we are ... your luggage for tomorrow's flight is ready
n=but mukti..mom ma karleti na... aplogone itni takleef
ny=nandini...its nothing that much hard and tuff that we cant do for both of u. accha its quite late. tum dono sojaw...kal flight ha theek ha??
once they left manik closed the door. nandini was looking at the luggage. two huge suitcases
n=manik... yeh sab??? i mean itna sara luggage ..
m=you know mom and mukti are impossible.
n=it seems like we are going for 3 months not for 3 days
m=mujhebhi esa hi kuch lagraha ha... anyways tum change karlo. thak gayi ho
nandini went inside the washroom and manik changed in his vest and track pants in the dressing room. nandini came outside and saw manik wasnt in the room , the door was opened. she lied down on the bed as she was very much tired.
manik came to the room after sometime with a file and saw nandini was already sleeping. he switched the main lights on so that she doesnt feel any disturbance , put the blanket over her and kissed her forehead ..he caressed her hair and lied beside her. though he wasnt sleepy but seeing an angel sleeping beside him he couldnt help but fall asleep admiring her beauty.
the next morning.. manik and nandini opened their eyes together and saw the sun shining at their faces brightly. both smiled at eachother gesturing a good morning and sat up on the bed. nandini rubbing her eyes like a baby
n=flight kab ha??
m=12 am.. tum fresh hojaw
n=tum pehle..um feeling lazy
m=theek ha
he kissed her on her cheeks as a good morning kiss and went inside the washroom. when he came out he saw her again back to sleep, clutching the pillow tightly
m=nandini... come on.. get up.

she was cuddling like a two year old baby..manik went to the bed and sat beside her. she was clutching and hiding her face with the pillow.. he smiled seeing her innocence .water droplets were falling her bare shoulders from his hair...
m=nandini..come on
n=manik..um sleepy. mujhe sona ha.. sleep meri weakness ha          
m=nandu..please uth jaw dekho then u have to get ready..
n=noo...tumhe itni pareshani ha then do something on ur own..ma nahi uthne wali
she showed him her tongue and again covered her face with the blanket. he smirked seeing how she was playing with him like a baby.. but manik was manik, he knew how to make her blush and go crazy...he bent down close to her ears and whispered
manik saw the shiver on her body..he could feel how hard she was blushing and covering it with the blanket.. slowly he removed the blanket and  saw her eyes closed but lips curled in a blushy way.he loved her blushy smiled. he lightly kissed the corner of her lips and again whispered in her ears
m=dont be my lazy jaan...get up. waiting for u at breakfast
nandini moved her hands and saw he wasnt there. she blushed hard thinkng what happened ..caressing the place were he planted a kiss she got up and went inside the washroom.
manik was blushing while having breakfast. after sometime nandini joined him wearing a regular kurta and jeans. both didnt look at eachother rather blushing on their own.
mu=whats cooking??tum dono ese blush kyu karraheho??
n=kk...kuch nahi
raj=manik.. i've arranged the car and everything aaur airport pe hotel se tum donoko lene time se pouch jayege
m=ok dad thanks
raj=aur ha as soon as u reach hotel give me e call cause u no unless u say ur okay ur mom is not gonna be fine
m=i know dad , ap sab tension mat kijiyee.
mu=wase nandini.. i have kept a special gift for u in the suitcase waha jakar kholna theek ha
she said with a wink, nandini was confused but nodded in a yes. after breakfast manan were doing the last left over packings.. nandini was locking the suitcases and manik checking their passports and tickets. once he was done he saw nandini combing her hair , she was wearing a pink kurta and jeans looking a 19 year old college girl.he was wearing a blue tshirt and jeans. she was about to tie her hair in a ponytail but manik stopped her. both looked at eachother through the mirror
m=tum khule balome zyada khubsurat lagti ho...dont tie
she blushed and looked down.he left her hand free and took the comb and did the rest of the hair for her and kissed her hair
m=i love ur long hair ..
their private moment was disturbed when nyonika knocked on the door saying it was time for them to leave
m=coming mom...
applying some light makeup nandini was all ready. both came downstairs and bid bye to everyone and started for the airport. there wasnt much traffic so the reached the airport a bit early. they did the checkin and the immigration. after all the formalities were fill up they had time.
n=manik , i'll be back need to go to the washroom
nandini went to the washroom and there was another girl. she was also newly married wearing the same chuda like nandini , the glow on her face. both smiled to eachother through the mirror. nanini washed her face with cold water ..
girl=newly wedded???
n=yaaa.. do din hui ha shadi ko
n=aur tum??
girl=its 4 days of my marrige.
n=honeymoon pe jarahiho???
girl=yes... sabkuch unka hi plan ha. taking me to paris
n=woh...its amazing
girl=aur tum???
girl=its beautiful.. tumhe pata ha main aur meri husband ka 3 years relationship ha but still he makes each and every day memorable for me. har koi kehta ha ke shadi ke bad husbands change hojate ha but i guess if we give them a bit support and co-operate with them, then everything will go okay. cause marrige to hum dono ek dusrese karte ha not that ke woh akelehi sari responsibilities lenge.. ha na??
nandini heard her words carefully.she was right. even in just two days of there marrige manik was treating like a queen, his every gesture, words made her feel so much special . nandini's thoughts were broke when the girl waved her hand infront of her face
girl=kaha kho gayi?? tumhari flight...air india for goa boarding keliye announce hua ha..go and have fun
n=same to you..thanks bye
nandini came out of the washroom and went to the place were manik was sitting.. when she reached there she saw manik carrying a two year old baby girl in his arms, playing with her tiny little fingers, kissing her forehead every now and then. the baby was also caressing his nose which bought the cutest smile on manik's face. he too became a kid while adoring her. nandini smiled seeing her husband in this avtar. she took out her phone and took a picture of that moment. after a moment manik gave the baby to its mother and kissed its fingers for the last time and waved a sweet bye. nandini came to him and stood beside him
n=u love babies???
m=tum??? kab ayi???
n=jab tum uss baby ke sath khelte khelte khud baby ban gaye
m=woh...shes so cute and ha i adore them... angels hote ha hai woh.. dekhna tum jab humara baby...
nandini looked at him with her big eyes and immediately looked to the other side. manik smiled seeing her
m=but we still have time..pehle tum toa bari hojaw. i cant handle two of the babies alone
nandini hit on his shoulder and manik pulled her cheeks. hearing the announcement again they went to the boarding section and it was time for the plane to take off. manik took the window seat and nandini sat beside him. the take off took in a smooth manner.
m=wase tumhe daar nahi lagta???
n=of what??
m=generally mane movies me dekha tha girls plane me bethtehi take off time kaise chillane lagti ha..tum toa ekdam shant ho???
n=very funny aur ha mujhe daar nahi lagta..
m=really??? im impressed
n=even im impressed
m=of what???
n=i didnt know u were so good at baby sitting
manik gave her a look while she laughed
m=now this is not so funny. the journey spent by eachothers pulling legs, gossips and takingthey didnt realize when they fell asleep. nandinis head on his shoulder and manik resting his head on the seat. after one hour and 10 minutes it was time for landing. nandini was the first one to wake up. she had problems during landing. she looked at manik who was sleeping. she fastened her seat belts and closed her eyes tigtly , clutched maniks hand close to her. manik opened his eyes and saw nandini curled up in the seat clutching his hand .. he couldnt stop but laughed
m=so??? lioness is scared
n=manik..please stop irritating..mujhe daar lagraha ha
m=relax..kuch nahi hogaa..
when the plane landed on the runway, she almost shouted but manik covered her mouth with his hand. and gestured her to be quiet..after the smooth landing , they took there hand bags and went out of the plane. they finished there formalities and took there luggage.manik called the driver whose number his dad had given. the driver said he was outside. manan came out of the airport and saw a guy holding maniks nameplate. he took them to the car and started for the hotel.. it was actually a resort name Park Hyatt. one of the most luxerious resorts of goa. both of them were speechless seeing the arrangement of fab4. manik fulfilled the formalities in the reception and was handed over the keys to their room. the bell boy asked them to follow him. nandini was all the way admriing the place. it was so beautiful and huge that she couldnt get over it.. their room was a bit separated from the actual resort. it was a cottage just for them. manik paid the bell boy and they entered the cottage. it was two stored cottage.. the cottage had a separate garden and swimming pool which was attached with the master bedroom. the bedroom was open and airy. nandini loved greenery sites so she loved the place more. huge white curtains hung to the doors and nandini was twirling with them. what manik loved more was her childish nature, adoring her cute antics, jumping like a two year old kid when he gets a new chocolate or candy.she was continuously blablering.. manik this is so nice, manik the weather is so beautiful, this is that is... he was standing in a corner and admiring his wife..he texted cabir a thank u in which cabir replied " make the trip memorable :) "
n=manik..tum kya karahheho?? come here naa..

she holds his hand and takes him out in the garden
n=manik..its so beautiful..just see na, yeh mausam this place its amazing
while she was describing the beauty in her childish way with lots of expression he was admiring her each and every thing..how she was showing him the scenery, her lips moving in a rhymetic way, her eyes growing big and again small and that smile of her.
m=true...its beautiful
nandini looked at him because of his sudden comment and saw his gaze on her.. the chattering of her immediately vanished as soon as she realized his intense staring on her..he gently touched her cheeks for which she closed her eyes and caressed it.
m=nothing in this world is more beautiful than you nandini..and im loving this place because tum yaha ho..
he tucked her hair behind her ear on which she shivered a bit
m=tum fresh hojaw.. its almost evening. we'll go on a walk
n=okay, i'll go and change
m=zarurat nahi ha. tum iss dress me perfect ho
nandini blushed and went inside the washroom. after sometime she came out of the washroom , cleaning her face with a towel and saw manik talking to his dad. she sat infront of the mirror and was watching him through the mirror
n(to herself)=he's always doing something for u nandini, humesha meri care karta ha. mujhse kitna pyar karta ha..mujhe special feel kareneka ek mauka nahi chorta. i also should do something for him ,... but what??? i love our slow and sweet relationship. his sweet gestures, kisses the morning wishes... i think also should start approaching by myself.. atleast for him, his love and dedication
her thoughts were interrupted when manik called her for the third time
he gave her the phone
m=its ur mom...talk to her. um in the lobby
n=okay, ill be there
finishing the talk with her mom nandini came out to the lobby and saw manik talking to the manager. it was 7 pm of evening
n=kya hua manik???
m=nothing..kal ka program set karraha tha
n=really?? kya ha???
m=well... we'll go for sight seeing, then lunch at some 5 star hotel , tum thora shopping karlena
n=aur beach??
m=abhi chalo... walk at the beach
the beach was just 10 minutes walk from their resort. both of them admiring the place and walking together talking about random things and their life.. the beach was calm and quiet. only a few people were there walking , sitting. the sound of the waves was attracting everyone.. nandini looked at manik who was walking beside her watching here and there.she then saw his hand inside the pocket.. thinking for a while she stopped him holding his left hand with her right... manik was a bit confused on her sudden reaction. she then pulled his hand out of his pocket and entwined it with hers
n=ab theek ha..
her sweet and small approach bought a new hope and happiness for him. he made his grip a bit tighter as his response.both smiled to eachother and began to walk..

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