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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 50)

akankshajain05 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 June 2015 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Hey dear u r an awesome writer I love ur ff...
Pls do continue soon.. Smile

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khadupam IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by khadupam

It's just fantastic fabulous
I m in love wid the story
I m purposely reading ur this chapter late
So that I don't hav to wait LOL
But now I think I hav to wait till ur next chapter n now I can't wait to read so I read it LOL
Ik how much u might be buzzy but plzzz do continue soon as possible
I just can't imagine wht will be next
I m just Soo curious to read

And plzzz make Nandini attire a little modern n not
Not like a typical Indian Bahus plzzz
Make her a modern bahu clothes but not so much modern
N continue soon plzzz
Waiting n waiting n waiting Cry
Fatima_mir Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 3:05am | IP Logged
Plzzz update naa eagerly waiting Cry
Haf_boot Newbie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Please update...it's been long since u have updated...,.please...
MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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a new morning with a new beginning for manik and nandini. the duo cuddled up together on the bed. nandini curled up in between maniks shoulder and her hand on maniks chest. the sunrays falling on their faces. manik was the one first to open his eyes. as soon as he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was his beautiful angelic wife's face. her glowing cheeks were nothing infront of the sunrays he thought. manik made up his mind that every morning from now on he will begin his day by seeing this angelic sight and also end his night holding her close to him right the way she was now lying close to him. though they lied down a keeping a bit distance from eachother but unknowingly she came close to him during her deep sleep. she was tired very much manik thought as it was clearly visible that after an exhausted tiring day full of chaos and rituals nandini got some peaceful sleep , the peaceful sign clearly visible on her sweet smile while sleeping. manik carefully put her head on the pillow and took his hand from beneath her head. then he turned towards her resting his head on his hand and his hand was supported by a pillow. her creamy milky skin, those chubby cheeks, the strawberry lipgloss which was still visible on her pouty lips and the loose strings of her bangs playing with her eyes.. he carefully being gentle tucked those loose string behind her ear so that she doesnt feel and disturbance during her sleep. before getting up from the bed manik caressed her cheeks and gave a sweet peck on her cheeks and whispered a sweet loving goodmorning to his beautiful nandu. taking another glance he got down from the bed and pulled the curtains so that sun rays doesnt disturb her ..
manik came out of the washroom after taking a bath and drying his hair. he was wearing a regular sky blue shirt with the first two buttons open and a squash blue jeans. while combing his hair his eyes fell on nandini through the mirror who was still in deep sleep in the same position.. manik saw the time , it was 8.30 am but he didnt bother her to wake up. manik wasnt those type of guy or husbands of old thinking rather his family was not also. so he had no problems of nandini sleeping till late or working at her hospital for late night hours as he he knew very well she was a doctor and thus she would have late night duties. without making any noise manik quietly went out of the room closing the door behind and joined his parents for breakfast downstairs.
m=good morning everyone
r=manik.. come come. wheres nandini???
ny=ha..nandini kaha ha???
m=mom she was really tired so she is still sleeping and i didnt bother her to wake up.
mu=aaawwweee...so sweet
ny=good that you didnt wake her up. let her have some sound sleep. tum breakfast karlo
m=mom , i'll just have juice. nandini uth jaye uske sath karlunga
raj=my son has become more mature i see
mu=dad... its all about being married. just like mom se shadi karke app sudhar gaye
ny=badmash kahiki..chup kar. manik aj kahi bahar mat jana cause you know na tumhe shamko nandini ko uske gharse pick karne jana ha pagh phere ki rasam
m=yes mom i remember..main just druv ke ghar jaunga along with mukti. cabir aur aliya wahi ane wale ha...i'll be back on time dont worry.
mu=wase bhai, saying about paghphera i think you wake nandini up cause its almost 9 am. usse ready bhi hona ha, breakfast karna ha you know...
ny=she's right beta. i suggest you take the coffee and in the meantime i'll prepare both of yours breakfast
m=okay mom , but i'll make the coffee
mu=bhai...pehlehi din joru ka ghulam
raj=mukti..isse pyar kehte ha
manik blushed hearing his dad's voice.
stretching her hands and tossing the pillow here and there nandini finally opened her eyes. after a long tiring day of her wedding ceremony now her body was relaxed and she was feeling fresh. when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was manik sitting infront of her on the bed and giving her the most attractive smile. in response she also smiled back
n=good morning
m=good morning..
he wished her with a light peck on her forehead. nandini loved this slow yet loving approach of him towards her.
n=tum itni jaldi uth gaye???
m=well... yes quite early
nandini sat on the bed rubbing her eyes. manik handed her the cup of coffee made by himself. she took a sip.
n=yummy...coffee is delicious. who made it?? mom??
m=your loving husband
n=seriously??? manik.. tum itni acchi coffee banate ho??
m=well... ek saal akele london me raha so thora bohot sikhna para
n=um impressed. wase meri adat bigar doge tum itni acchi coffee peelakar
m=i'd love to do that
he gave her a flirtatious smirk making her blush. nandini kept the cup on the bedside table and that is when she saw the time..it was 9.15 in the morning.. her eyes grew big in shock
n=manikk !!! its 9.15
m=ha so??
n=tumne mujhe uthaya kyu nahi??? manik..
m=are..tum sorahithi and ma tumhe disturb nahi karna chahta ha
n=manik sab kya sochrahe honge?? first morning after wedding ma late tak sorahithi...ashamed of myself
she was a pouty crying face and was not ready to listen to manik.. she was playfully hitting him on chest for not waking her up..manik unable to explain her holded her both hands and stopped her.
m=ssshh... its okay. doesnt matter
n=it does manik. how embarressing it is.. i mean i should have waken u up with tea or coffee aur yaha tum mujhe utha raheho and me being a stupid girl was sleeping till 9.15 am in the morning .. mom dad kya sochrahehonge???
m=nothing, infact when they heard you are sleeping they told me to let u sleep
m=nandini... my parents love u just the way they love mukti. and you also know this. so dont feel ever embaressed infront of them and me. woh tumhare apne ha aur main to tumhara hu hi.. you need to feel embaressed or shy infront of us. okay??
she got the most perfect husband who always knew how to convince her, make her understand and feel the most special girl of this universe. in response she nodded and gave him a smile. manik kissed her forehead and left the room saying that he is waiting for her downstairs for breakfast.
after 20 minutes nandini came downstairs wearing a yellow pink contrasted saree leaving her hair open and gathered on one side. manik was sitting with his dad in the living room. she entered the kitchen and found her mother-in-law whom she already started calling mom
ny=goodmorning beta, did u have a good sleep??
n=yes mom..
ny=great..chalo tum aur manik breakfast karlo. i'll serve u both aur uske bad tumhe apne ghar jana ha paghphere keliye
nandini nodded and took the breakfast on the table and served it on two plates. meanwhile manik joined her on the table. they finished there breakfast in a smooth way. once the breakfast was done it was time for nandini to go her mothers house. she went to her bedroom to take her bag and some of the things for the whole day. manik entered the room and saw her busy wearing a necklace. he stood behind her and without saying anything took the necklace from her hands
m=ill help
nandini smiled and moved her hands
m=why are you wearing this?? its so heavy
n=manik.. meri shadi kal hui ha so newly wedded girl ko thora jewelery pehenna parta ha
m=but ur not comfortable with it
n=doesnt matter..
m=it does..wait tum yeh nahi pehnogi.
he put that on the dressing table and went to her cupboard. after few moments he returned with one simple thin layer of diamond necklace
n=manik..its very simple and light
m=and its perfect for you. aur tum yehi pehnogi.
m=nandini, you should wear those things in which u are comfortable. you are not bound by anything trust me. and promise me ull not do this from the next time
n=accha baba.. i promise happy?? abhi yeh pehnado cause um already late
manik put the necklace around her neck and took a glance of her through the mirror. nandini smiled at him through the mirror
n=ab theek ha???
with love in his eyes manik hugged her gently from back giving her a surprised shiver all over her body and whispered in her ear
m=beyond beautiful
saying he planted kisses from her shoulder to ear..nandini closed her eyes feeling him so close to herself. the way he was kissing her shoulder, his hands pulling her more close to himself by her waist, the way she could feel his breath close to her ear was making her loose her balance.. with a shaky tone she managed to say
n=mm...ma...manik... i..need...t..to..go
manik smirked hearing her and gave her a final kiss on her cheeks and let her go.. she turned around and faced him. her cheeks were red like strawberry which made him more attracted towards her.
both of them came downstairs together. nandini said bye to everyone and manik followed her till the car.nandini opened the car door and was about to get inside manik stopped her and stood infront of her. he was impossible she thought
n=kya hua???
he didnt say anything and was just staring at her lovingly. nandini gave him a confused look and looked at herself from bottom to top
n=manik kya hua?? ese kya dekh raheho??
m=tumhe dekhraha hu
m=woh sham tak tumhe dekh nahi paunga na isiliye
she started to blushed hearing him. he took a step forward to her
m=ab esa lagne laga ha tumse ek minute door nahi reh sakta..
n=manik... ma kuch hour ke bad wapas ajaungi
m=yeh kuch ghante mere lie kitne janmo jaisa hoga
n=ab agar tum mujhe jane doge tabhi ma jaldise wapas aungi na???
manik smirked and gave her a kiss on her cheeks. nandini started to enjoy this romantic caring avtar of manik. till now she had only known him as a frend but now he was her husband as well as frend and his gestures towards her were clear sign that how madly he was in love with her. still he was waiting for her... manik opened the car door for her and let her sit in. the driver started the car. nandini saw manik was standing back there and smiling at her through the looking mirror. once the car went out of the mansion manik smiled to himself and run his hands through his hair and went inside the house

at cabir's place
manik druv and cabir were playing video games and the girls brought cold drinks for all of them. together all of them rested on the couch
mu=bhai... arent u missing nandini??
manik was almost winning the game , as soon as he heard nandini's name he got distracted and druv beat him
dr=yess...i won
m=are par yeh..
dr=buddy..looks like you lost the flow of the game
c=druv samjha kar... shadi hogayi ha uski. abhi kaha in sab ka woh passion raha hoga. ab toa dil dimag me sirf aur sirf nandini nandini and only nandini
manik hit cabir on his shoulder with a pillow
mu=wase bhai apne bola nahi arent u missing her???
m=ha miss toa karraha hu
all of them together OYEHOYYY
a=woh manik... we didnt expect ke tum openly admit karoge
m=shes my legally wedded wife and i have the full right to miss her...
c=yaar mujhe hiccups ana shuru hojayega..koi iss romeo ka muu band karo.
m=hogaya tera?? abhi chup beth.. aur yeh sab chor. meri shadi me tune mujhe gift nahi diya?? infact tum sabka gift kaha ha.
four of them exchanged looks with a smile. druv got up from there and after a moment returned with an envelope in his hand
d=buddy..yeh le hum sabki tarafse tujhe aur nandini ko wedding gift
manik took the envelope and opened it. after seeing it he looked at them with a speechless look
m=tum sab pagal ho?? i mean... yeh honeymoon tickets, brochure whats all this... aur itne paise..
c=bass kar yar abhi yeh lecture phirse mat de
a=ha manik dont be a spoil sport.. we are a family aur ab humare family me nandini bhi add hogayi ha so we had to give both of you something special
mu=yess and thats why this 4 nights honeymoon package to goa for both of you. aur abhi mana mat karna
dr=aur wasebhi... its a gift from all of us
m=ha par kya zarurat thi...
mu=uffo bhai enough is enough. abhi bass karo.
m=par mukti i need to ask her if she can manage you know shes a doctor
mu=bhai shes on leave for 15 days and has still time of 5 days. and as far as i know nandini she'll love it. so stop talking this all bakwases and go home and start packing. kaal subhah ki flight ha
m=kal??? but ..
c=tere iss but kyu ke chakkar me kal teri flight pakka miss hojayegi..
m=shut up cabir..
while fab5 were having fun and teasing manik , nandini on the other hand was lost in thoughts of manik. she was lying down on her bed clutching her white teddy close to her chest and thinking about manik. the way he wished her good morning with a kiss, he made coffee for her specially, his kisses on her shoulder and his never ending loving talks.. he was always able to fascinate her by his words, making her feel special the most luckiest girl of the world. he cared for her so much, considered her decisions his responsibility, understood her like no one ever did, gave her a beautiful family... the never ending thoughts of him took nandini in a peaceful nap..
when she opened her eyes she saw the room was dark. switching the side table lamp on she checked the time.. it was 8.30 pm . nandini woke up with a jerk, instead of taking a nap she got asleep. she quickly got down from the bed and switched the lights on. thinking of manik's arrival she quickly rushed inside the washroom to freshen up.after 10 minutes she came out and heard her fathers voice which seemed to be like talking to someone. she came out of her room and looked down standing on the stairs and found her loving husband gossiping with her father. she loved the scenario. he had completely accepted her family as his family. nandinis mom came out of the kitchen with a plate full of sweets and put one big size into maniks face. the cute expression of his when she put the sweet inside his mouth made nandini laugh. hearing her laugh three of them turned to the stairs and found her coming to their direction. seeing his wife after hours manik's face lighten up with a smile.
p=tu uth gayi nandu?? manik kabse agaya tha..par tujhe uthaneko mana kia usne
n=maa woh ma pata nahi kab aakh laggayi..
p=accha koi baat nahi ab jab tu uth gayi ha chal dinner arrange karneme meri madat kar
nandini nodded and followed her mother to the kitchen. after 20 minutes the dinner was served and manik joined them for dinner. nandini's mom served manik as if he had not eaten for many days and being the only son-in-law he was being pampered even more than nandini. seeing this cute bonding nandini thaked her ayippa for this blessing
around 10 pm manik and nandini started back for their home. in the car-
m=tumhare lie ek gift ha
n=gift?? kaha???
m=peeche dekho seat me
nandini turned around and saw an envelope
n=yeh kya ha??
m=cabir aliya mukti and druv..four of them gave us as our wedding gift
nandini opened the envelope and saw the honeymoon tickets along with the brochure. she looked at manik with a blushy look who was looking straight at the road
n=manik yeh...
m=dont ask me even i was surprised. kab kaise plan kia i dont know and moreover flight kal subhah ki ha
n=kal subhah???
m=haa...par agar tum abhi nahi jana chahti toa.
n=tumhe esa kyu laga ke ma jana nahi chahungi??
manik looked at her and saw her blushing and looking to the other side. he also smiled on his own ... the rest of the time in the car both of them were quiet as they were too much blushing ..

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lovely update
loved it
cont soon
zaroge Goldie

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Awesome this is just so cute
Endurance IF-Stunnerz

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awww this was so cuteee..
how sweet it was .. 1st day after wedding.. couldn't have been better ..

beautifully written .. very well penned down ..

it was really beautiful...

update soonish now i wanna read more..

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