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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 39)

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Wen will u update?? Dusra ff ka ek awsm chappy mil gaya..nw give us a awsm chappy agn!!! Waiting fr nandu's answer...

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hi... i just loved your imagination its just awsome n one of the best FFs i have ever read...gr8 job n lots of appreciation..waiting 4 ur beautiful updates...plz update soon..eagerly waiting...though i knw u must be busy n its not easy to think n type but still as i m addicted to this and cant wait so bear my infact of all readers request and update soon...sry for being selfishWink n thnks for such lovely updatesSmile

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waiting...update soon
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I have a question for u y u take so much tym to upload the new chptr u have ny idea hw willingly we r w8ng for nxt part ...
Plz ab kr do update plz

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Pls update next parts soon...CryCryCry
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please update dear... egerly waiting its been a long time since u hav updated a chapter... please update next chapter asap...Smile

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Waiting...waiting...and still waiting!!!! Pls update...it's been long since u last updated...
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the sangeet function went in a pleasant way. both the families enjoyed a lot. the guests from both side gave good compliments to the arrangements and hospitality. a lot of dance, fun along with Manik and Nandini's cute eyelocks and gestures made the sangeet night a successful memorable night for manik and nandini. each day was bringing them more close to eachother and giving a chance to get to know eachother more and more.
time flew within a blink of eyes and it was just one more night before there marrige. dulha and dulhan were not allowed to meet eachother before the wedding and MaNan being the ideal son and daughter agreed to follow it.  both of them wanted to follow every rituals of there marrige from the bottom of the heart so that the beginning of there journey is pure and beautiful.
the night before wedding at murthy's residence .. nandini was being applied mehendi on her hands.. the girls applying mehendi on her hands were not sparing any moment to pull her legs, nandini being the victim had to tolerate all this and express through her smile and blush. the alphabet M was beautifully written on her right hands palm. nandini always used to hear that if the colour of mehendi is dark then it is believed that the brides husband loves her alot and will always do. And finally today she got the chance to verify it by her own. she had applied mehendi on her hands in the evening, right now it was 12 am midnight. nandini standing at the window of her room and looking at the moon. the sky was clear and the moonlit was falling on her place.. shining like never before. she saw her mehendi in the moonlit. it was looking beyond beautiful she thought. the dark maroon red colour bought a big smile on her face. she looked at the moon and closed her eyes to feel the moment..
manik was sitting on the terrace with cabir ... both of them lying down on the floor resting their heads on pillows and watching the moon. manik was smiling without any reason and staring at the moon without any blink
c=so... last day of bachelor hood. how does it feel??
m=i dont know.. the feeling is unusual and new
c=it has to be new.. tu kya har dusre din shadi karta ha.??? what i wanna say is.. are you ready for it????
manik remembers the sangeet night, how nandini told him that she has trust on him without any expectations or reasons.

c=well.. um waiting???
m=yes i am...
c=best of luck bro...
maniks phone beeped. it was text from nandini. seeing his phone beep cabir smiled and got up.
c=i think i should wait for you downstairs in your room.. see ya
cabir takes the can of beer and goes downstairs. manik gets up from the floor and sits on the chair taking his phone in his hands
slept?? --- nandini
if i was sleeping now you wouldnt have got the reply, what are u doing?? -- manik
looking at the moon and waiting for tomorrow's big day-- nandini
feeling nervous?? -- manik
hmmm a little-- nandini
get some sleep and everything will be okay.-- manik
what are you doing?? -- nandini
going to sleep because unless i will sleep i wont be able to come to take you tomorrow, so good night sweet dreams-- manik
both manik and nandini lied down on the bed thinking about eachother. looking at the sky through her window nandini was thinking that the next day she will be staring the moon from a different place, with someone else. a new journey they are going to begin...they didn't even realize when they fell asleep..

it seemed that the night passed in a minute. And the very next minute manik was standing infront of the mirror, trying to fix the collar of his black sherwani which nandini had selected for him. Cabir and druv were helping him ... the altime confident manik malhotra was standing between his friends like a dumb... staring at himself through the mirror he was confused what all this is happening. What will happen after sometime???

The same situation was with nandini ... dressed in a maroon golden bridal saree and looking an angel dressed in a bridal attire with makeup, jewelery, bangles and biting the corner of her lip which was the signature of being her confused. She was looking at herself blushing through the mirror.. how she didn't ever imagine herself getting married and right now after sometime she will be called by someone's else wife .. "Mrs" the thought of being Mrs was making nandini blush more and more.

Druv put the matching stole to his sherwani around maniks neck and patted on his back which a gesture of everything is gonna be okay. Mukti and aliya came running to them saying that they are now gonna leave and nyonika has called manik downstairs.. manik asked them to leave and he will be joining them shortly. He just needed a private moment with himself. Once they left manik took the phone and texted nandini

Nandini was sitting in front of her mirror... all ready being someones dulhaniya when her phone kept infront of her on the dressing table vibrated. She quickly took the phone as she knew it would be manik

Be ready... on my way *wink* --manik

Nandini smiled reading the text. She looked at herself one more time thinking what would be manik's reaction after seeing her.

Manik came downstairs and saw his mom standing with arti ..he took blessing from his parents and hugged his dad

Raj=god bless you my son...

Nyonika did the arti and finally the malhotra's were off to murthy's residence. Nandini was sitting in her room all alone. She had insisted that she didn't want anyone else with her inside the room. She didn't want all those chaos and pulling legs by the girls rather she wanted to be with herself for the last few minutes. She got up and went to her cupboard and took out a pink diary and smiled to herself. It was her favourite diary which she had kept for her marrige life. She once had decided that she will be writing the important parts and precious moments of her life in separate diaries. She had diaries written on her high school life, her medical college life and right now it is going to be her Married Life. Her thoughts broke when she heard the sound of band baja.. nandini's heart began to beat faster as she could feel that he was here. She closed her cupboard and peeped through her window. Manik was sitting on the horses' back ..fab4 dancing in the front looking cute as always.. maniks parents also dancing with them. Nandinis eyes fell on manik... Gosh he was looking breathtaking in that black sherwani she thought. Her cheeks became crimson red.. manik was very happy seeing his loved ones so much happy for him. But he was desperately waiting to see nandini.. when he looked up towards her window nandini quickly hid behind the curtain. Manik knew she was there looking at him but not allowing him to look at her. Manik smiled and decided to wait for the last few minutes before seeing his bride. Nandini's heart was thumping more faster.

Cabir and druv helped manik get down. Manik hugged his father-in-law and took blessings from him.. as nandu didnt have any siblings so luckily manik escaped as he had to pay less money to the girls.. manik received a warm welcome from his in-laws and he was taken to the mandap.. panditji started to say the mantras. the mandap was decorated in a circle manner so everyone stood surrounding the mandap. nandini's mom was going to bring nandini when nyonika and mukti said they wanted to meet nandini and they will themselves bring her down nandini was looking at herself for the last time as she knew anytime her mom will be there to take her along with her. instead of padma mukti and nyonika came.. mukti had a big shocking-smiling expression on her face seeing nandini. nyonika hugged her

ny=bohot khubsurat lagrahiho beta... i must say mera beta bohot lucky ha. seriously

mu=i must say aj tumhe dekke bhai ke hosh urne wale ha seriously...mindblowing u r looking
n=thanks mukti
nyonika took out two white diamond bangles from her purse and put them in nandini's hands..
ny=welcome to malhotra family
panditji was saying the mantras. manik was already sitting on the mandap. he hears everyone saying "dulhan agayi", "shes looking beautiful",
a=wohh... nandini is looking so gorgeous
hearing all these things manik turned around and saw his bride coming downstairs along with mukti and his mom.. manik couldnt move his eyes from her. her shyness which was clearly visible on her face, her smile which was making her glow more and more. manik was looking at her and smiling when he realized that nandini was sitting right beside him. nandini could feel maniks stare on her... it was increasing her smile and blush more..cabir bent down between manik and nandini
c=ahem ahem manik.. shadi ki rasmo par concentrate kar uske bad jee bharke nandini ko dekhte rehna
manik gave him a glare while everyone present there were laughing and blessing the couple. the wedding ceremony began. Nandinis father did the kanyadan and blessed of of his child. Then manik and nandini stood up for taking the pheres.. everyone standing around them started to throw flower petals over them and praying a happy married life for them... while taking the phere's first manik was infront of nandini and for each phere he was praying that let him have strength to follow all those phere's.

Manik's pov

I promise to walk each and every step beside you, holding your hand and never letting you walk alone. I promise to give you a healthy prosperous life with all the happiness of the world which I can give. I promise to be with you during your happy times to cherish them along with you and be with you everytime to share all your pains and reduce them. I promise to love you always and never let any problems come between our families.

After the fourth phere ends nandini steps forward to manik and manik follows her. Before starting she looks back him and holds his hand and began to walk. Seeing this everyone of their family were like just Awwweee..

Nandini's pov

I promise manik that I'll always try to fulfil your every dream and be with you in every step as your support to achieve your goals because from today your desire is my desire. I promise to be with you and make you happy always, I'll never make you cry and even if I do I'll do every possible thing to make it okay. I promise you manik we will always be friends, before being husband and wife we will be friends and throughout of married life we will always trust eachother, love eachother and understand eachother. I promise

By promising to be with eachother throught their up-downs , happiness & sadness manik and nandini finishes taking the pheres and sits down back on their places. Then manik puts sindoor on her mang and mangalsutra around her neck. Once he had put mangalsutra around her neck everyone clapped for them..panditji announced them husband and wife . manik holded nandinis hand and both smiled to eachother.


Manik and nandini got down from the mandap and took blessings from their parents.

Raj=I cant believe ke mera beta itna bara hogaya..god bless both of you my child.

ny=a very congratulations to both of you.
manik and nandini sat on the stage as it was time for the guests to meet them and congratulate them. at first fab4 came and together fab5 did a group hug
m=ab one second guys..
manik broke the hug and holded nandini's hand and made her stand up
m=well... abse she's also a member of us so she should also join whats say???
c=matlab abhise joru ka ghulam..
m=shut up cabir..
mu=your most welcome nandini... along with nandini fab5 did a group hug. druv took his phone and took some group selfies, some pictures of manik nandini together and some cabir being the photobomb. manan again took their places and guests were coming one by one to meet them. after sometime manik noticed that nandini was very much quiet and looking here and there not sitting comfortably..
m=tum theek ho???
manik asked her.. nandini looked at him and nodded but still he wasnt convinced. he was looking at her for answers, nandini gave up as she knew she was very bad at lying ..
n=woh... um feeling very uncomfortable..
n=woh manik..,itna heavy dress mane kabhi nahi pehna, yeh saree, jeweleries , aur yeh dupatta..and mostly i feel ke the backside of my anchal is loosen up .. shayed pinup loose hogaya ha thats why..
manik smiled at her innocence.. he secretly took out his phone from the pocket and texted mukti something. after few minutes mukti came and smiled at manik
mu=its all okay no problem
n=kya okay???
mu=nandini chalo mere sath
mu=are chalo jaldi..sawal badme karna .. phir tum donoko dinner bhi karna ha.
mukti carefull helped nandini stand up and took her with her. she brought nandini to her room. aliya was standing there already . mukti closed the door
n=kya hua?? ese
a=manik texted us that your facing problems with the saree
mu=so we're here to help...
nandini smiled thinking how did he manage all this?? mukti took off her veil carefully and aliya took off some jeweleries around nandinis neck. now she was only wearing one diamond set which was enough for a bride.
a=you're okay??
n=much better...
mukti checked the back of her saree and saw her pallu was actually a bit loosen up. she pinned it properly again and put the veil back on her head
mu=hmmm..so nandini bhabi?? r u okay now??
nandini had a big grin on her face and she hugged both mukti and aliya

it was time for dinner. the guests were already having dinner and fab5 along with nandini were sitting in a seperate table. nandini was feeling now comfortable but she didnt thank manik yet. while everyone were having dinner and gossiping with eachother , nandini whispered in to manik's ear.
manik smiled at her innocence and gestured her a sweet welcome. cabira was the one to see this and gestured others to watch out the love birds
c=yar tum dono kuch toa sharam karo.. hum yaha bethe ha, thori der bad apne room me jakar jitna romance karna ha karlena we'll not disturb you guys
both manik and nandini blushed hard hearing their friends talks while others were laughing.
finally the time of bidai came. being the only daughter of her parents nandini could feel at that moment what she was leaving behind. her parents assured her that she isnt leaving anything rather getting more today. she has now two homes, two mothers, two fathers, two sisters who are equally her frends also, two best devars of the world and mostly she has got manik & whenever she thinks of all these words she feels herself the most luckiest girl of the world. shedding tears, looking back again and again towards her house, her room, hugging her parents uncountable times right now nandini was sitting inside the car with a heavy heart and right beside her was manik who knew how sad she is now and even if he consoles her he cannot feel her pain as she is the one to leave her parents house and starting a new life in a new place..still he was there for her and assured it to her by holding her hand between his both hands and giving her an assuring look. nandini gave him a small smile which was a gesture of thank u.
today when nandini came to malhotra mansion it was different for her. she was standing at the doorstep with manik beside her and her mother-in-law welcoming her with arti...
ny=ao nandini, kalash ko giraw aur grihipravesh karo
holding maniks hand nandini pushed the kalash and entered the mansion. it was her home from now on. she looked around and had a big smile. before some minute she was sad of leaving her home behind but right now she could understand her mothers words that she actually didnt loose anything rather found something more special. slowly nandini came inside the house..
mu=hmm.. chalo..ab ek game khelenge.
m=game?? now??? mom please tell her to stop her these idiotic games
mu=bhai..yeh game rituals ka hissa ha so you have no other choice.
c=ha chal..aj dekhte ha tujhme kitna dam ha
cabir and mukti made manik and nandini sit face to face and aliya put a bowl of rose milk infront of them. nyonika and raj settled themselves on the couch and watched their children play
mu=hmm so the game is... is bowl me hum yeh ring ko mila denge...and you both have to find it out. jo bhi ring ko find pehle karega that means he's gonna rule through out the marrige life..aur dusreko manna parega
manik smirked at the thought while nandini was blushing
c=nandini..come on u have to win
m=tu meri side ha ya uski??
c=ofcourse nandinis side. ma aur druv nandini ke side
a=aur ma aur mukti manik ke side
ny=ok so shuru karo tum dono...
the game began..at first both of them were feeling shy but then the began to find it... manik was stealing glances of nandini  while she was concentrating to find it but it was her bad luck as manik found the ring..all began to clap.nandini smiled.  but manik put the ring on her finger
c=tu kar kya raha ha??
m=game mane jeet liya but rule toa yehi karegi
mu=kya baat ha
nandini was blushing very much .. she couldnt even hide her face so rather she was looking donw. nyonika asked mukti and aliya to take nandini to her room. while manik cabir and druv decided to chill for sometime beside the pool.
c=so... all ready??
m=ready?? for what???
druv and cabir giggled
m=shut uup both of u.. main koi war khelne nahi jaraha hu
c=yaar... kuch der bad war jaisa hi lagega..so be prepared
manik smiled and was looking at the clean water of the pool and was thinking about how his life has changed ... from now on he has more responsibilities. for a moment he was feeling scared that will he be able to fulfil all his responsibilities?? will he be able to fulfil all the promises which he made during the pheres
nandini was also having the same thoughts. aliya and mukti made her sit on the bed. the full room was decorated with red and white roses. on the centre of the bed a big red heart was made with red rose petals. the bed had white curtains. there were only dim lights in the room and candles for the decoration and the ac was also on.
a=nandini... have a beautiful night and make it memorable for humesha
mu=u no nandini, ma humesha kehti hu k bhai lucky ha that he has got u but i wanna tell u that u very lucky that u got bhai not that because he is my brother but... tum khud jan jaogi that he is a gem. and i wish that tum dono humesha esehi khush raho... sweet dreams
mukti and aliya left the room closing the door behind. manik was going towards his room and found them coming out
mu=hmm.. so wheres my gift???
m=kaunsa gift??
mu=are... woh behen ko dete ha na, whats that called aliya??
a=um.. ha nekh..
mu=ya right..chalo.. give me my nekh
m=ok fine tere bedroom me ha...go and check
mu=really?? thanks bhai... aur ha i love u.
mukti gave manik a hug , manik also hugged her back. aliya also gave manik a side hug gesturing a best of luck. finally it was time so manik entered the room. nandini was standing infront of the mirror and lost in her thoughts. she didnt hear the sound of the door openening and manik coming inside. manik saw her standing infront of the mirror and went upto her. when he stood behind her both of them were looking at eachother through the mirror. nandini smiled at him and he also smiled back. there was nothing but only silence in the room but still that silence had many words carrying for both of them.

nandini turned around had was facing manik. he holded her both hands in his hands and caressed it .
m=are you okay???
n=ya.. um fine..
m=kabhibi koi bhi baat buri lage u can share it with me
n=i know and i will...
m=tum tired hogi..change karlo pehle..then i'll go
nandini began to open her veil and jeweleries while manik sat on the bed resting his head on the wall and was looking at his loving wife. nanini opened her veil,earings and her hair.. when she freed her hair it fell on her empty shoulders making her more beautiful.. manik thought. she brought them to one side and was trying to open the necklace.
manik ran up to her
m=kya hua???\
n=manik.. my hair.. shayed necklace ke sath atak gaya ha..
m=wait i'll help
nandini moved her hand and manik was now trying to seperate her hair from the hook of the necklace. this time nandini was looking at him through the mirror.once manik was done he saw nandini looking at him through the mirror. he stepped a bit forward and kissed her hair from behind. nandini smiled and blushed. she went inside the washroom. manik smiled on his own and decided to change in the dressing room attached with his room while nandini was in the washroom. he changed himself in a black vest and loose pajamas. nandini came out side after sometime changing herself in her pink night tshirt and pants. she was looking beautiful with the red and white bangles, sindoor and mangalsutra. manik was standing in the balcony. she went to him and stood beside him
n=kya soch raheho??
m=kuch nahi... bass esehi.
n=manik.. thanks
n=bass..esehi. you know mane tumse abtak jo bhi kaha manga tumne bina kuch kahe sune you understood my point and i really appriciate it. you didnt want to hear any explanations...
manik put a finger on her lips making her look more cuty in the chubby pouty look.
m=till now it was about you and me..but from today, now.. its about us so whatever will happen we will go through together and survive together..okay??
nandini smiled and nodded.
m=can i hug u?
nandini was a bit surprised but blushed at his cute question. he was asking that if could hug her.. nandini blushed and manik took her blush as a yes. he put his hands around her pulling her in his embrace. nandini was turning red and hiding her face in his chest. they stood there in the balcony for sometime under the moonlit
after sometime both of them came back to the room holding there hands
m=umm.. tum sojaw
n=aur tum???
m=umm.. main couch me sojaunga tum bed pe sojaw
n=manik seriously? its not necessary
n=manik, were married and i have no problem if u sleep on the bed with me. u gave me time and thats more important and time deneka yeh matlab nahi ha ke tumhe couch pe sona parega
manik smiled and nodded. nandini took the right side of the bed and manik left. they lied down facing eachother and smiling. only there eyes were communicating. looking in eachothers eyes and holding eachothers little finger they slowly fell asleep...

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