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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 31)

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bhut din ho gaye ab ye ff ka NExt part update kr fena cahiye aapko

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nandini was lying down on her bed and staring at her ring and smiling continuously. she was getting flashback how manik stopped her from going and holded her hand, how he touched her hand, his smile on his face and then when he called her officially his fiance. nandini was thinking all these when her phone beeped. maniks name flashed. as soon as the first ring was over nandini took the call
m=good morning
n=hii good morning. kaise ho??
m=um good.. tum?? sorry agar tumhe jaga diya mane
n=nahi... um awake. kaho itni subhah subhah??
m=ha woh...  mom was asking if u are free then can u join us for shopping?? woh mukti aliya shopping jaraheha so dragging me cabir druv as well ...so if ur free
n=sure.. ill come.
m=great...then tum ready hojaw well be there in one hour
n=okay see u
nandini put down the phone and  hugged her pillow tightly. she liked the way her morning started . nandini quickly took a shower and changed herself in a red and white kurti with jeans. she came down and told her mother that she will be going for shopping with manik and his friends and quickly finished her breakfast.
manik was always punctual and so within one hour he reached infront of nandinis house with fab5. he called nandini and asked her to come out. nandini came outside and saw two cars and fab5 standing smiling at her
all=hey nandini...
c=so... u girls ready to torture us??
a=shut up cabir... its gonna be fun i mean just look we all are shopping for manik's wedding...its really unimaginable
d=i agree
c=ha bacchu tu toa aliya ke baat hi sunega
mu=accha guys lets go... bhai tum aur nandini tumhari gari me ajaw hum sab aliya ke gari me jate ha
manik nodded. cabir gave a wink to manik and sat inside the car. manan exchanged looks and smiled. manik opened the car door for her and nandini sat inside the car. manik also took the driving seat and started for mall.
nandini was looking outside the window while manik was looking at her from the corner of his eyes. at one time nandini caught him staring at her and he quickly moved his gaze from her and started to look at the road. she blushed at this. when they reached the mall they saw fab5 were already there.
m=so??? kahase shuru kare??
mu=obviously girls section. chalo
c=yar mukti hum bore hojayenge...
a=accha lets do one thing, hum girls girls section jate ha aur tum boys jaw boys section ?? cool??
c=fine.. chal manik
manik and nandini looked at eachother.. they didnt say anything but they wanted to shop together but they were shy enough to be quiet and go with there friends.
they entered the jewelery shop. nandini was always not so fond of shopping and today she was getting a bit more bored because she thought of being with manik but both were seperated. mukti and aliya were busy selecting jeweleries for nandini, she was just nodding a yes or no in response.
cabir and druv were choosing suits for manik. they were arguing, convincing eachother that manik would look good in this or that, manik was feeling pissed off. he was standing in a corner and randomly looking at the suits. then he thought of texting nandini and talking to her through messaging
mukti and aliya were choosing mangalsutra's for nandini. nandini was also looking for a simple yet beautiful one. just then manik texted
um bored... whats going on there??-manik
nothing fun... mukti and aliya are choosing mangalsutra's -nandini
as far as i know, husband chooses the mangalsutra right??? *wink*-manik
nandini blushed seeing his text
umm yes... but ur not here ..so??? -nandini
send me picture-manik
nandini took pictures of the mangalsutra and send to manik. manik smiled seeing all the designs. he choosed one simple, light design yet elegant one for her and forwarded it to her
i like this one, what do u think??-manik
nandini saw the picture and then put that one around her neck and looked at the mirror. immediately she told mukti and aliya she like this one. they became happy as finally nandini selected her own mangalsutra
bought it. thanks ;) whats going on there? -nandini
cabir and druv trying to select sherwani. but they are confused. black white or maroon-manik
try them , and show me. i'll help u-nandini
manik smiled
m=accha suno tum dono, argue mat karo, ill try these three and select on my own
druv and cabir gave eachother a blank expression
c=peechle adhe ghantese tu chupchap khara ha humhe laga ke yaha sirf hum dono ha
m=shut up
d=accha le
druv handed him the clothes, manik went inside the changing room. he put on one by one and took selfies and sent it to nandini. nandini blushed seeing him in sherwani.she was thinking how can someone look so perfect..
what do u think???--manik
black... u look great in black- nandini
this time manik blushed and without thinking he bought the black one. through out the shopping session manik and nandini were chatting with eachother. without being with eachother they helped eachother in shopping. finally after 2 hours boys and girls met in the decided place. boys were speechless seeing the amount of girls shopping while girls were laughing
c=aj toa sare shops mein without sale profit and profit hua ha
m=lol good one
mu=shut up... hum girls ha aur samne shadi ke occasions ha toa itna shopping banta ha.
a=guys um  hungry.. chalo na lunch karte ha.
cabir was observing manik and nandini .. they were looking at eachother and feeling a bit uncomfort to talk to eachother infront of everyone. he understood they wanted to be alone
c=waise i have a better idea, hum sab chalte ha... humare jo hone wale mr and mrs ha unhe akela chor dete ha
manik and nandini blushed. all of them smiled
c=woh kya ha na yeh dono toa kuch kahenge nahi sirf ek dusreko dekhte rahenge.. so lets split up guys,... aur ap dono love birds thank u for ur valuable time hum sab abhi aur kabab me haddi nahi banenge so guys carry on.
mu=ha bhai u guys carry on. aur nandini tumhare sare shopping bags tumhare ghar bheejwa denge dont worry
n=thanks mukti
fab4 went to the mall's food court while manan went out.
m=so...kaha jana ha?
nandini thought for a moment
today they were sitting a bit far from water on the sand and eating kulfi..
n=wase... tum abhi abhi theek hue ho, abhi phir kulfi???
m=koi baat nahi ha aur wasebhi abhi phirse bimar honga to tum kada peelane phirse ajana
nandini blushed hearing this
n=ek baat puchu??
n=tumhe bura nahi laga jab mane tumse kal kaha ke mujhe time chahiye hum dono ko lekar, is rishte ko lekar
m=bura kyu lagega?? im happy ur being frank to me and i'll be happy ke agar tumhe koi aur pareshani ha aur tum mujhe khulke kaho
n=esa kuch nahi ha.. aur kal mane tumse jo bhi kaha uski sirf ek hi waja ha ke mane nahi chahti ke shadi ke bad ma esa kuch karu jisse tumhe disappointment ho.
m=janta hu, u wont let me down
nandini looked at manik who was staring at the waves
n=tumhe mujhpe itna bharosa ha???
manik smiled and holded her hand
m=pehli baar dil ne kisise umeed ki ha aur yeh janta ha ke woh is umeed par khara utrega.. aur agar nahi bhi utarsake phirbhi yeh dil humesha uske sath hoga.
nandini was touched with his words. she looked the other way cause she was blushing..
m=nandini... i like you alot
nandini looked at him and saw him looking straight in her eyes. there was no sound or noise except the sound of the waves... nandini didnt know what to say or what to reply..her heart was saying many things but she didnt know how to express. although manik knew her answer he wanted her to speak out... both of them knew it was just the beginning of there relationship.. love was yet to happen.. but this new feeling , new sensations, new infatuations were enjoyable to them...
m=kuch kahogi nahi??
nandini started to walk and smile leaving an impatient manik..manik began to follow her
m=nandini..kuch bolo toa sahi..
after walking a bit nandini turned around
n=kuch bate samajh jane chahiye manik...woh kehte ha na samajhddaro keliye ishara kafi haa...
manik smiled hearing her hints. nandini began to walk towards the car. it was almost evening they had been sitting on the beach.
manik dropped nandini home and came back to his house. his parents were in the hall discussing something about the marrige. manik joined them
m=kya chal raha ha...
ny=hum guest list decide karraheha. Kal sangeet ha isiliye

m=mom please make it simple u know na mujhe yeh sab zyada guests pasand nahi ha
rahj=manik.. zyada kaha ha sirf kareeb ke kuch log honge
mu=haa aur woh khurana uncle bhi honge along with that soha
ny=mukti..behave yourself
mu=please mom u no na i dont like that soha even none of us does, we tolerate her just cause shes khurana uncles daughter and uncle is dad's close frend.
m=mukti chill yar, shes just a guest
mu=bhai please as if u dont know she keeps on roaming after u, i mean... whats her problem agar usne isbar kuch kiya na...toa ma usse
raj=mukti calm down beta.. tumhare bhai ki sangeet ha u should be concentrating on that not these things
mu=thats why im saying dad agar usne isbar kuch kia to spoil my brothers sangeet surely i'll throw her out of the function
mukti leaves the place with a bang, manik smiles as his mind was with nandini, what she might be doing or not . he comes to his room and goes inside the washroom to freshen up. when he comes out he checks his phone and sees message of nandini
tomorrow is sangeet... just heard now--nandini
yeah, came to know right now. excited???--manik
yaa sort of... feeling different--nandini
should be after all you are the bride *wink*-- manik
*blush* , gussa ho??? -- nandini
nahi... kyu??? --manik
i thought beach pe mane kuch kaha nahi..us wajase --nandini
well i should be angry but tumhari smile yaad ati ha toa sab bhul jata hu. btw when will i get my reply??--manik
so jaw, kal milenge :p goodnight . sweet dreams --nandini
not fair , sweet dreams to you too. good night-manik

Malhotra mansion was decorated beautifully. guests were arriving , both mr and mrs malhotra welcomig the guests. cabir and druv were helping getting ready. manik was wearing a white sherwani with golden touch. mukti and aliya comes
mu=oh my my...someone is looking very handsome aj to nandini dekke blush karte karte marjayegi

manik blushed while everyone were smiling. just then everyone from downstairs were shouting that the bride has come. aliya and mukti rushed downstairs. manik also wanted to go but druv and cabir were not allowing him to go as according to them dulha will give a grand entry later
nandini was wearing a golden-maroon shifon lehenga with her hair tied in a one side braid and matching bangles with jewelery and jhumka. mukti and aliya took the responsibility of nandini and took her along with them. on the other hand the parents of both manik and nandini were together receiving and talking to the guests.
mu=woh nandini, you look very pretty
a=indian beauty kisiki nazar na lage
n=thanks tum dono bhi bohot acchi lagrahiho.
nandini was looking here and there in search of manik, both mukti and aliya understood
mu=nandini...peeche dekho.. agaya mera bhaiya aur tumhara saiyaan
nandini turned around to the stairs and saw manik coming down talking to druv and cabir
he's looking so handsome, he has the charm to attract me every time whenever  i see him. mane socha tha ke aj usse kahungi ke i also like him very much.. but jabhibi usse dekhti hu kuch bol hi nahi pati... sabkuch tham sa jata ha..aur jab woh mujhe dekhta ha toa
when maniks eyes fell on nandini he stopped walking and for a moment took a full glance on her. her nervousness, shyness , happiness everything was visible in her face. the way she was playing with the corner of her dupatta and tucking the string of her hair behind the ear every now and then, the blush when she does eye contact to manik... everything in one word was
cabir and druv giggled watching both of them staring at eachother. mukti and aliya began to walk with nandini towards the boys, standing near the stairs. before nandini could talk to manik a girl wearing a red saree with backless blouse came to manik and hugged him. all were shocked. mukti's happiness changed into anger. manik was too surprised to response but he didnt hug her back. cabir made a disgusted look following by aliya and druv
nandini saw all this. she didnt know who it was but right infront of her eyes a girl was hugging the boy whom she was about to get marry in five days. seeing nandini's smile disappeard and turned into an uncomfort expression manik freed himself from the hug
mu=here she is... the bitch soha
mukti uttered it very slowly but nandini heard it and was confused. manik was also feeling uncomfort but he didnt want to ruin the atmosphere
m=hi soha how are u??
s=manik..god baby how i missed u so much.. london se wapas agaye aur ek bar mile bhi nahi aur yeh kya tum shadi karraheho???
mukti was about to burst out but cabir gestured her to keep quiet as nandini was already feeling bad seeing all these things . mukti calmed herself and patted on soha's shoulders. soha turned around and gave her a wicked smile
s=hi mukti..how are u???
mu=ab tumhe dekhliya ha soha toa kaise acchi reh sakti hu tum bolo
s=yaa...very funny
soha's eyes fell on nandini who was a bit angry and looking down
s=so... shes nandini right??
nandini looked at her and smiled
n=yes um nandini
manik was observing everything and also mukti who would kill soha any moment so he came in between to light up the situation
m=ab ..soha shes nandini my fiance and nandini shes soha. khurana uncle ki beti.
nandini gave a fake smile
mu=bhai..lets go. yaha par uninvited logo ke sath time pass karnese better ha hum doosrose jakar mile. come on nandini

mukti texted cabir
keep that soha away from bhai..dont let her roam around him--mukti
dont worry, im here. take care of nanadini--cabir
nandini was walking with aliya and mukti..
mu=that soha..woh kabhi nahi sudhregi i mean she is
n=mukti can i ask yeh kaun ha?? is she manik's ex..
a=no nandini, manik ki koi girlfrend nahi ha aur nahi thi. soha is khurana uncles daughter . khurana uncle manik k dad k bohot acche dost ha . sirf unki wajase hum sab usse tolerate karte ha.
mu=she is always just roaming around bhai, dreaming of being with him as his gf. humesha sabke samne flirt karti ha aur yeh jatati ha ke woh  bhai ke liye best ha aur koi nahi. nandini tumne jo dekha woh sab isika natija tha. but trust me bro has no feelings for her its just he never does any kind of misbehave with anyone . ..
maniks comes to her..manik sees nandini's face and understands she is disturbed because of soha. mukti and aliya leave as manik gestured them he wanted to talk to her alone. manik took her hand and brought her inside the guest room and holded m=woh... um sorry jo bhi tumne dekha woh sab actually
n=mujhe mukti ne bataya...its okay tumhe sorry kehneki koi zarurat nahi ha
m=nahi nandini..we are getting married aur yeh sab tumhe. ma bass itna kehna chahta hu
this time nandini took his hands in hers
n=uss rat mane terrace pe jo kaha tha ke ma hum donoko ek mauka dena chahti hu woh isiliye tha ke yeh sab choti moti bate humare rishte par koi problems na lekar aye.. hum dono perfect nahi ha par ma chahti hu hum dono milke sabkuch perfect kare, hum donome kamiya ha but together we can turn those lackings into our strengths. and jaise tumne kal kaha ke pehle baar tumhare dil ne kisipar begar kisi expectations ke bharosa kiya ha toa pehli baar mere bhi dil ne kisipar bharosa kiya ha aur humesha karega
her words made manik very much happy.. he got his answer from her words and her smile. nandini was blushing and smiling but not leaving his hands. manik took a step forward and gave her a light kiss on her forehead. nandini closed her eyes feeling the kiss .. manik closed his eyes and rested his forehead on her.. there was complete silence in the room when suddenly
s=ahem ahem
manan looked at the door and saw soha standing with a wicked smirk.
m=soha tum yaha..
s=yes manik..woh kya ha na ke yeh guest room ha aur ma washroom jarahithi par dekha ke yeh sab...
manan were looking at eachother
s=wase manik i wonder what happened to u?? tum nandini se kaise shadi karnekeliye razi hogaye???
nandini looked at her with an angry glare . manik was about to say something but nandini stopped her
n=sohaa... tumne abhi abhi kaha na ke tumhe washroom jana ha??? toa agar tumne room na darwaja khula dekha toa knock kyu nahi kia?? im sure tum itni choti nahi ho ke tumhe sikhana pare ke kisike private moment ko disturb karnese pehle door par knock karna chahiye
s=oh really??? shadi honese pehle hi private moments???
nandini smiled and took a step forward to her
n=yes...aur mujhe isme koi burai nahi lagti cause u know why??? manik mera fiance ha, legally sab jante ha toa ma jab chahu jaha chahu uske sath akele time spend karsakti hu... atleast ma dusroke fiance ko jakar hug nahi karti
s=listen u...
n=listen to me first ...aur tum ne kya kaha ke manik ne mujhe kaise choose kia?? woh kya ha na soha if u look at urself at the mirror u'll get ur answers on ur own.aur ha... ek bat acchese sun lo aur samajhlo kyuki mujhe repatations karna accha nahi lagta ha.. guest ho guest banke raho aur ha manik se door raho , kyuki woh mera hone wala pati ha .. and by chance agar phirse tum mujhe manik ke aspas bhi nazar ayi so ma bhul jaungi ke tum manik ke dad ke frend ke beti ho. sabke samne tumhe apnihi shadi se dhakke marke nikal dungi. samjhi tum??
manik was standing behind and laughing covering his mouth. soha was fuming in anger. nandini gave her a smile , holded manik's hand and came out of the room
when they came out they saw fab4 standing and they were very happy. manan understood that they had heard everything
mu=nandini hats off seriously..u shut the mouth of that bitch
mu=sorry but seriously...
n=zaruri thaa
nandini winked at mukti and everyone laughed
c=yar comeon lets have some fun ..chalo..lets go and have some fun

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wow fab update
loved it
very nicely written
cont soon
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awesome update.please continue soon 
parthsha Senior Member

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Nice update dear...thx for pm continue soon..:)
urvisaini IF-Rockerz

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Awesome chapter 
Manik and nandini ka silent romance is so cute

Wedding shopping. ...

Saath ho kar bhi saath nahi the but technology ko use karke saath the

And Nandini ne kya sunaya soha ko

Loved it

Thanks for the pm 
Continue soon 
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Embarrassed awww...its awesome.i just loved it.so love is blooming...thanks for pm.plz plz plz continue soon
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Loved the Wedding Shopping

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