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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 23)

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Originally posted by rupal5dr

Yaar it was so good such amazing friends planning their friends date with his would be wife...so cute I wish everyone have such friends...n now coming to their date it was simple yet beautiful how much understanding they share they have...the beach their ice cream..their talks their walking and smile on their faces while talking to each other...n the concern they show to each other...and the most lovely part their good night messages n in that also the one where manik says wouldn't have taken it until his mom tell him to do so but took it because someone else has told him to do so...awww...its just they met for the first time but looks like they have some deeper connections...and nyonika what a loving and caring mother she is ...n I jus wish kabhi who show mein bhi kabhi itni concern ho manik ke liye...n not to forget our evil twins who r always evil to do something good...n jus love cabir always bringing manan closer whether its in your story or in the show...now want to see maniks reaction when nandini will come and nandinis reaction when she will get to know manikhas fever it will be so much good...n one more important thing to mention u really write beautifully the way u think and portray its jus amazing and I must say that u should write more n more it will jus polish u more as a writer keep writing such good stuff and satisfy your crazy readers like me...n thanks for the pm..update soon will wait for the next chapter...lots of love...

thank you so much for your lovely feedback, this means a lot to me and yes i will try to update more earlier :)

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please try to update today itself Smile

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Amazing one..loved it a lot..
Manan journey was amazing...
Update soon..
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Jst read all parts
it's really good
Plz add me too to pm list
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amazing... awesome
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Its epic please update soon

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nandini was at home. she had no morning duty so she was lying on her bed and reading a book. she was thinking to call manik to ask him how he was when cabir called her
n=cabir? hii
c=hey nandini, sorry mane tumhe disturb toa nahi kia na??
n=are nahi not at all...kaho na kaise call kia??
c=nandini woh actually tumse ek baat puchni thi
n=ha bolo
c=woh.. agar fever 104 ho then peracitamol ka dose kya dena parega?? i mean high dose at first ya phir thora thora karke denge??
n=umm fever agar bohot zyada ha jaisa tumne kaha 104 then its better to give a high dose of antibiotic, usse fever jaldi chala jayega.
c=thank you so much nandini
n=always welcome, but r u okay?? tumhe high fever ha??
c=nahi mujhe nahi woh darasal manik..
n=what manik???
nandini sat on the bed
c=ha woh... usse kaal raat se thora fever ha
n=aur usne bola bhi nahi
c=woh kya ha woh kabhi kisiko apni wajase tension nahi deta. dont worry ab tumne bata dia ha we'll give him medicine, you relax and take care. bye
nandini keeps the phone down once cabir cut the line
n=itna high fever?? bola tha mane ke sardi ke mausam me icecream nahi khana, uparse pani me running kiya, pura bheeg gaya tha.. i think i should go and check him
on the other side cabir was giggling
c=so manik, abhi jo doctor tujhe check karna jayegi usse dekkar surely tujhe 104 fever hojayega...cabir man you rock
manik was coughing in his room and working in his laptop. nyonika comes with a glass of milk and a thermometer
ny=manik.. chalo yeh lo isse pee lo
m=mom milk, seriously you think i'll drink it???
ny=manik, um ordering you. ek toa sick ho upar se nakre karraheho?? chupchap peeyo
m=mom ganda ha mujhe nahi peena
ny=my dear son, jeetne nakre karne ha abhi karlo, ekbar nandini ajayegi phir koi nakra nahi chalega , tumhe ekdam sidha kardegi
manik blushed hearing that nandini will come to the house after some days. manik took the glass and started to drink. mukti came there with a smile
mu=mom, i have a surprise
both mother and son were confused and gave eachother a question full look
ny=what surprise ???
mu=see who's here
mukti moves aside , nandini enters the bedroom wearing a white salwar kameez. manik was surprised to see her right now in front of his eyes. nyonika was very happy and gave her a hug
ny=nandini, what a plesant surprise beta
n=namaste aunty, sorry main ese bina inform kie agayi
ny=dont be so formal, tumhara hi ghar ha, you are always welcome, ao na andar
manik was about to get up from the bed nandini shouted
n=no need to get up from the bed, tum rest karo
mukti giggled seeing how she was ordering manik so was nyonika. manik was feeling shy
ny=ab tum dono bate karo, ill send some coffee for nandini, mukti chalo
mu=yes mom
while leaving the room mukti closed the door. nandini sat infront of manik on the bed.
n=hii, ab fever kaisa ha???
m=fever.. ab theek ha dont worry itna serious aur zyada fever nahi ha
n=seriously manik?? i mean 104 degree fever tumhare lie zyada nahi ha??
m=what??? 104?? tumse kisne kaha???
n=thats the point, isiliye kaha tha mane ke sardi ke mausam me icecream mat khaw par nahi tumhe toa bachpana karna tha
m=nandini ek second, mujhe raat ko sirf halka sa fever aya tha about 101 or 102, tumse 104 kisne kaha???
n=what??mujhe toa cabir ka call aya tha..
manik understood everything, he felt to kill cabir but right now he wasnt infront of him. manik came out of his thoughts when nandini suddenly put the thermometer inside his mouth. he was about to say something
n=ssshhh.. just ssshh... um a doctor aur mujhe apna kam karne do. agar koi aur doctor hoti she also would have done you checkup.
nandini was looking at her watch waiting for 5 minutes to pass while manik was sitting like a baby and admiring her. her pouty angry look, glaring at the watch, then also checking manik every minute if he had not taken the thermometer out.. he was watching each and every movement of hers. when time was up, she took out the thermometer
n=101 fever
m=its normal, theek hojayega
n=main abhi ayi. tum yahase hilna mat
mukti and nyonika were laughing after mukti told what cabir had done, nandini came inside the kitchen

ny=nandini beta ao na
n=aunty woh.. actually
ny=glad u came, is ladkeko ab tum sambhalogi. ma toa itne saal thak gayi usse sambhalte sambhalte. ab toa meri tension kam hogayi
mu=mom, bass karo..meri hone wali bhabi ko aur mat tease karo
n=mukti , really u dont need to call me bhabi. um fine with nandini.
mu=really??? thats awesome
ny=nandini beta tumhe kuch chahiye tha?? ma tumhare lie snacks manik ke room me bhej hi rahithi
n=aunty woh darasal i came to make kada for manik, woh mummy humesha mujhe peelati ha jab mujhe fever hota ha
ny=accha ma bana deti hu but
mu=but bro yeh nahi peeyega, mom bachpan se lekar aj tak usse yeh nahi peela payi ha
n=par kyu???
mu=he hates the smell of it, starts vomiting
n=but its a medicine and he needs to have it.
ny=tumhe pata ha nandini, manik ne bachpan me mujhe kis cheeze me sabse zyada pareshan kia?? apni food habits ko lekar
mu=yaa and i dont think ke tum bhi usse yeh peela sakogi
n=agar ese baat ha toa phir aj jabtak woh yeh nahi peeyega tabtak usse aur kuch khaneko nahi milega
manik was sittig on the bed and playing with his guitar, trying to compose a tune but wasnt playing according to his wish. nandini comes inside with a glass on a tray. she keeps it on the bedside table and stands infront of manik. manik didnt notice her as he was busy playing the guitar
n=i didnt know u played the guitar as well
manik looked at her and smiled. he kept it aside and stood up
m=well, music is my passion and guitar is the key
n=um impressed, tum toa multitalented ho
m=esa kuch nahi ha, har kisime talent hota ha what matters is hum usko kaise apply karte ha
n=hmm true, accha suno woh drink rakhi ha peelo???
m=drink?? what drink???
nandini points to the glass, manik takes the glass and smells it. after smelling it he immediately keeps it back on the table
m=no way, ma yeh nahi peene wala r u mad??
n=kyu nahi peesakte??? poison ha kya??
m=poison se kam nahi ha .. um not gonna drink it
n=manik please baccho jaisi zid mat karo
m=aur tum mom ke jaise bate karna band karo.. nandini please tum mujhe poison peene do ill drink it but not this kada aur ...yuckkk
n=manik..ekdam chup aur acchese bacche ki tarah is peejaw
m=ek bat baataw, tumne isse kabhi peeya ha?? kitna ganda haa...chiii
n=ha peeya aur yeh dawai ha. i know taste thora ganda ha but health keliye accha ha. tum ek hi ghut me pee jana please, come on be a man
m=ma nahi peeunga
n=fine, mat peeyo..jab tak tum yeh kada nahi peeoge tabtak tumhe aur kuch khaneko nahi milega...
m=matlab?? yeh kya baat hui??
n=yes agar tum stubborn ho toa let me tell u um more stubborn than u mr manik malhotra. aur tum ghar se bahar bhi nahi jasakte...so jab tak yeh nahi khatam karoge aur kuch khaneko nahi milega
nandini left the room leaving a helpless manik. but he was not ready to give up.nandini came down and smiled at nyonika and mukti indicating that their plan was working. at that time cabir came. mukti told him what happened.
c=chalo.. ma zara milke ata hu
cabir went to manik's room and saw him doing push ups.
c=kya baat ha...kada peenese pehle itni sari work out???
seeing cabir manik throwed a pillow on his face, he caught the pillow
c=kya karraha hai yaar?? mere sundar chehrese tujhe itni nafrat???
m=tu mera dushman ha..mere problems me tujhe maza ata ha.. aur ha ek baat bata tujhe kisne kaha ke mujhe 104 degree bukhar ha.
c=well, actually tab nahi tha..par ab toa zarur hogaye ha na???
manik glared at him and hit on his shoulder
m=kaha marwa diya yaar usne... iss kada peene keliye kitne sare threats... god.mom se bhi zyada adamant ha yeh nandini. cabir ek kaam kar tu neeche ja aur kitchen se mere lie kuch khaneko lekar aa
c=really?? aur tujhe lagta ha neeche jo teen teen mother india's khari ha woh mujhe tere lie khana laneko dengi?? manik.. they all know ke tu yeh nahi peena chahta aur iske lie tu bahane dhund raha ha...
m=idea.. i'll throw it in the sink
manik took the glass and went to the washroom to throw it.. but
c=yeh nandini ne banaya ha
manik stopped. he didnt approach further. cabir smiled
c=kisine tere liye banaya ha taki tu theek hoja, yaar... medicine samajhke pee le . tu sick ha isiliye woh pareshan ha, tujhe theek karnekeliye ha... ek ghut me pee ja. chal.
manik thought for a while. cabir was right, nandu was taking care of him so well. she came here early morning, checked his fever and now this... he should drink this
m=accha theek ha.
manik made a disguised look. with one hand he closed his nose and with the other he holded the glass and drank it closing his eyes...
c=good boy... mukti nandini job is done
mukti nandini nyonika came inside smiling to eachother. manik gave the glass to mukti and was making disguised faces
m=yeh koi kaise peeta ha... chiii...

mu=jaise tumne peeya , kisike kehnepar
saying mukti slightly patted nandini through her shoulders. nandini blushed.
c=wase aunty is khushime apke hath ki bani custard hojay
ny=great tum sab bethke chill karo, ma abhi banake layi
n=aunty ma chalti hu, mujhe hospital jana ha
ny=are nandini ruko na
n=nahi aunty, hospital se call aya ha..so
c=ha nandini we can understand, dont worry tumhare isss patient ka hum bohot acchese dekh bhal karenge aur wasebhi tumne zakam pe malam to laga dia ha, first aid hum time to time karte rahenge
manik was just feeling to kill cabir over there. mukti and nyonika were giggling while nandini was turning red
n=ab ma chalti hu aunty
ny=theek ha beta take care aur ati rehna
nandini hugged nyonika and mukti. she said bye to cabir and gave a smile to manik and he also smiled back. after sometime cabir waved his hand infront of maniks face.
c=gayi wohh...
manik began to run behind cabir in the whole room. they began to play pillow fighting were manik almost killed cabir.

nandini came back from hospital and saw her parents discussing something. she went up to them
n=kya chal raha ha ??
sha=nandu, beta accha hua tum agayi...hum tumhara hi wait karrahe the
n=kyu papa kuch kam tha???
p=manik ke papa ka phone aya tha, woh tumhari aur manik ki shadi ke bareme baat karrahethe
n=kya baat mummy???
p=sath din baad ek bohot accha mohrat ha matlab ki next sunday, pandit jee ne tum donoki kundli milayi ha aur kaha ha ke woh din shadi keliye bohot hi shubh ha
sha=par hum tumhara decision sunna chahte ha , aur manik bhi
p=haa , usne kaha ha usse problem nahi ha but agar tumhe jaldbazi lagrahiha toa hum next jo date ha teen mahine ke baad woh fix karenge. decision tera ha beta jo tujhe sahi lage
nandini smiled and thought for a while
n=jo ap sabka decision ha wahi mera decision ha
p=sach nandu?? toa unhe hum kehde
n=yes mummy
sha=toa tum kal hospital jakar chutti lekar ana, kyuki agle sath din gharme bohot kam aur functions hone wale ha...
n=theek ha papa...
nandini comes to her room and sits infront of the mirror and looks at herself.
so, um getting married in 7 days. but mane yes kaise bol diya?? ma manik se sirf do din pehle mili aur how can i?? me, nandini murthy humesha decisions soch samajh keliye leti thi, how come.. par mujhe bura nahi lagraha ha apne decision se. manik.. accha ladka ha . uski family bohot acchi ha, they are really happy with this marrige so are my parents. sab bohot khush ha aur shayed ma bhi. shadi har ladki ka dream hota ha, mane kabhi socha nahi tha ke meri shadi itni jaldi, par jo bhi horaha ha accha ha. manik bohot accha ha, caring ha understanding ha . mummy ne sahi kaha ma uske sath khush rahungi. but am i ready fully for this marrige?? kya ma as a wife sari responsibilities nibha paungi?? manik ko as a wife satisfy kar paungi.. jaise mujhe manik pasand ha kya usse ma pasand hu??? kya ma usse khush rakh paungi???
nandini took her phone and dialed maniks number. manik was sitting with his dad discussing something about business. his phone began to ring. nandini's name flashed in the screen. maniks dad smiled. manik was about to disconnect the line but his dad stopped and asked him to talk . manik went out of the room
n=hi manik, sorry mane tumhe disturb to nahi kia
m=nahi bolo na
n=ab...woh.. tumhari tabyat kasi ha??
m=um fine, fever nahi ha aur khasi theek hojayegi
n=okay.. manik i need to talk to you
m=ha bolo na
n=abhi nahi matlab phone pe nahi. can we meet??
m=umm ya sure, wasebhi kal tumhare gharpar dinner ha. mom ne bataya
n=ya mujhe bhi mummy ne kaha
m=so kal baat kare???
n=okay. take care. bye
manik was getting ready for office. mukti comes in his room
mu=kya bro, aj bhi office??
m=kyu?? aj kya ha??
mu=aj hum shamko nandini ke ghar pe dinner pe jaraheha
m=shamko, me office se direct ajaunga
mu=woh sab theek ha but nandini keliye koi gift nahi loge??
mu=god bro, officially tum donoki shadi fix hui ha..u should gift her something
m=tujhe yeh sab sochna nahi parega, tu yeh bata abhi se kab milarahiha??
mu=bhai woh apne cousin ki shadi keliye usa gaya ha. jab ayega sabse pehle aphise milwaungi
m=theek ha, ma chalta hu. see u
manik sat inside his car and thought of mukti's words about the gift thing. on the other hand nandini was feeling nervous, about her new future life. in a few days she will be mrs manik malhotra. a lot of questions were rising in her mind and she was waiting to talk to manik. her mother was busy preparing the dinner, nandu's in-laws are coming. nandini took leave of 15 days from her work
time seemed to pass that day very fast and it was evening already. malhotra's arrived along with fab4 except manik. murthys welcomed them and they settled down in the living room. nandini was a bit quiet comparing to other times, she was looking at the door every now and then . unless she talked to manik about her feelings she wasnt feeling relief. nandini served snacks to everyone. meanwhile manik came. he took blessings from his in-laws and looked at nandini. she smiled to him , he took a full glance of her . she was wearing a blue salwar suit and looking like a blue fairy he thought.
m=acchi lagrahiho tum
saying manik joined everyone sitting in the living room.
n=i think manik bhul gaya ha that we need to talk. sabke beech me beth gaya ha usse wahase kase bulau???
nandini was thinking of a way to talk to manik. her eyes fell on cabir who was going towards the kitchen. she went to him
n=cabir, kuch chahiye tumhe??
c=ha woh um thirsty pani peene jaraha tha
n=chalo, ill help u
nandini gave him water and thought to ask his help
n=cabir i need ur help
c=ha bolo na
n=actually i need to talk to manik, in private but sabke beech me, i hope u can understand. kya tum usse please kuch der keliye upar terrace lasakte ho??? i'll be waiting
cabir smiled and nodded in yes
c=wase um surprised kyuki yeh sab manik ko plan karna chahiye tha anyways tum tension mat lo. hojayega
nandini smiled and went to terrace. meanwhile cabir joined everyone in the living room.
sha=nandu kaha ha??
c=uncle, usse ek patient ka call aya toa woh upar baat karne gayi ha ati hogi
raj=no problem.
cabir texted manik sitting just face to face him
nandini wants to meet u now at the terrace-cabir
manik looked at the text and then at cabir who was gesturing him to go upstairs
sab ha yaha , how can i go??? what if they ask for us?? -manik
i'll handle. you somehow just meet her. she needs to talk-cabir
okay, take care of everything-manik
m=ab excuse me everyone, i'll come back.
ny=kya hua manik??
m=mom, ill be back, need to freshen up a bit
p=ha sure beta, upar guest room ha. tum waha washroom use karlo
m=thanks aunty
manik went upstairs to terrace. nandini was watching the stars. the moon was also shining, the terrace was calm and quite.the light of moon was making the full terrace glowing . nandini heard footsteps behind her. she turned around and saw the most handsome guy infront of her eyes. seeing him she forgot everything what she wanted to say..
m=kuch kehna tha??
manik asked her in a polite tone.. she turned around not knowing how to start.
n=woh..samajh nahi araha ha ke kaisa kahu
m=wase dekha jaye toa samajh mujhe bhi nahi araha ha ke yeh sab kya horaha ha.. kaise horaha ha... pata ha nandini i never imagined ki meri life me kabhi esa din ayega jab meri shadi ki baat chalegi. and aj dekho in next seven days um getting married
nandini turned around
n=manik... tum khush ho is shadi se??
m=tum khush nahi ho??? do u need more time to think
n=nahi esa kuch nahi ha... i just want us to give time to ourselves, i want this relation to work smoothly and nicely. main humari shadi me koi problems nahi chahti aur nahi humari upcoming life me... main chahti hu ke hum humesha khush rahe sath rahe , humare parents humare lie jo bhi socha ha woh sach ho. jo humne socha ha dream kia ek dusreko lekar is shadi ko lekar.. thats why i want ke pehle starting dosti se kare.. i hope u understand
manik smiled and nodded
n=manik, tum bura mangaye?? um sorry..
m=nandini, its okay, tumhe itna formal honeke zarurat nahi ha. i can understand what u want to say... i can completely understand ke tum is rishteko slowly proceed karna chahti ho and its okay with me. yeh shadi hum donoki marzise horahiha so jo bhi face karna ha we'll do it together. and im happy ke tumne mujhse clearly baat kiya ha...thanks
nandini became very happy listening this. she had a great relief.  big smile came on her face. seeing that manik also smiled
n=thanks to u manik, tumne mujhe samjha. really thanks.
m=always welcome.
n=neeche chale???
nandini began to walk but manik holded her hand. she turned back. it was first time he touched her hand. she blushed and stopped. manik took a step forward towards her and took her left hand in his hand. nandini was confused.but she was enjoying his touch. she was blushing and looking down. suddenly she felt something against her finger. she looked at her hand and saw manik putting an engagement ring , a diamond ring with a round diamond in the centre in her ring finger. the ring was simple yet beautiful. under the moonlit both of them were glowing in eachothers eyes.
m=wohh... time shortage so no engagement ceremony. but once mom said ke engagement shadi ki first step hoti ha.. and as u said we'll proceed slowly and steadily...this is the best way... miss nandini murthy congratulations , ur officially fiance of manik malhotra...
manik left the terrace saying this. nandini stood there and thinking what he said. he was unpredictable she thought. he was always so much full of surprises. she smiled and looked at her engagement ring

After sometime nandini came down and saw manik was already sitting between everyone. Manik looked at her and smiled. Nandu stood with aliya and mukti

Sha=so, its final 7 days baad, next Sunday manik aur nandini ki shadi ha

Everybody were happy, hugging eachother. Manik and nandini took blessings from everyone and hugged there frends. While everybody were rejoicing the upcoming happy moments, two of them present there were looking at eachother and waiting for a beautiful start .


Cabir and manik were chilling beside the pool. Cabir decided to stay with manik as both of them didn't get chance to talk after manik came back to india. Both were laughing and retriving there old good and bad memories.

C=god..aur tujhe wo yaad ha jab school me mane principal ke face pe ink mardi thi... Sir ka face dekhne layak tha

M=we were so mischivious .. kya kuch nahi karte the, tution teachers ko bhagane keliye unki car ki tyre puncture, wrong number se threat god. I miss those days

C=seriously yaar , miss those days. hum kitne free the us time pe, na koi chinta na koi planning, bass fun aur masti

M=you're right cabir, kabhi socha nahi tha ke dad ke business ko ma itna age lejaunga, matlab college ke time par mera concentration sirf music me tha jo mane achieve kia... but besides business, dad was really happy with my decision.

C=yupp, mane bhi kaha socha tha ke college ke ek random rj contest me part lekar ma ek famous rj ban jaunga , mere lie bhi toa fab5 hi sab kuch tha, but um happy with my job. Fab5 ke itne albums launch hue ha aur ab yeh next album jo launch hoga kuch hi month pe.

M=what we think doesn't happen always, and what happens

C=we don't even imagine right??


C=wase tujhse ek baat puchu??


C=tu khush ha na??  matlab yeh jo sab teri shadi horahiha... I know ke tu humesha se uncle aunty ki har baat manta ha but manik this decision is completely yours, teri life ha

M=cabir..ma khush hu. im happy

C=great...wase kya baat hui aj terrace par??

Manik smiled and stood up. He stood near the pool and was looking at the water. Cabir also stood beside him

M=shes an open book cabir. Uske maan me jo baat ati ha wahi bolti ha

C=janta hu... saaf dil ha uska

M=hmm.. she doesn't want any kind of problems in our marrige and future life. She wants it to go smooth and steady. Jaldbazi nahi chahti aur... is rishte ko hum donoko time dena chahti ha..

Cabir smiled and looked at manik

C=do u love her???

Manik looked at him and smiled

C=I know... but as she said give this relationship and your selves time. Dosti se hi pyar ki shuruat hoti ha... and trust me, both of u will be very much happy with eachother.

M=I know

C=chal... its 2 am of night. Andar chalte ha


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res yay...
awesome update yar...
just loved every bit of it..
in seven days wedding..
loved the terrace scene..beautifully penned..
loved the unofficial engagement...
update soon..
Harika..keep smiling..it looks good on you..Embarrassed

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