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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 17)

aarohi_angel98 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Plz update nxt part yaar... we r waiting for so long... and dont forget to pm me...

man1402 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 1:41am | IP Logged
please update NEXT part sooon... waiting SmileSmileSmile
AsthaVerma92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Yaar u actually dont lyk to ur own ff m vry upset i actually loved the 3updates done by u i how u wont make us w8 more plz... And plz... Try to update the chapters daily so dat v cn read and comment i m actually missing ur ff''
MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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THE NEXT MORNING. manik was all ready to go to office. seeing him going mukti came to stop him
mu=bro... were are u off to???
m=aur kaha office
m=what no??
mu=no means aj ap office nahi jayenge... apko mere sath kahi jana ha
m=dekh.. mukti dad sick ha so mujhe unke meetings attend karne ha aur ma late horaha hu, please abhi mujhe jane de

Mu=but bhai..

It was late manik was off to office

Mu=bhai.. uff humesha office aur ghar inhe kaun samjhaye ke kuch dinome hes getting married , kaha unke dimag me nandini se milneka khayal hoga yeh ha ke office meetings, I should text cabir k bhai ko office se kidnap karke lejay


Cabir and druv come to office and asks for manik. One of the office staff says that manik Is in the conference room and the meeting will take about one hour

C=druv yeh tera buddy... Kya yar?? Humesha dekho meetings me chipka ha ... agar yehi haal raha shadi ke bad toa nandini isse chorke do din me chali jayegi

Dr=cabir relax, hum wait karte ha wasebhi mukti aur aliya nandini ko lene gaye ha

C=main text karta hu k manik abhi tak office me busy ha

"manik still in meeting, will be late to bring him in the restaurant"- cabir

Mu=cabir ka text ha

A=kya bol raha ha??

Mu=bhai meeting me ha, same as us.. hum yaha nandini ki surgery khatam honeka wait karraheha aur wo waha bhai ki meeting

A=nyonika aunty ne sahi bola tha yeh dono ek jaise hi ha...

"same as here, nandini is in the surgery.. will take more half an hour *sigh*- mukti

C=chal ma aur tu manik ke cabin me wait karte ha

At 1.30 pm manik comes out of the meeting and enters his cabin. He gets a shock to see cabir sleeping on the couch and druv was sitting on his chair and sleeping. Manik takes water from the jug and pours it on there face. Both of them get up with a jerk

C=kya yaar...

M=kya hua?? Aunty ne tum donoko gharse nikal dia jo mere office me ake soraheho??

Dr=wo..hum tera wait karrahethe.

M=mera kyu??

C=yes tera... hum dono 11.30 bajese yaha bethe ha...humne toa socha tha teri yeh meeting everlasting ha. Khatam hi nahi hogi  is janam me..

M=shut up cabir, wase kya kam ha???

Dr=wo..hum tujhe lene aye ha


N=um sorry mukti, wo sudden surgery assist ki duty thi so... sorry tumhe wait karna para

Mu=its ok nandini, by the way meet aliya... mere aur manik ki school frend

A=hi nandini, it's a pleasure to meet u

N=same aliya, mukti ne tumhare bareme bohot sunaya ha..

A=yaa same

Mu=accha ab hum chale???


M=lene aye ha?? Par kaha ??

Mukti messaged cabir

Track is on... we're on our way, whats going on there?? - mukti

Almost done, its too tuff to handle your stubborn bro *sigh* -cabir

Dr=ab wo..

C=wo actually hum aliya ko red handed pakarne jana ha

M=aliya?? Red handed?? Matlab??

C=ha kya ha na tu toa janta ha ke druv aur aliya ka kuch kuch horaha ha, but druv ko lagta ha ke aliya kisi aur ke sath bhi ishq lara rahiha aur usne aliya ke phone me kisika text dekha tha ke wo aj usse restaurant me milne wali ha.. so that's it, druv akele janese ghabraha ha u know how he is...so humhe sath chalneko bolraha ha

M=ha but yeh sab kab kaise...

Dr=manik please, jaldi kar buddy please


Girls arrived. Nandini was quite happy and looking around the place while mukti and aliya were looking at the main entrance every now and then. Suddenly a waiter passing by then hit nandu and cold drink fell on her dress

Waiter=sorry mam

N=its okay.. koi baat nahi

Mu=nandini are you okay??

N=yaa.. I'll just clean it up. Washroom se ati hu

Nandini went to the washroom. Mukti and aliya were being impatient. Suddenly aliya screamed as she saw druv entering.she and mukti quickly hid behind the wall and mukti texted cabir

Hiding behind the wall, send manik inside alone and you to come to us -mukti

C=manik, hum bahar rukhte ha tu andar jaa

M=what?? Par tum dono

C=samjha kar yaar, druv ko dekhegi toa hum usse red handed kaise pakrenge aur tu toa yeh sab chori pakarneme expert ha yaad nahi ?? college me bhi kitne plans bana chuka ha red handed sabko pakarneka

Dr=ha buddy, cabir sahi bolra ha.. hum bahar rukhte ha pehle tu jaa

M=okay fine I'll go

Manic enters the restaurant. It was beautiful. May be it was newly built he thought. He wasn't able to see aliya anywhere. Meanwhile nandini came out of the washroom and saw mukti aliya were not there standing were they were before. she started to look for them and finally both manik and nandini came face to face. This was unexpected for both of them. They didn't know how to react or what to say or even what expressions to give eachother. They were just looking at eachother. Lost in eachothers eyes.


I didn't expect her here, I mean how come she is here?? I must say she is beautiful.. her long open hair tied in a side ponytail, her bangs disturbing her angelic eyes, the sweet pink lips giving the sweetest smile of the world, a smile one could die for, her milky skin.. her earings dancing on the tone of the wind . the matching bangles of hers, she is much prettier than in the pictures, nandini... she is beautiful


How come a guy is so tall?? Gosh, he has the most attractive height, and his muscular body... I didn't expect black would suit someone so much, this guy surely is filled with hotness, and his messy hair , knows style. Manik mlhotra the great business man, filled with praiseful things, girls die over him and I really don't blame them... really ?? and I am the only girl who got a chance to be with him for lifetime ?? I mean he is just awesome...

Both of them came out of there thoughts when fab 4 interrupted. They looked here and there and then at fab 4

C=guys, humne tum donoko yaha isiliye nahi lekar aye taki tum dono sari zindagi ese statue statue khelke guzar do...

Mu=ya come on... ab atleast come out of your monbhrat

M=so...tum sabka plan tha??

A=yes cause we knew tum dono apne busy schedule se ek dusrekeliye time nahi nikaloge so we did it for u...

C=haa aur humne table book kia ha so go on and enjoy ur very first lunch date

Mu=see you guys

Fab 4 winked at manik and he gave them a glare.. they left manan alone . manik and nandini went to there table and sat down on there reserved table. Manik pulled a chair for nandini


Both of them at first were feeling awkward, didn't know how to start from were to start. They were looking here there, up-down, checking there phone, looking for the waiter, drinking water and also in the meantime looking at eachother secretly. Then manik began

M=I hope in sab ne apni plan ki chakkar me tumhe disturb nahi kia I mean hospital works

N=no, its fine . I have no more appointments today

M=oww great.

N=but I must say, there planning was okay. Hum kuch samajh hi nahi paye

M=ya,I guess its cabir's idea. He is the master mind behind all these cranky pranky plans.

N=tumhare frendz bohot acche ha. Tumse bohot pyar karte ha. You mean everything to them. I must say you have an amazing family manik

M=well I agree too that I really do have an amazing family and for that um grateful to god.

Nandini smiled

M=but... kuch dino ke bad tum bhi iss family ki member banne wali ho or should I say ur already one of us

Nandini blushed hearing him. The waiter came to take order. Both of them took the menu and looked around it , and after a moment both of them together asked the other one



They smiled and laughed. Both of them decided on their own to give the other ones choice priority today but didn't mention it

M=its ur choice today so we'll have chinese

N=not necessary, hum mexican khayenge

M=nandini its okay. Chiniese is also yummy

N=so is mexican and I like tacos so...

After a lot of discussion they ordered both mexican and chinese dishes. When the food arrived both of them decided to have the other's favourite dish. So manik ate chinese and nandini ate mexican

N=food was yummy,

M=I also admit. Wase deserts???

N=umm haa

Nandini began to look at the menu for deserts while manik got another idea

M=come on, hum kahi aur jakar khayenge

N=kyu?? Yaha kya problem ha??

M=chalo naa

Manik kept the bill and both sat in maniks car. Manik without telling her bought her to the beach

N=beach?? Aur is waqt?? Manik abhi bohot crowded hoga

M=tum chalo toa sahi

They got down from the car. Once manik parked the car he asked nandini to take off her shoes. First she was finding it funny but then watching him doing she also took off her sandles.

M=ab chalo

N=ese?? Hath me sandles pakarke??

M=yess.. the real fun and enjoyment is in this. Chalo.

They entered the beach. Kids were playing in the waves. Some couples were sitting beside and walking around the beach. Manik and nandini came to a icecream cart

M=nandini kaunsa flavour khawgi??

N=ummm... butterscotch and chocolate

M=okk... bhaiya do butterscotch and chocolate mix cones.

N=but manik, abhi to rainy weather ha, barish ke din me icecream??? Thand lagjayegi

M=nandini, doctor jaisi bate mat karo aur ekdin keliye phirse school college wali ladki ban jayo, phir yeh sab thand , sardi kuch yaad nahi rahega.

Manik gave her the icecream and both sat on the sand

N=pata ha, aj bohot mahino ke bad ese hospital ke se bahar beach par beth kar icevream kha rahihu. Bhul gayi thi ke life me yeh sab bachpana bhi hota ha... aur yeh sab bachpana kitna accha lagta ha

M=sach kaha, college ke bad jaise yeh sab masti mazak kaha chup gaya, cabir aliya druv mukti ke sath late night parties, cabir aur meri video gamings, aliya aur mutki ke fashion shows, druv aur mera music shows ... as if lost somewhere. Wase tum apne bareme kuch bataw, tumhare friends ke bareme.

N=well, mere koi friends nahi ha manik, actually college me I was called as a bore girl, main studious thi, humesha library clubs me thi, koi mere sath bath hi nahi karta tha, mane bhi kabhi force nahi kia kisiko mujhe samajhnekeliye, tumhe pata ha ma akeli ese beach me ati thi, mera koi friend nahi tha jiske sath me college bunk kar saku, movie pe jau, kisike ghar late night party karu... aj itne sal ke baad mukti aliya cabir druv aur tum... itne sare dost ek sath mile.. soch rahihu ke yeh sab sach ha ya sapna???

M=tum bore nahi ho nandini trust me , and im feeling very much happy ke shayed ma tumhari life me pehla ladka hu jo tumhare sath ese beach par..

Nandini looked at him and gave him a smile. There eyelock broke when a ball hit maniks hand.some kids were playing cricket, they were asking manik to pass the ball. Manik smiled and took the ball. Instead of giving it back, he took the ball and started to play with the kids. Nandini was admiring him and smiling at her own. The very famous manik malhotra was now infront of her and this was not the business man rather seemed to be a college young hunk enjoying his life. When manik did a six everyone clapped. Manik gestured nandini to join but found she wasn't there standing. He looked around and saw her buying some  icecream for two poor kids. She handed them the icecream and the kids kissed her on cheek. manik smiled seeing this cute bubbly caring nandini. Both of them were walking on the beach for hours, the sun was setting, they were walking and gossiping. Meanwhile there clothes were also bit drenched as they played with the kids , running and catching eachother


Maniks car stopped infront of nandinis house. Both got down

N=thanks manik, it was really fun. Bohot maza aya

M=actually I also had very much fun, thanks to u also.

N=andar chalo na

M=nahi..actually ghar chalta hu . phir kabhi aunga. Raat hogayiha aur tum bhi change karlo

N=haa aur tum bhi, tum gari me sneeze karrahethe

M=yaa.. I will

N=goodnite bye


Nandini went inside. Her parents were out so she ran up to her room, and peeped through the window, manik was taking his car out of her house and left from there. She smiled when he left. Nandu sat infront of the mirror and looked at herself. Her messy wet hair, drenched clothes, sticky mud on her pajamas, legs and most changing thing nandini was smiling after all these things. She did enjoy being the same old childish girl with manik again


Manik entered his house. His dad was sitting in the living room. Seeing manik sneezing and all drenched he called him

Raj=manik whats all this?? Tum theek ho na??

M=um fine dad, aacchhuuu !! um fine

Raj=lag to nahi raha ha..

M=um fine acchuuu, dad mom kaha ha??

Raj=tumhari mom apni ek frend ke ghar party me gayi ha aur mukti aliya ke ghar par. Tum ek kam karo jakar fresh hojaw and change clothes

M=yes dad

Manik was going upstairs when his dad called his name. manik turned around

Raj=is ur dad's choice okay ??

Manik smiled

M=as always, perfect dad.

Saying manik rushed to his room. He throwed the coat on the floor and went to take a shower


Nandini comes out of the washroom after taking a hot shower. While drying her hair she remembers about manik having a cold

N=I hope he has taken medicine... I should ask him whether he did or not

Manik comes out of the washroom sneezing again and again. He lies down on the bed when his phone beeps

Hows your cold?? Take some medicine if you havent taken yet-nandini

Manik smiled. Till now he had decided not to take medicine as he was used to of all this . but today he took medicine on his own

For the first time took medicine on my own, before mom told... cause someone else said so-manik

Nandini blushed seeing his reply

Go to sleep, u need rest. Will talk tomorrow.

Take care, good night- nandini

Goodnight , sweet dreams- manik


Sun rays falls on manik's face. Mukti keeps his coffee and sits beside on the bed

Mu=morning bro

M=tu?? Itni subhah???

Mu=itni subhah?? Bro.. get up. Its 10 am


Manik woke up with a jerk rubbing his eyes and looked at the alarm

M=what the??? Mane notice kyu nahi kia??

Mu=cause mom ne alarm off kardiya tha

M=mom?? But why??

Mu=raatko hum party se aye the toa dad ne bola ap bohot sneeze karrahethe, mom came to check u , she touched ur forehead and saw u had a fever. So she switched the alarm right then and asked everyone not to wake u up today. And yes aj ap office nahi jasakte aur yeh dad ka order ha. Rest kijiye.

M=seriously?? Um fine.. aacchuuu

Mu=ya ya dekh raha ha..wase bhai ek question ha. Kal hum donone ap donoko restaurant me chora tha phir kuch hour me esa kya hua that apki yeh halat ha

M=shut up..esa kuch nahi ha. We just went to the beach

Mu=beach??? Wohhh ... then then????

M=itna khush mat ho, nothing just talked and walk

Mu=awwweee.. how sweet. Bhai no selfie????

Manik rolled his eyes and got down from the bed, ignoring mukti's interrogation manik went inside the washroom and closed the door.

Mu=hmmm... so kal kafi enjoy kia in donone, so kyu na ? aj bhi mauka dia jay in donoko akeleme time spend karneka??

Mukti comes to her room and calls cabir

C=bol mukti, whats the scene over there??

Mu=scene?? Gosh tujhe kya kahu... Par abhi ki baat sun. bhai aj gharme ha, kuch kia jay ke dono phirse mile???

C=wase idea bura nahi ha. Par manik gharpe kyu???

Mu=are... kal dono beach me gaye the. so that's y, bhai is a bit sick, dad ne kaha ha aj bhai rest karenge... and mom is also not allowing him to go to office that's y, kuch plan kare??

C=let me think...

Cabir thinks for a moment and smirks after thinking

C=mukti, humara manik bimar ha right???


C=jab koi bimar hota ha toa hum gharme kisse bulate ha??

Mu=doctor ko



C=humare pass toa permenant doctor ha, so why do we need a plan????

Mu=cabir tu kya bolraha ha???

C=tu chinta mat kar... thori der me doctor tum logoke ghar pouch jayega.

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res..yaya am firstLOLEmbarrassed
unres..sorry for late..
awesome part yar..
I just loved it..
Aww nandu has no frnds..
loved the awesome plan...
Am loving this manik n nandu...really superb characterisation...bravo !!!
next nandu will come as doc for manik...am looking forward..super excited..
loved how they spent time at beach..
everything is superb...loved it alot..
update soon..
Thanks for pm..
harika..keep smiling..it looks good on you..

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MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ramanruhiishita

Can I upload your story on wattpad.. I will give you the credit. please

yes you can :)
parthsha Senior Member

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Hehe cute upate dear...permanent doc lol cabir cabir..:p
Pz continue soon n thx for the pm...Smile
Lovelylav7 Goldie

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Hey hi..nice update... Manan first meet was good..precap sounds interesting..

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