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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 132)

pooja_manan Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2015 at 2:28am | IP Logged
Waiting for d nxt update..
Update soon..

parthadmirer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2015 at 2:36am | IP Logged
Wonderful story..
all emotions so beautifully portrayed..ClapClap
manik and nandini relation is so lovely...
awesome work dear...SmileSmile
MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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manik was lying down on the bed looking at the ceiling and lost in his own thoughts. when he heard the washroom door being opened he closed his eyes and pretended to be sleeping. nandini came out wearing her night suit and looked at manik whom she thought was sleeping. though she wanted to be angry but she could never be mad at a sleeping manik. she sat beside him on the bed and caressed his hair. thinking that manik is sleeping she began to talk to herself
n=manik..whats wrong with you?? kya hua ha tumhe?? are you mad at me?? mane tumhe hurt kiya ha kya?? tum mere sath ese kyu behave karaheho?? kal raat mane itni planning , itni sari tayyariya ki thi..tum aye hi nahi??? kyu manik??
while talking to herself she was caressing his hair and tears fell from her eyes and landed on his cheeks..she gently wiped them with her thumb and kissed his forehead and put her head on his chest hugging him close to herself. she adjusted herself on the little space beside him and hugging him close she fell asleep. manik opened his eyes slowly and touched his cheek were her tears fell. he looked at nandu who was sleeping holding him tight. he kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to him.
Next Day
the day was a big day for manik and nandini. nandini for the first time was going to see manik performing live. it was his album opening night. on the other hand manik was still thinking how to say..from were to say. for him he was going to snatch nandinis smile. all of them were sitting on the breakfast table but manik seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. nandini was serving him sandwiches but he didnt even notice. this was noticed by raj and nyonika along with mukti.
raj=manik...kya hua beta??
m=huh?? kya hua dad??
ny=beta..tum theek hona?? kaha khoye hue ho???
m=ma nahi..kuch nahi mom
raj=manik..are you sure beta??
m=yes dad...um fine
nandini sat beside him but didnt look at him or ask him anything. mukti was observing the duos not so talking thing and decided to start the convo
mu=nandini..tum arahihona?? aj humari opening night me??
n=yes..um coming
mu=great... mane socha ke tum phirse hospital me stuck na hojaw
n=no mukti i'll be there on time.
manik excused himself from the dining table and went upstairs to his room.
ny=nandu, beta is he alright??
n=i dont know mom...do deen se bohot ajeeb sa behave karraha ha. mane pucha bhi but he didnt bother to tell or share. i dont understand
raj=beta.its okay. tum sad mat ho... aj opening night ha na aur office ka bhi bohot zyada pressure ha shayed isiliye
ny=ha beta...u dont worry. ab jakar upar dekho if he needs something or not.
nandini nods and goes upstairs. she enters the room and sees him wearing his watch and getting ready. manik didnt notice her presence and coming towards him. she hugged him from back, he looked at her through the mirror, she was clutching his coat tightly
n=um sorry manik..
m=sorry?? for what jaan??
he bought her infront him .. and made her look into his eyes
n=i dont know ke mane esa kya kia jiski wajase ur behaving like this...but manik i cant tolerate ur behaviour towards me like this. thats why if i have hurt u, um really sorry..main
he didnt let her complete and hugged her tightly which she also responded in the same way
m=dont say sorry..its me who should be sorry and trust me i am
she broke the hug and cupped his face
n=manik is there something jo tum mujhse share karna chahte ho?? kuch esa jo tum bolna chahte ho?? agar ha then u no ke tum karsakte ho??
he so wanted to tell her right now but he knew this wasnt the time, he was waiting for the right time...now it was manik who cupped her face and kissed her forehead
m=i promise u nandini, ma tumhe sab bataunga and trust me jabtak ma tumhe nahi bata deta shayed mujhe chain nahi ayega... and i will.. just trust me and sorry ke mane tumhe hurt kiya
she again hugged him and kissed his cheek
n=manik..this means a lot to me. i know and i trust u more than myself. and tumhe sorry feel karne ki koi zarurat nahi ha. i was angry with u not anymore. abhi give me my favourite smile and rock the performance tonight
he smiled how happy she was with his performance. he tucked her bangs behind her ear and bought her face close to him to kiss her but the kiss was ruined when raj called manik from downstairs
m=coming dad
n=my kissie ???
nandini made a cute angry pout for which he gave her a quick peck on her lips and ran downstairs. finally nandini was feeling a bit better as this was the manik she knew. she was damn excited to see him performing right infront of her eyes, a big day for him as well as her

manik didnt go to office rather than practiced a last time along with fab4 in the music room. though he was tensed but still after talking to nandini he felt a bit better. while they were practicing nandini came to the room with a tray full of snacks and juice
n=manik ma hospital jarahihu
m=what?? now??
mu=but tumhari toa aj chutti ha na
n=ha but..mukti ek surgery ha immergency i need to go. sare papers mere pass ha
c=nandini cant u excuse yourself?? aj humara album opening night ha..
n=i know cabir..ma jaldi ajaungi...i'll directly meet u guys in the performance. all the best
manik came up to her and gave her a hug .. she too hugged him back and kissed on his cheeks
n=best of luck..and yes sing from the bottom of your heart. okay??
he nodded and kissed her forehead
m=jaldi ana...
n=i will.
nandini hugged everyone and wished them also a best of luck and left for hospital. manik was couting minutes and seconds when the night will be over and they will start a new beginning
the day passed in a blink of eye.. manik was standing at the back stage wearing a black jacket with blue tee and blue jeans looking as always breath taking. the audience were shouting and cheering for fab5 . manik was trying to call nandini but the receptionist of the hospital said that she was in the surgery. manik was trying not to start the performance as nandini was still missing
c=manik..we have to start. already we have delayed it for half an hour.
a=ha manik, its really becoming an embaressing situation
he had no other choice and so they all took their places to being the performance

nandini came in her cabin and checked the time, it was 8.30 pm.
n=shit...i guess i missed the performance but i wont miss the party. manik must be waiting for me.. i better hurry
she checked her phone and there were 10 missed calls and 5 messages of manik. she quickly packed her stuff and was about to leave when her fells on a report of a patient which she had to submit to soniya
n=shit..i forgot to report this file to soniya. i hope so she doesnt freak out on me
nandini took her bag and went to the cabin of soniya, she peeped in and saw there was no one. she quickly sneaked in and kept the file on her desk and was about to leave when nandinis fell on a file kept beneath many files .. she just saw her name flashing on the "Nandini Malhotra" ..nandini took out the file beneath other ones. it was kept as if soniya wished to hide this file.
n=whats my file doing here?? meri file to gharpe ha then whats this one???
"FAB5", "FAB5" the crowd was shouting and cheering for them. lights went off, the sound of guitar began..all the people present there shouted "Manik" the strings of guitar started to play along with alya's keyboard

Saari raat aahein bharta Pal pal yaadon mein marta
Maane na meri mann mera..
[ manik starts singing closing his eyes and thinking about nandini],

Thode thode hosh madhoshi si hai,

Neem behoshein si hai,Jaane kuch bhi na mann mera[manik and druv together sing and move around the stage]

Kabhi mera tha par ab begaana hai yeh, Deewana deewana sumjhe na ho[he continues to sing,cabir plays the drum ]

Kabhi chup chup rahe kabhi gaaya ye kare
Bin pooche tere tarifen sunaya ye karen
[nandini's face flashes in front of his eyes among the audience]

Hai koi haqeeqat tu ya koi fasana hai[again it disappears, manik realizes he was dreaming of her]
Kuch jaane agar toh itna ki yeh tera deewana hai
Hai re mann meraa.. maane na mann meraa..
[closes his eyes and utters to himself "love u nandini"]

Rag rag woh samaya mere, Dil par woh chaaya mere
Mujh mein woh aise jaise jaa
[flashbacks of moments spent with nandini]

Gire barsaat mai paani jaise, Koi kahaani jaise
Dil se ho dil tak jo bayaan
[beach moments, her laugh,smile comes in his mind]

Aashiq dil tera purana hai yeh
Deewana deewana samjhe na ho
[mukti slightly pushes him and brings him out of his thoughts]

Kabhi chup chup rahe kabhi gaaya ye kare[looks at the time and then at the crowd]
Bin pooche tere tarifen sunaya ye karen

Hai koi haqeeqat tu ya koi fasana hai[goes a bit back and secretly tries to call nadini, her phone is ringing inside her bag but she isnt picking]
Kuch jaane agar toh itna ki yeh tera deewana hai
Hai re mann meraa.. maane na mann meraa..

nandini looks at her report..she is hell shocked. what she is reading, whats in this?? her eyes are not even blinking.. now she can understand the reason behind maniks strange behaviour. he knew it but didnt tell it. she remembered his words of morning "i promise you nandini, main tumhe sab bataunga".. she slowly began to back off , tears rolling down her eyes... suddenly she started to feel dizzy and after a moment she was lying down on the floor unconscious.

soniya enters her cabir after sometime and is hell shocked to see nandini unconscious.she sits beside her and tries to wake her up. she sees the file which nandini was holding and understands that she has got to know everything

Tujhko jo dekhe yeh mujhko leke, Bas tere peeche peeche bhaage..[imagines nandini walking around him]

Tera junoon hai tu hi sukoon hai
Tujhse hi bandhein dil ke dhaage
[tries to touch her but she vanishes]

nandini is being taken on the stretcher, soniya trying to call manik but he wasnt picking it up as it was loud noise and the phone was inside his pocket on silent mode.

Hai re mann meraa.. maane na mann meraa..[manik is feeling very much uneasiness, thinking of nandini and every now and then glancing at the crowd]

they finish the song and take a bow infront of the audience. the sound of clapping, cheering, whistling seemed not to be over .. the curtains were shown and fab5 went to the restroom. all of them did a group hug and took a selfie... while others were too much excited as the opening performance was a blast, manik took out his phone to call nandini but instead of calling her he was surprised to see so much of missed calls from soniya. his heart thumped seeing the call log and he dialed her number
m=soniya whats wrong?? sab theek ha na???
what she told him wasnt expected by manik. his eyes were not blinking and the phone slipped from his hands. seeing this fab4 rushed to him and began to ask what was the matter?? but manik was too much in shock to say anything or to move...
Sitting outside the I.C.U time just wont pass for manik. he was continuously walking from this side to that side and glancing towards the door .. fab4 along with raj and nyonika were also there with him .. as soon as manik heard that nandini was taken to immergency he left the party and rushed to her. cabir understood that it was something serious so he revealed the truth to everyone and all of them were with manik and praying for nandini. taking a deep breath soniya came outside the room and manik stopped her
m=hows she??? kya hua ha usse??
s=shes fine, koi danger nahi ha... just faint hogayi thi
manik was relieved when he heard she was fine. but at the same time he was worried what might be her condition right now..his eyes were asking the questions to soniya and she understood his gesture
s=usse sab pata ha manik, and she needs u by her side now. tum ese weak nahi parsakte . you have to console her
manik didnt know if he could actually face her now, for the first time in life he wasnt sure of himself. cabir put a hand on his shoulder
c=dude... go inside and talk to her. is waqt usse sabse zyada teri zarurat ha
manik slightly nodded and decided to face her and talk to her. pushing the door slightly he peeps inside the room. she was there sitting on the bed. her legs closed to her chest and her eyes were blank, red. he entered the room and closed the door. there was complete silence inside the room. he walked towards her and sat infront of her. she was looking down. tears were continuously falling from her eyes. without saying anything he put his hand over hers. feeling his touch she blinked her eyes and slowly looked at him.  he too was crying. he too was equally hurt like she was. as soon as their eyes met her tears began to flow even more faster. he was about to touch her cheeks when she pushed away his hand
n=tumne mujhe nahi bataya...
he was ready for this. he knew she would be very much angry and hurt and he was ready to bear her anger but right now it was necessary for him to console her first
m=jaan... im sorry, tum..
n=tumne mujhe nahi bola..manik...
she was continuously murmuring the same thing again and again not paying heed to any of his talks
m=jaan, tum mujhe koi bhi saza de do... but listen to me now..please
he again tried to touch her she pushed him by her hands and was saying again and again he had not told her, he lied to her... manik was trying to hold her hands and talk to her but she was not ready to hear anything, hitting him with her hands and crying... finally he got hold of her hands and shaked her, making her look into his eyes. his eyes were as red as red, but there was frustration in his eyes, anger, and love. she was quiet looking into his deep eyes which were so much sorry and apologizing to her.
m=baat suno meri...
he yelled a bit at her
m=um sorry (his voice was again low and broken so was his anger gone) um really sorry jaan, but mujhe samajh nahi araha tha..ke tumse kaise kahu, i just couldnt say it.. um sorry please mujhe maaf kardo..
she didnt say anything rather burst out into tears and hugged him tightly. he hugged her even more tighter. she clentched his shirt from back and snuggled close to him. while he was dropping kisses on her head and patting on her back
that was all she was able to speak while he was not stopping patting her back. his hug and love was her medicine. she cried out loudly, feeling herself incomplete and imperfect. she was considering herself unlucky and not perfect for him. she was thinking he might leave her...hugging her for a long time, manik slowly broke the hug and cupped her face wiping the tears from her cheeks with his thumb and planting a kiss on her forehead
n=tum mujhe chorke toa nahi jaoge na?? manik um sorry...meri wajase..tum kabhi dad nahi bansakte...manik...main...mummy nahi
m=hssshhh ekdam chup. aj boldiya phirse kabhi mat kehna ke tumhari wajase kuch hua ha. jaan, tumne kuch nahi kiya ha. i know ke tumpar kya beet rahi ha, how u are feeling. but trust me. it will happen, not now but some years later. tum bhi janti ho ur a doctor and tumhare ayippa will not snatch this happiness from you, from us. dont loose hope jaan, aur ha koi bat nahi that we cant be parents, hum ha na ek dusreke liye humesha?? humesha rahenge. and trust me agar tum mere sath ho mujhe kuch aur nahi chahiye. kuch nahi... aur raha sawal tumhe chorke jane ka?? i cant live without breathing which means i cant live without u...
hearing his words , her love for him was just increasing. he clearly said that he didnt wish to be a dad ... her eyes became teary again but he didnt let her cry again and kissed her eyes
m=i love you
n=i love u too... humesha
nandini hugged him again ,pulling him close to herself and closing her eyes. manik hugged her back and feeling better cause she was okay. though she needed time to heal but she was now with him and thats what he wanted.
she was smiling in the tears. considering herself the most luckiest girl of the world who had manik with her. he was the man who wasnt showing his pain infront of her rather making her feel better. she knew she was broken but for him she wanted to heal up and she would definitely do that for him, for them.



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Awesome update 
Loved it so much 
Emotional part 
Finally she came to know the truth 
Cont soon 
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thanks dear for not seprating manan it was an awesome update love ya keep it up Hug
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Loved it
emotional continue soon
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Poor nandu
Tnx for pm
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Finally..u wrote it I was eagerly waiting for it...
Lets see how others react...and Manik consoles her

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