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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 125)

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after reaching home the first thing manik did was changed nandinis old medicines with her new ones while she was observing him how worried he was. she holded his hand and made him sit beside her on the bed
m=kya hua jaan?? u want something??
n=yes i want something
n=i want time manik, of yours. i want you, i want us
he didnt have any answers for her questions. she took his both hands in hers and kissed them
n=manik, please stop feeling guilty that you couldnt protect me and mere sath yeh accident hua. im fine now and now i want to be with you, i want us manik.
he gently cupped her face and kissed her forehead
m=um all yours nandini.. but
n=manik please. i want to end this distance of us now..
saying she hugged him tightly , he also hugged her back closing his eyes
n=i want to make tonight very much special and memorable for us
maniks eyes opened as he knew what she was talking about. if he would say no to her right now she would feel hurt , manik needed to think of something else. she started to kiss his neck and shoulder.. the hardest thing for him was to control himself and stop her from doing so. while she was kissing and taking the lead he gently stepped back a bit making her sad
m=i'll just come back.. mujhe dad se milna ha
saying he left the room without giving her chance to stop him.
n(to herself)=manik ese kyu karraha ha?? why is he running away from me?? kya woh mujhse kuch chupa raha ha?? manik ese mujhse door kyu bhag raha ha.. nahi nahi hes not running away..why will he??? he loves me so much that none can do..but.. may b um just over thinking . woh abhi stress ha. never mind i'll make sure that tonight becomes a memory for us
manik was sitting infront of the pool and watching the water when he felt a hand on his shoulder. he didnt look who it was as he knew the touch. cabir sat beside him
m=tu yaha??
c=tera phone off araha tha toa socha ke tujhse milne ajau. hua kya ha tujhe???
m=kuch nahi
c=manik yeh sab tu kiisi aurse jakar bolna. tujhe agar share nahi karni ha tu woh bolde but andar se ese khudko ese mat mar.. aur ma tera dost hu. i know u bro , so stop hiding. i know ke yeh sab nandini se related and isiliye shayed tu kuch bolna nahi chahta but...i want to let u know ke whenever you want to talk um here.
manik didnt say anything or nodded. cabir patted his back and stood to go when manik called him back. manik went up to him and gave him a tight hug.cabir also hugged him back. he knew that he wont share so easily but still he was there for him.
manik and cabir came inside the house when maniks dad called him and asked him to go to the office as an urgent meeting was being held. manik agreed to leave and asked mukti to take care of nandini. mukti went upstairs to nandinis room to tell her that manik will has gone out. as soon as she entered she saw nandini had scattered her clothes all over the bed
mu=nandini whats all this?? kya dhund rahiho??
n=actually..mukti im looking for something in red
mu=red? but why??
nandini started to blush. she explained everything to mukti and asked her to bring some things which made mukti very much excited
mu=seriously?? okay done. sab hojayega
n=thanks... thank u so much. wase to yeh sab tumhare bhai ko karna chahiye..but woh toa
mu=lol..mera bhai toa ha hi esa. kaam ke ilawa aur kuch sujhta hi nahi ha usse.
n=i know...koi bat nahi. jo usse karna chahiye i'll do it
on the other hand manik was in the office attending a meeting. though he was present in the meeting his mind and heart both were somewhere else. throughout the 2.30 hours meeting manik was sitting on the chair and lost in his own thoughts.
Manik's POV:
i dont know what to do..nandini mera gharpe wait karrahi hogi. if i go home today , i wont be able to control myself. i wont be able to stop myself from going close to her. jabhibi usse dekhta hu, khudse har jata hu. her eyes... her words. the way she pleads to be with me.. its not just okay. i cant break my own promise. but aj woh meri koi baat nahi sunegi. today it will become very much difficult to stop her.  but i need to do something...
on the other side
nandini dressed herself in a sleevless red lacy top. with blue jeans . she decorated the room in a very simple way, dimmed the lights and scented the room with maniks favourited candles. she knew manik loved simple touch so she did the same thing. it was 10 pm and she was waiting for her romeo to come home. he usually did come early but today he was taking a bit time she thought. she smiled thinking how lucky she was to have him who fulfilled his both personal and professional responsibilities. thinking he might be stuck for some work she kept on waiting for him.
manik was doing nothing but sitting in his cabir , resting his head on the chair and looking at the ceiling. he heard a knock on the door and it was the watchman
wa=sir..sab chale gaye ha, ap abhi tak nahi gaye
m=mujhe time lagega... tumhari shift kabtak ha??
wa=sir meri aj night shift ha
m=theek ha, tum bahar jaw mujhe time lagega
wa=theek ha
he ran his hands through his hair which indicated his frustration.it was 10.30 pm when his phone began to ring. it was nandini. he put his phone on silent. she called him 2/4 times but he didnt pick the call. she was being impatient and a bit angry now, she had said to him that she wanted the night to be special and he wasnt with her. she thought of calling cabir two three times but didnt.. finally not being able to control her restlessness nandu called cabir who was going to sleep, seeing her number he felt a bit surprising
c=hey nandu..whats up
n=hi cabir.sorry for calling u so late
c=nahi bolo na..kuch kam ha??
n=cabir..manik tumhare sath ha??
c=manik nahi toa..kyu abtak ghar nahi aya??
n=umm nahi..woh...itni late nahi hota ha usse i dont know kya hua, and maine uske mobile me bhi call kiya he isnt taking the call either
c=accha tum tension matlo..i'll check. u dont worry relax
n=thanks cabir.
cabir hung the call and the next thing he did was called manik. but it was off. manik had put the phone on flight mode and was sitting on his chair closing his eyes. nandini was walking from one corner to another and waiting for manik. she didnt realize when she fell asleep sitting on the bed resting her head on the headboard waiting for manik..
it was nearly 1am when manik entered the room taking a deep breath and hoping nandini was sleeping. he slowly opened the bedroom door and saw her sleeping .. he looked around and saw she had decorated the room the way he loved it, in a simple way. she was even wearing red his favourite colour.  he felt to kill himself for hurting her, for making her wait so long. he wiped his tears which were rolling down his eyes and switched the lights off. he carefully made her lie down on the bed and put the blanket over her. manik looked carefully at her.. she looked so beautiful, the light makeup with red lipstick and pink blush and the sindoor.. he kissed her on forehead and rested his forehead on hers
The next morning
nandini opened her eyes and sat on the bed with a jerk. she found herself in last nights clothes. she looked at the time, it was 9 am. manik was standing infront of the mirror getting ready, both looked at eachother through the mirror. manik avoided his gaze and began to wear his watch. nandini saw him avoiding her gaze and she too didnt say anything and went inside the washroom. once she closed the door manik cursed himself for hurting her. he could tolerate anything but not her silence and ignorance.

he came near the door of the washroom and was about to knock when his phone rang. it was soniya. seeing it he took his phone and went out of the room
nandini came out of the room changed in a blue salwar suit. she saw he was nowhere , she thought he was downstairs. she decided she wont talk to him or listen to his any of sorry.  making up her mind nandini took her labcoat and purse and came downstairs for breakfast. everybody was there except manik. she greeted her family and asked for manik when mukti said he had already left saying has some important work.. this made nandini more angry, he didnt even wait for her or said sorry.
his eyes were red, he was holding her report. the fear of telling her, her condition. how would she react?? her upcoming tears were making him crazy. the tears wont stop rolling from his eyes.
s=manik..please calm down. tum ese react karoge then nandini ko kaun explain karega?? look manik you should be happy ke nandinis life is not at risk. agle kuch saal woh pregnant nahi hosakti..chances kam ha. but that doesnt mean ke woh kabhibi pregnant nahi hosakti.manik miracles happen and please tum rona band karo
m=main nandini se kaise kahunga??
his voice was shaky...his hands were trembling.
s=look manik aj nahi toa kal usse batana parega. and i believe being a doctor she will understand it very much clearly.. manik you just have to be with her. its not a permanent No, its just not for the time being. thats it

she placed her hand on his shoulder to support him, he stood up taking his phone. reaching the door he turned around and said
m=i'll tell her myself, tomorrow. kal meri album opening night ha, after it i will tell her.
saying he left the hospital. he need to meet someone. now it was enough. he couldnt keep it to himself anymore so without thinking he drove off to cabirs place. cabir was in the music room playing the drum. manik entered the room and he stood up as he was expecting he would come.. manik came to him and hugged him tightly. this was also expected for cabir but what was not expected that manik would started to cry like a baby..
scene shifts
mu=seriously??? bhai ne esa kiya??
mukti exclaimed with shock when nandini told her how manik behaved with her, ruining her surprise. mukti and nandini were out for shopping as nandinis shift was cancelled by soniya as manik would come to the hospital at that time.
n=ha tumhara bhai.. i mean usne esa kyu kia i dont understand??? even he didnt say sorry to me this morning. kuch kahe bina chala gaye like seriously?? i dont understand ke manik ko kya hua ha?? woh esa kyu karraha ha??
mu=even i dont know but nandini i know my bhai if he is doing this kind of something he may have some strong reason.. cause we all know how much he loves u , even we can actually not imagine how much
n=mukti..thats why um feeling weird..ke manik esa kyu karraha ha??
mu=i dont know..i guess kal album opening night ha na, shayed stressed hoga thorasa
n=agar esa ha then he can atleast share it with me... main kya samjhungi nahi??? i dont know but manik ne mujhe sad kiya ha bohot
scene shifts
manik and cabir were sitting on the couch. manik lost in his thoughts and cabir was patting on his back
c=and u didnt say anything to her..
m=i dont know how to say it to her..she'll be broken
c=but manik she needs to know about it..tu usse jitna derse bataya usse utna hurt hoga..
m=cabir i dont know..how to tell her...
c=and thats why u didnt go home last night.. she had planned
m=usne tujhe call kia??
c=ha..she did

head on the head of the couch and closed his eyes
c=ab kya karega? she has the right to know about it manik
m=i know.. kal opening ke bad i'll tell her
c=tu j
o bhi karraha ha soch samajhke karna cause jeetna ma janta hu nandini is quite angry with u
m=janta hu, maine uska surprise and plan spoil kia. shes hurt and angry.
c=tu tension mat le. sab theek hojayega
At Night
nandini was sitting infront of the mirror and waiting for manik to come. she knew he was disturbed because of something but also angry with him . thats why she decided not to talk to him until he himself shares it with her. suddenly she heard the door being opened and looked through the mirror. it was him. he was so tired she thought. his eyes were red, the first two buttons of his shirt were open. his hair was messy and the way he looked at her , she felt he would start crying in any moment. the first thing which came in her mind after seeing him in this condition was to hug him and take away all his tension and stress. she stood up and walked up to him. her anger was gone seeing him. his eyes were full of love. how can she be angry when he looks at her like this she thought.. nandini gently touched his cheek and he closed his eyes feeling the touch.
n=manik..kya hua ha?? tum theek ho na??
he didnt say anything and pulled her in a bone crashing hug. nandini was a bit surprised, the way he was hugging her she was feeling hurt but she didnt say anything and hugged him back. manik felt like heaven after hugging her so close. her scent, her proximity was his relaxation. after sometime he broke the hug and looked at her lovingly. nandini say his red eyes which were clear indication that he had been crying for a long time. she took it as a sign that he was guilty for last night. she gently cupped his faced and bought it closer to her lips. nandini kissed his forehead and then one by one both of his eyes. manik pulled her closer by her waist and helped her stand on tiptoe so that she could reach his height. both of them rested there forehead against eachother. they stood sometime like that. there was complete silence in the room.. maniks hands were around her back pulling her close to him while she was playing with the buttons of his shirt.. slowly she began to unbutton them and unknowingly manik began to back off and nandini was walking forward with the same sync. they didnt realize when they entered the washroom and manik hit the wall. his one hand was arround her back while with the other one he turned on the shower
n=manik yeh...
he put his finger on her lips and she immediately stopped. his hands encircled around her small back pulling her as much as close possible to his body while she was running her fingers in his wet hair..

she broke the silence but he again husshed her by putting his finger on her lips and caressing it. nandini realized that she had already taken a shower but now both of them were getting wet..so tried to back off saying
n=tum shower lelo. main bahar hu
nandini turned to leave but he catch hold of her arm and pulled her towards him. as soon as she turned around manik pressed his lips with her. though the kiss began in a slow motion but emotions were flowing of eachothers in the same tone. it seemed that they were kissing after ages. his hands caressing each and every side of her back. he needed her badly, it was just not his time. they broke the kiss after sometime and again rested their foreheads together. nandini was smiling while manik was breathing heavily. nandini turned off the shower and took a towel and began to dry him up. first she removed him shirt and rubbed his body smoothly with the towel while maniks eyes were fixed on her. she ruffled his hair slowly with the towel and kissed his cheeks.. she then gave the towel to manik gesturing it was his turn... manik realized what she was trying to say and that he couldnt do it until he tells her the truth.
m=tum change karlo... warna thand lagjayegi..
after so much happened between them nandini didnt expect his this answer and leaving the washroom like this. she was finding it hard to understand him. questions were there but no answer for her

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Awesome update...poor manik
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Awesome update but feeling really bad for them
Update next part soon
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Yaar PLZZ now make every thing good in their life and also pm me
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Wow superb fantastic update dea. ..
Awesome loved it
Continue soonnn
Tnx for the pm
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Romantic at the same time a bit tragic..
Why so much pain? :/
Good update!!
But let him tell her the truth ... Its hard to see them so apart ;/
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i was crying literally reading this it was soo emotional u penned ot very well awsomeee
waiting fir when manik will tell truth pain dekha nahi jayega continue soon cant wait to read
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Awesome and romantic update
Feel little bad for manik and nandini
Continue soon

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