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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 118)

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 Hiii I am a silent reader of this ff  and this is one of my favourite ff..WinkClapClap.!!!!!!Wow new twistClapClapClap !!!!! I liked the new twist but dont make any misunderstanding between them yet show being supportive to each other (this is just a suggestion as i know whatever u will show us it will be good )Smile  and plz update the next part soon plZ!!!!


Soon !!!!!!!Smile

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manik came to his parents room
raj=manik... beta.
he didnt let his dad complete and hugged him tightly. it was an unusual thing for raj to see his son like this. yes, manik was mostly close to him and they shared some private father son moments too but this hug was new to him. it was not the missed you dad hug, but rather than a need of support, comfort . moreover manik was not the one who easily becomes weak , he was someone to fight back. thinking all this his dad sensed that his son was being troubled by something from inside and he was hiding his pain. another point of manik was very well known to his dad that manik would never tell anyone anything without his own wish . so its useless to ask him even several times cause if doesnt want to share he really wont and he can control himself. thats the introvert side of manik malhotra.
seeing the sudden hug, even nyonika who was present there was a bit surprised. his dad patted on his back
raj=manik whats wrong?
manik who was hugging his dad tightly closing his eyes , realized that he cant reveal his condition in front of his dad right now, or else everything will be messed up. so letting his pain to himself he bought a smile on his face and broke the hug
m=nothing dad, missed u very much
maniks smile was enough to fool everyone. he could convince anyone with his smile. his mom smiled as she thought he was okay but his dad was yet to be convinced
raj=sure ??? youre fine right beta??
m=yes dad, mujhe kya hoga???
ny=even we missed you all very much beta.
nyonika walked up to them and hugged manik.
ny=kaise ho??
m=um fine mom, ap dono kaise ho? dad how was ur trip??
raj=its was very good. everyone were very happy with our project
m=i knew it dad, ur the best
ny=manik..nandini kaha ha????
manik realized that he hadnt tell his parents about nandini's accident. giving a pause he took a deep breathe and told everything to them which left both of them shocked. nyonika immediately rushed upstairs to see nandini. by then raj thought that it was nandini's accident which made manik so much stressed and upset and that is why he hugged him in a different way.so raj pulled him in another hug which actually manik needed. he knew his dad was getting things in a wrong way but it was good for him to hide himself from his dad. after spending some father-son duo moments manik and his dad came to the dining table and saw nyonika coming down with nandini. nandini gave raj a warm hug
n=kaise ho ap dad???
raj=dad toa gussa ha apni beti se. manik ne kuch nahi kaha aur tum ne bhi nahi?? dont need us right??
n=esa mat boliye dad, we just didnt want to make u guys worried and tesned. and beti sorry bolrahiha , abhi gussa chor dijiye
raj=dad apni beti se gussa reh bhi nahi sakta.
nandini smiled and gave him another hug. manik excused himself from there saying he needs to get freshen up and goes upstairs. he entered the washroom, locked it and turned the shower on letting the water hit him. closing his eyes he stood there for sometime.. he so wished if the water could wash away his stress , pain. after a long time standing under the shower manik dried himself and came out wearing a denom jeans and bare chest. he randomly took out a tshirt and was about to wear it when a gentle touch holded him back. he looked and saw it was his jaan standing there raising her eyebrow
n=and what do u think ur doing?
she took the tshirt and put it inside the cupboard and took out a white shirt for him
n=yeh pehnoge tum okay??
he gave her a smile and took the shirt from her hands. trying to avoid her gaze he turned towards the mirror and began to put on the shirt and was going to button it but she came between him and the mirror
n=and it was you who said that its my right to do it..
he didnt have any words to stop to her, giving him the sweetest smile she began to button up his shirt and he was just loving her through his eyes. the innocence in her face, love for him was clearly flashing out from her eyes. she finsihed buttoning the last one which was the first button and planted a small kiss on his chin. encircling her hands around his neck she kissed his cheeks
n=i love u so much
m=i love u too...
she happily hopped on his arms and he took her in a tight embrace. he so much wanted her close to him, this hug was a great support for him. he kissed her hair and murmured numerous times "love u" hearing which she tightened her grip around his neck. after sometime they broke the hug and manik kissed her forehead, she was about to say something when manik's phone rang. it was cabir
m=ha cabir bol
c=tu kaha ha??? we need to meet up. the album release date is 4 days after. come at my place along with mukti right now
m=ya um coming..
n=kaha jaraheho??
m=jaan, its cabir. 4 days bad album release horaha ha na?? so we need to shoot the last song
n=ma chalu tumhare sath??
m=jaan , u need rest and u can hardly walk. tum please rest karo. agar abhi rest karogi tabhi toa album opening night me ja pawgi.
though she was sad still hearing about the album opening night she became happy and agreed to stay back. he promised to come back early as possible and left after giving her a peck on her lips.

at cabir's place
cabir, mukti , alya and druv were fully focused on music trying to catch the correct tune whereas manik was lost in his own worlds. his was playing with the guitar strings in an unknown manner which left rest of them a bit curious and surprised. manik used to play these kind of rough tunes when he was angry or disturbed. music was the thing which could calm him down. he had a deep connection with it which no one could understand. he used to talk with music and get the response in his own way... even though his fingers were bleeding still manik wasnt stopping. cabir moved from his chair and put a hand on his shoulder which stopped manik. he looked at cabir who gestured him a "why r u tensed look?" . manik didnt say anything and got up from there and went outside.. cabir gestured three of them he will be back and asked them to stay here.
except manik's dad, it was cabir who knew him from top to bottom. manik could even betray himself but not cabir and the fact was manik himself didnt want to hide it from cabir cause for ManBir they were mirror versions of eachother. manik was standing in the garden resting his back on a tree, cabir also stood beside him in a relaxing way
c=tu nandini ko lekar pareshan ha right??
manik knew this would happen, he would come and ask him. he smirked and looked the other way. the reason behind his smirk was because the first time like his dad he was able to hide things from cabir too because none of them can actually guess from what state manik is going through. seeing his smirk cabir understood he was right and patted on his back. both started to walk in the garden
c=shes fine yaar manik, tu itna stress mat le i mean yes we couldnt protect her this time but now we are being extra careful.. u are being extra careful and dont worry dude nandini ab theek ha
m(to himself)=kash ma tujhe bata sakta cabir ke nandini theek nahi ha, ma theek nahi hu. im sorry bro but for the first time i have to hide things from you, dad and nandini
c=manik tu meri baat sunraha ha???
manik nodded and cabir pulled him in a hug. druv,alya and mukti who were watching the duo hugging eachother smiled as they knew now manik will be okay. mukti then shouted
mu=tum donoka agar yeh BroMance khatam hogaya ho then shall we practice??
ManBir broke the hug and went inside to complete the rest of the songs for their upcoming album.
nandini was way too bored sitting at home alone so nyonika thought of taking her to shopping but keeping in mind that she doesnt fall back sick again. nandini liked the idea and agreed to go for shopping as manik was also out. being the wife of Manik Malhotra and daughter-in-law of Raj and Nyonika Malhotra nandini was treated like a highness everywhere. though she was not so fond of all these luxuries but manik had spoilt her habit treating her like a queen of his. she bought nothing but branded things as nyonika was with her who would want the best for her family. no doubt from were manik and mukti got these classy and stylish looks. after a long shopping session both the women returned home with bunches of shopping bags and found the father-son-daughter trio waiting for their arrival. they went directly to the living room and greeted them with a cheerful hii. mukti seeing all those shopping was like a Big "O" as they did so much shopping and she missed it looking which nyonika and nandini giggled. manik walked up to her and gave her a side hug
m=tum theek ho na?? zyada tired to nahi ho na??
nandini smiled and kissed on his cheeks
n=main theek hu manik. mom thee na mere sath, mera khayal rakha and dont worry i took my medicines on time also
raj=looks like these women have increased the profil of all the shopping malls
ny=very funny.. accha lets go for dinner, main khana lagati hu
n=mom um not hungry woh pasta khake abhi aur khaneka man nahi ha
m=even um not hungry mom, cabir ke gharpe khaliya tha
ny=theek ha, manik take her upstairs and later i'll send the shopping bags to ur room nandu
n=theek ha mom

At night
manik's fear grows more at night because it becomes more harder to control himself from going closer to her during nights. he was standing alone in the balcony resting his hands on the railing when he felt two soft tiny hands hugging him from back. no doubt who it was. he closed his eyes and took a breathe for being ready to say no to her in the most possible ways. he felt her resting head on his back
n=kya karraheho??
she said in the most cutest childish voice.
m=kuch nahi... bass stars dekh raha tha.
she smiled and stood beside him still hugging him from side
n=tumhe stars se itna pyar kyu ha manik???
m=tumse kisne kaha???
n=mukti said to me that u love them. tum kafi time terrace pe so jate ho staring at them
m=kyu?? dont u like them?? they are so pretty... dekho na. kitne acche lagte ha the way they are shining upon us, spreading light and brightness.
n=till now i didnt have any special fascination towards the stars but from now i surely love them cause you do
manik looked at her when she said and saw her smiling and blushing. she entwined her hands with him and kissed it
n=thanks for coming in my life manik. for making me believe that love has no boundaries cause you love me like unconditionally.
her words were killing his patience, he wanted to burst out in tears in front of her but he couldnt. he wanted to cry hugging her close but for him his pain was less than hers if she gets to know the truth, he thought he if would continue to stand there with her like this even more than another second he would melt infront of her and become more weak. but he couldnt hurt her by leaving her hand. luckily nandini's phone rang and manik got the chance to move from there
m=tum phone attend karo, i'll be bcak
he left the room and went to the terrace for some fresh air. reaching the stairs he closed the door and sat down against the wall and started to cry. his fingers running through his hair and tears rolling down his eyes. though he wasnt at any fault still his heart was guilty for not being able to do anything for her, he was feeling so helpless. after crying a while he thought he should go back or else nandini would come up in search of him. wiping his tears properly manik went back to his room and found her arranging the bed. seeing him entering the room she smiled at him and asked were he went.  in reply he said he went to the study and skipped the topic asking who was on the phone. nandini started to talk in excitement that it was her mother, they were in mangalore and was missing her. she claimed her excitement and said that she will also go there with manik and his family friends. manik was lost in his own thoughts thinking that she has a check up the next day and wondering what the results will be.
getting no reply nandini  turned to him and saw him sitting on the bed and lost somewhere. she called out his name again and this time a bit more louder
n=kya hua tumhe?? kaha kho gaye??
m=kuch nahi... sojaw nandini. kal tumhara doctor ke sath appointment bhi ha
saying he switched the lights off so that she doesnt get to ask or say anything more.nandini was confused at his behaviour as he was lying down facing her his back. though she felt it a bit strange and was sad cause he was not hugging her or giving good night kiss but she shoooed away her thoughts thinking that he was tired after practicing alot. so she came close to him and gave him a kiss on his cheeks and wished good night. snuggling close to him and hugging him from back nandini also went to sleep.
it was midnight and manik was still awake. nandini was still hugging him and not disturbing her he slowly turned around and faced her. his eyes became teary for hurting her and he gently kissed on her temple and hugged her close to him.
m(to himself)=im sorry nandini, please mujhe maaf kardena.

Next day.. Hospital
manik was sitting on the chair thinking what would be the results while doctor was checking nandini. once the checkup was done manik was being called inside. he went inside the cabin and saw nandini was smiling and talking to soniya. he helped her sit down carefully and sat beside her holding her hand
m=hows she??
s=shes fine... wounds have recovered almost and jo medicines ki dose ha woh mane kam kardiya ha. so ek do din aur lene ke bad she can stop them
n=thank u so much doctor, apko pata ha woh medicines kitne gande ha
she complained like a cute baby
s=nandini yeh tum kehrahiho??? jo khud intern of the month ha aur itni acchi doctor
n=medicines ke mamleme um not a doctor
m=doctor...yeh jo scratches ha yeh kabtak jayenge??
s=manik dont worry yeh sab time ke sath sath chale jayenge , filhal nandini tum path lab jaw aur jakar yeh blood test and these ones karake ao
n=but doctor?? why all these??
s=esehi..just routine checkup. tum janti ho na ke tum itne bare accident se guzri ha and as a doctor u no very well that its our duty to check each and every detail of our patient thats why. kuch normal test s ha
n=theek ha doctor
soniya called a nurse and sent nandini with her leaving manik alone with her
m=what are these tests for??
s=im consulting with some senior doctors.. they have asked to do these tests
m=soniya shes already so much weak, uske upar se itna sara blood .. are u mad??
he yelled a bit
s=manik..calm down. please i know tum pareshan ho but um a doctor and um also worried for her and all these are for her benefit and betterment. please try to understand
m=um sorry...i just reacted a bit
s=its okay i know tum kitne frustrated ho. manik tumne usse kuch bataya to nahi??
m=nahi... soniya please do something.. please i beg u
s=um doing my best manik. but please u have to keep faith. tum ese karoge then kaise chalega? aur ha mane nandini ko apna job resume karneka permission dediya ha
m=what?? but why what if she becomes more sick???
s=manik why dont u understand?? shes a doctor.. if we treat her like a patient toa usse samajhneme do minute nahi lagega. please u need to be with her but maintaining a little distance. thats it.
it was difficult for him, very much. first of all hiding things from her, next not being able to stop her from doing this or that.

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Unres Wink
Yipee me first!!!
u r amazing writer...
U penned it very well... Clap
Plz dont do this to manik... Cry
I cant see him like this...
Plz make everything okay...
I really dont liking it but I have faith in u...
Cont soon...

Thanx for pm...

Keep writing... stay blessed...

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It was good...Clap Clap Clap Clap
i loved the romantic side of Nandini...Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
post next part soon...Smile Smile Smile Smile
i can't w8...Confused LOL LOL Confused
NAVYA64 IF-Dazzler

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awesome update Thumbs Up
loved it so much  Heart
too emotional Cry
cont soon 
Sanskruti164 Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2015 at 11:45am | IP Logged
It was beautiful
curious to know about reports 
thanks for PM
post nxt part soon
Kavyashree22 Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2015 at 11:47am | IP Logged
I got lost in jungle...actually m feeling like dat... Kashian... Pleasee solve dis manik wala rona dhona asap.. As usual u rocked bt still feeling like kind of lost.. Update soon.. Luv u..gudnyt..
vani86 IF-Dazzler

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beautifully penned...
loving manik - dad and manbir bonding a lot
manan scenes was also cute and sweet...
poor manik...u penned his emotional side and his tensions regarding nandu's health so perfectly
hoping that nandu 's test result will be normal...
thanks a lot for the pm
continue asap
take care

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