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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 110)

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Upload next part plz...Smile
w8ing eagerly...Cry

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 7:14am | IP Logged
Hii.. I read your story in one go and you are beautiful writer.Embarrassed
The way you describe manik and nandini and their journey From first meeting to Merrige and After Their married life its awesome.
Keep Writing this story.
And Pls Next part update soon.Smile
I'M Waiting...
take careSmile
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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
When will u update next part

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manik was pouring milk for nandini when his phone rang. it was sonia (nandini's doctors call)
m=hey sonia..whats up
s=hi manik, kaise ho?? nandini kaisi ha??
m=shes fine..room me ha rest karrahiha. phone du usse??
s=nahi..i wanted to talk to u
m=mujhse?? kya hua?? sab theek ha na??
s=yes everything is fine..manik can u come up to the hospital early in the morning??
m=sonia sab theek hana?? anything serious about nandini??
s=manik..lets talk tomorrow u dont get tensed.. come to the hospital early in the morning aur ha nandini se kuch mat kehna please
s=goodnite bye
manik hung the phone. his heart thumped on the thought that is it related to nandini or not? anything serious to her health ?? this night was gonna be really hard for him
maniks thoughts broke when he heard his jaan calling out his name from the top of her voice . he quickly changed his tension look into a smiling one and went upstairs and saw her sitting on the bed waiting for him. he gave her the glass of milk and medicines
n=again medicine?? please manik
m=ek doctor hokar khud itne sare nakre karrahiho medicine lene me?? chupchap khaw
nandini made an angry pout face and drank the whole glass of milk in one sip holding her nose tightly.. maniks tesnion disappeared seeing his angel smiling . he had forgotten that what he was thinking just a few minutes ago. he cleaned her face with a tissue and helped her lie down
m=tum sojaw, i'll be back from the study
he got up to leave but she holded his hand.
n=mat jaw na..please.
he could refuse anything but not to her. he could even keep his work aside for her. never manik had thought someone would become so important for him . he smiled and kissed her forehead
m=not going anywhere.. be right back from the washroom
nandini smiled and let go his hand. after few minutes manik came back and saw nandini was sitting on the bed and her pillow was missing. he climbed on the bed with her
m=tumhara pillow kaha ha?? and why you are sitting not sleeping??
nandini pushed him and made him lie down on the bed. then she opened his left arm and hugged him closer, putting her head on his shoulder and snuggling close to him
n=thats my pillow from no on.
manik smiled and hugged her more close kissing her forehead. she kissed his cheek and closed her eyes. soon nandini drifted into sleep while manik was caressing her hair. manik wasnt sleepy at all. he was thinking what could be the possible reason for which sonia asked him to meet him tomorrow and that too not informing nandini. the whole night manik kept on looking at nandinis face every now and then and kissed her temple. though he wasnt been able to sleep still closing his eyes and feeling her close to him tried to sleep
nandini opened her eyes.it had become a habit for her to see maniks face the very after she opens her eyes everyday. but today she didnt find him beside herself. she called out his name but it seemed that he wasnt in the balcony, dressing room or even washroom. she looked at the time , it was 9 am.. she saw a note kept beside her pillow
"jaan good morning, sorry i have to go for an immergency meeting early in the morning. i promise i'll make it up to u, and i'll try my best to come back soon . till then take care of urself. tumhara medicine rakha ha table par, which u have to take before breakfast and which u have to take after breakfast. aur ha pura khatam karna breakfast okay?? and dont dare to do any work. servants are there and mukti is also there ... love u take care. tumhara manik"
after reading this note none could remain angry or sad . nandini kissed the note. mukti entered the room with a smiling face and a tray full of breakfast. she kept it on the bed and hugged nandini
mu=how are u feeling??
n=um good..but yeh sab kya ha??
mu=well.. i guess note tumne parliya hoga and so i need not to explain u anything
nandini blushed and smiled
mu=i've never seen bhai care for anyone so much except us. seriously he loves u to the power infinity. we cant even think he loves u that much
nandini was feeling so much lucky to hear all this and she knew each and every word was so true. the way manik loved her she could never ever love him in that way..
mu=accha ab yeh sab choro, have ur medicine, go freshen up and then have the breakfast. aur ha sab khatam karna ha warna bhai akar meri class lenge
nandini laughed and nodded. she had to do everything according to someone's wish..
m=excuse me nurse, dr khurana??
nurse=first door to right.
manik takes a deep breathe before knocking. Dr soniya khurana, for the first time manik was feeling nervous to visit the doctor. he took a deep breath and knocked on the door before entering.
s=hi manik..come in
m=hey... good morning
s=morning. have a seat
manik was scared as well as nervous. he was unknowingly sweating though the ac was on. sonia kept down the file which she was going through and sat down on her chair
s=hows nandini??
m=shes fine. she was sleeping when i came . or else i had to lie to her which i dont want to
s=well manik i guess, u have to lie to her now
m=matlab?? soniya saaf saaf bolo
s=manik dont get me wrong. jo ab ma tumse puchne wali hu please dont take it personally but .. i need to ask u something personal
s=nandini meri junior ha and also a good frend. we were college mates too.. she told me that u guys had an arrange marrige aur tum donoki shadi ko i guess 3 weeks hone ko ha?? right??
s=manik.. um sorry to ask but tumhare aur nandini ke beech kya koi physical relation hua ha or not???
m=what? sonia yeh tum..
s=manik..im sorry for asking this personal question but i need to ask this one
m=nahi.. we have not share anything like that...
she took a deep breath and stood up and went near the window. manik also stood up and asked in a shaky voice
m=whats wrong?? is this related to nandini
s=what um gonna say please listen to me carefully manik. is accident ke wajase, nandini ko bahar se zyada chot nahi ayi ha but ha internal injury zyada hue ha. uski body bohot zyada weak hogayi ha. internal system pe asar para ha, thats why we the doctors are suspecting that if nandini becomes pregnant within recent months or year it will be dangerous for her life. and moreover we suspect that whether she'll be able to become pregnant now or not..
soniya looked at manik who seemed to be standing like a dumb. he was just listening to her without any reaction o expression. he was trying hard not to cry.
s=thats why i asked ke kya tumhare aur nandini ke beech koi physical relation. manik dont get me wrong and dont loose hope. its just an assumption ke nandini ke sath kya hosakta ha. shes my junior and my frend, i care for her and you. thats why um telling u about the further complications. is waqt woh pregnant na ho uske lie better ha. and moreover we have to see whether she can be pregnant within the upcoming years or not... kyuki is accident ke wajase we think ke shes not ready to give birth to a baby. baby aur nandini dono ki jaan ko khatra hosakta ha. and i know ke tum nandini se kitna pyaar karte ho, i saw manik your condition when she was in the operation theatre. thats why yeh sab ma tumse kehrahihu. cause jeetna main nandini ko janti hu, if i had told her about all this then she would not choose her life rather of your happiness.
manik started to back off. what sonia said was echoing in his ears. he didnt realize when he started to cry.all he was murmuring "Nandini"... he hit the wall and dropped the phone from his hand. sonia went to him and made him sit on the chair and gave him water. he took a sip from his shaky hands. she patted on his back for support
s=i can understand what u are going through. manik but u have to be strong for nandini, for her happiness and i know ke tumhari jaan usme ha. i know its gonna be hard for u. but manik um sorry u have to stay away from her.. in case of any physical closeness.  manik are u listening?? manik
she shaked him a bit. he blinked and tears roll down his eyes. he nodded in response
m=its not possible to ignore her or keep distance
s=manik..just a few days. we need to do a few tests of her. till the result comes. i know u dont want to hurt her, u dont want her to suffer anymore
m=cant she be...ever..pr...
s=esa nahi ha manik... its an assumption. and kisne kaha ke woh kabhi pregnant nahi hosakti ha.its just ke its not the time for her. and if we say this to her she wont pay heed to us. manik, i know she loves u very much and so do u but now we have to think practically not emotionally.
s=tumhe usse yeh sab chupana parega manik. she cant know all this now. its not the right time.
manik took a deep breathe and wiped his tears. he picked up his phone and stood up
s=manik...please control yourself cayse u have take care of nandini as well.
m=its hard to hide from her soniya, jabhibi uski taraf dekhta hu...
s=i can understand manik. thats why um telling u. hum sab yehi pray karraha ha ke sab theek hojaye. sab normal ho. but we have to be prepared for the worst right??
he nodded and sighed.
he turned to leave but stopped and looked back at her with pleading eyes
m=please save her soniya..please... i cant live without her
this time he couldnt control and broke down.. his tears started to roll down like flood. what he heard he wished it was just a bad dream. he begged infront of her, begging his life, his happiness, her safety her smile
s=manik please.. esa mat kaho. we are trying our best but i need ur support ur help because, nandini ko yeh sab pata nahi chal sakta. she's a doctor, usse ek hint mil jaye and shell get to know everything..
manik controlled himself and wiped his tears. just then his phone started to ring. seeing the name flash tears started to flash in his eyes again.
he quickly escaped from there and sat inside his car. he wiped his tears and prepared himself to listen to her
n-manik.kaha ho tum?? kitni der hogayi ha..kabtak aoge???
he felt to hug her tight at that moment and cry as much as he could but he couldnt let himself fall weak infront of her. he had promised to take care of her, protect her and for safety well being he was ready to lie to her.
m=on my way jaan.. did u have medicine and breakfast???
n=yes..but jaan wants to hug her jaan
m=um coming ...
n=okk..come soon
he hung the call and looked himself in the side mirror
m(to himself)=i have to do this. for her, for her happiness, her safety. nothing in the world is more precious to me than her. i cant let happen anything to her
the images of injured nandini was flashing infront of his eyes, when he was carrying her in his arms , blood all over her face, body. he didnt want to see that aggain. he couldnt feel the pain of loosing her again..no never. for the sake of his own happiness lying in her manik decided he would be happy and do what soniya had asked him to do, stay away from nandini, maintain distance from her.

she was sitting infront of the mirror and thinking of last night. the kiss, their first kiss. she was brushing her hair and smiling on her own. the way he caresses her cheeks, her lips. his intense gaze, those bone crashing hugs. his warmth.. she was blushing hard when she heard the door open of the bedroom. she looked through the mirror and there he was standing looking straight into her eyes. she smiled and turned around. he slowly started to walk towards her while she ran to him and hugged him tightly which he responded by taking her in a bear hug. it seemed they had met after ages. he picked her and slowly swirled around feeling her close to him. she was part of his body, for him. both didnt say anything stood there like this for sometime. after sometime he put her down and broke the hug.. he cupped her face and looked her. her smile, blush.  she encircled her hands around his neck.
n=missed me ????
he was just looking at her and thinking what soniya was telling him few minutes before.. while she was enjoying his touch on her face he was lost in her. she was so angelic and innocent then why was the god testing her, he wanted to take away all her pain. manik was bought back to the reality when nandini called him for the third time
n=manik..tum meri baat sunraheho???
m=huh?? ha sun raha hu.
n=kya hua manik?? tum theek ho?? why do u look so tensed??
he didnt say anything and again hugged her tightly. she felt a bit surprising
n=ha manik
m=can we stay like this for something???
n=sure ...
they stood there in eachothers arms for sometime. nandini first found it strange but she also closed her eyes and hugged him close. after some minutes manik broke the hug and kissed her forehead
m=i love u so much
n=whats wrong manik??? u can tell me
m=kuch nahi..bass esehi..tumhe pyar karneko man kiya
she smiled hearing this and kissed his cheek
n=i love u too..my romeo. but where were u???
manik changed the topic
m=yeh sab choro..tumne medicine khaya?? aur yeh dressing..betho yaha.. i need to change bandage
he didnt let her ask any further question and made her sit on the bed and bought the first aid box.
n=manik ma..
m=sshhh. ekdam chup
she smiled and put a finger on her lips while he carefully removed the bandage from her forehead and cleaned the spot. he put some medicine and then put a new bandaid. next he applied some medicine on her injured spots of her hands and leg.
he looked at her once more if the dressing was okay or not and then kissed on her forehead
n=um fine manik..jab tum mere sath ho mera khayal rakhne keliye then nothiing can happen to me.
he gave her a weak smile and she hugged him one more time.
m(to himself)=ur right nandini... i'll not happen u anything. nothing.

the night had become sleepless for manik. he was staring at the ceiling of his room. the darkness of the room seemed to be less for him infront of what he was seeing in front of his eyes. he was doing the toughest thing, lying to his nandu, his star, his jaan. he had promised to share everything with her but right now his unconditional love itself compelled him to lie to her. he looked at nandu who was sleeping peacefully hugging him close resting her head on his chest. his hands around her back and waist caressing her back slowly. he was planting small kisses on her temple every now and then.
Manik's POV
kabhi nahi socha tha ke life me esa phase bhi face karna parega. why is this happening?? she hasnt cause any trouble to anyone then why are you testing her?? she is a pure soul always spreading love everywhere. her smile can make anyone melt. agar apko pareshani ha toa mujhe punishment dijiye but not her, i wont say anything if u give me any punishment and will do it happily but dont hurt her. usne kuch nahi kiya ha, usse sabse bare khushi mat chiniye. dont snatch the biggest happiness from her, please.. i trust u alot. i have always walked on ur path please god, dont do this to my nandini, she is nothing but my soul, my heart. she is ultimately what i am. agar usse kuch hua toa jaan ek nahi do jayegi. zindagi ek nahi do khatam hogi. please. i can tolerate anything but not her tears. mujhe aur koi saza dedijiye par meri nandu ke sath yeh sab mat kijiye
a tear escaped from the corner of his eye while manik was watching the ceiling and talking to his God. he blinked his eyes and let the tears fall down. he again looked at nandini and pulled her more closer to himself and kissed her cheeks.
The next morning, nandini opened her eyes , stretching her arms after a sound sleep. she looked beside herself and saw what she wanted to see, her Manik looking at her with love in his eyes and caressing her hair. seeing her awake he bent down and kissed her forehead
m=morning jaan
she took his hand and kissed it and hugged him by encircling her hands around his waist. manik who was sitting on the bed smiled seeing that she knew very well how to be pampered
m=jaan come on get up, its 8.30 am . you need to have your medicine before breakfast
n=naahi mujhe nahi khana ha... ganda ha woh
m=jaan come on be a good girl
she broke the hug and made a cute pout. he made her sit on the bed and gave her medicines. she knew he wont listen any of her tantrums and ate them
n=manik aur kitne din yeh gande medicines khana parega??
m=kal tumhara check up ha na, uske bad doctor will tell aur kitne din. theek ha?? come on tum fresh hojaw, and then we will have breakfast.
he was about to get up but she holded his hand and made him sit on the bed again
n=tum kuch bhul nahi rahe??
n=mera good morning kiss????
m=ab woh..
n=ssshhh..ek bar mujhe koi adat lagjaye na then woh main chutne nahi deti
she leaned closer to him closing her eyes.. though he wanted to avoid this right now but it was difficult for him to resist her . but luckily there was a knock on the door and manik excused himself by saying he needs to open the door. it was a servant saying that raj and nyonika were back and were waiting for them downstairs
m=jaan, u go and freshen up. main dad aur mom se milke ata hu
nandini smiled and went inside the washroom
m(to himself)=um sorry nandini, but trust me its gonna be the hardest thing for me to say no to you.

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actually m agree wid u there r ups n downs in life n manan have to face it together but plz make sure at the end everything will be alright
thnx for the pm dear :)
cont soon Smile

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Yay... I m the first one who comment today... LOL Tongue
Superbly awesome one... U just write such amazingly so every body go crazy with ur writing.. How u manage to think all this?? Just give me some suggestions.. From
Where this thought come into ur mind.. Just love it.. U should try in some serial as a story or scrip writer.. I m sure u will b successful.. Just believe me
Continue soon...
Thx for pm Smile Smile Tongue

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Ohhh no 
Why this sad turn of 
Events poor manik
Plzzz fix it soon
Can't see them sad 
Cont soon
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it's a good update :)
thnx for the pm

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