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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 102)

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Post next part soon...
w8ing eagerly...Smile Smile  Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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fab4 entered the cabin and saw manik sitting on the bed beside sleeping nandini and adoring her, caressing her hair. mukti came to manik and gestured him to come out of the room. manik carefully got up from the bed so that nandini doesnt get up. mukti took him to the corner of the room
mu=bhai here you go
she handed him a bag
mu=apke clothes ha, u go and change ur clothes and have something. cabir has bought food for u and is the canteen  with druv. main aur alya yaha nandini ke sath rukhte ha.
manik took the bag and kissed her forehead
m=take care of her
mukti smiled and nodded. manik took a glance of nandini who was sleeping peacefully and went outside of the room. mukti and alya sat beside nandini instead of manik. mukti caressed her forehead. manik changed his clothes in the men's washroom and came in the canteen and found cabir druv were waiting for him with food. he joined them giving a low smile
d=buddy, hows she??
m=theek ha, so rahiha...but bohot weak ha
c=tension mat le, be happy she is fine. and weakness dheere dheere chala jayega. so you dont worry.
d=ha buddy...nandini theek hojayegi.tu apna dhyan rakh agar tu weak par jayega usse kaun sambhalega
m=ya...ur right buddy
c=chal yeh sab chor..sandwich kha ..
manik didnt want to but still took a bite of the sandwich. his mind was still thinking of nandini's state. he couldnt get over the image of hers when she was brought to the hospital in his arms, drenched in blood, unconscious. cabir rubbed his back giving him support and then he sip a bit of coffee.
nandini opened her eyes and saw mukti sitting beside her and gave a smile to her
she extended her hand to hold hers and mukti gave her hand to nandini
mu=sshh..tum zyada move mat karo. ur still very much weak
n=um fine..tum sab ho toa ma theek hu ekdam
a=nandini... how are u feeling now??
n=much better. manik kaha ha alya??
mu=bhai canteen me ha. usne bohot der se kuch khaya nahi tha toa cabir aur druv usse kuch khilaneki koshish karraheha
n=thanks guys... manik ko support karnekeliye
a=come on nandini..u need not to be formal
mu=yes..ab tum jaldise theek hojaw cause u dont look good on the bed
nandini smiled to mukti's words. she tried to get up and mukti and alya helped her sit on the bed. alya gave her water while mukti put a pillow behind her back to give her support. the nurse came and changed the bottle of glucose and gave nandini her medicines
mu=nurse...nandini ko discharge kabtak milega??
nurse=doctor thori der bad ayenge tab woh khud apko bata denge
the nurse left the cabin and at that moment manik entered along with cabir and druv. seeing nandini awake he walked upto her. mukti moved from the place where she was sititng and let manik sit there. he kissed her forehead and asked
m=how are u feeling jaan?
n=um okay
m=are u sure???
at that moment the doctor entered. she was nandini's senior and a good friend of her as well
n=hello dr khurana
doctor=hi nandini..ab kaisa feel horaha ha???
n=um fine doctor.
doctor=guys..please excuse us. i need to check her.
everyone nodded and went outside. manik planted a kiss on her forehead and was about to leave when nandini holded his hand
n=dr khurana..cant he stay??
manik looked at her and then at the doctor. she smiled
doctor=nandini..hes right outside.. and i need to check u properly
n=manik rahega...mujhe support milega
m=jaan.. um right here. get the check up done and i'll be right back
he kissed her hand and left the cabir giving a smile to the doctor. the doctor checked nandini's blood pressure, eyes. asked her to take long breathes. she gave her a injection and then called back everyone inside. manik sat beside nandini pulling her in a side hug
doctor=well...shes fine. weakness kafi zyada ha but woh theek hojayega if she takes proper rest. and decision manik tum par ha ke agar tum chaho she can stay here for another couple of days but u can also take her home and appoint a nurse
n=mujhe ghar jana ha manik
nandini announced her decision before anyone could say anything else. she holded his shirts collar and said in a pleading way
n=mujhe mere ghar jana ha..and i dont want any nurse to take care of me cause i know the way you'll take care of me none can do.. and besides i have all of them with me
she said indicating fab4. manik smiled and caressed her hair
m=doctor.. i'll take her home tomorrow. ap sare formalities ready karlijye and buddy tu please money reception me deposit kardega
d=sure buddy
doctor=theek ha as u wish but ha she needs to come here for her regular check up and nandini... until i ask u to come u are on leave from ur job
nandini smiled and nodded in a yes. the doctor left and druv went behind her to deposit the money.
m=tum sab abhi ghar jaw.. im here with her
c=manik tu kabse hospital me ha, teri tabyat kharap hojayegi. tu ghar jakar thori der rest kar hum sab ha yaha nandini ke sath
m=dude tujhe kya lagta ha? ma ghar jaunga toa kya ma rest kar paunga??? nahi. so its better u guys go and take rest. kal subhah toa hum wapas araheha..
none of them could win over manik . they surrendered and decided to leave giving nandini a good bye hug and saying to take care. mukti told manik she hadnt said anything to raj and nyonika as they were out of town. nandini inquired about her parents in which manik said that they have gone to mangalore so its better not to tell them either now. nandini also agreed.  after fab4 left the nurse served nandini her meal and asked manik to check whether she eats or not. once the nurse left nandini made faces to her , manik smiled
m=whats wrong jaan??
n=manik..mujhe yeh nahi khana ha..yeh roti daal... kitna pheeka ha.please bring me something else na??
m=jaan, aj khalo thorasa mere lie, tomorrow pakka once were home i'll make sure u get whatever u like
m=tumhari kasam
she pulled his cheeks and asked him to feed her. manik happily started to feed her. after having two three bites nandini started to act like a baby and making cute faces cause she didnt want to eat more. manik also knew how to make her eat. he was fooling her with his stories, or making her go blush which was her weakness.. after half an hour she finished having dinner and manik gave her medicine. manik helped her lie down and put the blanket over her. he pecked her on her forehead and asked her to sleep while he sits on the couch but nandini holded him back and made him sit beside her on the bed .he sat beside her and she encircled her hands around his waist and put her head on his chest. he hugged her back. both stayed like this for sometime feeling eachothers presence and closeness.
n=i love u
he smiled and kissed her cheeks. she bought his face close to her and kissed his forehead and cheeks. he closed his eyes and tighten his grip to feel her more close to himself. nandini caressed his cheeks with her thumb and bought her lips close to his closing her eyes.. but manik stopped her from going further. she looked at him with questioning eyes
m=jaan not now.. ur sick and too much weak
n=but manik um fine..ma..
m=sshhh... jaan mane kaha na its not now. and i promised u that day, our first kiss is gonna be special and i mean it. tum bass abhi theek hojaw
m=ssshh... ur too much weak now nandini and i cant hurt u more. so its not the time jaan
n=tum khudko aur kitna control karoge manik
he smiled and kissed her forehead and pulled her in a hug caressing her head. she clutched his back tightly snuggling close to his chest
n=tum kahi jaoge nahi na??
m=um right here... i promise
she smiled and kissed on his heart on which he smiled . the night seemed to be one of the best nights till now for manik and nandini.
The Next Morning, fab4 came early in the morning and manik sitting on the bed his head rested on the wall . both of them hugging eachother tightly.four of them just gave an awwweee expression to eachother. cabir was the one to wake manik by patting on his shoulder lightly. manik opened his eyes and saw his friends standing infront of him and then turned to nandini who was fast asleep. he carefully placed her head on the pillow and got off from the bed
c=so mere romeo... had a good sleep?
manik smiled and didnt say anything
mu=bhai..u go freshen up.
m=ya..i'lll be back but tum log itne jaldi agay??
a=we were worried for both of u so decided to come home early and moreover she is being discharged also
m=yes...main fresh hoke ata hu, if she wakes up give her the medicines kept in the red bottle before she eats anything
manik looked at nandini and then went out of the cabin.

as soon as nandini opened her eyes she started to cough because of feeling thirsty. cabir was right beside her and helped her sit on the bed and alya gave her a glass of water. nandini drank the water in one sip. keeping the glass aside she looked at her friends who were happy seeing her a bit better than yesterday
n=tumlog?? itni subhah???
mu=kyu?? sirf bhai tumhari care karta ha?? hum nahi
n=esa nahi ha mukti.. i know ke tum sab meri kitni care karte ho and i love u all very much
c=ha theek ha theek we know u love us very much and we also do. ab jaldise is boring se bed se uthro and come back home
nandini nodded in a yes and smiled as she was also dying to go back to her home. she looked around and saw there were only fab4 but not manik. fab4 knew she was looking for manik
d=nandini..buddy fresh hone gaya ha..bass he'll be here soon
right then manik entered in a fresh look wearing a light yellow tshirt and quarter pants holding nandini's discharge papers. seeing his jaan awake a smile covered his face. he went up to her and kissed her forehead
m=kaisi ho???
n=ab theek hu...
nandini tried to move her hand in order to hug him but
manik immediately holded her arm and put a pillow under it and made her sit comfortably.
m=kya karrahiho nandini?? ur still very much weak and ur wounds are fresh. please jaan tumhe thorasa carefully rehna parega
nandini blushed looking at fab4 as he called her jaan infront of them. cabir druv alya and mukti were also exchanging looks and smiling. manik who didnt understand was confused
m=what??? tum sab ese kyu muskura raheho??
c=kuch nahi...we love to smile u know. hahahaha
manik rolled his eyes
m=very funny.but shut up cabir
c=accha yeh sab chor... shes all set to be discharged??
m=yes.. mane sari formalities fill up kardi ha... mukti alya help her to change.
mu=yes sure.. nandini have ur medicine first
mukti gave her the medicine which she ate making a eeewww face. manik smiled seeing her childish antics. while mukti and alya helped her getting changed manik was waiting for her outside the cabin. after sometime the door opened and nandini came out . she was walking with the support of mukti. her hand was around muktis shoulder and mukti held nandu by her waist so that she doesnt fall. seeing this manik approached and took the turn instead of mukti. mukti smiled and let manik hold her. manik bent down and picked her up in his arms carefully so that her legs dont get hurt. nandini happily encircled her hands around his neck giving him a secret peck on cheeks so that mukti alya doesnt notice
m=its okay, we are allowed to romance infront of everyone. legally shadi ki ha bhai
manik whispered in her ears
n=yes we are but some moments are just private enough for the two of us. only u and me
she said in a cute romantic voice which made manik blush ..
mu=ahem ahem.. guys chale?? cabir aur druv car lekar bahar wait karraheha.
both smiled and manik carefully began to walk watching his own steps . they reached the parking lot were cabir and druv were standing infront of the cars
c=wah..kya scene ha. esa lagraha ha ke main dilwale dulhaniya lejayenge part 2 dekh raha hu
all of them began to laugh which made MaNan blush and smile. cabir manik and nandini sat in one car and druv alya and mukti in another one. cabir was driving and manik sitting beside him so that nandini could sit in a relaxed way in the back seat. manik was checking her every now and then if she was okay or not. nandini each time assured him through her eyes that she was fine. they reached home within half an hour. mukti alya druv were already there. they took nandinis bag from the car and welcomed her back . manik and cabir helped her get down from the car and enter the house. they rested themselves on the living area. manik helped nandini sit on the big couch comfortably putting her legs over the pillows. alya bought coffee for everyone and mukti bought pizza for all of them
c=yar mukti..hum sab pizza khalenge but nandini?? she needs to have something healthy food.
n=cabir..its okay. i love pizza and i can have it
m=but nandini..
n=manik..u promised me yesterday ke agar main woh boring sa patient wala khana khaungi then u will let me have my choice of food.
manik sighed and allowed her to eat for which she gave him a cute hug and everyone were like awwwee how cute
m=but zyada nahi ok?? only two slice
m=tum betho, main tumhare lie juice lata hu. mukti come with me in the kitchen
mu=ok bhai
cabir druv alya and nandini began to eat pizza like three four year old kids as all of them were damn hungry. cabir and nandini were competing eachother who can finish the slice first but it was cabir who won.. nandini made a cute pout face and cabir slightly punched her cheeks in which she started to giggle
on the other hand manik and mukti were talking in the kitchen
m=i cant leave her alone at home for the next few days. so tu mera ek kaam karegi??
mu=ha bhai bolo na
m=tu abhi thori der bad office jaa and talk to the manager. explain him everything that i will attend my work from home. and the meetings which i have on the upcoming days i will handle them on video conference so ask him to make the preparations on all these basis. aur ha mere desk ke third drawer me ek blue file ha woh leke ana.
mu=theek ha bhai hojayega. ap tension mat lo. u just take care of her and urself.
manik gave her a side hug and both came outside with glasses of juice. manik sat beside nandini. she had sauce around her lips and cheeks.manik took a tissue and wiped it off. he gently made her drink the juice. nandini took the glass and put it aside
n=i will have it on my own.. tum pehle pizza khaw. u havent have it. mukti tum bhi
nandini took a slice and fed it to manik. he smiled and happily ate it from her hands.
all of them were chatting , having random talks along with MaNan doing there cute romance and eyelocks when cabirs phone rang.
c=hello... yes. really?? great that is. aj?? raatko?? umm... um not sure accha if its possible then we'll surely come . ya thanks bye
m=kya hua cabir??
c=another album offer
all of them started to cheer and clap
mu=god..seriously?? we still havent completed the previous one and already???
c=yes it is. mr singhania is the owner and he is eagerly waiting to sign an album with fab5. and tonight a party is at his home, he wants us to join
n=ha toa problem kya ha??
c=how can we go??? nandini tumhari tabyat theek nahi ha so we cant go
n=are par... um fine and back home. tumlog kyu nahi jaoge??please i insist all of u go
m=listen..dude. tum charo jaw, ill stay back cause all of u know mera maan waha nahi lagega nandini ke bina. so tumlog jaw and on behalf of us enjoy
fab4 looked at eachother and agreed to go as both of them were insisting.

it was nearly evening when fab4 decided to leave as they need to get dressed up. mukti said she will be staying with alya at night after the party. closing the door after fab4 leaving manik carried nandini upstairs to their bedroom. he carefully let her stand on the floor still holding her hand and with another one he closed the door. nandini looked around her bedroom and felt the air. she missed her home, her bedroom very much where she spent such cute moments with manik. manik helped her sit on the bed and sat infront of her holding her hands. they remained silent for sometime looking into eachothers eyes with a sweet smile. nandini broke the silence
n=kya dekhraheho???
m=kuch nahi bass yunhi
she pulled his nose in a cute way
n=tum itne sweet kyu ho...
m=kyuki tum itni adorable ho...
n=manik..mujhe na icecream khana ha..
m=abhi?? its almost dinner time jaan
n=ha but mujhe chahiye..
m=accha theek ha, i'll get u icecream, first well have dinner then medicine and then icecream ok??
she happily kissed on his cheeks and nodded in yes.
manik asked her to sit and take rest while he goes to change in his regular vest and track pants. nandini too changed in her pink night suit. manik asked if she needed any help but she said she can manage by her own. nandini came out of the dressing room and saw manik had bought soup for her.
n=manik yeh tumne banaya??
m=yes... tomato soup for my sweet si tomato
n=kya?? main tomato hu??
m=ha... tum jab blush karti ho toa ekdam tomato lagti ho
n=manikk !!
m=accha sorry. chaalo ab jaldise yeh soup finish karlo
n=tumhara bowl kaha ha??
m=um not hungry.. main sirf fruits khaunga
while nandini was having the soup, manik was looking at her, her forehead had still a bandage so did her arm. she wasnt still be able to walk properly on her own. needed support of someone else or had to walk depending on her leg which was not hurt that much. her hands had some red deep bruises. nandini saw his gaze on her hands. she kept the bowl aside and took his hand in hers
n=it doesnt hurt that much manik dont worry.
m=um sorry nandini.. i failed
n=manik tum esa kyu kehraheho??
m=i promised ke main tumhara kheyal rakhunga, i'll protect u, i'll save u from all problems but
n=manik har problem ko handle karna humare bass me nahi hota ha. we dont know ke humare sath kya hone wala ha. aur tum apne apko blame mat karo please. its not ur fault. woh accident mere fate me likha tha aur isiliye it happened. please manik dont blame urself. for my sake
she cupped his face in her hands and kissed his forehead
n=yeh sab choro..and go bring my icecream
m=yes mam... as u wish.par pehle tum yeh medicine khaw
he gave her 3-4 tablets and glass of water
m=one by one... have them
she ate all of them infront of him and then he went down to bring icecream for her in a bowl. when he came back he saw her sitting on the bed, cuddling with the duvet. he also sat beside her giving her the bowl of chocolate icecream. as soon as she got the bowl in her hands she started to eat like a craving baby who have not eaten icecream for ages. manik rested his head on his elbow balancing on a pillow and was staring at her. he smirked thinking that it was not a mature doctor sitting beside him rather than a baby who loved to eat icecream by using her fingers even though she had a spoon. manik smiled the way she was licking her fingers, her face was covered with chocolate syrup still she hadnt enough of the icecream.. she turned towards manik and without asking him she put a spoon full of icecream inside his mouth causing him a shock.. his face turned into a "O" expression making her laugh ...
n=oh god manik..tum kitne cute lagraheho
manik also smiled seeing her laugh so freely. he wiped her face with a napkin.she looked at his face and saw chocolate beside his lips. he asked her what she was staring. nandini kept the bowl aside and came closer to him. not moving eyes from eachother, nandini sucked the icecream from beside of his lip taking away his breath. it was a surprising thing for him but only both of them knew how much they were craving for eachother. she came a bit more closer , closing the gap between them she took the lead and pressed her lips on his . a kiss ful of desire, love , passion and need started in a sweet slow motion. her hands clutching the strips of his vest while his hands went around her waist and caressing her back pulling her more closer to him. both responded equally to the kiss, he pulled nandini over him depending on the kiss. it seemed a never ending kiss to them. both unwillingly broke the kiss in need of oxygen. they rested their foreheads on eachother and smiled. at that time maniks phone rang. nandini moved from his top so that he could take the call
m=hey dad... kaise ho ap?? mom kaisi ha??
while he was busy talking to his dad, she hugged him from side and started to nuzzle in the crook of his neck. manik held her tight with one hand and was finding hard to talk on the phone. she kissed him on his cheeks, neck and was snuggling close to him. he finished talking and kept the phone aside. he knew what she wanted, same as and much he desired. but he cared for her, her health. she was weak and injured and that was the first thing in his mind now. he  cutely cupped her face and pecked on her lips
m=what u want is the same thing i want and trust me..it will happen
n=manik par..
m=ssshh...right now its u and ur health which is my concern. nandini i cant see u in that state never again. i cant tolerate any more pain in ur eyes... please jaan kuch dino keliye wait karlo.please??? mere lie..
how she loved him more day by day.. she nodded in a yes and hugged him tightly. he also hugged her back tightly
n=i love u manik, i will wait for that day...
m=love u too jaan.. and dont worry. its gonna be beautiful i promise.

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nandini is so cute...
the way caring manik was also nice...
continue soon...

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nice update
loved it 
cont soon 

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Amazing one..u have penned all of it jzt beautifuly...loced all manan moments...
Waiting for that day...jzt wanna see mananbir bonding..
Cont soon.

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Nandini on full mood..lovely update..

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just one word
just pure 
loving every bit of it
love ur story 
free of drama n unnecessary
tension it feels so
good n light to read
ur story
loved it
plzzz cont soon  

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Awesome update
Loved it

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