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SS- My Arrogant Angel- Chapter6+Epilogue Page25 (10/05/15)| COMPLETE | (Page 7)

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CHAPTER 2: Mr Angel or Mr Arrogant?

"And you don't love him," he said without beating around the bush.

"How do you know so much about me?" She had fearful look on her face.

"My personal Assistant Aman is an ace at it," he informed her. "He informed me, you have been cancelling tickets to India for the last two years. Apparently, your mother has even left status on Facebook about your marriage to some Harshad, he lives in Chennai."

"You have been stalking me?" She was really startled.

"No, Nandini, I have not. True I found personal information about you but I will never stalk you or invade your personal space," he said in a honest tone.

"You are invading it, Mr Manik," she said furiously.

"If you don't want me to, I will never try to find out anything about you," he promised her.

"Why are you being so good, what is you agenda?" She was livid at his ways. This was frustrating her more, she could deal or cry over the arrogant Malhotra but how could she handle this confusing man.

"I admit I am quite arrogant person but you are a princess and I will treat you with respect, care and love. Nandini,  you may not be my first kiss but you are my last and you will remain so. After I kissed you, even if I hate the way it happened, there will be no one else yet I will never impose anything on you. All I want is your happiness," he said earnestly. "Do you want to marry your father's friend's son in India?" He asker.

"No. I love someone else, he lives in India too," she said honestly.

"I," his face look ashen and defeated. His heart pricked. "I promise you, if he is the one you love, I will never be an obstacle. I know we didn't start of good and you still must be angry with me. Can you forgive me?"

"Mr Manik, what you did was really wrong, no woman deserve to be treated that way," she said sternly.

"I know and I understand," his eyes lowered.

"It will take me some time, what if you repeat again?" she said with fright in her tone.

"I will not." He said with conviction, "Why did you not file a case?"

"Because, had you wanted, you could have kissed me again but you didn't..." She looked at the other side. "I just wanted to give you  a benefit of doubt after your sincere apology but that doesn't mean I forgive you and forget it," she said, warning.

"Alright princess, I get it," he smiled slightly. "I have to go now, here is the interview details, I will not be the selector," he informed her.

She nodded thankfully.

"WHAT THE, WHERE IS THE BMW?" Manik roared.

"Sir, you were busy so I sent it for repair," Himesh, his driver head said, he was proud till a moment back but seeing his master so angry he was afraid.

"You bloody idiot, useless... Do you even possess a brain? DID I TELL YOU TO GO AND GIVE THE CAR FOR REPARATION? You are good for nothing," Manik was beyond angry, his usual ferocity. His eyes furious, he fist his palm but relaxed as Nandini's face flashed in his mind. His fist loosened. "Get my car here, untouched within half an hour, 30 minutes or you will be fired," Manik's tone threatening. "Your time starts now."

"Yes sir," the driver ran away to phone, with fear. 

Manik raked his hand through his hairs, he felt really frustrated. How could his worker send his car, his most precious car to be repaired... How could Himesh do that? Manik kicked his Audi's tyre. 

With every passing minute, Manik's heart was increasing with restlessness, what if his car was touched? Oh God, he plunged his hand through his hairs. Thirty-One minute gone, he almost swore. "Why did I go myself. I am stupid as well, trusting the useless head," he said, picking his purse and rushing out, but sighed in relief, his car with the perfect dent by his Nandini. He smiled. 

"Nandini," he traced the dent for a moment, a charming shy smile spread on his face, once satisfied, he stood up. "You are not fired Himesh but you are emoted, I am making Ravi the head. It will teach you not to repeat the mistake again, If you want to resign you are welcome, and Ravi keep this as a warning.  Don't think on your own, wait for my orders or ask me, don't do anything on you own. WAIT FOR MY PERMISSION, ALWAYS. AM I CLEAR?" His tone steel cutting.

"YES SIR," the reply came in unison.

"Good, don't touch this car again," He ordered them and left giving one longing glance to the car.

After debating, she decided to go to Malhotra enterprises. There was no harm in going for the interview. Anyways, he would not dare to misbehave in his own company, his entire reputation would be gone. She went there and gave interview. She was informed she would get the reply within 24 hours by mail or phone. She was anxious, if she would get hired or not like always. Her 21st interview, she thought.

Eyes stuck on the laptop screen, Manik smiled as he saw Nandini giving interview, she looked beautiful and nervous. He had installed a private camera so he could see her. His heart fluttered with happiness. She didn't even need to do anything at all to make him happy, her presence was enough.

Till date, he had never felt this ever in his life. Not even once. Around her, he felt safe, secure, happy and his heart filled with love. He felt smiling for no reason. No reason yet such a deep feeling that he didn't want to come out of. He felt the intense need to make her happy.

He found himself thinking about her time and again, day and night. About her safety and about her needs. She said she loved someone else and putting a stone over his heart, swallowing his tears, he had promised her, he would not come in her way ever, or impose anything on her. Because, her happiness meant the furthermost important to him, even more than his existence.

He had been not present there in the jury but he didn't say he would not be seeing her and true he would not be the selector but he sure did recommend and his recommendation was not devoid of value. Yet, he was seeing that she filled the bill. He loved her but he didn't want to deprive someone else if they deserved it. If so would be the case, he would creat two posts instead.

But Nandini really bowled him by her answers and her nervousness was the icing over the cake on the personal front, for his heart. She was the perfect for the post of buyer assistant. He was sure, she would be an asset for their company.

Welcome on board Miss Nandini Murthy.

"Oh God," Nandini exclaimed, she was accepted. Her eyes widened in shock seeing the mail she received four hours after her interview. She had wanted to be selected but now that she was, she was dumbstruck. 

"Mama," she rushed out and hugged her mother. "I am selected," she was a energetic bundle.

"Oh congratulations dear," her mother hugged him. "This will get easy for Harshad to come here," she said excitingly.

Her mother was more excited for her to get married to that jerk and get him here, than her getting a job. Water was dropped on her delight. Her face fell but she didn't back out, "I am not marrying him," she said sternly.

"And that is what we get for loving you so much?" her mother asked sarcastically.

"Why don't you let me go if you taunt me so much?" Nandini demanded, tired of that. She loved them a lot but their pressure was getting too much. She had felt the need to go from home, even when she had no job, she was sure the French state would help her. She didn't not want to leave home but the torture was getting too much.

"We gave you birth and you are not leaving this house unless married," she said nonchalantly.

Nandini was frustrated and went to her room. She had no one to share her happiness with. Even Akash Kapoor, was busy in his job, still she messaged him, "Baby, I miss you. I got the job.'

She sighed as he saw the message but didn't reply. It was so like him. "He must be busy in work," she said dully.

Her phone beeped, her face lightened with mirth but as she saw, her face lost its excitement. It was not Akash but a message by Manik. "Congrats Princess, you deserved it."

Despite herself, her face shone with a smile.

The next day, she joined the office and NK, the buying department head, explained Nandini  her tasks, he shew her cubicle,  "Oh and take care of your behavior around sir."

"Why?" She frowned. True he had kissed her but he was so good to her afterwards.

"He is scary. Cross the line once by committing a mistake, he will demote you. The second time, he will fire you and if you ever happen to have a third time, you will not get job in his field ever," he said in a serious tone.

Nandini gulped but nodded. "Ok."

"But you don't have to worry much, you will be reporting me," He assured her.

Thank God, she would not have to see Manik much, she thought with relief. She had been really apprehensive about joining the company but she had needed a job. With tickling risk, she had gone ahead, with a hope that he would not do anything to her again as it would damage his company's reputation. They were in France and not in some narrow-minded country, where money could buy justice.

About crossing line, she would not. She will be professional and give him no reason to be angry about her.

Happily, she adjusted to the post. Although, didn't cross Manik but he had seen her, although he tried not to yet he had no control over his heart. He didn't know how he loved this woman so much? but he did. His heartbeat had rose immensely at their first encounter.

Manik Malhotra was not loser, he knew how to face his feelings. He would never hide, behind his arrogant look, his feelings. When he loved someone, he made sure they are treated with respect, care, love and tenderness. 

It had been a month she had joined the office, Manik had not given her any chance to complain even when they had to work together. He was a gentleman yet he often smiled at her. She had noticed, he never smiled toward anyone else, not even his big clients were bestowed by this genuine smile, he just thanked them with a smirk. He had a beautiful smile, she admitted.

The female clients he hand-shook was purely formal, it was stern business gesture. Although women craved for his single glance but he didn't allot them one. He was arrogant and that attracted people. He was shrewd when it came to business but he was very good at heart.

She had seen the models, including Soha, throwing themselves on Manik, but he had kept the distance even reprimanded. "Soha Kashyap, if you don't stop this cheapness, I will have to get another decent model," he lashed at her, who was now looking down embarrassed and scurried away to her work.

Nandini had looked at her reflection in the mirror and then at Soha. Soha was slim, gorgeous figure, beautiful face and a charming smile, she was so much more beautiful than her, Nandini was a little overweight, ok looking features, big eyes, enchanting as Manik had said but why did he love her and not some awesome models?

Awkwardly, she felt nice that someone could love her this much regardless how she looked and that she didn't even reciprocate the feelings. 'I should not feel good about it,' she rebuked herself.

NK had given her immense load of work and she busied herself in it. She was fully immersed in it that she didn't even realize when the lunch break started.

Manik had been making sure that she had her lunch, he just used to go and order his meal, in purpose to have a look at her in the canteen but she was nowhere today, unlike other days, laughing with her friends. He rose his brow, he marched to her group of friends and asked, "where is Nandini?"

"Sir, she has some work to finish, she told us she would join us in ten minutes, but she is still not here," Ayesha replied.

"Hmm," he nodded and ordered food for Nandini. "Deliver it to Miss Murthy's cabin," he said sternly and left, telling them to send the meal in his cabin as well, after Nandini's meal had reached her.

Meanwhile, Nandini was working on the new quote, when she heard a knock. "Come in,"

"Ma'am food," The canteen worker said.

"Oh but I am coming down in five minutes," she said with her brow creased.

"I have been ordered to give you food, nothing more ma'am," he said politely.

"Who?" Her eyebrows furrowed deeper.

"Mr Malhotra," he replied.


Alright so that's the chapter 2, Are you liking it? ;)
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fab amazing awesome outstanding beautiful fantabulous update dear its beyond awesome ther's no romance still it is so awesome when romance will start god knows what gonna happen fantastic update dear loved it cont soon n thnks for the pm

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Great chapter 
So Nandu has a boyfriend and she loves him? Well he didn't make a good impression despite not being present

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fantastic update 

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Awww I love this manik so much ...every girl would wish to be loved by someone like this so unconditional and caring love...I jus hope nandini soon realizes how much he loves her...and its really interesting to know that a person can be in love so deeply at first sight...jus loved it awesome and beautiful as always..
N thanks for the pm

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I really like your writing. And the story. And basically everything about this. Wink

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Your story is magical!! Enjoying it so much. Pls write soon.

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its awesome. Just loved it. Though Manik didnt do good by kissing Nandu at 1st meeting but its good that he didnt let his ego come between his love.

The way he cared for her, send her food was too cute Embarrassed.

Another thing. Nandu is far beautiful than that Soha. Dont make Soha hamper this couple.

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