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SS- My Arrogant Angel- Chapter6+Epilogue Page25 (10/05/15)| COMPLETE | (Page 14)

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awesome and beautiful update...!!!
manik loves nandu a lot...!!!
thanks a lot for the pm...
take care
continue asap

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Superb update yrr..
Cont soon 

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Beautiful update [>:D<]

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Hello guys, I feeling so good by the response, thank a loads. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4369975)
I will update the next chapter either in an hour or tomorrow morning.
Keep loving my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3

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Loads of love<333

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CHAPTER 4: The Warning

"I am asking you again Nandini, are you ready to marry Harshad?" Her mother asked him.

"No I am not.  I love someone else, and I would not have married Harshad, even If I was not in love" Nandini said clearly. "How could you make me marry someone who teases girls,"

"He will change after marriage," she said in her narrow-minded way.

"So I should go and flirt too, I will change after marriage," she was angry, enraged at her mother's mentality. She was unable to believe such people really existed.

She used to laugh watching this on TV but now she knew what came on the shows was the representation of the society, the reality. Her own mother was a proof of that and that flabbergasted her to the fullest. 

Were they really living in France? People had moved on in India and here her mother was stuck to the same place, where women were treated as a commodity. Her own mother thought so for her daughter, for her, how could she?

"How could you utter such a shameless things, you inconsiderate woman?" Her mother spat.

"Hypocrite society, it is because of people like you that woman and ladies suffer... We all cry for freedom but mothers like you will be one of the obstacle,it is a shame" Nandini's eyes stung, her mother looked shocked. "I will not marry Harshad, but a man of my own choice." 

"And you think you will be happy going against your parents' decision. Why did you even have to born from my womb," she taunted her, "this is the reason why people killed their daughters," she was furious.

"I can't believe you have such a narrow-minding thoughts. I was always wrong to think that you will understand me. I love you and dad a lot but if you are going to keep on taunting and making it hard for us to have a decent talk, I will be moving out," Nandini said sternly, this had to stop.

"Of course, who are we? You are grown up woman now, we brought you up, gave you everything you wanted and needed and you want to disgrace us in the society," Garima lashed on her.

"You know what, I don't want to talk to you. I am going to office," Nandini said, fighting back her tears and went to her office, even on Saturday, when she had her off.

She had cried during her drive, feeling hurt. Reaching at office, she splashed water on her face, looking somewhat presentable. 

As she entered in the office, she saw a few co-workers, she greeted them and went to her desk. Before switching on her desk computer, she messaged Akash, the third time from the morning, 'Miss you.'

She sighed, she didn't know when she fell for him that he would become a model. Akash and she had met in a wedding in India about three years back, she was only 20 then but the spark had kindled and they had soon confessed. Everything was going like a dream but then a year back from now, Akash got into modelling. She always supported him, if that is what he wanted as his career, she was all for it.

Since she would not take her being taken away from her work, her career the same way, she didn't want to impose things on him, or hold him back from pursuing his dreams and achieve it. Sure she did feel jealous at time, she loved him and she was nowhere near the beauties he was encircled with but with Akash she had never felt insecure about that until now, when he replied her so late but had the time to parties.

Specially, specially when she needed him the most and he didn't have time to reply, she felt hurt, pain seared in her heart like a venom.

'You have changed,' she finally typed him, tired of playing the blind charade, where she would keep on guessing what he meant, hoping the best, staying optimism.

"Good morning Nandini, what happened to you? I mean you have an off today and you look worn out," Manik entered in her cabin and asked her, cutting the chase. One glance at her and he knew the whole story about her.

"Nothing sir," she said with her eyes lowered.

Within the six months of her joining the office, she had started to respect him. He was really guilty for what he had done and he truly was remorseful. He loved her immensely and treated her like a princess. Heeding to her words, he had not fired anyone but he had lashed time and again a lot less though, yet when he felt her presence near, he controlled himself fully. He had said, he hated seeing fear or sadness in her eye. 

"You can tell me princess. I know I am not in the list of people you love or trust but sometimes sharing feelings with someone helps," he told her gently, sitting on the chair, at the opposite side of the table from her, keeping the needed distance.

She placed her elbow on the desk and her head lowered in her hands. She felt exhausted. "Mom wants me to marry her friend's son. She has been taunting me, how I am ungrateful to  what she and my dad have done for me," she wiped her tear. "Why are they not understanding me?" She was smarting.

"Do you want me to talk to them?" He asked her, his eyes turning dark, no one had the right to make her cry, not her parents not even he himself. Without giving her reply, "take your purse and come with me," he ordered her.

With a startled expression, she followed his order quietly. Sitting in the car, Manik drove to her place. "Why are we here?"

"To explain to your parents," he said sternly and went out of the car.

Nandini followed him, still unsure. She didn't really know what he was up to. He was really good to her but when it came to others he was arrogant, rude, ruthless and every such words. She didn't know what to expect from him.

Manik rang the bell and waited for Garima to open the door. "You?" Garima asked him with a frown, she knew Akash and this was not Akash. Akash was someone more leaner and good looking man but this man was so handsome and possessed a perfect chiseled body.

"Listen Mrs Murthy and listen carefully, Nandini's single tear kills me. If she ever feels sad because of you, I will take her away from, never let you meet her again in life," he warned her.

Garima gasped, "How dare you?" she was about to slap him, but he held her hand.

"I respect you because of Nandini, don't test my patience or it would not take me time to get you on the street. From now on, never mention that jerk's name in front of Nandini nor blackmail or taunt her," he threatened her. "And don't think my threats are void of true action, I execute what I plan. Thus don't you dare taunt or scold her again," he left saying that.

Nandini stopped him near his car, "How could you talk like this with my mom?" she was livid.

"She should have thought ten times before making you hurt, she didn't but she will now," he said shrugging his shoulders.

She rounded her eyes, "you can't go and threaten people like this,"

He cupped her chin, she flushed, "When it comes to your happiness I can and I will. Sorry for touching you. Now go before I kiss you," he took back his hand, turning it in a fist, controlling his emotions.

Hurriedly, she scurried to her home, although somewhere she knew he would not kiss her without permission, she blushed. She halted at the entrance, where her mother still stood shocked. "You go and tell people about our personal life?"

"Just him. Mom, if I were you, I would not go against his words," she said cheekily, if that could keep her mother off that subject, alright she was in. She had enough of being blackmailed.

Garima flustered and went to her room, she would strike again she vowed inwardly.

Nandini sighed, at least she would not have to listen to her mother's taunts. His way was wrong but not his intention. She shook her head, he was truly something. Her personal arrogant angel. Arrogant with everyone but with her.

She should not pride in that since she didn't reciprocate the feeling, she berated herself but the warmth in her heart made her feel special. He made her feel good.

He wanted to kiss her, his intention was clear but still respecting her wish, he had told her to go, he was controlling his desires because he loved her and she mattered to him. She wondered how it would be like to be loved by him. Her face turned into shade of red, comprehending what she was pondering upon.

Her phone beeped and she reached for it swiftly, anticipating a message by Manik. But it was by Akash. Strangely, she was disappointed. 'No baby, I have not, I am just busy, love you,'

She exhaled. When was the last time they had a proper chat? Yes, about 2 months back. When was the last time she had a skype chat with him? Yes, she could remember perfectly, three months back for five minutes before he had to join his friends. His friends were everything but she was being sidelined.

'Me too,' she replied and put the mobile away. Why was Akash not making her feel special? Why has he changed so much? It had been months these questions nagged her.

Her phone beeped again, she thought it was Akash again but this once it was really Manik. 'I was meant to ask you, you look weak, it looks like you have lost weight too, are you fine?' she could feel the worry in the words.

'I am dieting,' she replied shyly.

'Why?' He asked her.

'Akash told me so,' she replied sincerely.

'Hmm, it is good for health to be in proper shape, just don't over do,' there was hint of order in that.

'Yes boss,' she sent him and giggled.

"Who was the man, who threatened your mom?" Her father asked her, after Garima informed her about everything. He had come to Nandini's room, to talk about it to her.

"He is my boss," Nandini informed him, tensed.

"Why has he taken the pain to do that?" He asked her stoically.

"He loves me," her head was lowered.

"Do you love him?" 

"No, he is like a friend, an angel," she replied after a thoughtful pause. "I love Akash."

"Hmm, I will make sure Garima doesn't resurface the talk about Harshad. About Akash, we will see to the alliance when we go to India," he assured her, a smile on his face.

"Thanks dad," she hugged him and he left.

"My God," Nandini was flabbergasted as she entered in her room after her work.


Alright so that's the chapter 4, Are you liking it? ;)
Now don't break my heart, and shower me with comments and likes Embarrassed
Next chapter as soon as I can.
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

PS: For PMs in future, buddy me by clicking on the following link : KashishkManan

Loads of love.

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This akash seems really horrible, who tells their girlfriend that?!
She seems to be insecure about her looks and I liked that you didn't make her perfect, this seems a bit more real where girls can relate to

Dont get me wrong I think the actress is really beautiful

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Akash... No no
.please move story little faster..I want manan relation grow

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