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SS- My Arrogant Angel- Chapter6+Epilogue Page25 (10/05/15)| COMPLETE | (Page 10)

RomComFan IF-Rockerz

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Love this... the idea is great and I can't wait to see what happens next

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Loving it 
thnk 4 d pm..

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awesome update ...Clap

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Hello guys, I feeling so good by the response, thank a loads. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4369975)
I will update the next chapter either in an hour or tomorrow morning.
Keep loving my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3

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Loads of love<333

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wow loved it
cont soon

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CHAPTER 3: Am I Really His Princess?

Nandini was working on the new quote with full concentration, when she heard a knock. "Come in,"

"Ma'am food," The canteen worker said.

"Oh but I am coming down in five minutes," she said with her brow creased.

"I have been ordered to give you food, nothing much ma'am," he said politely.

"Who?" Her eyebrows furrowed deeper.

"Mr Malhotra," he replied.

"Alright please place it on my desk," she accepted the box, as he left, she saved the drafts and marched to his cabin, with the food package in her hand. She saw the same worker, giving Manik his order. She waited till the worker was out of the sight before she knocked at the door.

"Come in," he replied. "Nandini you, what happened?" he was quite startled to see her.

"Why did you order food for me?" She said skeptically, placing the package on the desk.

"Because my princess forgot to have her lunch. Lunch time will be over in half an hour," he replied her.

"Please Manik, don't do this, I can't accept it," she said, displeased.

"Then next time take your lunch on time. Now, within ten seconds, take this food package and go to your cabin and if you don't you will have to eat with me," he warned her. "10...9..."

"ha!" she gaped with shock.

"4...3..." he continued, with an gleeful smile on his charming face.

"No..No you can't do this to me," she said, perplexed. Too confused.

"1...0... time over," he winked at her.

"I am not going to have lunch with you," she said stubbornly, her arms crossed on her chest..

"Alright then go and throw it in the bin, I am sure you will able to breath in peace after throwing the food that another person in this world would be craving and is living on bacteria food," he said with serious look.

She looked at the food and at him, he was right. There were so many people in this world, who didn't get the basic facility as hygienic food. Of course, she was not going to throw it but give it back to him. "I was not going to put it in trash," she said her face sideways.

"Then please go and have it," he requested her.

"Alright but please never order food for me, it is a request," she said hopefully.

"I will heed it," he assured her and sighed as she left his cabin with the food box.

After a few weeks, Nandini made sure to be on time for lunch. They would cross their ways and exchanged a smile. Nandini was happy working here. "Nandini," she snapped out of her thought as Jennifer, her senior and a good friend now called her name.

"Yeah," Nandini replied.

"Can you please mail Mr Alexandre, his invoice?"

"Sure right away," Nandini smiled and opened her mail. Typing a quick mail, she joined the invoice to it.


Nandini looked up to find her friend, Julie, a co-worker in the company, in the finance department. "Hey," she greeted her politely.

"Come, it is lunch time." 

"Yup, just a second," she pressed on sent and left her computer on stand-by.


Nandini squirmed on her feet as she heard the yelling from Manik's cabin. They were returning from the lunch, when they heard this.

Nandini had seen the stern Manik, the rude Manik, but shouting Manik was the first time. NK was right to warn her and she was scared. Even his kiss was not this scary, she was face palmed. What the hell was she thinking? "I have to call Akash, talk to him, I am going insane of nothing having talked to him for so long," she told herself.

"Jenny what happened?" Nandini asked worriedly, as Jennifer walked out of the devil's den.

"He fired me." She replied with tears.

"But why?" Nandini was mortified.

"I don't know, he was too angry to listen my question," She sniffed.

"I.. I.. let me talk to him," she said, gulping the lump.

Was she ready to face the angry Manik?

She licked her lip in fear but then she wanted to see if he really considered her as princess, if so he would not hurt her. She was just curious, curious to know if he really meant what he said. Did he mean it? She wondered.

'Am I really His Princess?'

"Are you mad? He will fire you too," Jennifer said, shaking her head. Knowing very well his boss' temper. It was a different story that since the last two months, his temper was in control but today he had lost it.

"Please, let me try," without giving her any chance to be stopped by her, Nandini marched to his cabin and knocked.

"LEAVE ME ALONE," He barked.

"Sir," she said meekly as she opened a little the door.

"Nandini," He calmed down immediately. "What happened?" He asked her with concern.

She was amazed. "Why did you fire Jenny... I mean Jennifer Martin?" She asked with hesitation.

"I told her to send a mail to Mr Alexandre before lunch and she didn't do it, it was a big contract and the client is dissatisfied and may think twice before working with us again," he said raking his hand through the maze of his hairs.

"I.." Nandini was livid. She was the one to send that mail. Should she tell him? She would be fired. But, she could not let someone else take her punishment, so what if she would fired. She fought back her tears, she didn't want to leave the job but she could not lie and live in that guilt.

"I was the one to send the mail... I sent it, I don't know why he didn't receive," her voice teary.

"You did it?" He asked with a frown.

She nodded naively, a drop of tear on the verge of coming out. He was in front of her within a blink, holding the pearl. "No tears princess, not of sadness at least. It is ok mistake happens," he said softly.

"You should be firing me," she said with her head lowered.

He stopped himself from hugging her. "You are a princess, you are special," he said her casually.

"So if Jenny doesn't have anyone to consider as a princess she should have been fired?" She questioned him, a layer of tears on her eyes. "I have done the same mistake you fired her for, I deserve to be fired too" she said, keeping her voice stable.

Manik saw her broken behind the voice, he hated that. "I promise you, I will not fire someone unless they really deserve it," he patted her cheek, but as he realized what he was going, he moved back."I..uh I am sorry."

Nandini saw Manik had a difficulty to say sorry, even after he had said rude words to some of the workers, he never apologized but to her, he did. She was indeed treated like a princess, but not for so long, she was confident.

"You will stop treating me as a princess too, in sometime," she said straight-forwardly.

"Once I consider someone as my own, I never stop treating them the special way. Be it a sister, a friend or you, the woman I love the most" he told her with determination. "Just know it, even though I would never be an obstacle in your love but you will remain my princess forever," his intention clear. "Please send Jennifer in my cabin,will you?"

She grinned, this man was one of its kind. Last time she saw, he was ordering his assistant to call this or that person without a please. She had thought this man knew only to bark orders, but he could request too. That privilege was limited to her only.

"I will," she left the cabin, her heart beating in happiness. 

'He sincerely does consider me as his princess,' her heart swelled with unknown feeling. She was really his princess, her heart fluttered.

Nandini saw Jennifer sitting in her cubicle, looking terrified.. 

"I told you not to go, he fired you too, right?" Jennifer was really bothered for her.

"He didn't, it was a misunderstanding," she switched on her computer and saw the mail was not send indeed, because she had forgot to add a subject in hurry. "He is calling you in his office."

She typed him a message, 'sorry sir, I had forgotten to add the subject, this will not happen again."

"He will kill me," she said afraid.

Her phone beeped,'that is alright princess, please send now,' he replied.

"He will not," Nandini comforted her.

"Ok not kill figuratively but make me go through hell," She corrected herself. "Two months back when the account assistant did a mistake and he fired her, but she pleaded that she would not repeat again, he had given her his five years files to make the financial report within 48 hours, can you imagine about 50 files or more to be done in 48hours... just in 48 hours? she could not and she was fired. A few months back, his sales assistant had sold the product with false criteria, he had made him clean his office for a month, only to demote him later. Once a worker had thrown coffee on his suit and he had ordered him to guide the people in the parking lot to his office, it had rained that day but he had not taken back the punishment. Another time, a newly hired woman, she had barely completed her studies, she crossed the mail to the opposite people, he had made her work in the archive room and so many more such events... What is he going to do to me?" She sunk in the chair.

Nandini was dumbstruck at the events, was he the same Manik she knew? Alright he had kissed her by surprise and then had forcefully put her in the car but he  stopped there, her tears had effected his heart. He considered her his princess.

"Nice colorful description of me Miss Martin," there stood Manik, with a sly smirk and his arms crossed over his chest arrogantly. He had come there just when Jennifer was telling his accounts from the past years to Nandini and he saw the color fading from Nandini's face, he had not liked that. He loved her smiling and had interrupted.

"Sir," she jumped on her feet and hid behind Nandini.

"I have misunderstood the whole issue. Nandini explained me and sort out the problem. You are back to work and I am increasing your salary by 5%" He announced her and left as quickly and silently as he had come.

A big smiled spread on Nandini's face, the last thing that Manik had seen before leaving from there assured that his princess was fine. He was relieved.

Nandini looked at Jennifer and found her dazzled. "Congrats," Nandini felicitated her.

"Wow," she was in stupor, "Did he really raise my salary?" she was awed and delighted. She hugged Nandini thanking her, Nandini assured her she did nothing. It was not her mistake  if the mail was not sent. Jennifer was too happy to notice anything else or question why Nandini was not fired.

Nandini blushed as a realization dawned upon her, Manik had not apologized to Jennifer, he had done the next best thing. But to her, he apologized, for ever slight little thing that he considered he had crossed the limit. The gentle pat that she didn't have seemed to notice, he had apologized for that too. "How much do I matter to him?" She questioned herself. "A lot" Her heart replied.


Alright so that's the chapter 3, Are you liking it? ;)
Now don't break my heart, and shower me with comments and likes Embarrassed
Next chapter as soon as I can.
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

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Loads of love.

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Manik is cute
He of course wont apologize to jenny but only nandu LOL
This is one of the cutest manik 
And nandu you are a smart girl, i am sure you will realize soon that he is the one for you 

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