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SaHil OS - Where You Go, I Go - Complete on Pg 2! (Page 2)

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Mahwash Hug Super excited for this one! I love how u dont keep us waiting too long Wink Its an OS but still I know you will make it just as interesting as your FF's with your amazing style of writing! Uff I love the suspense and intrigue factor in ur writing! Makes one crave to read more! Plz post it soon Heart

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waiting for an update

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Gd start.
Waiting 4 nxt sahil scenes.

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Very interesting Mahwash.. very...

Hope you will update this soon

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My My Mahhu darling! That was damn interesting Teaser! I can't wait for that now!
Can I just say I LOVED "I am good at reading people and their intentions. Consider this my line of work now" Tongue
THIS. Owned right there! You know what I mean?! WinkLOL

This is so interesting! I can't wait for the "face off" ;)

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Thank you so much for the awesome response !! Damn! I did not expect to get these kind of comments Heart

Thanks to every one of you incredible people for the positive feedback :)

Will try to update tomorrow. So stay tuned, Lovelies. Heart

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Where You Go, I Go

A SaHil One-Shot 

Those Who Are Lost, Will Find Their Way Back Home!

They Might Stumble, They Might Fall.. But They Will Surely Meet And Reunite As Past Lovers.. Because Somewhere Along, Destiny Will Be In Their Favor..


* * * *


Aahil exhales loudly arriving at a nearby hotel after finally being able to get rid of New Sanam. He had succeeded in getting away from her once and for all.

He had wasted so much time already and could not afford to do so anymore. His sole mission was to find his long lost wife and bring her back home where she rightfully belonged.

Aahil had just finished checking in at the hotel where his ears picked up a familiar voice which he thought he would no longer hear. He turned to the side and got the shock of his life. It was like he no longer knew how to breath.

Time stood still.

Was he really seeing what he thought or was his mind playing some trick on him?

But no, it did look real to him. It was all real.

His soft eyes was fixed on a familiar woman with long brown hair cascading around her shoulders, as she was busy taking a look around her surroundings.

Aahil was too shocked to even react but took the courage to take a step toward Sanam's direction, but before he could do that, he saw a tall man approach her, wrapping an arm around her in comfort.

The Nawab was left beyond confused and even more shocked to what his eyes were witnessing.

How dare that man touch my wife!
What the hell is going on? Why isn't she backing away from him?'

He continued to stare at the couple from afar where they heading toward the elevator to get to their room.

Aahil knew his Sanam would never betray him or his love, hence remembering  the sudden phone call he had received once upon a time from her, claiming her name was Jannat.

His trail of thoughts were broken by a voice from the receptionist, giving out the key of his room and informing that there would be a small gathering later on the evening for the guests of the hotel.

Aahil is left with mixed expressions which contains of both relief, confusion and irritation. He however thanks the woman before grabbing his luggage to get to his room.

Once stepping inside the room, he placed the luggage close to the bed and made his way toward the large windows.

He wondered what he should do? Should he find out what room Sanam was staying in and approach her? What if she fails to remember him?

Instead he wondered if she would be attending the gathering in the evening. He decides to give it a try and see if she would be there or not.

He needed to be sure what was going on. Sanam wouldn't live with a total stranger let alone give permission to touch her this way. - Her life belonged to only him.

Aahil still remembered her love filled words she had spoken to him before they parted.

"My love belongs to you, Aahil. You're all I have and everything I'll ever need. I'm yours, Mr. Ibrahim and you're mine."

He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair.

He could see his own reflection across the window and saw a tired and exhausted man who had been suffocating ever since his wife had gone missing. He hadn't gotten any sleep for weeks and was both emotionally and physically drained.

His hand reached up and loosened his black tie he wore around his neck and took off his grey blazer jacket. With that he slumping down on the bed. He still had a few hours to rest before the gathering had to take place. He might as well get some rest because somewhere in his mind he knew he needed all the strength to could hold on to when he would come face to face with Sanam.


Bas Aaj Hulchul Ho Jaaye , Jab Laher Laher Se Takraaye
Dariya Mein Jo Toofaan Aaye , Tala Tum Woh Kehlaaye

The Nawab arrived at the main hall where guest were busy mingling with each other. He wasn't interested in those people but only one particular person. His gaze kept searching for her throughout the evening but she wasn't here.

However his eyes found her as Shaad kept leading her through the guests. What Aahil noticed the most was how he had placed his hand at the small of her back. Aahil did not like what his eyes were seeing.

His hands began to form into fists but he tried to best to remain calm. One thing the Nawab valued very much in his life was the fact that he was very protective toward what was his. 

Instead he walked closer to her to see if she could recognize him. But there was no signs of remembering him for who he was. Sanam smiled at the guests Shaad were introducing her to, but somewhere along she felt someone's eyes on her.

"You alright, Jannat?" Shaad asked as he noticed her eyes wandering around.

She lowered her gaze and took a small breath before giving him a faint smile as she wrapped her hand around his arm. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine."

Aahil wore a slight frown on his face by what he saw. He needed to find out what was going on. So he passed the many guests and bumped into Shaad, allowing him to let go of Sanam for a split second.

"Sorry, I wasn't seeing where I was going."

Shad shook his head. "It's okay. There's a lot of people here."

"Yeah, a large gathering the hotel has hosted I must say."

Shad nodded. "Yeah, I'm Shaad Aftab Khan."

"I'm.. Raza.. Raza Ibrahim."

Aahil took a small glance at the woman beside him. How he had longed to see her. He wanted so much to reach out and wrap his strong arms around her. But that was not possible - not right now.

Sanam on the other hand kept staring into Aahil's eyes. She somehow couldn't make herself move her gaze away from the stoic man in front of her. It was like she had seen him before - but where? If she couldn't remember her own husband, then why would she remember a stranger like him?

"Meet my wife, Jannat." A voice brought them both out from their heavy thoughts.

Aahil tried his best not to show his discomfort by the words. His wife?!'

"Hi." He simply spoke as he caught Sanam's gaze. She gave a small faint as she greeted him.

"Are  you sure you're husband and wife?" Aahil asked eyes solidary fixed on her.

Shaad cleared his throat. "Excuse me?"

"I mean, how long have you been married?"

Shaad took a small glance at Sanam and answered. "3 months."

The Nawab nodded. "Newly wedded then," he spoke between his teeth.

"Where did you meet?" He asked further, eyes still on her.

Strangely she couldn't really answer the question so she took a glance at Shaad.

"We met by accident actually, laid my eyes upon her and I knew she was the one. We fell in love and got married."

Aahil raised an eyebrow at Shaad. "seems like you're the one remembering all details when it usually is the woman."

Or you're the simply one feeding her information about her life!'

Aahil had gotten the picture of what was going on. Perhaps she was fooled to believe whatever the man had told her as she was not capable of doing some thinking herself.

If she really knew who he was, then Sanam wouldn't just pretend she didn't know him at all.

Aahil was convinced to the idea of her having amnesia. He knew when someone had been through an accident or something horrible it could cause a mild case of amnesia.

It had to be. It was the only solution he could think of, knowing that Sanam would never let any other man be close to her or the sudden change in her name or the adapting the strange behavior either. It all added up in his mind. But so what if she had forgotten everything? He knew how to make her remember.

How to remind her what he was to her. What she was to him.

"What about yourself? You're wearing a ring on your finger, it tells me you're probably married. Is your Mrs. around somewhere?"

Aahil smirked of the irony in his question. "Yeah, she's around - even close by. You're lucky if you run into her."

Shaad nodded.

"Well, if you don't mind I have to go and bring her back." He said before disappearing into the crowd.

Sanam shook her head slightly trying to calm her beating heart.

Sanam removed a few strands of hair away from her face as she knitted her brows for a slight second once looking into a pair of dark brown eyes.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, as lights dimmed around the hall and people's attention was draw on the stage where music began to fill the ears of the many guests. However it did not affect a certain couple among the hall.

Ishq Jab Hadd Se Badhhne Lage, Dard Saason Mein Chadhhne Lage

Aahil stood quietly observing Sanam in pure silence. Slowly brooding over the fact that another man was touching The Begum of Bhopal - his beloved Begum Jaan.

Sanam felt she had stared at those eyes before. Why did it feel so strange to her? Why did she feel a sudden sense of de ja vu crashing down on her by staring at the tall handsome man?

It was so strange. So very strange. Never did she ever feel the beating of her heart with  Shaad. She never felt the sudden rush of blood going through her veins. She didn't feel the light pinkish color making her way up to her cheeks, making her whole face heat up.

Suddenly the pair of dark brown eyes were gone. They had vanished from the crowd. Aahil leaned against a wall, as he was convinced Sanam was searching for him. He knew she must have remembered something after all.

But what was he supposed to do? She didn't even remember him? She was someone else's wife! He sighed and knew his love was real. His emotions were real.

The longing in his eyes were real. The pain in his chest was real. He would do anything for Sanam. He did not come this far to just give up and walk away from everything. He was here to fight and win his love back.

He closed his eyes and sang at the bottom of his heart.

Sacha Dil Mein Agar Pyaar Ho, Kashti Toofaanon Se Paar Ho
Maujein Aati Rahe Maujein Jaati Rahe, Hoke Woh Be-asar Chaut Khaati Rahe
Is Tala Tum Mein Hum Dil Ki Kashti Sanam Aaj Utaarenge

Aahil opened his eyes with much affection and promised himself that his Sanam shall reunite with him once and for all.

Hai Kasam

Tala Tum Tala Tum Tala Tum
Tala Tum Mein Hum Tum Hai Hum Tum Kahin Gum Tala Tum 

Sanam placed a hand on her head by the many incoming thoughts. What was happening to her? Why did she feel like she had heard that voice before? As if it was singing to her?

Shaad placed a hand on her shoulder and wore a worried expression. "You okay? Jannat?"

"Shaad. I'm not feeling well. There's too many people in here. I.. I cannot think straight, it's like my mind is going to explode with these thoughts."

"I can understand. Maybe we should head up so you can rest for the day."

"I would really like that." Sanam said before she was led through the crowd and into their room. Aahil stood back and had watched it closely.


Early next morning Shaad was seated down stairs at the hotel lounge, having a hot cup of coffee. Aahil caught him sitting by himself and wondered where Sanam was. Where could she be?

However he decided to approach him.

"Fancy seeing you here, Mr. Khan."

Shaad looked up. "Mr. Ibrahim. Just thought to get a coffee while I'm down here."

Aahil tried to smile as he took a chair out for him to sit. He ordered a coffee for himself as well. "Your Mrs. isn't here? How come?" Aahil asked in a most natural tone he could compose.

"Yeah, she needed some rest. I think she was tired from the long flight yesterday. Is your wife resting as well?" he joked.

Aahil raised his gaze and took a moment before he responded. "Yeah. She's upstairs as well."

They sat sipping to their coffee in silence.

Aahil couldn't help but feel a bit restless. He needed to find out what kind of person this man this person was. He needed to see if Sanam had been safe with him.

Aahil took a sip from his coffee before placing it on the table. "By the way, have you heard about the case which happened a few weeks ago?"

Shaad wore an confused expression. "What case?"

The Nawab leaned back into the chair. "A man pretending to be married to a woman who had amnesia. I just came across it in the newspapers this morning. Such a tough case to read."

Shaad sighed. "I can imagine."

Can you really?'

"Well, if she was my wife, I would most likely beat the living out of the guy."

"Isn't that a bit harsh?"

Aahil raised an eyebrow. "You wouldn't do the same? We're all very possessive toward what is ours - at least some of us are. I don't like anybody else touching what is mine."

Shaad shrugged his shoulders as he sat back into the chair. "It could be if he was doing it out of good will..."

".. Good will without any feelings attached?" Aahil interrupted him.

"Maybe? Maybe not?"

The Nawab studied him for a brief second and already figured him out. He wanted the man to feel conscious under his cold stare. "You seem like you're speaking of experience?"

"Not at all."

"Easy there, Major Saab. I was merely referring to your line of work. You are an Army Officer right?"

Shad knitted his brows together by what he was hearing. "How did you know that?" He demanded.

"I'm good at reading people and their intentions. Consider it my line of work for now."

Shad seemed alarmed of all sudden.

A light smirk began to spread across Aahi's face. "Relax, words spread easily around a place like this. Got to know through a few guests last night."

Shaad nodded simply, feeling a bit relived by the news. Yet he wasn't entirely relaxed in his presence. There was something about the man in front of him. He couldn't go around making friends with the wrong people, after all he had made  a terrible mistake last time and was planning on not to repeat it one more time. He couldn't afford that anymore.

"Anyway, I mean if the suspected guy was so noble then he surely would have returned the woman where she belonged." Aahil paused.

"But of course it might be difficult to him to do so if he had developed some kind of feelings to her along the way?"

Shaad's eyes began to get clouded slightly. "Yeah. It must be hard."

The Nawab had gotten more than he needed or what he was looking for. Seeing the clouded expression on his face had him clenching his jaw.

It took all his willpower not to reach across the table, grabbing his collar and punch him in the face. - But he needed to put his emotions into bay. For now!

"I think I should head up. Jannat might be wondering where I am. It was nice talking to you, Mr. Ibrahim."

"Likewise Mr. Khan. Are you guys heading out later?" Aahil asked.

Shad shook his head. "No, not today. But I think we might explore the city in the coming days."

The Army Officer didn't feel like letting too much information out and that also to a total stranger. He had to play his cards close to his chest this time.

He left the Nawab before giving him a small nod.

Aahil sat tapping his finger down on the table as he smirked slightly. He knew what to do. The ball was on his court now.

You're days are counted, Major Shaad Aftab Khan! Nowhere to run anymore. It's time for you to put down your cards for good now.'


Two days later, Jannat had just gone down to the lounge to get a coffee. Shaad had been out to take care of a few things, leaving her all alone at the room. She couldn't take the feeling of being trapped inside four walls, so she decided to head down and get some fresh air.

At least, she'll still be inside the hotel when Shaad would be back for her.


The young woman heard a voice a few tables behind her, which oddly enough seemed familiar. Sanam turned her attention toward the direction where the voice had come from and saw the same man she had met at the gathering three days ago.

The tall handsome man sat with a slight rugged look with a gentle smile on his face. It did appeal to her senses. Was it wrong to feel this way toward a total stranger?

"Miss Jannat are you here for a coffee? You are welcome to join me with your company if you like?"

It took a moment for her to find words before she felt lost in the overly husky voice of his. "Uh, no thank you. I'm just going to wait for my husband."

Aahil's eyes darkened slightly. Your husband is sitting right here.'

"I promise I won't bite, besides I'm sure it's not fun in drinking coffee by yourself all alone."

Sanam stood quietly by her table and debated heavily. Was it even a good idea to sit with him? What would Shaad think?

Instead she did what she thought was right at the moment. She walked toward Aahil and sat down opposite of him.

A heavy silence began to roam around them as Sanam sipped into her hot coffee she had ordered a few seconds ago.

Aahil kept staring at her, wanting to reach out and hug her, kiss her and let her know that she was safe and no one was ever going to take her away from him anymore.

"I didn't see your wife?" Sanam asked before taking a sip from her hot drink.

"She had a few things to take care of, so she left early. But I'm sure she'll be around sooner or later."

"How long have you been married?"

"Almost a year." He answered. "It's truly a blessing to be with the person you love with all your heart."

Sanam nodded. "She must be lucky."

"I like to think I'm the one who's lucky to have her in my life. We take a lot of things for granted now days, that a thing like love is wasted like it doesn't even mean anything. We should learn to cherish it."

Sanam studied Aahil for a long time. "You love her very much."

Aahil raised his gaze and held it. "I'm nothing without her. She is my life."

Sanam felt a strange tingle at her stomach by his intense gaze.

"Tell me, Jannat. Do you love your husband?"

The question caught her off guard and took a slight moment to response. "I... Yes!"

Aahil smirked.

He knew she was lying or at least her eyes were and he could easily tell. "It sure took a moment for you to answer such a simple question, no? Considering it was love at first sight kind of thing."

Sanam felt like a deer caught in the headlights. "My memory isn't that good." She spoke without realizing what she had actually said.

Of course it's not. Consider it vanished, lied to and misplaced.'

Sanam stood up from her seat. "I think I'm going to head up to my room."

"I'll join in the elevator." He said, standing up as well.

As the elevator doors closed and pressed their respective floors being, 12th and 13th they stood waiting patiently on each side of the elevator.

Sanam couldn't help but feel nervous - it wasn't the bad kind of feeling, but rather a mix of calm yet anticipation.

Aahil watched her by the corner of his eye and felt damn proud of the fact that he still had a certain effect on her mind and body.

He sighed and stared into the roof, slowly being filled with the urge to just grab her and kiss her senseless. Maybe he should do that!

He turned her around, cupping her delicate face in his hands as he closed their gab with a gentle kiss. He kept stroking her cheek lovingly and deepened the kiss. Once he felt her kissing him back with the same need, he reached up and burying his fingers inside her soft locks.

The kiss began to turn more heated by every second.

Sanam began to moan and tightened her hold on his neck at the same time. He placed his lips against her neck as he nipped gently, wanting to leave his mark on her.

She closed her eyes. "Aahil..."

 "That's right. Tumhara Aahil.."

Aahil blinked vividly as he heard the loud ding' sound fill his ears. He took a quick glance at Sanam, who was standing perfectly still as her eyes were glued  on her hands.

He rolled his eyes. Damn!'

The doors opened and stepped out.

"What's your name?" Sanam blurred out impatiently.

Aahil turned around and met her eyes as he spoke in a gentle like whisper before the doors closed. "I think you already know, Sanam."

Sanam was left alone with a frown on her face. Why did he feel so familiar to me? As if I had seen him before? Heard his voice? Felt his touch?'

She ran a hand through her long hair and stepped out from the elevator. Sanam? Why did he call me, Sanam? Why did he feel so overly familiar?'


"You wouldn't lie to me, would you?" Sanam asked facing the large windows of her hotel room, as she heard the door being closed behind her.


"You wouldn't lie to me, would you Shaad?"

Shaad approached her. "No, why do you say that?"

She turned around meeting his gaze. "I get these strange thoughts. Someone called me Sanam today and the strange thing is that I feel like I've heard the name before. I've even been hearing it in my dreams." She paused looking at Shaad with hopeful eyes.

"And these images that have been circling around my mind.. It's like I can almost recognize the face I see every night."

Shaad reached out for her hand. "You need to calm down. It's normal to have these thoughts when you have been through something traumatic. It's just..."

"Don't!" Sanam stopped him from going further. "It's not hallucinations! I know what I'm talking about. Can't you just believe me for once? Why do I need to explain everything to you?"

Sanam stopped midway, as she felt she had heard or said these words before.

Tumhe haar baat kyu samajhne parti hai, why can't you just understand, Sanam?'

Shaad noticed the look on her face and placed an arm around her shoulder. "I know it's hard for you, but you need to know that your mind is playing tricks on you. Look, what about I take you out in the upcoming days? There's this beautiful place nearby with a breathtaking view. It'll get you on other thoughts. Hmm?"

Jannat didn't know what to say. Was he avoiding what she was asking him?'

All she could think of why he had ignored her pleads? Was this really the man who she had married? She began to doubt herself and her surroundings even more that night.

If you truly loved someone then you would surely listen to each other's thoughts. So why didn't Shaad show compassion or understanding toward me?'


Meanwhile Shaad couldn't help but shake a certain feel of uneasiness off. He began to feel suspicious toward one of the guests of the hotel, Mr. Ibrahim. He couldn't really place him anywhere in his mind nor did he not understand why he happened to be there wherever he or Jannat would be.  


Later that night, Aahil sat staring out of the large windows as he placed a flat hand on the cold glass. All his brown eyes could see was darkness yet a few lights did shine once in a while.

He tightened his stubbled jaw as he thought back on the conversation he had with the Major.  

"I get that you might feel bit lonely considering no one has seen your wife, but that doesn't mean that you should have eyes for mine!" Shaad spoke from the lobby.

Aahil stood staring at him in a rather calm manner with a light smirk spreading across his face. "Feeling insecure, Major?"

"No, not at all." Shaad answered. "Just giving a heads up."

"Are you sure it's just a heads up? To me it looks like you're having trust issues?"

"It's not her I'm worried about."

"Who said we're talking about her."

Shaad knitted his brow together. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

Aahil tried to read Shaad and his expression. "Are you feeling threaten by my presence? If you do, then I've got to say your love isn't that strong at all." Aahil paused eyes fixed on the man in front of him.

"Tell me, Major. What is love based on pure lies? Does it even deserve to be called love?"

Shad couldn't tell what Aahil was up to. It was like he was throwing riddles one after another. He gave Aahil one last glare before stepping inside the elevator and spoke just before the doors closed.

"Keep your eyes to yourself, alright!" 

Aahil blinked as came back from the flashback. He clenched his jaw and turned his hands into fists.

You should feel insecure considering you're up against a Nawab. You've been keeping my wife with you for this long which you have no right upon! Let's see how strong your lies really are!'


Two Days Later:

Fresh air hit Jannat's senses as her eyes wandered around the hill where Shaad had taken her. She felt herself drawn to this place as she could not take her eyes off from the beautiful scenery around the place. It was a beautiful greenery area on one side and a view of the downtown at the other.

There was a gentle like fog roaming around the place, making it even more magical and breathtaking to look at.

Shaad stood with crossed arms as he watched the young woman. He took a long look at her and knew that she was where she belonged - with him.

A faint smile began to spread across her face but as soon as it had spread the faster her eyes knitted together in confusion. A few vividly images came crashing down upon her as if she had been to a similar place before.

Had she seen all this before? How was that possible?

"Pehle tum, Sanam." A husky voice spoke into her ear as it sent shivers down her spine.

Jannat stood still trying hard to make sense of what her mind was replaying. But before she had a chance to do so, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She raised her gaze into brown eyes - to those she had stared into for  

Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil Se, Mohabbat Hogayi Hai Tumse
Meri Jaan Mere Dilbar, Mera Aitbaar Kar Lo
Jitna Bekaraar Hoon Main, Khud Ko Bekaraar Kar Lo
Meri Dhadkanon Ko Samjho, Tum Bhi Mujhse Pyaar Kar Lo

Shaad reached gently forward and got her hand into his, while giving her a smile.

Tum Jo Keh Do To Chaand Taaron Ko, Tod Laaunga Main
In Havaon Ko, In Ghataaon Ko, Mod Laaunga Main


Jannat snapped her hand back and widened her eyes in response. Sanam? Who was this Sanam? Was she the woman?' Jannat thought silently as she turned around and closed her eyes.

Kaisa Manzar Hai Meri Aankhon Mein, Kaisa Ehsaas Hai
Paas Dariya Hai Door Sehra Hai, Phir Bhi Kyun Pyaas Hai

"Shouhar hoon tumhara."

"Jallad Jinn kahi-ke"

"I love you, Sanam."

"I'm thinking on calling it Sanam Da Dhaba."

"If we want to be together than why should we worry about what everybody else says?"

"What if I ever forget about you? It can happen, you know."
"I know just how to remind you."

"Aahil.." She moaned. "I love you."

Jannat felt her whole world falling apart. She kept wandering her eyes all around the place, as if she was searching for someone. She knitted her brows as she backed away from Shaad, who took a step forward.

Suddenly a familiar voice brought shivers down her body. She heard that voice again. it sounded so familiar yet was so different and like no other. It contained of emotions and feelings which she thought would not notice.

She needed to find the voice! She needed to find him! Was it the overly stranger from the hotel? Could it really be him?'

Somewhere at the greenery area, a pair of dark brown eyes of pure longing was fixed on the black haired beauty.

The Nawab knew that she needed him just the same way he needed her. They were so close, yet so far. He knew she could feel something, after all their souls were connected. They could feel each other's gentle marks on them.

Jannat took a few breaths, trying to calm her beating heart while she tried to find the man whose voice she had heard. Strangely, it was the same voice she had heard in her dreams every night.

She walked toward the voice, leaving Shaad behind who was calling after her repeatedly. She knitted her brows by each step she took. There was a certain name circling around her mind, but the only thing that was left was grace the name across her lips.

Meri Yaadon Mein, Mere Khwaabon Mein, Roz Aate Ho Tum
Is Tarah Bhala Meri Jaan, Mujhe Kyun Sataate Ho Tum

Aahil leaned closely behind a three in a black colored shirt with dark jeans. He closed his eyes, trying to hold into his emotions.

Teri Baahon Se, Teri Raahon Se, Yoon Na Jaayonga Main
Yeh Irada Hai, Mera Vaada Hai, Laut Aaunga Main

Jannat neared the place as she felt drawn to the stranger. Once her brown warm eyes found the Nawab, it was like she forgot how to breathe.

She did not notice when or how Aahil stood right in front of her and when she felt the hard wood against her back. He kept staring into her eyes, trying to find some kind of remembrance of him.

He reached a hand forward as he softly caressed her cheek.

Jannat closed her eyes, allowing herself to feel his touch on her. She needed this. There was something she needed so bad.

"Sanam.." She heard him whisper with need and love.   

Duniya Se Tujhe Chura Loon, Thoda Intezar Kar Lo
Jitna Bekaraar Hoon Main, Khud Ko Bekaraar Kar Lo
Meri Dhadkanon Ko Samjho, Tum Bhi Mujhse Pyaar Kar Lo

Jannat opened her glistering eyes from unshed tears. She shook her head and backed away from where she turned her back against him.

Ya Allah!'

She began to remember! She began to remember everything she had forgotten.

Jannat aka Sanam parted her lips as she spoke the name who she had loved with all her might. "Aahil.."

Saying the name of her husband, she turned around and buried her head inside his chest. She breathed hard as the many memories came floating back one after another.

She inhaled before she raised her head to stare into her husband's eyes, but they were not his.

Sanam did not see her Nawab Saab! Instead she had crashed into Shaad's arms.

She stumbled back in shock.

"Jannat?" He spoke in confusion upon seeing the expression she wore.

"No.. No, I'm not Jannat." She shook her head in disbelieve as she was about to leave him.

Shaad grabbed her arm, stopping her in her heartfelt search for her love. "Jannat wait, what are you saying? What has gotten into you?"

Sanam turned to face him. "How dare you! It was all a lie wasn't it? You lied to me. You had me believing that you were my husband when the truth was someone else was waiting for me. How could you do that! How could you lie to a woman who had no memories of herself?"


"I'm Aahil's! I'm only his - I belong to him. He has the only right to touch me and not you!"

Sanam ran down to the main road and took a taxi toward the hotel. 10 minutes later, she took the elevator toward the room she knew Aahil was staying at.

How could she not recognize him before?'

Sanam breathed hard by the memories she had shared with him - those precious and passionate moments which made her content and complete.

"Aahil.. Aahil.."

There she stood in front of the door. Number 112.

She ran her fingers across the number hoping he would still be there behind the door. She could feel the raise of her chest of every time she took a breath by his name.

She knocked at the door with a shaking hand.

The door opened, where Aahil stood with a shocked yet relived expression on his face.

There in front of him stood his wife, who he had searched with all his might for the last few months!

Aahil noticed the small glint his Begum Jaan used to have had returned. The same love she had cherished was there right in front of her.

Sanam buried her face into his hard chest, wrapping her delicate arms around him.

"You.. remember?" Aahil whispered.

"How could I not?" she breathed in his scent as her eyes glistered. She felt a gentle kiss on her forehead and hugged her back with much need.

Aahil cupped her head and made her look into his deep brown eyes. He could not believe that his Sanam was back with him - where she rightfully belonged.

"Would you make me remember the rest?" Sanam asked softly as their breaths mingled. He leaned in where she closed her eyes when she felt his soft lips against hers.


A voice emerged from down the hall as big brown eyes were fixed on the Royal couple. Shaad's eyes were wide as he had just caught them in a rather intimate moment.

Shaad went up to them and grabbed Sanam's hand as he glared at Aahil. "What the hell do you think you're doing!"

Aahil smirked lightly. "What I should have done a long time ago."

"How dare you!" Shaad said as he went on to grab his shirt, but the Nawab was faster. He shoved Shaad hard against the wall.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing, huh? How far did you think you could go with this act? Lying to an innocent woman who have lost her memory and made her believe that you're her rightful husband?"

Aahil added pressure on his hold. "You closed her missing file and you call yourself an Army man? Frankly, you don't deserve to one! What? You think I wouldn't find out? You did all this so her real husband wouldn't show up - but guess what? You're staring at him!"

Shaad looked bewildered and freed himself.

"You listen carefully, don't dare touch her ever again! I don't want to see you near her or looking at her! She's mine! You get that?" The Nawab shot daggers at him.

"Jannat, this is not true!" Shaad said as he was about reach out for Sanam.

"I said, stay away from her!" Aahil snapped and threw a solid punch across his jawline as he stumbled backwards on to do the ground.

"You better do what I tell you after all your life is becoming a living hell from now on! That's my promise, Shaad Aftab Khan. I'll make sure of it."


"Did he... Did he ever touch you?"

Aahil spoke from his bedroom of Ibrahim Mansion. They had traveled back home where they deserved to stay. Together!

The stoic Nawab stood with a thoughtful look on his face and arms crossed over his chest.

"I need to know."

Sanam raised her gaze from sitting on the bed, hearing the vulnerability in her husband's voice.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Where?" He demanded as his eyes darkened.

She stood up, facing him while she studied his every glance at her. A small minute later, she raised her hands in front of him and responded.

"He has touched me here." She indicated toward her hands.

He turned them around and laid a small kiss upon the palm of her hand. He caught her gaze and made sure to hold it.  

"And here." Sanam said leading his fingers up her arm and on to her shoulder.

Aahil went upwards to her shoulder and laid a small kiss upon her bare skin he could find.

"You're mine! Only I have the right to touch you." Aahil spoke huskily as their hot breaths mingled.

"I was always yours." She answered cupping his face into her hands and ran a thumb across his defined jawline and felt the hard stubble under her gentle touch.

"Do you remember what you told me just before we parted?"

Aahil stared into her brown warm eyes.

"You said you knew how to make me remember if I ever forgot about you." She leaned in closer to him, where his hands went around her waist.

"Make me remember what we had. Make me remember our love - let me feel it, Aahil."

Aahil felt like he was a part in a some kind of dream, seeing Sanam finally being with him. He had gotten crazy and let out all kind of sensibility to overcome his fears.

Instead, he had thanked God for letting his Begum Jaan back into his life.

He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the forehead, as she closed her eyes in response. He kissed her eyes and a few along her jawline.  

"God, Sanam! You have no idea how much I wanted this. I thought I would never get the chance to wrap my arms around you and tell you how much I loved you. How much I would do anything to just get you back."

Sanam's eyes began to get clouded.

"That day everything happened, I prayed that nothing would be lost between us. What we had would make us stronger than what we were before. Our love was my strength, Aahil. You were my strength through it all."

He reached out for her hand and placed it on his beating heart over his chest. "What we had, was never lost, Jaan - it was all in here. and I promise you it shall remain to be so, because I swear, I'm never going to let anyone come between us again! Yeh Vaada Hai Mera Tumse, Sanam."

Sanam closed her eyes and felt him lean in as they met in a delicate kiss with feelings and emotions attached. She buried her fingers in his silky soft hair and a small like moan escaped her lips.

"I want to touch your soul. Would you let me?" Sanam whispered while Aahil was busy placing a few kisses at the side of her neck.

Aahil stopped and shared a long look with her and felt like it was only yesterday where they had seen and touched each other's souls with their need and love.

Maybe.. They needed to remind each other how not to forget one another. Ever!


* * * *

The End!

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simran_singh_24 IF-Rockerz

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Good one!
I liked the way you wrote abt Sanam dashing off to Ahil's room. 
will be nice to see this happen in the show.

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