Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Maan is a doctor by profession and Geet just like any ordinary girl finished her graduation and like every parents dream was married out to a young doctor, Maan singh Khuranna. Their marriage was an arranged one. Savitri Khuranna, Maan's dadi had seen Geet at a wedding. At that point she decided that she wanted Geet as her bahu. She approached the Handas which were a middle class family. Though at the beginning Rano and Mohinder, Geet's parents were reluctant to marry Geet at such a young age but like eastern parents, for the secure future of daughter married her in a elite class home.

Maan and Geet have been married for about 3 weeks now.

Dadi is out of town for marriage of a close friend's daughter.

The morning sun rays brighten the dark room where a man is sleeping sound asleep.

The guy sprawled on the bed under the duvet is getting irritated by the strong sunrays pouring directly on his face. He takes his arm and tries to shield his eyes from the rays but after a few seconds the alarm starts to ring. The guy moves his hand on the side table and shuts the alarm off and pats the side of the bed with eyes closed in order to find his better half.

He pats but feels the missing warmth and instantly opens his eyes.

Maan: Yeh Geet kaha chali gayi

Here Maan removes the duvet from his body and tries to locate her in the room but she is nowhere to be seen.

Maan: Already kal mood off tha Madam ka... Pata nahi kyun... aisa to kabhi react nahi kiya itni choti si baat par... sirf itna kaha kay namak kam hai... and she exaggerated it too much... aurr mai bhi... ghussa to naak par hota hai mera... maine bhi react kar liya... Wah Maan abhi 3 weeks hoa shadi ko aur pehla argument bhi hogaya...

He shaked his head and moved to the bathroom

He tried to open it but was locked...

Maan (Selfthought): Kahi Geet to under nahi

Maan: Geet...Geet

Geet: Ji... ayi...

After a minute Geet opened the door...

Geet: Wo I was freshening up...

Maan saw her eyes were red and swollen and she seem tired.

Maan: hmm

Maan moved inside and and started taking a bath...

Maan(selfthought): Geet itni tired kyun lag rahi thi... shaid theek sa soyi nai... koi pareshani to nahi use...agar hai to mujhe bata sakti hai...

After taking the bath he moved out and saw his things kept ready for the hospital.

Maan: Isse se to saaf zahir hai kay naraaz nahi hai... Ghussa to mai bhi uska dekha hai...Agar abhi tak ghussa hoti to clothes aur brief case na arrange hoa hota...

Maan (selfthought): Shaid abhi bata de

After getting ready Maan moved down to have his breakfast.

Geet(Selfthought): Yeh Nakul ko bhi abhi chuti jana tha... Abh meri back mai tni pain ho rahi and... legs are cramped... I don't want to even stand up... Par Geet Maan ko nashta to dena hai... If he would ask then I won't be able to say a word in front of him due to embarrassment... upper say wo doctor hai... minute nahi lagega uk ko dawai denay mai... and tujhe pata hai agar maa ko pata chala kay tu nai tablet li iskaliye phir to bas...

Maan heard her self- talk

Maan(self-talk) :Kya hoa ha isse

Maan cleared his throat and sat at the dining table.

Geet : Ji bas nashta lati ho

Maan was reading the newspaper when she came out and served him with breakfast

Maan: Geet tum bhi ajao

Geet: hmm...

Maan: Geet sorry last night mai ne over react kiya...

Geet: Nahi nahi apko sorry bolne ki koi zarorat nahi wo mai aisie bus...

Geet got up and moved to make herself some warm milk

Geet(Selfthought): Geet chal aaj to pina hi parega...

Geet warmed the milk and added some nuts to it.

She came back to Maan with a mug of milk for herself while Maan was relishing his breakfast.

Geet silently had her milk and was waiting for Maan to go so that she can rest.

Right that instant Maan got a call from his assistant

Maan: Yeah Adi everything alright

Maan: hmm

Maan: ok will come later then

Geet's eyes widen up...

Geet(self-thought): Is ka matlab he will be here for 2 more hours and if I rest in front of him he will ask everything... being a doctor...

Geet in a sweet voice

Geet: Kiya hoa?

Maan: haa Geet pata nahi koi major traffic jam hoa hai due to some political rally so the roads are closed... will go about in 2-3 hours... balke tum lunch jaldi banalo I  will have it early and the leave... I have to study a patient's file too...

Geet( self-thought): ufff abh mai karo... Maan ko kaise bato kai mai aaj lunch nahi bana sakti... Yeh periods ko bhi abhi start hona tha...

Geet smiled and started taking the plates away...

Maan held her wrist

Maan: Geet kya hoa... you don't seem fresh today... tumhara face bhi pale hoa hai.. eyes bhi tired hai... sahi soyi nahi kia

Geet: Nahi Nahi Maan...I am alright...

Maan: Geet batao mujhe...

Geet: Maan kuch nahi hai... bus aise hi... mai kitchen mai ja rahi ho.

Maan nodded but still he was sure that something is not fine with her.

He followed her into the kitchen silently.

Geet went to put the plates into the sink and then held her back again

Geet(self-thought): chal Geet yeh tera ami ka ghar nahi ka tu aram kar... yeh teray husband ka hai... aur idher koi nakhre nahi chale gay... abh yeh to har mahine hoga na...

Maan heard her last line and finally understood everything...

Maan(self-thought)uff is larki ka kya karo mai... Bata nahi sakti thi yeh... itni dard sah rahi hai.. issi waja sai over react kar rahi thi kal...haa abhi dawai lay ka ata ho iskele...

Maan being an efficient doctor went to the cabinet in his room and bought a painkiller.

Maan then called for her

Maan: Geet... Geet...

Geet: ji ayi...

Geet: abh kia hoa...

Geet went up to their room

Maan: haa Geet... mujhe tumhari tabeat kuch sahi nahi lag rahi... aisa karo yeh painkiller lay lo...

Geet: Nahi Nahi...mai nahi lay sakti without doctor's prescription... haa

Geet forgetting her Maan is a doctor and raising her collar in her mind

Maan: Geet agar tum bhol rahi ho mai tumhe yad dilwado kaymai aik kafi famous doctor ho jo dawai kya tumhe hospital admit karwa sakta ho...

Geet: But Maan yeh to har mahinay hoga to phir aap mujhe admit karwa denge...

Maan keeping a stern face

Geet just put her palms on her mouth

Geet(self-thought): uff Geet kabhie to kam bola kar

Geet: ahh... Maan... wo.. app nahi samjhe gena... bus I don't want to eat tablets...

Maan smirked and held her from back

Maan: Tu iska ilaj hai meray paas... agley 9 months kay liye stop kar deta ho...

Geet first didn't understand and then all of a sudden was red as a tomato..

Geet then turned and hugged him.

They silently were standing but after a few minutes Maan picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the bed

Geet: Maan abhi nahi...

Maan: Geet I know... just relax... itni si baat bata nahi ta sakti tum mujhe... aur mai idhar ulta pareshan ho raha ho...

Geet: wo bas... mai nahi bol payi...

Maan: waisay to tum full on bindas ho liken isme bilkul tumhari himat chuhe jaisi hai... Pata hai doctor ho liken tumhara husband bhi ho aur unsab se pehle tumhara best friend...

Geet nooded feeling shy... as this was something girls are very shy about especially in front of opposite gender.

Maan made her lie down on the bed...

Maan: Geet abh tablet lo aur so jao...

Geet: wo nahi Maa mana karti hai is condition mai tablets nahi leni chaheye... sirk 2-3 hours ki baad hai... I will be fine...

Maan: I know Geet par tumhare puri body mai pain hai...

Geet: Maan maine abhi milk liya hai.. I will be fine...

Maan: To Madam app ko kuch khana bhi chaiye...

Geet: Maan please.. no... not in the mood of having anything... both dard ho raha hai

Maan:  ok just wait here

Maan went and bought a warm bottle and hot oil from the kitchen

Maan: Geet turn karo...

Geet shocked...

Geet: hmm kia..

Maan: Kya Kya... I said turn over on your stomach

Geet didn't move an inch

Maan knew her reluctant state... and anyone would be... it was only 3 weeks they have known each other due to arrange marriage and they did not even proceed towards physical relation. Though a bit was there but not fully.

Maan held her hand and said

Maan: Geet I am your husband... kuch nahi hoga... I will massage some oil on you back...

Geet still didn't react...

Maan: acha baba I will close my eyes and switch off the lights as well..okay

Geet nodded reluctantly

She turned on her stomach meanwhile Maan switched off the lights and came back and shut his eyes as well.

Maan removed the sari palu from the back a bit and then poured a little oil on his hands...

As soon as his hand lay on her back Geet felt a shiver ran down her spine... He massaged very carefully in order to reduce the pain... time by time asking her where she was feeling pain...

Geet on the other hand was blushing a lot

After some time Maan turned her and now removed the front pallu of her sari and put the hot water bottle there little bit down the stomach

Geet was scarlet red by now.

Maan then switched on the lights and Geet turned a bit to the other side shying away...

Maan smiled and then came back towards her and lied down near her..

Maan: Geet aur kahi dard ho raha hai...

Geet nodded in no...

Maan then lied down spooning her from back and spoke in her ear

Maan: Geet I hope tumhara dard abh theek ho gaya hoga... aur yaad rakhna yeh tumhare husband ka nahi balke hamara ghar hai so tum idher nakhre dekha sakti ho... acha... aur mai ne to kuch nahi kiya... Dadima hoti to aur zada karti... This thing is nothing to be embarrassed about this is what completes you as a woman... aur rahi baat isko temporary stop karne ki to... both jald mai wo bhi karoga..

Maan kissed her fore head and then turned towards him

Geet's hand had slipped from the bottle and the bottle slipped to the bed...

Maan picked the bottle again and kept it at the right place again. His hand slightly on the bare skin.

Geet eyes watered seeing his care...

Geet: aap ko pata hai app both ache hai... mai soch bhi nahi sakti thi kai mera humsafar itna caring hoga... yeh to choti si baat hai aur us mai aap itna care kar rahe...

Maan: Tumharre liye choti baat hogi par mereliye... to meri jaan dard mai thi.. mai kaise use aisa dekh lo..

Maan kissed her tears way and smiled

Geet too smiled...

Maan: Tumhe aur kuch chaiye...

Geet nodded in a no..

Maan: Waisay Geet tablet khane mai koi harj nahi... Mai doctor ho to mai keh raha ho...

Geet: Par Maa

Maan: Liken acha hai tum nai nahi khayi...

Geet gave him a confused face

Maan:  par agar tum tablet kha leti to mujhe apni wife se romance karne ka maaza na ta

Maan winked at her and Geet smacked his arm.

Maan: Chalo abh tum aram karo... koi zarorat nahi lunch banene ki

Geet nooded shyly and slept for some time.

Maan kept looking at her innocent wife.

After a few days...

Maan was at his laptop studying something when Geet came out after having a shower

Maan was awestruck by her beauty then and there...

Maan stood up and went towards her while geet was applying lotion on her hands

Maan gripped her wrist and pulled her towards himself

Maan: Geet so what do u think

Geet: about what...

Maan: hmmm

 Maan kissed her hand and smiled

Geet knew the hidden meaning

Geet tried to move away but Maan held her tightly

Maan: Geet I want to stop your pains for a few months... are u ready..

Geet smiled and blushed

Man knew the answer..

That night they became one leaving all inhibition behind.


Hello everybody... Hope you all are doing well... I know I am gayab from some time... but now I am free for a few days... so will be updating Kya Wo Tum Ho? as well...

Take this Random Os... as a comeback Os... Ignore any mistakes as wrote it last night in an hour and as usual no name... lols... and ignore if doesn't make sense...Lols... 

Will be waiting for feedback... and please hit the like button if u like...

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Lovely romantic os!!
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Beautiful os.  
harshu... IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow !!!! Cute wifey nd caring husband ,
nice os ,I enjoyed reading it ;)

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hi welcome back! Thanks 4 da superb awesome OS! Well written! Maaneet married! Geet having pains as its tht time of the month! she cannot tell Maan! he overhears and takes care of her! Geet awed! Maan teases her! Maaneet become one! IF-Rockerz

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lovely os..
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beautiful OS maan is carng hubby nd geet is innocent wifey lovd itClap

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