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Old is gold(OS series on old tv couples)Epi 59 pg131(MriAra,MihirPurva (Page 95)

Heatsha8176 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2015 at 3:08am | IP Logged

nice one

viren teasing nivedita trying to make her jealous n confess
but oh boy such a drastic ending
she died after them just confessing their love n starting their lives together
so sadCry
thanks for pm nplz keep em comin 

sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2015 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Although the pairs are unknown to me , but I guess this is one of the best os written by u...Viren tried to play jealousy act to make nivedita confess , but for me in doing so he lost a great deal of beautiful time they could have spend together...But still their love was epic , the jealousy play worked ...the diary let her know his feelings and then their confession...but they couldn't enjoy this new feeling...she died ...fate took her , but she remained in his heart
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 2:18am | IP Logged

Old is gold(OS series on old TV couples)Episode 53(Shyamal Akashi,Aditya Priya)

Dedicating to -mina- who likes this strange couple

Ugly turns handsome

Akashi;the prowd beauty was someone who believed that external beauty is very important for a person.She dreamt of having a fairy tale life with the most handsome man.She found her handsome dream man.He was Kshitij.But she became very late in understanding that Kshitij has only external beauty and he lacks internal beauty.Kshitij's unexpected misbehaviour proved that he is an animal in disguise of a handsome young man.Akashi who became the victim of rape had to concieve a baby which  was the result of Kshitij's cruelty towards her.She hates her baby as it reminds her of the bitter moments she had with Kshitij.
Akashi lands up in the hospital to remove the burden forever.
" are here?"
Akashi is shocked to see Shyamal  behind her.He is her neighbour who is a taxi driver.
"Why are you here?"Akashi asks him.
"I came here to pick up someone.Why are you here?",he answers.
Akashi is a bold girl who is frank and does'nt hesitate to disclose the biggest truth of her life.
"I came to abort my baby".
Shyamal  takes a few seconds to digest what she said.
"The whole world knows what Kshitij did to me.But no one knows that i'm suffering because of that incident's after effects.The baby in my womb is the result of his cruelty.So i hate this creature.Because it is that animal's baby".
"Kshitij tortured you.So you are forced to carry his baby in your womb.But don't forget that it is your baby also.What did this innocent baby do to you?The baby in the womb will be waiting eagerly to see it's mother's beautiful face.Your baby will love you a lot.Because you are it's mother.Then how can you kill your baby?If you do that you will also be an animal like Kshitij.You thought with your brain.But think with your heart also".

His words reach Akashi's heart.Her tears flow down.
"What you said is true Shyamal .Why should i punish my innocent baby?"
Shyamal  smiles.

Akashi's mother Shusheela comes to know that she is pregnant.Shusheela's tears flow like a river.
"My daughter's life is spoiled".
"My life is not spoiled mom.God gave me a baby as my strength.I will live for my baby".
Akashi is brave enough to face the obstacles of life.
Susheela's eyes did'nt become dry.
"What will society say if you give birth to a baby?Will anyone marry my daughter?"
"Yes,i will".
They hear Shyamal 's voice from behind.They are shocked.
"Shyamal !Do you know what you said?Stupid"Akashi turns back.
"I meant what I said".His tone is sharp.

Susheels and Akashi are stunned.
I know that i'm just a driver.I have no education.I look ugly.Thinking of marrying someone like Akashi itself is arrogance.But i have no bad intention.I'm grateful to this family.Because of you all i'm having bread and butter.When my family suffered due to poverty Akashi's late father gave me job.Otherwise my family and I would not have even survived.I want to help you all by saving Akashi's reputation".
Shusheela is relieved.Shyamal  leaves the place.
Thinking of marrying an ugly man like Shyamal  is unbearable for Akashi.
"No..i can't.Shyamal and I don't match physically".
"Akashi...still you are giving importance to looks?Have you not learnt any lesson from your past?The handsome man you loved destroyed your life.And the ugly man whom you refuse to marry is trying to save your reputation.He stopped you from doing a crime like abortion. "
Susheela's words make Akashi think of Shyamal deeply.

She marries Shyamal painfully to save the family reputation.

When Akashi enters the bedroom she does'nt feel that she is newly wed bride.She is frightened to sit near the ugly husband Shyamal .
"Don't be scared.I'm not like your Kshitij.I may be looking like an ugly beast.But not terrible like a beast.Though i'm uneducated i know how to behave with girls.I will not try to impose my rights on you as a husband.I'm just your baby's father.You may not be my wife.But your baby is mine.I have rights on your baby".
Akashi smiles with relief.

Shyamal  is  a caring husband.Akashi enjoys it unknowingly.She does'nt find it disgusting.

Akashi is washing clothes.Shyamal  runs to her and holds her hand.
"What are you doing?Atleast for the first three months you need rest.You should not work like this.It is not good for the baby.For you also.."
"Really?Why are you bothered about me and my baby?Don't you think that you are over reacting?"
"Overreacting?Me?Never.I'm just caring for my baby.I want my baby to be healthy.You are not giving enough care to your health Akashi.You are so careless".
"Why are you bothered about me?Why are you so caring to me?Tell me Shyamal ".
Silence is Shyamal 's answer.
"Tell me Shyamal ".
"I'm going now",he says.
"No,you should go only after answering my question".
He goes near her.
"I care for you".
She blushes.
He continues,"But I don't know why".

He goes away.Akashi is disappointed by his answer.
"Why i am feeling dissatisfied?Did i expect something more from his mouth?"
Akashi is confused.

Days pass.Akashi's starts enjoying Shyamal 's presense secretely.

Rain drops are falling down.Shyamal  enjoys the raindrops covering him.Akashi enjoys watching it.She goes near him.
"Why are you here Akashi?It's raining heavily?You will fall sick".
"You will also fall sick.Then why are you?"Akashi asks back.
"I love being in rain".
"I also love having fun while raining".
"But it will affect your health.What will happen to our baby?"
Shyamal  grabs her hand.Akashi looks at his eyes.

His eyes also get hooked to her glowing eyes.In the rain when they stand close to each other they feel passionate towards each other without their own knowledge.He takes her inside.He takes a towel and dries her hair.He wipes her wet face.Akashi's eyes are on him.He becomes conscious.
"Why are you staring at me like this?As if i did something wrong".
"I'm just watching your small deeds.How much you care for me...nobody can do like this for someone who is not close.I'm not close to you.Still how can you be like this to me?"
Akashi's words make him blank.
"Do you know Shyamal ..when we both were in the rain i felt something strange.I don't know what..".
"Me too Akashi",He says in his mind.

Akashi eldest sister Priya who works in US  comes back from US with her husband Aditya.Priya's visit was a big surprise for Akashi.
"Priya di..Aditya jeeju...i'm so happy to see you both.You guys are going to have your second wedding anniversary.Right?I can't wait for the celebration".

Aditya smiles,

"Priya was waiting eagerly waiting to see you Akashi".

Akashi s smiles,

"Me too.That's the bond we share".
Priya's eyes get welled up with tears.
"Why are you crying di?We both are seeing each other after a long time.Still you seem to be upset".
"You used to share everything with me.But you hid from me how you suffered here.You all hid what happened in your life last few months.Our mom lied to me that you are getting engaged to the person you love.So i thought it is Kshitij.But now only i came to know that Kshitij cheated you and you were forced to marry Shyamal  who is not at all like your dream man".

"I thought Kshitij is my dream man.But what did i get from him?Shyamal  is not my dream man.But i'm happy with him".
"You always wanted to be with a handsome man.You had told me that life with an ugly husband will be like living in a hell",Priya's recalls Akashi's thoughts about marriage.
"I used to think like that before.But not me...I love being with Shyamal .You all may find him ugly.But I find him handsome now.Because i see his internal beauty always.He is so caring.But i'm not satisfied.I feel that i expect something more from him".
Priya can't believe it.
"You changed a lot Akashi.You are seeing reality now.You understood that external beauty is nothing.You expect more from Shyamal .That means you expect more than care from him.You want to be loved by Shyamal ".

Akashi is stunned,

"Really di?"

"Yes Akashi.You are in love with Shyamal",Priya replies.
Akashi is excited,"Thank you di for reading my mind and making me understand what is in my mind.You are right.I'm in love with Shyamal .Now i understand my feelings for him".
Priya and Aditya smile.

Aditya says,

"Akashi...Shyamal accepted you with no complaints.He takes care of you so well.It means Shyamal also loves you.It's just that he is covering it thinking that you don't love him.So don't delay anymore.Go and express your love towards Shyamal".

"You are right jeeju.I must confess my love to Shyamal".

Akashi goes to the taxi station looking for Shyamal .Luckily she finds him inside the taxi there.Shyamal  is surprised to see her there.
He comes out of the taxi.
"Why are you here?I told you to be at home.That is more safe for you",Shyamal  says.

"I could not control myself.I felt like seeing you very badly".
He can't understand anything.
"I can't sleep unless i open my heart in front of you.I want to tell you that i love you".
Shyamal  is surprised.
"Are you deprived of senses?"
"Yes.I know what i'm saying.I love you Shyamal ".
Shyamal  can't believe his ears.
"How can you love me?You are so beautiful and rich.But i'm ugly and poor.."
She keeps her finger on his lips.
"Don't put yourself down.You are always underestimating yourself.You are not ugly.You are handsome.Your mind is that beautiful Shyamal .You taught me that external beauty has nothing to do with love.I love you ".
Shyamal  smiles slowly,
"I love you too".
Akashi goes into his arms.She feels secure in his arms.
Akashi stands near the window recalling their sweet confession.Shyamal who is lost in her beauty caresses her face.She gets lost in him.
They become the symbol of love everyway.
Priya-Aditya look at their wedding pictures and smile.
P:I can't believe that 2 years passed away so fast.I feel yesterday was our wedding.
He smiles.
Ad:Still you look like a bride Priya...
She blushes.
He gets romantic with her.She gets melted in him.
Aditya and Priya celebrate their wedding anniversary by feeding cake each other.
All are very happy.Suddenly Priya faints.
Aditya screams:Priyaaa!
Susheela cries:Priya beta...
Akashi and Shyamal are shocked.
They take Priya to the hospital.
The doctor congratulated Aditya:Congrats.You guys are going to be parents.
They all are very happy.
Susheela:So two babies in our family.
Shyamal and Akashi smile at each other.
Aditya goes near Priya.She is blushing.He cups her face in his hands emotionally.
Ad:When you fainted I lost my life.But now...Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Priya.
P:Thank you so much for your lovely gift Adi...
They smile at each other.

The end

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heemasomani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 4:36am | IP Logged

Nice os 
-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Wow Jasmine!!! Thank you SO much! What a treat to read about this couple. Even though you changed how they came together, you still showed their characters as on the show. I really liked this sweet and thoughtful story. So nice to see Akaashi slowly learn to love Shymal, and for Shymal to be so noble and caring. And Priya-Adi from Maryada are also one of my favourite old couples, so amazing you included them! Jasmine thank you so much for thinking of me and thanks even more for writing and posting this!
FIZK6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM, otherwise i wouldn,t have known :)
Lovely story and thanks for having AdiYa in it too. My favourite couple onacreen and offscreen  HeartDay Dreaming
Could you write an OS on just Aditya Priya please.

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Jayeeta_06 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 7:28am | IP Logged
though I don't like both the jodis but still loved the Akashi believed in external beauty and so married Kshitij who tortured her and made her pregnant...Shocked...for her family's sake Shyamal married Akashi...Approve...Akashi was not happy but later on fell in love with him...ClapClapClap...they confessed their feelings to each other...Cool...Aditya and Priya spent some romantic moments as they celebrated their 2nd anni...Thumbs Up...Priya gave good news...ClapClapClap...all are happy...Wink...beautiful...StarStarStar...thank u 4 pm...Big smile...
PriyaSweety-Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 October 2015 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Thanks for PM.Smile
It was So Nice Os.Smile
The Whole os was so Interestingly explained.Smile
Please write like this.Smile

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