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Old is gold(OS series on old tv couples)Epi 59 pg131(MriAra,MihirPurva (Page 80)

Preternatural IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 October 2015 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Okay.. after decades..., read about YuVi... the couple I wanted to die for... The couple which made me happy, cry and heat-broken.. Man, I miss them soo much...I miss TSPLS...
Lovely story... I always wanted to see/read a story about Vrinda loving Yug ...and there you go... Thank you for the OS... Beautiful and heart-touching story... 

Heatsha8176 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 October 2015 at 3:04am | IP Logged
nice one
so it took for vrinda to be getting married to someone else
for him to realize his feelings
but he never stepped up till that creep Yuvraj humiliated her
take it he didn't want to cause her any more trouble that's why he never spoke till she was free
thanks for pm nplz keep em comin
ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 October 2015 at 3:44am | IP Logged
the os is really good 
so kunal and nimmo are not willing to confess their love but kunal challenge made nimmo wear the western clothe which just surprised all and specially kunal

-Dellz- IF-Rockerz

Fan Fiction Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 10 October 2015 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Its so amazing and beautifully written on NYE.Kunal had decided to make it a western avatar night.And Suhaana,Nimmo and Sneha were uncomfortable wearing western clothes as they are indains by the force of their husbands they were forced to wear to keep their husbands happy.They all 3 were looking hot and seducive.Loved Nihaal and Suhaana cute scene.Nimmo and Kunal had a small little fight and later their kiss was nice.He lost in from of her.Sneha and Sharad scene was beautifully described.I didn't knew that that acted before also in a serial .Loved the song included and loved the dance of all 3 couples .
Its indeed a beautiful happy new year.
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 October 2015 at 2:13am | IP Logged

Old is gold(OS series on old TV couples)Episode 45( Garv Kumud Kshitij,Arjun Bhoomi)

 Dedicated to Sanjana4Rajeev who wants me to write on Garv Kumud.I dedicate this to
Nisha Kankaraj Preetha who likes Arjun Bhoomi and Garv Kumud.

Tere Naam...Your name...

The new teacher enters the class.All  are looking at her.
The teacher smiles:Hi...i'm Kumud.You new Physics lecturer.

Kumud knocks on the Principal's room:Sir...may i come in..?
She enters the room.
P:How was the class?
A:Fine sir.
P:What about the students?They are notorious.
She smiles:They are interesting.
There was a guy who was sitting there.
P:Miss.Kumud...this is Garv Sachdev...from the Physics department.
Garv and Kumud look at each other.
G:Nice to meet you.
K:It's my pleasure.

Kumud is talking to someone.Garv wants to talk to her.He watches her talking.He decides to go back without talking to her. Garv goes near Kumud:Hi Kumud.I...
Kumud:The principal had introduced you to me.So i remember your name and face very well.
G:You talk as if you are seeing me for the first time.Everyone in this college think so.But don't you know that...

K:Yes..i knew you before itself.
G:Atleast you agreed that.How are you?
Kumud feels upset:I'm ok..You?
She looks at his face.He hides his pain:You are fine.So i'm also happy.
Kumud looks at his eyes with pain.
She moves away.Both are very upset. Kumud thinks about the past...

Flash back...

Kumud and Garv are a happily married couple.
Once Garv comes home very late.Kumud is angry with him.She does'nt speak to Garv.He keeps a card near her.Slowly she takes it and  opens .It's a sorry card.She smiles.Garv sits close to her and smiles.

G:I met my old friend Bhoomika on the way. She invited me home.That's why i became late.
K:It's ok Garv...I understand.

Garv takes Kumud to Bhoomika's home.
Bhoomika:Garv...your wife is so sweet...
Garv smiles holding Kumud close to him.
Kumud:Garv always tells about his dear friend Bhoomika.
Bhoomika smiles:We were close buddies in college.So people even thought that we will get married.
Kumud's face becomes dull.
Bhoomika:But we are just friends.
Kumud smiles.

Days later...
Kumud comes back home after shopping.She is shocked to see Bhoomika in Garv's arms.
Kumud:What is this Garv?
G:She feels sick.She can't walk.I'm taking her to the hospital.  what ever you feel like.

Bhoomika:No need of going to the hospital Garv.Just drop me to my house.I'm pregnant.That's why.
Kumud is shocked.

Garv comes back home.
Kumud is sitting quietly.
G:I'm sorry Kumud.I came late.Bhoomika was very sick.So i had to sit besides her.
Kumud looks at him with anger.He gives her a card.
Kumud:Sorry card won't work out always.
She tears it.He is shocked.
Kumud shouts:You can sit near Bhoomika always.Because Bhoomika is pregnant with your baby.
She cries:I know that i can't produce a baby for you.So you hate me.
Garv feels upset.

G:Kumud...have I ever taunt you for not concieving?I have told you many times.I love you and I need only you.I don't need any baby when you are with me.
Kumud:Stop acting Garv.Don't pretend to love me anymore.I can't give you a baby.But Bhoomika did that for you.So go to her.Leave me.
G:You are misunderstanding me...

Kumud is leaving home.
Garv cries:I beg you.Life without you is impossible.Please don't leave me.
Kumud leaves home crying without listening to him.


Garv sees the lecturer Kshitij and Kumud chatting with each other.

Garv gets irritated.
Kumud laughs:Kshitij...your humour senses hasn't changed yet.
Garv passes by.
G:You both knew each other before?
Kshitij:Yes.We both have worked together in the previous college too.Do you guys knew each other?
Garv Kumud looked at each other.
Garv:I have class now.Will talk to you later.
Garv goes.
Kumud is in the library.Garv goes near her.
K:Garv...why are you after me?Are you still trying to clear the misunderstandings by telling me more lies.Please don't...
G:Kumud...we are lecturers of the same profession.At least on the basis of that relationship I can talk to you.Right?Just on the professional note...
Kumud looks at him emotionally.
Suddenly she sees some students entering the library.She wipes her eyes.
K:Garv...students are coming.Don't create a scene here and make a fool of ourselves.
She leaves.Garv is sad.He follows her.It rains.
Garv:Kumud...I know that you hate me.But believe are misunderstanding me.
Kumud weeps looking at Garv:I know...
Kumud cups his face in her hands:Garv...I never hated you even when I was angry with you.
Garv sheds tears out of happiness:Kumud!

She embraces him.Both of them cry.

Suddenly Garv realizes that it's only his dream.
Kumud is staring at him in rain.
Kshitij came.
Kshi:Why are you guys standing in rain?
Garv and Kumud do not have any reply.
Kshi:In this wet dress how can you both take class?
G:Actually we don't have class today.Last period is free for both of us.
Garv-Kumud look at each other.Garv walks away.Kshitij goes near Kumud.
Kumud slips and Kshitij holds her hand.
Kshi:I will help you to walk.
Kumud removes her hand from him.
K:No thanks.I will walk by myself.
Kshi:But why?
K:Kshitij...I can read your mind.But sorry I can't see you that way.
Kshitij becomes dull.

Kshi:But why Kumud?Are you still thinking of your ex-husband?
K:Kshitj...that day you asked me and Garv if we knew each other before.Now I will give you a reply.
Yes,we knew each other before itself.We were married.
Kshitij is shocked:Garv is ex-husband?
K:I may be Garv's ex-wife.But he is not my ex-husband.He will always be my only husband.So sorry Kshitij.
Kshi:It's ok...I understand.But if you ever feel that loving the husband who gave you a painful married life is a mistake you can come to me.I will hold your hand.
K:No Kshitij,love can never be a mistake.
She walks away.Kshitij is upset.

Kumud sees  Bhoomika with a guy at a shopping complex.Bhoomika sees her.Kumud turns off her face remembering the pregnant Bhoomika.
Bhoomika and that guy come near her.
Bhoomika:Hi Kumud...
Kumud does'nt reply due to her hatred towards Bhoomika.
Bhoomi:How are you?How is Garv?

Kumud:Why are you asking me about Garv?You must be knowing Garv better than me as he is with you now.
Bhoomika and that guy are shocked.
Bhoomi:What are you saying Kumud?
Kumud:Or did you guys break up?
Bhoomika:I really don't understand what you are saying Kumud.
Kumud:Because of you Garv and I broke up.
Bhoomika and that guy are shocked.
K:You are talking as if you don't know anything.That time you were pregnant and Garv took care of you.And the truth of your affair with Garv came out.
That guy:Stop talking nonsense Mrs.Kumud!
K:Who are you?
Bhoomi: He is my husband Arjun.
Kumud is shocked:You are married?
Bhoomika:Ya...don't you remember me telling that i was pregnant? Our child is in play school now.We came here to buy dress for our daughter's birthday. Arjun was out of station when i became pregnant.That's why Garv took care of me.Garv only helped me in that horrible situation.He is a true friend of mine.
Kumud is shocked:What?Oh my God!I misunderstood Garv.I thought you were unmarried and you were carrying Garv's baby.So I left Garv.
Bhoomika and Arjun get shocked.
B:Are you mad Kumud?
Kumud regrets  what she did to Garv.She bursts into tears.

Arjun and Bhoomika at home.
Bhoomi:I can't believe it.Garv is such a nice friend of mind.But I could give him only pain.Because if me he lost his love.
Arjun:No Bhoomi.You did'nt do anything wrong.Kumud misunderstood you and Garv.What to do?
Bhoomi:But unknowingly I became the reason for their separation.So I want to unite them.
Arjun:I will be always there with you for every step Bhoomi.
Bhoomi smiles.

College cultural day...

A student is singing the song
" ( Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai
Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Hai )... (2)
Beete Lamhein..."{The train}.
Garv and Kumud are looking at each other with pain.

Arjun and Bhoomi visit Kumud. you know the truth.Still why are you hesitating to go back to Garv?
Kumud is silent.
Bhoomi:You know Kumud...still he lies to us that he is leading a happy married life with you.He never told us about your separation.
Arjun:After knowing the truth also we never questioned him as we did'nt want to hurt him.He wants us to believe that he is still with you.
Kumud is sad.
Bhoomi:Kumud...please kill your ego and make this lie a truth by going back to him.
Kumud weeps.
Bhoomi:Otherwise I will regret the whole life that I broke my best friend's marriage.
Kumud s tears roll down her cheeks.
K:Not because of ego that I did'nt return to Kumud,but because of fear.I have no courage to face him.I am too guilty to face him.After taunting him so much how can I ask him to accept me?I don't deserve him.
Arjun-Bhoomika become sad.
B:No Kumud...You should go back to Garv.Otherwise he will never get the happiness he deserves.
Arjun:Bhoomi is right.Otherwise Garv will suffer through out his life.
Kumud weeps silently.

Kumud sees Garv sitting in the college garden during the free period.She goes and sits near him which surprises Garv.
G:You sat near me though you hate me?
K:Because I also wanted to rest breathing fresh air during the free period.
Suddenly Garv sees vermillion on the parting of her hair.
Garv asks painfully:You got married.Right?
K:We are not legally divorced.Then how can i marry?

He is surprised.
G:But your sindoor...
K:Because i'm still married to you.
Garv-Kumud share an emotional eye lock.

La la la la la la la...
Tere naam hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooo jivan apana saara sanam
Tere naam... (3)

K:Are you married?
G:How can i marry someone else when you are in my heart?
Kumuds  eyes become wet:Now also you love me?
Garv sheds tears:Yes,i can't love anyone else.There is only one woman\s name in my heart.Your name.
Kumud looked at him emotionally.

Hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooo jivan apana saara sanam

G:Please believe me Kumud.Bhoomika is just a friend.

Pyaar bahut karte hai tumse, ishk hai too hamaara sanam
Ho ishk hai too hamaara sanam
La la la la la la...
Kumud weeps:No need of telling anything more.I know that.I realised my mistake very late.

Garv looks at her in disbelief.
G:Then why did'nt you come back to me?
A:I was scared whether you will drive me away as I insulted you that much.
G:Never!How could you think that i can hate you?I can never push you out of my life.Because I love you that much.
Kumud looks at him painfully.

Tere ishk ne saathiya, tera haal kya kar diya... (2)
Nindo me aankho me pyaase khwaabo me
Too hee too hai yaara mehakee saanso me

G:Come back to my life Kumud.
Both are weeping.

Har bechainee rah rah ke yeh kehatee hai
Har dhadkan me teree chaahat rehatee hai
Tere bina... (3)
He extends his arm.Slowly Kumud catches his arm.

Naamumkin hai jindagee kaa gujaara sanam
Ho jindagee kaa gujaara sanam

They both smile with tears in their eyes.

Tere naam hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooo jivan apana saara sanam
Tere naam... (3)

Kshitij sees them through the window sadly.

Arjun and Bhoomi throw a dinner party to Garv and Kumud to celebrate their reunion.
Bhoomi:I can't tell you how happy I am to see you guys together.

Garv-Kumud smile.

Arjun:Always be together like this.
Kumud:Yes.Once we did a mistake by getting separated.We will not repeat that mistake again.
They smiled.
Arjun-Bhoomika's little daughter Niranjana came running.They all hold her together.

The end

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-Dellz- IF-Rockerz

Fan Fiction Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 10 October 2015 at 2:16am | IP Logged
This is so sweet one.Yug and Vrinda are college friends, During the college reunion ,yug and vrinda become one.Hug express his feelings to her in. a drunken state.Yug doesn't love her and Vrinda was depressed that her Yug whom she loves doesn't love her .Her mother Maya forced her to marry Yuvraj.Vrinda went to invite Yug to her wedding.Hug was feeling hurt. Yuvraj was rejected for which he took revenge on her .Vrinda was sad and so was her mom Maya that who will marry Vrinda.Yug marries her as he realizes his love for her.
Its was sweet cute story.its really sweet and nice.
Thanks for the dedication
Nichuss IF-Addictz

Joined: 11 February 2012
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Posted: 10 October 2015 at 2:24am | IP Logged
omg omg bhoomi n arjun
whr the hell s she vanished...

amazing os da... jsut loved the way lov started and finally ended on happy note...

my fav was bhoomi-arjun

kumud was always silly n jumper in show too... :P 

she was cute but

nicely written
Insaneniyu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2015 at 3:54am | IP Logged
Amazing OS
Arjun n bhoomi were cute grav n khumud both made mistake but love each other
Beautiful end

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