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Old is gold(OS series on old tv couples)Epi 59 pg131(MriAra,MihirPurva (Page 61)

heemasomani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 8:43am | IP Logged
It was amazing os 
loved it

sweet_tehs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Such a cute OS...
Lovely parts of holiday celebrations...loved Armaan here..
sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2015 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
beautiful confession dear...cute & sweet
desire_nikki IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 12:00am | IP Logged
such a cute one..
loved it..
-Dellz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Thanks for dedicating the update for me. Ridhimma loves Armaan.shr doesn't  know that Armani loves Her. She thinks Armaan still loves Swati.yoh didn't show who is swati.Ridhima wanted to resign and this would be her last holi as she wants Swati and him to reunite. 
It's was holi and Armaan wanted to confess his love for her. But Swati came and he made her realize that he loves Ridhimma.Armaan was angry with Ridhimma for making Swati come back. He confessed his love for her. Ridhimma was stunned and she realized that he too loves her. She too expressed her love for him. 
It was a mixture of emotional,sweet and romantic update. Thanks for the pm and continue soon. 

sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
WOW!! it was beautiful dear...loved it...
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

Old is gold(OS series on old TV couples)Episode 32(Raghu Antara)

I dedicate this specially to Nichuss who loves Raghu Antara crazily.She was sad that they had tragic ending in their show Do dil ek jaan.But they have a good ending.

"I love you...but..."

When Antara met Raghu as her new neighbour her heart broke again.
Again and again her heart is broken by him.

She remembered her lovely moments with Raghu.
She fell in love with him when she was saved by him from the goons.
When she confessed her love to him he broke her heart by saying no'.
"Why?Why Raghu why?I have seen love in your eyes for me.Then why are you hiding your love?"
"You are miunderstanding Antara...I don't love you".
"Don't try to fool me Raghu.I know that you love me.Then why are you hiding it?You can't go away without answering my question".

She held his hand tight not letting him go.Finally he bursted out the truth.
"Yes...I love you.But I can't be with you as I am also a goon".
She was shocked.
"I did'nt want to be a goon.But to survive an orphan like me was forced to be an orphan".
Antara wept.
Seeing tears coming out of his eyes she wiped them.
"I know that you can't do anything wrong intentionally.But I am with you...why don't you start a new life with me?"
He stared at her.
"If you try you can lead a normal life.I will support you".
"Yes Raghu".She held his hand assuring him,giving him new hopes.
Raghu started leading a normal life.

He smiled with tears in his eyes looking at Antara with gratitude.
"Thank you Antara".
He embraced her unknowingly.She embraced him back.
She smiled.
"So you accepted my love?"
He smiled looking at her face.
They shared a beautiful eye lock.
 Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu.

Antara's father opposed this relation.But Antara put her foot down and finally he agrred to conduct their wedding.
But her happiness was short lived as Raghu did'nt turn up for the wedding leaving her alone at the mandap.
She heard that Raghu left their village.Her father tried to get her married again.But she did'nt marry anyone.

Years passed.Antara is alone after her father's demise.
Unexpectedly after a long time she saw Raghu as her new neighbour.She ignored him and walked away hiding her tears.Raghu looked at her tearfully.

Antara stood shivering in the temple.Though her eyes were closed tears rolled over her cheeks.

"God,why are you punishing me like this?Why I have only pain these days?"

She opened her eyes only to get shocked to see Raghu.

"Raghu!How come you are here?".

"I did'nt come here to disturb you Antara.I just came to pray".

"God hears only good-hearted people's prayers".

It pained Raghu's heart.

Antara noticed the dark sky.

"I think it's going to rain now.I need to go back before it starts raining".

"Earlier you used to love being in love.Then now why are you going away from rain?"

"That time rain was the symbol of happiness.But now the rain appears to be tears".

Raghu felt upset as it was because of him that Antara finds pain in rain.

He said in his mind,

"Even in rain I can see only your tears which are caused by me.But I will wipe your tears Antara".

Raghu put one step forward,but his leg got slipped due to the wet slippery floor and he fell down.

"Raghu!"Antara ran towards him and helped him to get up.She saw his hand bleeding.Without second thoughts she tore her duppatta  and tied it over his hand.

Cool breeze of love touched them.Raghu could'nt help himself from pampering her face with his eyes.Antara who looked up saw his eyes being fixed on her.She came back to her senses and moved backward.

She thought,

"Why do I still care for the man who cheated me?"

"Antara!"He called her.She looked at him.He was looking at her with painful eyes.

"I am sorry Antara".

Antara's eyes got teary.Suddenly she managed herself not to become weak.

"After wounding my heart you don't deserve my pardon Raghu".

His heart was scattered into various pieces.

"You don't have a heart.Then how will you understand what a woman undergoes when her man does'nt come to the wedding place?"

"I had come there Antara".

Unknowingly he said so.

Antara was shocked.

"But I was attacked by some goons.I fell unconscious".

Antara could'nt believe it.

"No.You are lying".

"I know that you can't believe me.But this is the truth.Believe me Antara.When I got my consciousness back I was in a different place tied up in a dark area.I don't know for how long I was there".

Antara was really shocked.

"Why should those goons kidnap you?You are cooking up a story".

She saw his tears flowing down.

"Do you think that I can betray you?"

Antara lost herself in his tears.

"One day the person who arranged goons to kidnap me visited me there.It was your father".
She was shocked.
"No.My father can't do it.Why should he do that?He had arranged our wedding".
"He had agreed.But he never wanted our wedding to take place.So he arranged those goons".
She was stunned.
"He told me that you got married to a high status guy on the same mandap and released me.I was shattered.But I felt that your father was right as you deserved a better person than me.So I never bothered to return back.Recently I came to know that your father expired and you were never married.So I came back Antara.But I never thought that your mind was full of hatred for me.I thought you had trust in me".
Antara's heart pained.

She remembered her father at the death bed.
"Antara beta...don't punish yourself for the sin I did".
"What sin did you do papa other than arranging the wedding with an unfaithful goon believing my words?"
"No beta...actually what happened was...Raghu..."
Before he could complete his sentence he took his last breath.
Now Antara realized what her father wanted to say before his death.He wanted to confess his sin by proving Raghu innocent.

She forgot herself and ran to him.He circled his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him.

Heer teri keedan sara ve
    Ve mein ki kara ki kara haaniya
That moment both of them could'nt find any trace of pain in the rain.They could see only pure love in the rain.

She started shivering when rain drops fell all over her.Her wet dress which was hugging her sensitive skin made her shiver with cold.

He saw it.He wiped the rain drops from her her forehead,her cheeks,her nice and then her lips.When he touched her tender lips she moved away from her.But he held her hand brought her close to him.They both looked at each other's eyes deeply.
He removed his coat and covered her with it.

Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
"Raghu,you will feel cold without the coat".

"No Antara.If you are alright why would I feel uncomfortable? ".

His fingers fell on her wet head.

Her long tresses started glowing as if rain drops decorated it like small diamond stars decorate the sky of fairy land.His fingers pampered her lovely hair.She closed her eyes only to forget her recent pain and get immersed in this blissful moment with her man.

Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
Raghu cupped her face in his hands.

"Antara,open your eyes.Let me see your beautiful eyes".

Slowly she opened her eyes.Rain drops fell on her eyes.Her eye lashes fluttered.

"Raghu,why do you want to see my eyes?"

"To see your feelings for me",he replied.

"You don't know how I feel for you?"She asked.

"I know.But I want to know whether your grief had vanished from the eyes.If so that means you have forgiven me".

"Raghu,look at my eyes and tell me what you feel now".

He looked at her eyes deeply.

He smiled emotionally.

She smiled with tears in her eyes.

"Why should I forgive you when you don't have any mistake?".
"I did a big mistake by believing your father's words that you married someone else.I should have enquired the truth and not been away from you all these years".

They both became so emotional that they shed tears.

Rab hai raaji jo tu hai raaji
    Tu hain raaji..

He lifted her up in his arms and walked in the rain.They kept looking at each other.

He sat under a tree keeping his beloved on his lap.

He caressed her face.

Tu hi mera maula aur kaazi
    Rab hai raaji jo tu hai raaji
    Tu hain raaji..

"Antara,I love you.I can't live without you",Raghu confessed.
Antara became so emotional that she did'nt know how to react.

Tu hi mera maula aur kaazi
    Suni suni si ye saari raahein ve

His tears fell down.He wiped her tears."Don't cry Antara.This is not a moment to cry.This is a beautiful moment...I got my Antara back after a painful separation. " 

 Tujhako tarse meri nigahein ve
    Tujha ko tujha mein faana ho jaane de
    Teri baahon mein mujhe kho jaane de

She wept ,"And I got my Raghu back".
 Aankhiyan ronan de
    Aankhiya de kor ko
    Chal pardesiya ve

He smiled emotionally.She smiled after a long time forgetting the tear drops which irritated her eyes.

She buried herself in his chest.

    Bhol paan haan de
    Aankhiyan ronan de
The rain drops poured upon themselves marking a new beginning of love which was hidden for sometime.

Raghu carried her in his arms and walked away to begin their new life.

Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mahi tu mera raanjan tu
    Mera mahi tu mera raanjan tu.

The End

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heemasomani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2015 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Marvelous OS 

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