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Shyamala Akka,
I read one Tamil novel in which an apparently so straight forward and full of Integrity Officer who is actually mentor to the hero is caught in enemy's camp. Hero gets the shock of his life is an understatement. This is IB-RAW etc. And then finally it is revealed that he is going there as one of the enemy camps but is a agent / spy of GOI to find out top military secrets.
So may be Rao's final avatar is not yet out !!!

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Shymaladi I am going to write a long winding post this time. Part of it I wrote in my stand alone post which you have already read. Part of it I will write here. First of all I agree completely to your analysis of Bairavi Dansh scene. That was a beauty and that dialogue " Mein kitaab dene nahin aayi hoon"ClapClapClapClap phew I was blown away.
Now coming to your points on Dr Rao. Do you know what is Dr Rao's biggest strength. Maya or illusion he has created as a researcher, teacher, working for the betterment of society blah, blah. And just like Bairavi if you look he is given play of words which he uses according to his will. You said Charles is with Rudra, Kat and Mai is also with Rudra. But how long. Rudra still trusts Bairavi which represents his heart. Dr Rao by clever play of words have alientated other Garuds from Bairavi and to some extent Rudra himself with that dialogue of Nagon ke saath hai. And if today if he refuse to sacrifice Leela darar badenga. Will live and die for you is one thing, but faced with situations, faced with calamity and their leader not taking the type of decision they want of course Rudra's hold on his team will reduce. Even in Harry Potter fed up with Harry's methods Ron his best friend walks out.
You asked Rao knew there was knowledge in the books that could have activated the Garud's power in the book and if Dr Rao had told that when Bairavi was there she would have done it. Really. After seeing Bairavi's deal making with Dansh do you really believe Bairavi would have done it. For me it is a definite no. Not only she wouldn't have done it, she would have found a plausible reason also for not doing it. Dr Rao is shrewd enough to understand the lady. By telling this info after she is gone, he is doing it to get the power back. Power on Garuds. Alientate them from Rudra. Make Rudra alone so that at the appropriate time his team itself will take him down or he can take him down. Understand that Rudra is the only person on whom Dr Rao is unable to put control thanks to Bairavi.
Now why take Shiva and put him in a torture if he would give info. Shiva if you look for all the gyaan shared with his guru has kept the info of him being the Garud and his son being the Garud secret from Dr Rao, which is clear from the fact that Dr Rao knows about Rudra only after Shiva comes back. So Dr Rao had a feeling Shiva is hiding info from him and by asking too many questions around Amrit he didn't want to draw attention towards him. If you look he is secretly searching Garuds, teaches about Garuds and Amrit in university but in front of Shiva he appears disinterested in Garuds and more interested in finding Saraswati. Perfect Illusion creation.
Now coming to why he didn't ask Tiwari to evacuate sector 53. Why would he. To Garuds he always appears as least interested in Amrit. Yes he knows about Project Amrit, but in front of Tiwari for him it is not a major business, but research of finding Saraswati is.
And in one hand if is creating rift among Garuds for which Rudra's actions are responsible too and on other hands he is splitting the Veshes, Nagas unity. In other words infighting among friends. In other words in name of Amrit he wants everyone to fight within themselves so that he can take the opportunity and get Amrit.
And Bairavi is using the exact same tactic by going to Nagas. She knows infighting between Garuds is eminent, she is starting infighting among Nagas. By keeping Dansh and Drish at logger heads, by keeping Leela and Dansh at logger heads she is proceeding.
Understand that Dr Rao is the biggest Maya or illusion of MK. Or people like him who are in our society who for their own benefits cause infighting among families, cultures, religions, regions and people are so lost in this Maya or illusion unable to listen to their conscience.
Rudra is a man with conscience and Bairavi is his conscience and to cut the illusion, you need illusion. Jaise seher, seher se hi kata jaata hai, maya maye se hi kaati jaati hai.
In Harry Potter Voldemort has his soul split into 7. The horcruxes and one of the horcrux was Harry himself. Same is the case with Dr Rao. He has cast his illusion over all including Garuda's themselves, especially Shiva the dimaag of Garuds. Now to some extent I can understand what Neelkanth means. Shiva is with Nagas the poision has grabbed the head and Rudra has to ensure it does not affect the rest of the body or rest of the Garuds. He has to ensure it doesn't go beneath the neck. In other words poison that is with Shiva has to be held with him only, one way or other. For that he has to liberate each and every Garud from Maya or illusion, from the rift and bring them together. Each Garud has to come to him willingly with trust on him, just like after running away Ron came back. When they come back their powers will be activated, but not before that. Bairavi will never activate the power of a Garud who has even the slightest belief in Dr Rao or Dr Rao having the slightest control over them.
And before I conclude I want to write something about Mahabharath also. Actually seedibaat made me think along this lines. I was so lost in the MB of 2013 that I forgot the real meaning of MB or what MB was all about, which was so very well explained in the title track of 1989 version.
" Katha ye purusharth ki hai, swarth ki. paramarth ki"
MB is the story of restoring purusharth from the selfish people to the right person by giving them the real knowledge which Lord Krishna does through Bagavad Gita.
So what is real knowledge. This is the first part of what I understand it. Understand that the Lord challenges the power and wealth of Kamsa by announcing upfront that as the eighth son of his sister he will kill him. And as expected Kamsa drags to Devaki and tries to kill her. And Vasudev bows in front of Kamsa because of the love he has for Devaki and tells not to kill her. He will give their son to Kamsa. And together they watch the brutal murders of their six babies but at no point Vasudev runs away leaving Devaki's hand leaving her and taking the baby. Nor does he gives her to Kamsa telling he just needs one son and he can kill Devaki. Why Lord decided he will be born as the eighth son of Devaki, not 1st, leave 1st why not 3rd or 4th. Because he wanted to test how far his father will go for protecting his mother because 8th son is possible only with her and without the 8th son there is no dharma. But Vasudev stands by Devaki, his love for his wife and the pain she is taking makes him give away the sons, but not her.
And yes the love they had for each other and the faith in Lord finally pays of when the Lord decides to come as her eighth born. Understand that when he is coming as Devaki's son, Lord himself requests Shakthi to born along side him as his sister . Note that Vishnu doesn't order Shakthi, but it is a loving request to come along with him as his sister. Shakthi takes the incarnation of Maya  and goes to protect him. In other words Lord Vishnu comes to the world with Maya because he knows without her, neither can he protect himself , and if he cant protect himself , he cannot protect the world.
So what is the knowledge. There are 2 things. One if you respect the woman in your life she will bring fame and glory to you. Just like loving and respecting Devaki, Vasudev became the father of Lord Vishnu himself. Second if you respect her, she will go any extent to protect you, just like Shakthi coming as Maya to protect Krishna. Last but not least Maya of power and wealth can only be broken by Maya of Love. Love is the only and the most powerful weapon against power and wealth. And if you listen to your conscience it will show whom to love and trust.
This knowledge Lord Krishna shows by his birth itself and for the world to understand it better shows what happens to a kul which disrespects its woman by Kurushtera war as well know the foundation of that war was laid in the infamous hall of dice where a woman is dragged and humiliated and no one willing to answer her question. The race will be wiped out. Prakriti ka naash Purush ka bhi naash hai. That's why when Panchali calls for help, he comes because he knows without protecting her, dharma cannot be protected. Changing point of MB is Krishna coming to save Panchali which terrorizes Driti and co and frees the bondages of Pandavas. By saving Uttara's baby again he shows by ensuring the marriage of Abhimanyu at the right time he ensures the race of dharma can be taken forward. And unlike the marriage of Ambalika, Ambika , Gandhari or Panchali who were forced to live their life not by choice ,but due to the situation forced on them, Uttara chooses Abhi on free will just like Subhadra who choose Arjun on free will. It is that race he carries forward because love and goodness exists in only that generation or that children where a woman is given the choice on who to be her life partner in true sense. In first part I have covered the importance of respect needs to be given to Prakriti. In second part I will cover what Prakriti or woman also need to do to get the love and respect. But I need some more data points to put that across.
I am more or less sure MK will show this message as I said in my earlier post, Triveni Sangamam is the joining point of knowledge, power and wealth.

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Akka -
I made a request to you at below link. For what ?!!!!
Toing !!!! For more writing !!! Big smile
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My dear Shubha,

Thanks ever so much. It is only when discerning readers like you enjoy my posts that the effort that goes into them seems worth it.

I too loved the MB-Dansh scene, and that shows in the post. It is quite rare to get these kinds of totally unemotional and purely cerebral, cut and thrust scenes that are so very well written, directed and executed. This was an odd couple to remember, and the precap showed that MB is still  there making Dansh's life miserable! He had better look out!

As for your comments on Rudra, I quite agree. I am not so much disappointed with the way his character has been developed, for my grouse is that it has not been developed!  Poor Gautam, his Rudra is being badly underwritten of late, boxing him into the very limited emotional range you have mentioned. especially the clueless part. It is a real pity.

In fact, it is impossible to imagine such a bunch of losers as these garuds  are turning out to be, all of them do nothings sitting on their backsides waiting for help. I do not think they have any brains between them, especially Charles and Katharine, and as for Thappadiya Mai, with her assorted keede,  the less said  the better. And when have you seen this bunch even sitting down to try and cobble together some plan of action? Never.

I see that both you and Sri (jayaks02) have hopes of Rao turning out to be a triple agent, and no one would be more pleased if this  turned  out  to be true. Let us see. For now, I plan to stick with my sackcloth and ashes!Wink


Originally posted by happychappy

What a cracker of a post, dear Shyamala. Thoroughly enjoyed your descriptive analysis of the Dansh- Bhairavi scenes which were a delight to watch. Your post, in turn, does full justice to the excellence of those scenes. Simply Marvellous.Star

Rahil Azam has finally got into Dansh's skin. It was a pleasure to watch him Thursday. As for Seema Biswas, one has run out of superlatives. I'm presently a tad disappointed with the way Rudr's character has developed?! so far. GR must be tired of exploring different shades of looking helpless, clueless, or both! Ouch

About the Rao 'fiasco', I reserve judgement in the hope there may be a further flipflop in his persona! This may remind you of sundry straws being desperately clutched, but it's a wild hope that I'm not willing to let go of...Embarrassed

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Thank you so much, my dear. I am glad you agree with me about Rao. There is something very odd about his turning out to a mafioso on the international scale. Shubha and Sri (jayaks02) think that he will turn out to be a triple agent, which I  would like, if only to spare poor Shivanand and Tiwari the shock of finding out that their revered guru  was a traitor all along.

Daadi not trusting him was not special to him, she did not trust Shivanand either! And in her last moments she conceded that she had been wrong, which was to her credit.

I do not think Dansh, as of now, is capable of caring for anyone but himself, and in this respect he resembles the James Bond villains and some of our asuras, Tarakasur for instance. But he slaps Leela this time only to lend more versimilitude to her deception. It was a real slap only when she had switched off the laser playing on Shivanand's garuda chinna.

As for the  ugly naag bali idea, what I want to know is who trotted it out. MB is using it to plague Dansh, I saw from the precap! She is going to be like a burr under his skin from now on. Thank the Lord for her character! But for MB, Mahakumbh  would hardly  be worth watching.

Your comments in bold are very interesting, and might be true as  far as the first part goes. But she will not run off with the amrit.  She is a garud, the No.1 among them, for she is far more powerful than even Rudra with all his chakras  open, and they only keep the amrit from falling into the wrong hands, they do not take it themselves.

But,  as I have noted in the last footnote to my post, we badly need to know the back story to MB.


Originally posted by seedhibaat

Great analysis Shyamalaji.
I agree with your take on Prof. Rao. I am guessing him as a person from neighboring state , what Greyerson mentions. Its not yet proved how powerful he is. Shiva trusts him but Dadi didntSmile

Leela is just a bait to be used against Garuds for Dansh. I did not like the way he keeps slapping her. I feel Nagbali could be just to scare Leela and get some help from her. 

Dansh - MB scenes were really highlight of the week. Both did full justice to the scenes. I liked Rudra Shivanand scene too where Rudra brings Shivanand to his library.  The expressions were too good. Rudra's affectionate behavior towards Shivanand might achieve what Mb's lathicharge couldn't. Wink

The poison is infectious as it will create drift in Garuds. Thinking gets poisoned. MB herself can decode the books so for me she herself is the third Book. She is very mysterious character and I feel she will take help of all Garud and disappear with the Amrut in the end/Indra act.Embarrassed

Keeping in mind how the story oscillates in MK, I am going to keep my fingers crossed. With the cricket lover screen play writer we can expect a crisp 20-20 style episode Or one sided ODI or very boring 5 day test match resulting is Draw. 
'Amrut' roopi Dulhan ke 'swayamvar' me ye kitane Dawedar aa gayeTongue

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Thank you, my dear Arijit, and no, I did not mean the Moriarty parallel to be taken literally in the sense that it is in the Holmesian Canon.

Your idea of Rao being a Mycroft to Shivanand's Sherlock would have been perfect, but as you have yourself noted, neither Shivanand nor Rudra can be compared even remotely to Sherlock Holmes. They seem to be lost, for all practical purposes, and Shiva's constant wailing and howling  gets on  my nerves.

I am glad you agreed with me on the MB-Dansh scene. There is more to come on the same lines, for MB is still there in the precap, setting Dansh to argue with his guru,  and making his life miserable with the naagbali idea!

Shyamala B.Cowsik

Originally posted by Arijit007

nice post, shyamla ji, if rao is moriarty then who is holmes? he could have been mycroft to shivaanand's holmes, but in this present situation neither shivaa nor rudra is deserving to be compared to sherlock holmes. loved the dansh vs bhairavi scene, it was just briliant.

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My dear Aparna,

You are a never-failing pepper upper! Thank you!

I am  glad you liked this  one so much, and even more so that you are on the same page as I am about Rao. Shubha and Sri (jayaks02) feel that he could be a triple agent, and that would be very comforting, but somehow I do not think it will pan out that way.

What surprised me is how few here are questioning the logic of  Rao as the arch criminal, especially  why on earth he needed to have Shivanand, his devoted shishya,  kidnapped and tortured for 24 years to  get information that would have been his for the asking. One should not simply accept whatever  the writers dish out. And that business of Rao coming with "armies from the neighbouring countries"  was really the most ludicrous of all. No one has even commented on that!Shocked

I could not agree more with you about these useless garuds. in fact, it is impossible to imagine such a bunch of losers as they  are turning out to be, all of them do nothings sitting on their backsides waiting for help. I do not think they have any brains between them, especially Charles and Katharine, and as for Thappadiya Mai, with her assorted keede,  the less said  the better. And when have you seen this bunch even sitting down to try and cobble together some plan of action? Never.

I doubt if MB's leaving will make any difference to this state of affairs. The thing to see this week is whether Shivanand is at all capable of responding to Rudra's gentle coaxing, or whether  Dansh has corrupted him to the extent of his being a receptor-cum-transmitter of all the inter-garud  confabulations to the naga  hqrs.

Shyamala Di

Originally posted by appukrish

Wow Shyamaladi, what analysis!

I completely agree with you about Prof.Rao. My thought would be the same as your in the para 'highly implausible' including the Naagbali part. Will wait and see what exactly is Rao and his position. 

Liked your writing here- When she passes his bullet test with flying colours - the shot of  a bullet being moulded to  fit the contours of her unwavering eye  was superb. my thought here was that, the 1st bullet she stops on time and the rest of the bullets seemed like Dansh was doing a target practice..

The MB-Dansh encounter was very good and your explanation made it great. Rahil has grown on all of us as a villainous Naag pramukh,  and He is good. Me too felt the same 'dil maange more'Smile.

Liked Shiva-Rudra scene at the library. MB is not around and has taken the books with her. While the other Garuds are angry I'm very glad Rudra didn't lose his faith in her, his Guru. Also glad that Rudra is at least constantly thinking about something or other. Respect for the Guru and faith in the Guru are of utmost importance, both of which the other Garuds are lacking right now.

At this point the other Garuds I feel are being useless and only dependent on their powers. They are just sitting around and waiting for MB activate their powers. Yes their powers have to be activated, but that does not mean they will just sit around. They can at least start analyzing things and become pro active in some way. This is why MB decided to leave I feel, so that they will put aside their differences, analyze, use their brain. 

And the way MB has dealt with them has shaken the little faith they may have developed in her. So lets see what she does towards that. 
sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

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My dear Santhi,

I am glad that you share my quite serious reservations about this sudden twist of Rao becoming the master  criminal. I have tweeted Utkarsh flagging the glaring holes in this idea,  not that  it will do any good.

Shubha and Sri (jayaks02)  feel that Rao could be a triple agent, which would be a great relief to poor Shivanand and Tiwari, who would otherwise be shattered by this revelation. It is very hard to take when someone you have idolised all your life is suddenly revealed to be a traitor. 

But somehow, I do not think the triple agent option will be the correct one. Rao will play the garuds  like a violin till  11:59:59 hours and then boom!
I have to inform you, with deep distressWink, that not only was my favorite, patrician Cardinal forced by this Rao to shoot himself (thus  committing another cardinal sin against the Catholic faith and ensuring his  swift descent to the nether regionsWink),  but he  has also been inexplicably demoted to a Bishop by Greyerson.  We had  initially made out that he was a Cardinal by his costume; the scarlet sash and the scarlet trimming of his cassock, whereas for a bishop these are purple.  Now it has all been  jettisoned in an instant. Not that it is a major point, but it shows a lack of attention to detail that one does not expect of Utkarsh and his team.

Yes, we did not have this kind of cerebral, cut and thrust encounter between Dansh and Rudra. Here, MB is in a class apart,  a foe worthy of Dansh's steel and more. No wonder their encounter was so spectacular. Thank God for small mercies,for it came  just when I was about to start climbing the wall with Shivanand's wailing and yelling and weeping!


Originally posted by pasumarthisa

Shyamala ji,
Agree with your take on Mr. Rao. But Arshi was bang on.LOL

Why did he hold Shivanand captive for 24 years via cardinal when he could have extracted a lot from Shivanand easily? That too via cardinal etc.  And Shivanand coming back didn't seem to be due to Prof. Rao's intervention at all(SSP gang found that Rudra was alive and that triggered Shivanand's return).

Doesn't add up.

Cardinal committed suicide? I didnt watch Wednesday's episode and didn't even read WU. Pressed for time in the coming 2 weeks.

And Dansh-Maimui faceoff was too good. Rahil is in the groove now. We didn't have this kind of face-off scene for Rudra and Dansh but we got one for this pair.

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