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TR SS - BAARISH by Diya Ghosh (Page 15)

NidaJavidTaaRey IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Superb update.taareys romance was ossum

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cuppypie121 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Awsome update
Loved it
Taarey romanceEmbarrassed
Continue soon

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pd786 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 April 2013
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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Wow as the title suggests 
In every update there is rains
I'm loving taarey scenes
You are keeping a good pace
I want the next update soon
Do pm me

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yoyoaishwarya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 July 2013
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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 9:10pm | IP Logged
a loving romantic update , loved it thoroughly

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TR_lovebirds Goldie

Joined: 22 May 2014
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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 3:36am | IP Logged
Awsum update...
Their convo was fun...
Both confessed their love was lovely...
And their kiss was awsum...
Update soon...

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Jasmine_ash Goldie

Joined: 11 July 2012
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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
It was lovely chapter full and full of taareylious 
Loved their car convo 
It was damn cute 

And in rain awww full of romance 
Rey proposed her no words 

Extremely beautiful
Thanks for pm
Hey dear some problem in like button
Pls consider my like 

Amazing job diya 

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 10:14am | IP Logged

Chapter 4




It was almost 8 pm now. 'How can he not keep his word?' Taani thought angrily. She folded her arms and sat down on her bed in a huff. "Aane do unhe. Aaj toh main unhein dekh lungi." She stamped her foot on the ground and looked out. It was starting to rain. The rage from the face washed away as a curve on her lips took its place. A brilliant scarlet spread across her cheeks amd her eyes smiled. These rains just reminded her of Rey. Well , you can't blame her can you ? They meet during the rains only. Or should we saw it rains when they meet only. Looks like even nature wants their passions to kindle. A sudden ring from her mobile jolted her out of thoughts. She saw the caller id and the anger came back. "Where are you? Apne bola tha ki aap aaj aoge toh aap kidhar ho? Aapko malum hai mukhe aapki kitni chinta ho rahi hai? Aur aap aa kab rahe ho?" she yelled through the phone. "Taani, okay bacha am sorry!" a scared voice came. "Bhai aap hamesha aisa karte ho ! Aapko malum ho Dilli gaye hue aapko almost ek hafta ho gaya hai ! Aur aap abhi tak vaapis nhi aaye! Kya aapka wahan basne ka iraada hai ?" she shouted at him. Swayam bit his tongue. He had totally forgotten to inform his sister that work is not finished yet and that is why his trip has got extended. Now he has to face this angry young lady. She is really sweet but when she gets angry she is worse than Aamir Khan of Ghajini. "Achha sorry ! Listen to me behna ! Mera kaam khatam nhi ho paya na.. iss liye trip extend ho gaya ! Aur main tujhe batane hi wala tha ! I swear !" he said in a hurry. "Achha toh aap mujhe kab batane wale the ? Aaj ya agle hafte!" she scolded. He smiled. No matter how much she yelled at him, he knew only love was behind all that scolding. That is why he loved the scolding too. "Sorry, behna." he said with warmth. The anger inside her melted. She sighed. "Toh ab aap kab aaoge, bhai?" she asked. "Agle hafte. Pakka." he replied. "Okay bhai. Take care, okay?" she said finally a bit calmed. "Haan haan, Taani. Take Care of yourself too. Love you , sister." he said his voice slightly throaty. He suddenly got a pang of home sickness. He did miss his beloved sister. "And I hate you, bhai. Bye."she snapped. He chuckled. She really was like a child. But of course, a very very cute one.


His phone started ringing. Caller id flashed - 'Rey calling..' He picked up the call. "Tera dhyaan kidhar hai ye tera dost idhar hai." Rey said sarcastically. "Haan haan Rey. I know. Am sorry. But woh kaam thoda khich gaya." Swayam said apologetically. "Swayam. Hum saath mein ek hi dance group ka part hain. Agar tujhe madad chahiye toh bol na yaar. Main tera best friend hoon." Rey said soothingly that Swayam's heart gladdened in pride that his friend cares so much about him. "Thanks Rey. But honestly its fine. Maine agle hafte tak aa jaunga. I swear." Swayam assured. "Achha tu kehta hai toh. Take care of yourself , okay? Bye." Rey said. "I will. Bye." Swayam said as he cut the call. He smiled. His sister and his best friend. Both are just the same. 


She tucked her pallu on her waist. She was looking for something and it was totally out of sight. "Where the hell did i keep it, ugh!"she groaned. She was moving here and there impatiently when the bell rang. She huffed and walked to the door. She was about to shout at the person who was standing outside. However , that didnt happen. The moment she opened the door her jaw fell. All she could say was, "Rey, aap?" He grinned as he saw her. His hands immediately reached for her waist as he pulled her close. He entered inside and closed the door with his foot as he pinned her to the wall. Her breath got heavy and as he stood close to her. He joined his forehead with hers. "See , am fine!" he chirupped. "Huh.."she exclaimed not having an idea of what he was saying. "Arey. Kal tumne kaha tha na ki meri tabiyat kharaab ho jayegi. But am fine." he explained. She looked at him. He sure didnt miss any chance to be with her. "Toh ab main kya karun? Naachu?" she said playfully. She pushed him and was about to run when he caught her and pulled her back . Her back touched his muscular chest. She shivered as he kept his chin on her shoulder. His hands were on her stomach and her hands were on his. Her pallu was tucked in her blouse. Her breath was heavy and his look was intense. His grip was strong enough to keep her close with him. She gulped and thought of breaking the silence. "Aapko kuchh pilaun?" she asked as his touch continued to drive her crazy. "Hain?" he said in a slight shock. His grip loosened in shock and she found the perfect opportunity to get away. She wiggled and stood in front of him. "Kya main aapke liye kuchh laa sakti hoon? You know, chai ya coffee or something else?" she said as she let out a low laugh. He looked at her in amusement. "Taani i dont't believe you !" he said in surprise. "What?" she said wondering what had she done. "Yahan tumhara itna romantic boyfriend hai aur tumhe chai coffee ki padi hai." he said pouting. "Boyfriend? Aur aapne mujhe propose kab kiya?" she questioned in a teasing way. "Kab ? Kal hi toh kiya tha !" he exclaim. "Woh toh aapne sirf i love you bola tha ! Propose kahan kiya?" she said eyeing him cutely. He opened his mouth but no words came out. She had left him speechless. He looked at her, watching her as she hid her smile, covered her mouth with her palm and let out a silent giggle. He was awestruck. This girl surely never missed a chance to make him fall for her more.


He picked her up suddenly. Her laugh vanished as she looked in his sudden intensified eyes. Her hands reached the back of his neck for support as he started walking. His eyes were glued to hers very clearly conveying his desires. She maybe nervous but that didn't mean that she didnt want that to happen. She wanted to be his. She wanted to be his for more than anything else in the world. Surprisingly, he kept her on the sofa. He knelt down as sat properly. He took her hand and held it tight. "Taani Shekhawat. I never believed in love at first sights. I still dont. But i do believe in love. Aur main mere pyaar ko love at first sight nahi kahunga. Main humare pyaar ko 'baarish' kahunga. This is the reason we met. This is the reason we talked and this is the reason why we came close. Baarish always makes us meet somehow and it also awakes the desire and passion inside us. Shayad tumhe ye baatein ajeeb lagein. But this is what i believe. And its not my way for asking you to be my girlfriend, trust me." He paused and saw the disappointment on her face. He let out a little breath and continued. "But this is my way of asking you to be mine forever. I am asking you to be with me forever. I am asking you to marry me." he completed with a lump in his throat. His grip on her hand tightened as a complete mix of emotions stirred in his heart. "Taani, will you please let me do the honour of marrying an amazing girl like you? I am more of an idiot and you are more of a princess but i am very much hopelessly in love with you. So please, marry me'" he breathed. Happy tears welled her eyes as she cupped his face and said yes to his breathless question. His hand reached to his cheek where her hand was. He took it in his hands and kissed it. She nervously took it back. But he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her close as he sat down beside her.


He leaned close and reduced the gap between their lips. He kissed her passionately as his hands moved from her waist to her back roaming around there and pulling her closer and closer. She had her hands on his neck gripped tightly and she withstood his touch. He broke the kiss and leaned to kiss her shoulder when she moved back and stood up. She turned and he got up as well. She glanced at him sideways. He made her face his side as he picked her up once again. This time she looked at him with passion too as he walked up to her bedroom. He put her down as he entered and closed the door. He took a step near her and she stepped back. He took another one and she went back again. This continued till she hit bed and fell on it. He slowly placed his arms on her either side trapping her between him. He kissed her once again and this time harder. She hold his shirt for support. He took out the pallu from where it was tucked in placed it aside. She hugged him to handle herself as he unhooked her blouse. His cold fingers touched her back making her shiver. Her body was heaving up and down as he slowly released their bodies with each and every clothing and she was covered with nothing but a bed sheet. Her heaving body teased his chest adding fire to the already passionate desires. He kissed every bit of her skin and left some love bites on some places as he continued to devour his love which was now only and only his. Their duvet was filled with moans and sweats and as he made her his a tear of pleasure rolled down her cheek which was kissed away by him again. Now all that is important for them is each other and now all that exists is TaaRey.


His body bounced beside hers as he lay down the bed. They both were tired but they were nowhere near sleep. He just wanted her her in his arms and she just wanted to be in his arms. They wiggled and adjusted into each other's embrace. Her head rested on his biceps and his arms were holding her body protectively keeping her close to him. They had made love to each other countless times in that one night and each time they just felt their love growing. He looked at her as she just stared down at their intertwined hands . Her cheeks were still red and her smile was spread across her face. Seeing that smile his grip on her tightened. Her eyebrows raised as she felt the touch tightened. Her body was covered with a silky white bed sheet wrapped around. His body had a similar sheet covering his lower body. "I love you, Taani." he said huskily. Her face gets more crimson as she gulped down all the love she was getting for him. She looked up and pecked his cheek. They snuggled more into each other. "Taani, i want to meet your family soon, haan ?" he said rubbing her shoulder. "Hmm.. actually Rey.. main.. main ek orphan hoon." she said with a lump in her throat. His eyes widened slightly. He placed a kiss on her throat as she closed her eyes and let a sweet moan escape her mouth. "Taani, orphan woh hote hain jinka koi nahi hota. Aur tumhare liye main hoon. Forever and always. Toh tell me how are you an orphan ?" he soothed her. She put her her hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze. "But, mere ek bhai hain. Unki family hi ab meri family hai. We are cousins. But aisa lagta hai jaise sage se bhi badhkar hain. Abhi Delhi kaam se gaye hain. Par kuchh din mein waapis aa jayenge." she explained. "Achha ? Uska naam kya hai ? Kya kaam karta hai ? Is he in the business with you ?" he enquired. "Nahi , in fact woh aapki tarah dancer hain . His name is Swayam Shekhawat. He is a part of D3 , a dance group." she revealed. Rey immediately got up in shock. She got up as well, worriedly. "Rey, kya hua ? Sab theek hai na?" she said tensed. "Taani by any chance kya tum kisi Sharon Rai Prakash ko jaanti?" he asked. "Haan ? Of course, bhai ki girl friend. She is really sweet. Bhai ne mujhe unse do teen mil waya hai. Kyun? Kya aap unhe jaante ho ?" she said confused.


"Oh shit ! Taani main D3 ka part hoon ! Swayam Sharon mere best friends hain !" he said shocked. Taani's jaw dropped as she took down the info. There was silence for a moment. But then, suddenly , Taani burst out laughing. He glared at her. "Main yahan tensed hoon aur tum mujh par hans rahi ho." he said crushing his eyebrows. She shook her head but continued to laugh. "Achha toh tum mujh pe hasogi?" he said with slight anger. He held her arms and pinned her down the bed. Her breath quickened and her laugh disappeared. "Ab hasi nai aa rahi?" he whispered as her lips brushed on the crook of her neck. Her eyes closed tightly as the closeness set fire to his desires. He cupped her face and kissed her wildly as they started the love making session again.




One more chapter and an epilogue left 


Add Hima_PMs for Pm's 

i will be sending PMS from this account only for baarish and Unexpected honeymoon. 

After that, i will pm from my pms account. 

dont blame me if you wont get the pm. 


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StarBull IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 10:32am | IP Logged
love the angry Taani
the way she scole swayam is a treat to watch
Taarey are one now
rey propose her for marriage,Awww!!!!
rey got 440 volt shock..hahahaha

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