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Birthday Prep for Friend(IO)

Ireena7 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:21pm | IP Logged

It's a bright and sunny day. The sunlight is coming through the window and touches the girl's face. The girl is sleeping so peacefully. A sweet smile is in the corner of her mouth as she is seeing a beautiful dream.


Let's get into her dream.Embarrassed

Sanica's Dream

She is standing a on the center in an immense hall room wearing a pretty dress. The room is filled with guests and all are clapping for Sanica. In this gathering 3 girls are coming towards her. Sanica recognizes them. They are three AAA- IreenA, EdnA and SreejA.Hug


Ireena- Wow!!! Sani your dress is so pretty.Tongue

Sanica- Yes it is, huh!Embarrassed

Edna- You are wearing high heels? These are so nice yaar.Big smile

Sanica- Yup... I bought it from Paris, You know.Embarrassed

Sreeja- You are looking like a fairy tale princess.Star

Sanica- Oh, hello, I am a princess, ok???Angry

Ireena- But what are you doing here?Wink

Edna- Yes, yes, what are you doing here?Embarrassed

Sanica- Huh!! Like seriously? Don't you three know what I am doing here?Cry

Sreeja, Edna, Ireena- all together: NO!!!Shocked


At that time a male voice comes from behind who is singing-Cool

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Sanica Bhat

Happy Birthday to you


Girls turn around to see the boy and all are shocked seeing Parth Samthan.Day Dreaming

Sanica is blushing but surprised to see him. She was just about to lose her balance on high heels seeing Parth but she handled herself.ROFL

Sreeja, Edna, Ireena- all together: Oh, it's your B'day SaniEmbarrassedLOL

She pushes her AAA friends and makes way towards Parth. She goes closer to him and saying "So you remember my Birthday, haan?"Day Dreaming

Parth: Of course dear, how can I forget my darling's birthday?Wink

Sanica- Awww,so sweet of you.Embarrassed

Parth: In fact I invited you on my set Miss Sanica Bhat, but you didn't come.Broken Heart

Sanica- Did you feel bad for that?Stern Smile

Parth: Well...Ermm

Parth couldn't finish his talk and suddenly a song is played and all notice the staircase.Embarrassed

It's Disco Deewane song is playing and Siddharth Malhotra is dancing on the song. Seeing Sid, crazy Sani pushes Parth and joins Sid in the dance. Both are dancing and get cozy while Ishq Wala love part plays.Evil Smile

AAA - Come Parth, join our party. LOLOuch

Dance finishes. Sid wishes Sani and she is happy. Parth comes there and asksShocked

"What are you doing here?"Shocked

Sid: hello, I am the organizer of this party ok?Ouch

Parth- Hahaha, nice joke, I am the party organizer.Embarrassed

Sid- No it's meAngry

Parth- It's meAngry

Sani- Ok, ok ok, let's call the Even ManagerAngry

Even Manager comes and says- Actually we received order from three members for the same girl. So we decided to combine the party.Confused

Parth and Sid- What? Who is the third one?ShockedShocked

A huge music was played in the background.Dancing

Munda desi desi daru

Tu kudi takila shot

Barun : I thought I would make my entry with Desi Daaru song but I think I must sing Bhool Na Jaana Mujhe now.Disapprove

Edna pushes all of them in one go.Approve

Edna : No Need Barun...when Edna is here...Day Dreaming

Ireena : Edna Control.Wacko

Edna : need. Sanica here you go...But for only one day haan.Wink

All of them are laughing and having fun until AAA announces...Big smile

Ireena, Edna, Sreeja- Ok so what are we waiting for... let's just cut the cake what say?Wink

Parth- Cake?? Wow!! Yes yes let's cut the cake.LOL

The delicious cake is brought there. Sani in the middle of Parth, Barun and Sid, cuts the cake and everyone is clapping for her. Sani feeds the cake with both the hands to Parth, Barun and Sid. Now she is waiting for Parth, Barun and Sid to feed her. Three of  the boys take the cake and are just about to feed her.


Sani closed her eyes and waiting for the cake with open mouthWink

LOLaaa aaa

she is waiting...and waiting...but no one is feeding...Ouch

so she opens her eyes and discovers herself on bed with open mouth..Shocked


Sani to herself - Oh it was a dream!! Oh no...

But that was a sweet dream...Blushing


Sani was lying on bed and her three friends AAA comes and wish herClap

Happy Birthday Sanica BhatParty

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day dear, stay blessed and be happy, keep smiling...Embarrassed

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Ireena7 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2012
Posts: 33925

Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:22pm | IP Logged

Parth: Arre bhai cake khane do naOuch
Sid: Foodie ! close ur mouth.u know i left all my shootings and made a cake for her.Angry
Parth : And u know even i stopped all my shootings and came here to eat cake along with her.Angry
Sid:  Fine. Like you, like me. 

Parth : What?Confused

Sid : Forget that.LOL

Parth : Hold on I have 2 shows to do and one show to dance.Ouch

Sid : I have movies to shoot.Ouch

Meanwhile enters a girl in a mini skirt . As soon as she enters Parth and Sid stop fighting and look at her . They come to her. She is none another than Sanica.

 *BG Music*

Who's that sexy girl everybody needs you. Who's that sexy girl everybody loves you.

Sexy Sexy Girl.

Parth : Actuallyy...Who are you ? 

Poor Sani thought that he would wish her .

Sid : Actually...why you came here? For cornettoo ice cream? sorry I dont have.Cry

Parth : Bhai . not for you she must have come here for me.! you want close up paste right? sorry i dont haveOuchCry

Sid : No for my ColaEmbarrassed

Parth : My ColaAngry

Soon another voice came.

Barun : For my FordLOL Hi girl.

Sani shouts : Its me Sanica.Stern Smile

Sid : OMG Sanica its you , I thought u would be traditional i didnt expect you wearing a mini skirt Shocked

Parth observes her from top to bottomEvil Smile So as Sid. And so as Barun Blushing

Parth : Hey mini skirt should be above knee .

 Sid : Invention.

Barun : Discovery.

Parth : SattapStern Smile

Sanica expression : Geek


Sanica : Are you gonna make me stand all the day?

Parth : Who told you to stand ? You can sit down if you want.

Sid : Wherever you want.Evil Smile

Barun : Whenever you wantLOL

Sid : Heheheh, come and sit there(shows the sheet)LOL

Parth : Hi whats your name?

Sani: Sanika or Sanica

Parth : Wow hi Sanika or Sanica

Sid : *facepalm*

Barun : forgot Sanica.

Parth : Sanica Bhat, T**** W***. 

(Personal details. Sanica would understand the same)

Sid : What do you want to become ?

Sani : CoolbieEmbarrassed

Parth : Huh? what's that , I guess ur wrong its cool bae.

Barun : I think you are already coolWink

Sani : Let me speak ok ?

I want to become a coolbie in IFby giving written updates , actually I am not cool but hot , but as it's summer decided to be a coolbie.

 Barun : So are you hot?

Parth : Bhai...cant you see that already.

Sid : Wacko I should have brought VarunLOL

Parth : What do you hate the most

Sani : When sales person's advice me about what dresses I must take.

Sid : If I advice?

Sani : Are you a sales person? No right? 

*Barun and Parth giggles*

Sid : What do you love the most?

Sani : Men in vests.

Parth : You are always wrong it's men in black Sanica Bhat.

Barun : ROFL Bulb.

Sani : You didnt here properly and completely . I said men in vests , cause they look hot , I drool on them can spend my whole day drooling .Blushing

Sid : Parth are you not getting any bad smell??

Parth : Yaa bro , even ur getting kya?  I thought only I am getting.

Sani : Top secret.ShhhLOL

Sid, Parth : Whaaattt??

Sani : Secret among our group.Blushing 

Sid , Parth : OMG

Parth : What's you Fav holiday destination?

Sani : Paris , Goa

Sid : Why?

Sani : Because in goa there are many beaches and in beaches I can see men in cheddy.

and Paris I see lip locks.

Sanica Rocks. Everyone shocks.LOL

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Ireena7 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2012
Posts: 33925

Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
Edna : Test...Test Mike testing...Ermm
Sreeja : Its working Edna stop.Ouch
Edna : So can we start?Tongue
Sreeja : Wait its Ragu. lets start next year...Star kar na abbe.Angry
Ireena : Guys Stop fighting. OuchLets do it.Embarrassed
Sreeja : Ireena Evil Smile
 Edna : Fine. So here we are...*Coughs*Confused
Ireena : Here we are...Hug
Sreeja : AgainStern Smile

______________WackoKanphooshan saga continues.Wacko____________

Edna : Here we are presenting the most interesting video taken on the eve of the special day 18th May.Big smile
Ireena : We three Ireena, Sreeja and Edna bring you the exclusive shopping ideas.Tongue
Sreeja : Not only ideas but along with that a 'Treat to watch'Wink

AAA : So fasten your seat belts cuz we are going to Thane.Cool
Thaannnee Thaannneee Thaannnee Express.Evil Smile

Sanica : Show me the red tank tops please.
Mysterious Man #1 : Hey Sanica would you like you see this color? *Points out a blue tops*Big smile
Mysterious Man #2 : No yaar this will look good on her *Points a bright green tops*Big smile
Mysterious Man #3 : Sanica...See this how about this? *Points out a pink tops*Big smile
Sanica : (To herself) How do there three guys know my name?Geek That too with that creepy white teethErmm

Sreeja : OMG how she is concerned about S...LOL
Ireena : Sreeja control.Tongue
Sreeja : ...concerned about those guys white teeth?ROFL
Edna : And her kanphooshed look...worth watchingLOL

Sanica : Excuse me. 
*Makes way through the 3 MMs and goes to another section*

Sanica : Show me some long tube tops please.
MM #1 : Need suggestion?Big smile
MM #2 : Can I choose some color?Big smile
MM#3 : Would you like to check out other sections?Big smile

Sanica : Sorry but I dont need any of your help. Anyone. I mean it.AngryAngry 

Sanica walks out of the mall and enters Vivana Mall.

Sreeja : Haayyyeee Lost memories...Embarrassed
Ireena : Barun was thereDay Dreaming
Edna : And she missed that chanceCryCry 

Sanica : Long gowns please.
MM#1 : Color?Big smile
MM #2 : Specifications?Big smile
MM#3 : Would you like to try some?Big smile
Sanica : Haaaiiinnn Shocked Shocked Shocked

Edna : ROFL
Ireena : OMG Sanica ROFL
Sreeja : Sanica have a good expressionROFL

Sanica goes out in frustration and reaches home.
And the Mysterious men looked at each other and smiled.

Ireena : Poor Sanica.Cry
Sreeja : Watch out for the funWink
Edna : Ready Steady PO...ROFL ROFL

*The door Bell rings*

Sanica went and opened the door. To her shock 3 boys were standing in the door.
Sanica : Yes...
Boys : (In a chorus) Ma'am you have a courier.Big smile
Sanica : What happened to the courier service nowadays. They send 3 boys for one courier.Ouch
Boys : Ma'am can we come inside?Big smile
Sanica : What?Shocked Nowadays Courier guys come inside tooShocked
Wait wait...I have seen this creepy smile somewhere...OuchConfused

Edna : Yaar...Sanica is so into detective...ROFL
Sreeja : So as you EdnaWacko
Ireena : Edna, you and Sanica better start a new surveillance company.ROFL
Edna : Satttap bothStern Smile
Boy 1  : Bhai she has a very good memory power.
Boy 2 : Ireena told me.
Boy 3 : About her memory power?
Boy 2 : No...About Sanica and her detective powers.
Boy 1 : Is she any secret detective?
Boy 3 : No...She and Edna...

Sanica : What are you guys discussing?Confused

Boys :Big smile Nothing.
Sanica : That Smile D'oh

Sanica : Gimme my parcel. What's the cost?
Boys : Free of costBig smile
Sanica : What?Shocked

Boys :Big smile yes.

Sanica couldnt stand that creepy smile more so she closed the door.Ouch

She started opening the courier. She was shocked seeing the things inside.ShockedShocked

There were Red tank tops, Tube tops and long gown. With lots and lots of accessories.Heart

Sanica went out running to find the courier guys. She turned when she heard a sound behind her.LOL

Parth : Kuyn Miss kar rahi thi humme?Evil Smile

Barun : Hi Sanica...Tongue

Sid : Whats up?Wink

Edna : Where is Sanica?
Ireena : The video is over.
Sreeja : What? Thsi isnt fair Ireena...I wanna see the rest...
Edna : Ireena give me the CD...Ireena yaar...
Sreeja and Edna are running after Ireena who is having the CD of the rest what happened.Wink

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Ireena7 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2012
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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
AAA : Hey Sanica so here is your birthday bump. 
From our side. (Ireena, Sreeja and Edna)Big smileHeart
 And a special shoot out for you on your Birthday.Party
And here you go we start the drilling processEvil Smile
I hope you are enjoying it...LOL
What more?Shocked 
No Problem When Sree is here have no fear.Wink Evil Smile
We would like to see you dancing on your B'day. That too in that dance form which Sree is expert in.Wink
Yes you are right.Smile
Cheddy Dance.
Want more Sanica?LOL

Now presenting Sanica's reaction exclusively for the Friends and well wishers.

Mature content ahead.Geek
Behind the Screen (Sanica)Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

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.Leprechaun. IF-Addictz

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Res 5
.Leprechaun. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Res 6
.Leprechaun. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Res 7
.Leprechaun. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Res 8

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