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Balika Vadhu Written Update 2nd May 2015 (Page 3)

Aakanksha_7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 1:00am | IP Logged
what is new in it anandi is fool right from her childhood ...i thought people hv cope up with this ability but i dint see such
in childhood who told her to put colourful bangles in widows hand but she did 

took a gun fr her childhood friend...did that chilldhood friend told her

took risk to bring anup's memory...did meenu told her...then why Tongue

saved mannu ...yeah who told her ...ot her job at all

who was jyoti to her ...should hv let her  be a child bride ...none of her concern 

so list goes on...Smile...i want anandi to stop her social work ...look at her n her shivam search for fr whom she is working are nuthing to her Smile

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anshurg5 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 1:06am | IP Logged

      Anandi should not have made the promise to Ratan Singh for making Mannu meet him before his dying. As it was not in her power to decide about it she should have only promised about conveying Ratan's sentiments to Mannu's current parents and for helping in forwarding his cause. But Anandi being Anandi , she could not help herself when seeing a dying man and without thinking of consequences made this promise. Now she will again pay for this mistake. 

     Btw was she knowing that Ganga is averse to the idea of Mannu meeting his biological father? Since last time I heard about this matter , Ganga was willing to let Ratan meet his son. 

  Though Ganga's anger towards Anandi for making a promise without consulting her is justified but her decision for not letting Mannu meet with his biological father who saved his life once and who is dying now was pathetic.  Even convicts eligible for death punishment are granted their last wish. hen how it can be denied to Ratan Singh? 
          Ratan Singh has completed his punishment and has already repented for his crimes by heart and even not availed the chances of meeting with Mannu till now keeping only his welfare in mind. Why does not he deserve that chance? 

  As for Ganga saying that Ratan Singh is dead for her becoz he has inflicted many wounds on her in past and even tried to harm BH ppl including children then how he was alive when she went to ask for help for dying Mannu? He saved his life but made an unholy deal , then he decided to give him back to Ganga unconditionally and redeemed himself? Is this not enough to earn a right to meet his son specially when he is dying?  
     Is redemption acceptable only in the case of Dr J? Is only his past sins can be washed away by his present goodness? Is this not applicable for other persons? 
   Or Ganga ji believe only in use and throw policy ? 

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Thewanderer Groupbie

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Ganga is just being selfish. She is behaving like this for quite long. Everyone used to think that Ganga is just like Anandi always thinking of others happiness before their own. Anandi gave her loved son to his biological parents just coz his father was dying and they wanted to spend some time with their son. Ratan Singh has already proven he is a improved man coz he never tried to disturb JaGan's life in last 8 years and he deserves to meet his son before dying. Anandi did the right thing. I stand with Anandi !!

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tiny15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 6:13am | IP Logged
@jia thanx 4 the update. ystrday i think ganga was not wrong .she  was rite in rejecting A's promise 2 ratan.tho they shud tell mannu abt ratan.
but ystrday i saw a fearful mother in ganga whos afraid if mannu gets  2know that his bio father is criminal he"ll b shattered moreover if he cums  2know that hes born not bcoz of sum luv or normal hubby -wife relation but bcoz of rape he"ll feel bad & depressed.

and i don't think ganga hates ratan.and i think A shud'dn't'd promised ratan on JaGan's behalf. she shu'd told them either 2 talk 2 JaGan or at the most she shud'd said that i"ll convey ur msg  2JaGan .rest is in their hands.but she promised. wat rite has  she??she shud'd just told JaGan & DS abt it let them decide. even if ganga wudn't'd agreed it was/is up2 J 2 convince her.

i don't know why CVs hav amnesia abt ganga hating ratan. after wat ratan did ganga 4gave him & asked him2 meet him anytime. so why shud she not allow him 2 meet?? no prsn changes this much.
its not ganga is use & throw . she never does its Aji great's tactics alongwid interfering & then making promises widout consulting ppl relating 2 that.
even if she saved mannu from ratan does this mean she can decide watever she wants 4 mannu??
if 2marrow sumhow ganga brought back nandini  after meeting her accidentally.does that mean ganga has rite 2 take decisions abt nandini or letting her meet any1 widout consulting A or making promises widout consulting A.

if ganga'd done wat A did ppl on this forum wud'd fried her & blamed her 4 everything.and now also saying shes doing wrong 2 A. wat wrong ganga did. i stand by her.ganga is not wrong if she  doesn't want ratan 2 meet mannu.
and i think ganga & DS r not believing ratan as they r thinking he mite'd again bcum bad so they shud go 2 ratan 2 see him & then ganga can decide. and like sum1 said theres no need 2 tell mannu ratan as his father as he only wants 2 meet.

i know in the  end ganga will agree 2 let mannu meet ratan but all its done 2 prove ganga wrong & Aji sum bechari that luk how gud shes that she  wants 2 help even ratan like but  ganga is heartless who doesn't want 2 fulfill a dying man's wish.

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Casper- Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Thanks for written update 
Anandi was completely wrong  How can she take decision and give promise to Ratan Singh without asking from jagya and Ganga even for once? Why she could not tell Ratan Singh ask  Jagya and Ganga Talk to them but she thinks she owns Jagya Ganga and Mannu that she did not think about them at all and gave promise to Ratan Singh ?  and then she was forcing her decision on Jagya and Ganga 's head by preaching them  What a pathetic character Thumbs Down

 Dadisaa was totally right not to support Anandi in this 

Ganga is absolutely right don't blame her even iota of   Anandi brought Mannu to Ganga does not mean she has bought Ganga that she takes decision about Ganga's son without asking her and decides to make him meet with same man who abused Ganga to no limits from her childhood Mentally , physically tortured her and never realized his ill deeds  To plot revenge on jagya and Ganga to make them suffer he refused to save his own son's life whom he is dying to meet  now Mannu was suffering and this Ratan was laughing seeing Jagya Ganga begging to him  So what he gave Mannu's custody to JaGan later to save himself from son's wrath if he walks on his path this does not mean Ganga should forgive and forget all what wrong he has done and shatter Mannu 

Gangas concerns are valid I know Mannu deserves to know about his past but this does not mean Ganga should melt so easily for this monster Ratan 

and ganga was absolutely right to tell Anandi ji with right she took this decision and gave promise to Ratan and did not think about her at all  Anandi is such a double standard woman someone take decisions concerning her without asking her she starts crying and see what she herself does Dead

Jagya will be not supporting Anandi into this but will take right decision following his own morals and principals He would have helped Ratan in this had he met him not Anandi He is not like Ratan but a kind noble  hearted person A father himself  He will forget Ratan's abuses to him and how much he insulted him , made him beg for Mannu's life He will help him and convince Ganga and Mannu 

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RainbowSun IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Oops Poor Ajee, she in her usual self.
Cant refuse..

Wonder why Ganga refused, why Ratan never tried to contact her?
Waiting for some FBs.

He really redeemed and mannu is safe now just coz of him.
After all he is going to die.

Hope at least ganga will take mannu to ratan without revealing to mannu abt his real father.

This is going to be a mixture of Amol +Shiv track.

Nothing new.

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BeautifulSoul_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Ganga 's decision is not pathetic It is great Anandi ji act pathetic   Ganga has her reasons to behave like this  she is human mother  not goddess Every human will behave like her but  Anandi has no defense for herself for  her pathetic thinking  i have no words for her the way she takes everyone for granted and force her decisions on their heads without asking them  I don't know who is more pathetic than this is so called super positive character  Anandi She cries buckets when others take decisions about the matters concerning her and herself what she does ?  Mannu is her private property ? Who the hell is she to take this decision and gave promise to Ratan without asking Jagya and Ganga even for once Thinking about them Thinking about Mannu ?  Jagya and Ganga are nothing to Mannu  that she did not ask them and gave promise to Ratan trying to become a great soul in front of Raran SillyToo over confident  she can do anything with others lives and they will follow her and dance on her tunes like puppets thats why their opinion does not matter to great soul Anandi ji she takes decisions in their places and later announcing her decisions to them and give them lectures on humanity trying to prove herself how right she is Thumbs Down

Anandi was not conveying message of Ratan to Jagya and Ganga but she was telling them she took this decision and she is absolutely right in this for that preaching them on humanity Wah Anandi what a great person you are Thumbs Down

The way she took this decision and later forcing it on JaGan's head with her preaching like Mannu is every top dick harry's son not JaGan 's Mannu he is a robot she will take him and put him in front of Ratan Dead

Regarding Ganga and her so called pathetic decision for people  People remember Ratan the great saved Mannu's life but same people don't remember same Ratan made Mannu suffer , enjoyed his pain , many times refused to save his life because he was enjoying Jagya Ganga begging to him He made his own son suffer to humilate his enemy Jagya  He laughed at him begging to him  He would never have saved Mannu's life had JaGan not agreed to his deal so JaGan saved Mannu's life Ratan clearly refused even used words like Let Mannu die because it will best revenge of mine on you both  People are calling Ganga pathetic because she has not suddenly melt for this man ? People are calling Ganga 's thinking pathetic preaching on humanity even death sentence person his last wish is fulfilled  

Ganga and Jagya will fulfill his so called poor dying man's wish They are not heartless but why Ganga should not take time to get convinced  Why that abused woman 's feelings don't matter to anyone  This man from the age of 13 till Jagya did not come in her life raped , beaten , cursed , abused her This is same man who several times tried to distance her from her son , tried to kill her , he refused to save even Mannu's life to plot revenge on Jagya and Ganga He saved Mannu for himself and gave them to JaGan to save himself from his son's wrath  if he walked on his path and what i am seeing People calling names to Ganga  calling her selfish , pathetic why she did not instantly agreed as if she has no heart  She wants to protect her son not  to be shattered knowing about this man  she is not doing it for herself but  only for her son but no she is pathetic for people for same people who  often moral police on feminism to us  for Anandi ji because she did not agreed to help her rapist , her abuser , who enjoyed pain of her son ,  tried to distance him from his mother,  her husband's abuser  he tried to take life of Jagya how many times but  Ganga has become pathetic because she has to be great soul and instantly help poor dying Ratan  Wow what logics Clap

Ganga is only protective mother of her son  She does not want him to be shattered People must not forget she saved Ratan's father life giving her own blood  to him so she has humanity in herself  More than Ratans so called wish Mannu is important for her who of course is not important for her highness Anandi ji thats why she did not think about him and gave promise to Ratan 

 Jagya is going to take decision following his own morals and principals not that he agrees with
Anandi ji   What  a slap that will be for Ratan He tried to take Jagya's life , made him beg for Mannu's life , deliberately many times refused to safe Mannu's life  so that Jagya would beg in front him Still remember that hospital scene He was abusing Jagya Dadisaa stopped him Ratan left deliberately I won't save Mannu Jagya ran after him  and begged in front of him and Ratan  told him you have to bear every abuse of mine silently otherwise i will leave and Jagya agreed to you can abuse me anyway you want  no one will say a word to you but please don't leave

Ratan and his so called repentance He does not remember he has a daughter too from Padma but of course still a selfish man not that he has truly redeemed 

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mahi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2015 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Anandi is not  in her usual self she  can't refuse  Anandi is in  her usual self who  takes everyone for granted and without asking them take decisions about matters concerning them  and then expect them to follow her  Old habit will never change of hers   She forces her decisions on their heads  they must follow  because she has I am always right attitude and i can do anything   and thats very very bad from her 

 is  she a baby ? How much mature she is ? It is very pathetic from her very wrong she did not ask from Jagya and Ganga at all and gave promise to Ratan 

Who asked her to refuse to Ratan but can't she tell him  talk to Jagya and Ganga about it but no why she will she will take decision her self  without asking JaGan and i suppose  Anandi was to convey the message to them not lecture them on she took this decision and we need to do it for humanity's sake  Sleepy

and Ganga i don't know how she became pathetic. selfish   This Ratan once upon a time saved Mannu's life Please everyone knows how he did that  He clearly refused at first and for him mannu can die but it will give him pleasure as JaGan will suffer It will be his revenge on them Best revenge  JaGan beg in front of him and he only agreed for his own selfish self Give Mannu back to him if JaGan would have refused Mannu could die for him He don't care  He even later Mannu in ward suffering in pain he was leaving since Dadisaa asked him to behave with  jagya it was Jagya who begged in front of him so Ratan's so called favor done on Mannu he saved his life How he did that everyone knows He enjoyed Mannu's pain suffering because it was making JaGan suffer and beg to him  What a great father  Ratan is 

He gave Mannu's custody to JaGan again to save himself from son one day questioning him like the other criminal 's son if Mannu walked on same path as he 

This all debate on even criminals have death sentence their last wish is fulfilled This is that Ganga will fulfill his wish She has more heart in her than Ratan She saved Ratan's father's life giving her own blood to her but isn't she a human It is expected from her to forgive and forget this monster who ruined her life , killed her every day by raping her , beating her , even really tried to kill her , refused to save her son's life same son he is dying to meet now to punish her and Jagya Ganga is only protective about her son like every mother will be She is not doing it for herself but she does not want Mannu to be shattered knowing about this all 

How can she take Mannu to Ratan without telling him who is he Wacko She will have to tell him and this she is scared about how Mannu will react to this as Ratan is  not someone Mannu will be very happy to know this devil is  his biological father Ganga only wants to protect Mannu from this  and i support her in this she is human mother not some goddess 

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