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The episode starts with Harki saying she is not a good mother, but she can't eat if her daughter is hungry. She says I understand your pain. You should think that you are going to a big family. He will be alright after marriage. She asks her to eat, but Kamli refuses. Harki says she will call her Bapusa and force feeds her. Kamli cries.

 Anandi comes back home and recalls her meeting with Ratan Singh and his mother . She recalls seeing his condition. She comes to Dadisaa in her room . Dadisaa asks her  did you meet Phooli. Anandi says yes. Dadisaa says you took too late to return home anyways get fresh up  I  will serve food for you. Anandi says she had dinner while on the way.  Anandi tells Dadisaa she wants to talk something about her She tells her about sudden meeting with Ratan Singh and his mother . A flashback is shown Where Ratan Singh pleading her to meet Mannu. Anandi  promises to him she will make him meet with Mannu  Dadisaa is shocked hearing all this . Anandi tells that she gave him promise she will make meet with Mannu , but don't know if she can fulfill it. She says she will talk to Jagya and Ganga about this  in the morning. Dadisaa looks on

 Nimboli brings water for Kamli and is happy seeing her having food. Harki turns to go. They hear some sound. Harki asks what is it? Nimboli covers her nose and asks what? Harki asks are you deaf? Nimboli says she didn't hear anything. Kamli also says she didn't hear. Gopal throws the letter covering with stone. Harki hears the sound. Nimboli steps on the stone. Harki looks out in the window. Akhiraj Singh calls her. Harki asks Nimboli to come with her. Kamli hugs Nimboli and says you saved me again. Nimboli says not me, but Kanha ji. She leaves. Kamli reads the letter and is emotional knowing Gopal came there. He promises to take her from there. He says I will marry you, if I couldn't then we will die together. Kamli gets emotional and cries happily.

 In the morning Jagya comes to  Dadisaa's room where Anandi is waiting for them  Dadisaa is sitting on chair Jagya asks from  Anandi, why did you call me suddenly. Anandi asks about Ganga    Jagya tells she is coming . Ganga comes and asks  from Anandi what is the matter? Anandi starts her preaching   we all agree on one thing that we humans should help each other. You both are doctors you do this day and night , help many people ,  treat them ,saves their lives , who can understand better than you how to help a dying man in his wish   Jagya and Ganga are confused .  Ganga asks from her yes but what do you mean saying all this now  Jagya asks  from Anandi you want us to help some dying man ? right but who   Anandi says Ratan Singh. Jagya and  Ganga is shocked. Anandi says he is drying and his illness is at last stage. His last wish is that he wants to meet his son Mannu. Ganga shocked asks from her  how did you know this. Anandi says she met  his mother while returning from home form Phooli's house  His mother told her he is very ill . She tells everything in muted voice BG music on then  . Ganga  after hearing all angrily says to Anandi  and even after know everything and you gave him promise that you will make Mannu meet him  Why you gave him such promise and  on which basis you gave hgim promise and with which right? Jagya asks Ganga to please  calm down  Anandi says   i could not understand any right then In front of me there was  a dying man at that time who was begging to meet his son just one last time  I could not refuse to him  He is  dying   Ganga says that man is dead for me long ago. I don't  have any sympathy towards him, then why you have ? Why did you forget everything  You could see his last wish but did not remember my pain  you know everything still  You know what he did with this family tried to destroy everyone , did not even leave small children  I know later he tried to redeem himself and handed Mannu to me  he did not look back towards me but still I cannot trust him and send Mannu to him . Dadisaa gets up now and supports Ganga saying this is it I also told Anandi same why you gave promise to that man


Anandi says situation was such I could not think of anything else I felt If I won't promise to him then It will be wrong  I still don't think I did any wrong in this but yes I accept my  mistake  that should have consulted with you both before doing so


Ganga tells Anandi you made a mistake now you will have to rectify it too  but I won't let Mannu go to that man  .  Anandi is shocked   Jagya,  Dadisaa looks on   Ganga tells Jagya dr sahab now please you don't try to convince me because I won't be convinced This dying man , last wish , this that I am not going to flow these emotions  Ganga leaves saying this  .


Kamli finishes reading Gopal's letter and wonders how he came yesterday. She feels pain and promises to elope with him through the window. She sees Akhiraj Singh coming with some men. Akhiraj asks them not to let anyone enter the house. The men promises to give tight security service. Kamli wonders how will Gopal come and rescue her.

Nimboli tells Kamli that there is a tight security around the house. Kamli says she is worried. Nimboli promises that she will get her marry to Gopal instead of Pushkar. 

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Thanks for update 

Anandi wow  she made a promise to ratan singh that she will  make him meet with Mannu Deadand with what right she made that promise ? Thinking of what she made promise to Ratan without asking   Mannu's parents ?How can she not bother about parents at all and take decision here ? I don't buy her lame explanation later the situation was such i could not think of anything else  and she was not sure she could fulfill this promise and how she would be sure Mannu is not her son that she can take decisions  about him  yet she made a promise Wow Anandi Dead   

You are not a kid Anandi  but a mature person You did not think about Mannu's parents you need to ask them , you did not think about Mannu's emotions but jumped in to make a promise to ratan  you will make meet with Mannu Dead Why she could not tell Ratan talk to Jagya and Ganga about it  but no she made a decision herself  and later saying  made a small mistake she should have consulted them before '' itni si galti ho gaye mujh sai''Silly

Anandi herself was in state of denial and was angry at warden when she introduced her to Amol's biological parents Amol's biological parents were begging from her as well but she firmly denied them and here she knows very well what kind of person Ratan has been she  made  a decision  without asking JaGan about their son by giving promise to Ratan Singh Thumbs DownShe took Jagya Ganga Mannu granted for here 

Anandi's lecture to JaGan DeadShe was not conveying them what she saw  and what Ratan asked from her she was trying to force her decision on their head by trying to convince them with her preaching DeadShe was telling them her decision and asking them to follow it Thumbs DownTheir opinion does not matter to her at all  Wow Anandi so proud of herself what you think is right all world must follow her 

Even dadisaa was not in support of Anandi today she too criticized her why she gave promise to Ratan  So happy with Dadisaa today not blindly supporting Anandi but talking sense  Anandi had no right to do so 

Ganga is understandable I can understand her  Ratan did no less wrong to her He did a lot of wrong to her  from her childhood  and Ganga is protective about her son she does not want his evil shadow fall on her son   She does want Mannu to get hurt knowing about what kind of evil person is his father The fact even Ratan Singh was trying to stay away from Mannu  for same reasons So ganga being protective about Mannu makes sense I can understand her  Ganga makes sense 

Why Ganga should be so great ? Ganga is human  Why she should forget everything  This man Ratan singh refused to save his own son's life whom he is dying to meet now  to plot revenge on JaGan and made Jagya beg in front of him   Ratan did no less wrong that Ganga should forget everything His own son Mannu was dying he was  saying let him die it will be his best revenge on Jagya Ganga and now he is dying to meet same son 

A huge task is ahead of Jagya very  difficult one to convince Ganga and Mannu for this  Jagya will stand for what he thinks is  right  He is not going to buy Anandi's theory ,  her lecture , her views but he will see things himself then take  a decision here  I think he will go to meet Ratan himself  Lets see how story unfolds further   Jagya is not like Ratan the way Ratan made him beg for Mannu , the way he tortured JaGan , they way he tortured JaGan for Mannu  Jagya will not do so 

I hope cvs keep Anandi out of this track please  SleepyShe is not needed here I hated her today How can she just take such  decision without bothering to ask from Jagya and Ganga even once and later telling them this is what decision she took Follow it for humanity's sake  Thumbs Down

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Anandi whats new about her She always takes decisions about others lives , their matters without bothering to ask them, taking their opinion  She forces her opinion on others  SleepyShe was totally wrong here to give promise to Ratan and taking Jagya Ganga  Mannu for granted here  and later when Ganga rightfully showed her mirror with what right you took this decision and gave him promise  All Anandi could come up with it was a small mistake from her side she did not consult them before giving promise  not ask them but consult them    Amazing Dead

Anandi's explanation was lame on why she gave promise to ratan here and did not think about anything else before doing so    She did not think she is taking decision about Ganga's son Jagya 's son  not hers   She did not think about what they will tell to Mannu all of a sudden who is this man She came up giving promise to Ratan  then lecturing JaGan on humanity .Amazing AnandiDead

She did not even for once think  think she is  taking decision on Jagya and Ganga 's behalf about their son she simply gave promise to Ratan Singh and expected Jagya and Ganga will get convinced anyway   Wow Why taking them so much for  granted here ?Dead

She could tell Ratan  Talk to Jagya Ganga about it but no she gave him promise like she owns Jagya Ganga and Mannu They will get convinced anyway to whatever she thinks thats why  she  promised him Dead

Dadisaa was right to criticize Anandi today why she  gave promise to Ratan  Dadisaa was supportive of Ganga today Clapping for Dadisaa she won my heart today not blindly supportive of Anandi 

Ganga is understandable Her  all points are valid She is protective about her son and wants to protect him from that evil man who did a  lot wrong to her , Singhs and Mannu himself too Why she should forget this same man who refused to save his own dying son Mannu and used his pain , his illness to every bit on his advantage to plot revenge on Jagya and Ganga  Did Ratan even tried to earn Ganga's forgiveness ?Why she should forgive that monster who destroyed her childhood , raped  ,beaten her , abused her in every possible way even tried to kill her , tried to snatch away the people she loved from her , tried to snatch Mannu from her so many times and he himself wanted to stay away from Mannu to keep him away from his evil shadow  so ganga the protective mother  of her son all points are valid 

 and her words to Anandi about with what right you gave promise to Ratan  was sweet  music like to my ears WinkWell done Ganga  Good showed  mirror to Anandi Enough of Anandi ji forcing her decisions on others taking them for granted 

Jagya was quiet but know what will be his decision He is not like Ratan The way Ratan tortured him for Mannu , made him beg for Mannu's life  Jagya is totally different from this person so he will try to convince Ganga and Mannu not buying Anandi's theory but what he thinks is right He will see things himself then take a decision 

and i hope Anandi stays out of it she can only create mess not solve it Dead

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More than Anandi's persistent interference in people's lives, today I was disgusted  with  her introduction to the whole story about Ratan.. Anandi said  ''we agree that humans should help each other. You people being the doctor helps others etc.'' It was like she  was giving   a lesson to the children or mentally challenged people who dont know to make their own decisions without a tutor    so she needs to show them the right path.  Why she  didn't   say right away  without that preaching about humanity and blah blah blah that  she met Ratan's  mother, that Ratan is dying  and his last  wish is  to see his son.  Yesterday I wrote a post that all she  had to do  is to drive   Ratan's  mother home, but   if she really    wanted  to visit   Ratan who's ill ,out  of humanity she could have done that  and  just to  say I'm not the right person to  whom you guys should talk,  you are his biological father but Manu has his   parents to  whom you  have to talk about this sensitive issue.  I dont have any right to talk about it.  I never   posted it  in hope that  perhaps this scenario is going to  happen in today's episode. Silly me!  Not only that she took  the right to talk  on this subject but she  has already made a promise. I am totally disgusted. Who gave her that right ?   That's why she made    that  kind of introduction to her  story, preaching about humanity, that's   why she said she did a mistake by not asking them before promising Ratan   still she did  what she  wanted to do  like always, because  at the end of the day she  never consider that she's wrong   never consider other people's wishes and feelings.  She  shapes the world to her  taste. She thinks  that she's the  smartest, most capable person in the world whose  only thinking is the right one  and everyone should follow it.( probably that's why she lost her daughter  because she always  knows the best and  that's  why she doesn't teach her son that it  is not nice to speak on behalf of others because   she does exactly the same Dead ) So she knows she shouldn't  promise to Ratan before asking, still she does that because she's so overconfident  that she can do whatever she wants to do. Is she the same poor Anandi who  simply can not stand up against  Dadisa  so  that's why she must live against her wish in  BH  with her  ex and his family ? Is she  The same Anandi  who  hides   DB criminal act just  to protect  Daddu  but now without  a second thought she decides to  seriously mess up with  the life of a young innocent  boy who will be confronted with such a hard truth . Not only  he 's going to find out  that Jagya   is not his real  father, but that his  biological father is  the man who beat and tortured and raped   his mother.  Ratan repented ? So what? Should we forgive all  rapists, murderers, pedophiles, terrorists all over the world because they repented? There are things that can be forgiven, there are unforgivable things. As far as i'm concerned  he can rot in hell. He saved  Manu's  life .!? Mannu  is not some random kid   but his son. And saving his son's life doesn't change the fact that  he raped a woman, he tortured pregnant Ghena and her kid...     How come   Anandi thinks of  Daddu's  health and peace and happiness , but without any hesitation and thinking of  Mannu's feelings and what 's the best for him  and  what  kind of hell he  will  go  through when he learns the truth , she gave a promise ?Is she really a  social worker who thinks of the   welfare of  children !? I won't even  mention Ganga here. Is that     this decision should have been made just like that, without a second thought? Is     this decision   was  up to her to make?

Thanks for the WU

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Thanks Jia 

Anandi  Thumbs Down

First  she had no right to give promise to Ratan Singh She must know she is not the right person to talk in this matter and take decision in this She cannot take decision in this   She could tell Ratan i am not the right person you should request from. Contact Jagya and Ganga They will listen to you ...  She did not even need to say she will talk to Jagya and Ganga about it Simply tell Ratan and his mother Mannu has his parents  Jagdish and Ganga to whom you gave custody of Mannu Talk to them  Give them Jagya's phone number if they don't have  but she gave promise to Ratan singh ? With what right she gave promise to Ratan  How she can take Jagya Ganga Mannu for granted here ?  She did not care about feelings of Ganga here Her opinion Mannu's mother opinion  ? She did not think about Jagya  His opinion  Mannu's father opinion  ? She did not think what they will tell to Mannu ? She did not think how  Mannu will react to this  She was not even sure she will be able to fulfill this promise to Ratan Singh and she made promise here ? How Anandi can be so irresponsible  to take all people for granted here  Heights Anandi Thumbs Down

and later her lecture to  Jagya and ganga  on humanity simply pathetic  Just straight away tell them  you met Ratan Singh and this he wished but she was emotionally blackmailing JaGan by  giving them lectures on humanity and about their work as doctors so that somehow they would get convinced and her promise will be fulfilled ... Thumbs Down She was telling what she saw and Ratan asked her she was telling Jagya and Ganga her decision which she thinks is perfectly right and they must follow it since its humanity  Wah Anandi Thumbs Down

Dadisaa so proud of her today she did not blindly supported Anandi today but criticize her act how she gave promise to Ratan 

Ganga was totally right when she told Anandi with what right you took this decision You did not think about me at all 

 Enough is enough Anandi Stop taking others for granted  Thumbs DownJagya ganga Mannu are not yours  personal properties you can take decisions about them 

Ganga reasons are valid if she wants to protect Mannu from Ratan Ratan has been cruel to her and destroyed her life  her childhood , which sin he has not committed against her but still more than  herself Ganga is protective about her son She wants to keep him away from his evil man and his crimes shadow  She does not want Mannu to get hurt hearing about his real father and the real father hearing about him Mannu will be shattered not proud of him Ratan is same man who now is dying to meet his son , same son  whose life he he refused to save and totured Jagya and Ganga every bit with Mannu's pain and made them beg to him for his life

Jagya will definitely take  decision after seeing things himself not he agrees with Anandi and her theories I think he will personally go to meet with Ratan before taking any  decision here It will be tough for him to convince Ganga and Mannu for it  Jagya is definitely not like Ratan  A kind hearted noble person  with a kind heart , a father himself he will fulfill Ratans last wish 

but Anandi should better keep herself out of it Sleepy

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kate-nic Senior Member

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Thanks for update  

Anandi the great goddess of humanity  how come you did not think about two parents Jagya and Ganga's  feelings and wishes that you gave promise to  Ratan Singh taking those two parents for granted here  That you did not bother to ask them before taking any decison here and giving promise to Ratan  ? You could tell Ratan Singh contact them after all its a matter of their child not yours ? but you did not even ask   these parents and took decision Gave promise to Ratan Singh that you will  make Mannu meet with him?

Anandi ji what a about an abused  woman's feelings who all her life has been abused by the man who is begging to you that you did not think about that woman , her feelings and wish before giving promise to ratan singh   You did not ask  this woman and gave promise to ratan singh you will make this woman's child meet with him ?

Anandi ji what about feelings and wish of a child , his emotions that he will suddenly come to know about his real father and his sins committed to his mother  and him too Same his father refused to save his same son's life to plot revenge on JaGan  Son was in pain but he was enjoying seeing Jagya and Ganga suffering You did not think about this and gave a promise to his monster father that you  will make him meet with him ?

Anandi ji what about feelings and wish of  another father who raised this boy as his son but you did not bother to ask him and gave Ratan Singh promise you will make Mannu meet with him ?

You did not think about all this and gave a promise to  Ratan Singh Not sure you can even fulfill it but still gave it   Wow what great person you are I am disgusted with Anandi today Thumbs Down

and then she is preaching Jagya and Ganga on humanity , bullying them to get convinced and keep her so called promise Nonsense  

Ganga was totally right today With what right Anandi took this decision , why she did not think before doing so How she forgot about everything 

Ganga is understandable why she should forgive this monster so easily How many sins he committed to her  What wrong he did not do with Ganga Raped that little girl ,  mentally physically tortured her ,tried to kill her ,Kept her son away from her and if Ganga does not want Mannu to know about this and wants to protect him her points are valid 

Anandi took everyone for granted here she is too proud of herself what she thinks is always right and others must follow her thats why she takes decisions about them without asking them Thumbs Down

Jagya is a kind hearted person He will see things and then decide He will help Ratan though it will be difficult for him to convince Ganga and Mannu 

but Anandi was totally wrong today with the way she took decision here later bullying JaGan to follow her so called promiseThumbs Down Glad even dadisaa did not support her today 

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Dreamer_ IF-Rockerz

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Really disgusted with Anandi with today Dead

First she took decision and did not bother about Jagya Ganga at all  then say anything to Ratan but she directly gave Ratan promise 

and then she is preaching to Jagya Ganga not telling them straight away but preaching them on humanity and their duties as doctors  This was just an attempt to bully them to get convinced Dead

She was not  telling them about incident what she saw but she was telling them her decision she took this decision follow it  like they have no right to take decisions of their child themselves but must follow your decisions Dead

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jdfan IF-Dazzler

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Thanks Jia 

Wow just kudos to Anandi What a great soul she is Dead

She made a promise to Ratan without asking  Jagya Ganga , without thinking about Mannu and his best interest how it is going to impact him knowing about this evil man is his father she gave promise to Ratan and then coming at home lecturing JaGan trying to convince them preaching them on humanity so they get emotionally blackmailed and get convinced Dead Wow just wow Anandi I don't have words for you to show my disgust for you today Dead

How can she take this decision herself without asking Jagya Ganga ?  How can she ? Does Jagya and Ganga have no right according to her  to make decision about their son Do they have no right that she made a decision and gave promise to Ratan Singh without asking them ? She did not think about even Mannu? Ratan was begging to her so what ? Was it so difficult for her to tell him ask Jagya Ganga that she herself made promise to Ratan?

and later she was telling JaGan her decision and telling them how right it is  Thumbs DownPreaching them for it on humanity and telling them their responsibilities so they get convinced with her decision Thumbs DownThey have no right according to her to make decision about their son thats why she was forcing her decision on their head Thumbs Down

Dadisaa was totally right not to support Anandi in this Thank God she removed the blindfold for Anandi from her eyes 

Ganga's all points very valid and good she told Anandi with what right you gave promise to Ratan and did not think about me at all   Perfectly said 

Ganga 's reasons are valid to keep Mannu away from Ratan  She is protective about her son and which mother wont be  Ratan how much he wrong he has done to Ganga from her childhood Leave that aside how much he made Mannu suffer He enjoyed Mannu's pain his suffering because it satisfied his soul he is taking revenge from Jagya and Ganga so why Ganga should melt to easily for this monster Mannu will be shattered to know about this man This monster is his biological father 

Jagya will take decision after seeing things himself not that he agree with  Anandi or he supports her If he would have met Ratan himself He would have tried to help him fulfill his last wish He is not like Ratan who will torture him , keep his son away from him to plot his revenge  from him  the way  Ratan tortured him  Even Ganga is not plotting revenge on Ratan she is just being protective about her son but Jagya is a father himself  A kind noble hearted father so he will help Ratan in his last wish It will be difficult for him to convince Ganga and Mannu for it 

I hope Ratan is ashamed of his sins done to Ganga and Jagya He never realized his sins done to them never asked forgiveness he only gave Mannu to their custody  for his better upbringing 

Lets see how story unfolds further and hoping the mess maker Anandi stays out of it Dead

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