Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG FF "Sunn Leyna" Chapter3 Page 24 (9/1/17) (Page 20)

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Whenever I see this story, I remember a song..
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superb updates
maan like muskan but she unaware it geet know maan liking muskan and rahul liking her 
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awesomee updateee dear Smile
this one also, I started reading Wink
although I cant digest maan with someone else, bt then its impt for the story, so m okk with it Smile
do update sn pls and do pm dear on this one too Smile
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Originally posted by sameera_12

<div align="center"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#FF0000" size="3">I know i have neglected this FF badly.. But i think now i am in a position to continue it.. </font><font color="#FF0000" size="3">
Let me know if you guys are still there and wana read it!Smile

m waitinggg yehhh pls dp it dear and pls do accept my buddy request Smile and pls do pm tooo Wink
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| Chapter 3 |

| TakingChances |

"Geeettt!!!" Muskaan pulled away her blanket and threw it off the bed to wake her up..
"Muskaaannn!!" Geet yelled out gritting her teeth and woke up to collect her blanket and go back to sleep.. "Ajj na to class hai, na mere naashte banane ki baari!! Dimagh nahi kharab karo mera!" Geet warned angrily and covered herself again with the blanket.. She hates it to core when someone wakes her up like that..
"Lekin mere job ka to first day hai naa!! I am kind a nervous!" Muskaan bit her lower lip and spoke..
"To main kya karun? Maine kaha hai job karne ko?" Geet yelled out with her eyes closed..
"Come one yaar!! Don't be a spoil sport.. "Dekho naa mausam kitna acha ho raha hai!! Jog pe chalte hain!!" Muskaan tried nicely this time..
"Baarishon k season mein.. roz he mausam acha hota hai!! Arjun ko le jao jogg pe!!" Geet huffed..
"Come on yaar!! harkatein nahi karo.. uth jao!!" Muskaan once again pulled her blanket down..


Annie's real name was Anwesha and she belonged from a huge raees old cultured family. Her father had this huge haveli in Ragistan and it was actually quite the big thing that against all odds and practices, he allowed his daughter to go outside and study otherwise girls were just kitchen material to them..
It was early in the Morning when Annie finally reached this Haveli only to be welcomed by a jerk! Baldeiv Singh.. He was the son of one of the leaders of this whole raees community thing.. Annie had seen this man from her childhood and had hated im from the core. Unfortunately, her father and that jerk's father were close and so their haveli's were joint.
She saw this bulldozer kind of giant man with nasty eyes and long thick mustache, checking her out from top to bottom.. "Agayii.. ghoom ghaam ke.." He laughed and said in his typical jahil accent which Annie hates to core..
"Urghh Disgusting!!" Annies cursed him under her breath and rolling her eyes, silently walked away..
"Hehh.. chirya urr rahi hai!! parr kaantne padege!!" Baldeiv caressed his mustache with proudness and said.. Annie in her city avatar had just caught his attention. Her figure, dressing, style and moreover her beauty was something he just cannot ignore.. Today when he laid his eyes on her! He became sure that he just wants her.


"Dekha!! Kitna acha mausam hai!!" Muskaan smiled while running ahead of Geet..
"Haan!! Ajj se pehle itna acha mausam maine kabhiii nahi dekha life mein!" Geet rolled her eyes and kept jogging.. It was so goos inside warm bed and here Muskaan had killed everything.. Its like almost everyday they had to wake up in the morning to go for classes and had this morning walk.. What was so special today?
"Jaldi karooo.. mujhe do round leyne hain!!" Muskaan said out loud trying to boost up Geet..
"To tum lo naa apne do round!! Kisne roka hai?" Geet made a face bending down to tie her shoe lace properly to which Muskaan shook her head and ran ahead.. "Pagal!!" Geet murmured..
"Betiii..." A begger came to her..
"Arghhh not again!!" Geet got up instantly and ran in different direction.. She kept running until she found an empty bench to sit on.. "Geet!!!" She heard a fimiliar voice from behind just when she was about to sit and turn to face.. "Dev!!" She passed a tired look to him...
"Let me guess.. zabardasti ki gayi hai tumhare saath!!" He giggled seeing her face..
"Yeah! Tell me about it.." She rolled her eyes and sat down along with dev..
"Tumhe kyun daura pada hai yahan a ke jogg karne ka?" She asked..
"Aise he.. bhai and i decided to have a run today!!" He smiled..
"Ahan!!" Geet nodded in a yes..
"Dev!!" Maan searcheg for Dev passed by which made Dev stand up and turn around to wave Maan.. "Ohh!! Yahan ho.." Breathing deep, Maan said and came forward..
"Oh Hi!!" He smiled as he saw geet also there to which normal people smile back but geet didn't.. "Umm.. which one?" Feeling a bit awkward, Maan asked..
"Geet!!" She stretched her lips to say.. "Have a nice walk!!" She wished the two and ran out.. This was time, she push Muskaan to return home..
"I get it!! The sarru one is Geet!!" Maan mumbled..
"Hehh" Dev hit him on his shoulder.. "Don't judge.. Tum jaante he kitna ho usse?" He asked..
"I.. so know the other one a bit!! She is kind a sweet!!" Maan defended himself..
"Huh!! And how do u know Muskaan a bit?" Dev asked mischeviously..
"Because she came by for the job of a secretry!! Swwet hai wo to.. jesa ek hospital mein honi chahiye!!" Maan commented..
"Huh???" Dev's mouth hung up.. "When and why did that happened??" He scratched his head with confusion..

Rahul was trying hard to concentrate on his book but everytime he starts this chapter, it just reminds him of Geet.. She had almost fought with the professor in the class over this chapter.. Her views were entirely different from the professor..
"Uhh Tum itni laraka aur difficult kyun ho yaar??" He questioned in his head regarding Geet.. Its been long he was trying to talk to her about this but first he was very unsure.. As per whole university, Muskaan was the one any guy would fall for. She was sweet and easy whereas Geet was a complete challange! Except for an identical twin from exterier, she has got nothing like Muskaan in her behaviour.. She was sharp as knife and the dangerous when things are not in her favour..
It took a while for Rahul to figure out what actually is going on with him because just a fling was definitely not Geet's thing.. Time passed by and he just don't know why, Muskaan never attracted him the way Geet did.. Whatever and however she was, he liked her like that only..
"Himmat to dikhani padegi!!" He took a deep breath before deciding how to tell her this.
"Arghhh!! Di nahi hota yeh mujhse solve!!" Arjun threw his pen away at last.. He was trying to solve that tricky math problem and atlast gave up..
"Asaan to hai.. "Geet frowned at him.. "Dimagh laga k karoge to hoga!" She scolded him..
"Tumhe to asaan he lagay gaa naa.. Maha padhaku!!" Arjun made a face.. He just so hates it when he brings a problem to geet and she first tells him that its easy.. Muskaan on the other hand never helps but always sends him to geet.. Muskaan was just like any other student who reads and study to pass whereas Geet was one of those who loves to study.
"Tameez se.." Geet shot a glare at him.. She was the top student since the very beginning and had done almost all her studies through scholarship!! Although these 3 siblings were from the same mother, lives in the same house but there goals were entirely different.. Geet was known for her moods but she was hardworking..


It was Muskaan's first day for her job. She was nervous but the way she got welcomed, she felt really comfortable. Maan introduced her to Dr Nandini and then don't know what happened, they just instantly clicked.
Nandini was a little confused because of Muskaan's appointment since the position was of not a usual secretry but someone who will be responsible, serious and had a little medical background. Her eyes were sharp to detect looks and understand logic behind Muskaan's appointment by Dr.Maan Khurrana.
After being introduced by her work and its seriousness, Muskaan actually took her time to decide what and how. She had medical files to arrange, research about the basics and weird names along with the pathetic writing of few doctors.
"Great! Aisi bakwaas writing inhe khud ko kese samajh ati hai?" Muskaan commented while trying to study and remember the pattern of handwritings of each doctor..
"Really??" Muskaan's breath stopped and so as her eyes on spot.. She sensed someone is standing right over her head and has heard her.. "Ermmm..." She slowly looked up only to find Maan standing and smiling..
"Hii!!" She tried to push the awkwardness away..
"Hehehe.. khud ki bakwaas khud ko samajh aye tabhi to likhte haina!" He chuckled and tried to start a friendly conversation with her..
"Still.." Muskaan made a face and took the file Maan was here to give her..
"Let me know meri writing k baare mein kya khayal hai?" He asked trying not to smile..
"Uhmm bekaar he hogi inki bhi!!" Muskaan told her self in her head and smiling, opened the file only to be left with surprise.. "Okay!! Understandable hai!" She commented making him laugh.. "Hahaha.."
"So? D o u think study and work... manage ho jayega?" He asked softly..
"Ho na ho... karna to padega!" Muskaan smiled back.. She was actually feeling irritated by his presence since she had work to do and she doesn't really wana put her bad impressions anywhere.


Today was Muskaan's day since it was her first ever time she has gone out to work. Geet and Rano had prepared her favorite dishes for the dinner.. "Zyaada pareshaani to nahi hui?" Rano asked out of concern while having dinner with her children..
"Mama yeh koi jung larne gayi thi kya?" Arjun made a face and asked.. As per him, Muskaan was getting too much footage today.
"Lag to aise he raha hai!!" Geet giggled, she was bearing her side effects of Muskaan's first day since morning.. First morning jog and then kitchen though it was Muskaan's day of kitchen but Geet had to takecare of that because Muskaan was out for work.
"Chup raho tum donow!!" Muskaan pouted.. The dinner went happy, Muskaan told everyone all about her day and that Dr.Maan is really sweet, he helped her and bla bla bla where as Geet's face fell when Muskaan mentioned his name..
"Huhhh... I don't know why? i kind a hate this guy!!" Geet gritted her teeth while trying hard to sleep. Muskaan and everyone were already sleeping and here this Maan Khurrana was making her mad. "Ajeeb sa hai wo.. agar isko itna sweet lag raha hai to obviously pat he lega ek din issko!!" She looked at a sleeping Muskaan and mumbled..
When Maan was working over his hospital, Dev had once walked along with Geet to a different department to collect some forms.. The distance was huge and they had to walk for about good 30 minutes during which Dev and she talked alot and one of the topic Dev brought was Maan's way of work and how he is dealing and all..
When Muskaan mentioned about the job thing, Geet first was not in favour but then who was she to decide? It was Muskaan's decision. Later when she found where Muskaan has given interviews and had got selected, Geet became confused.. She did her own research out of curiosity only to find that Muskaan doesn't belong to that department at all.. If Maan had appointed her, Geet was sure of the reason. She don't know why but she just don't like the guy much.
"Mazak he to kiya tha ussne!! jhagar leyti usse.. itni stupid kese ho sakti hun k yahan agayi main??" Annie cursed herself in the middle of the night.. She did met her parents and everyone which was very pleasent but as soon as few hours past by, her 6th sense made her allert about something..
Everyone was sleeping in this hour of Night and she was feeling scared and unsafe in her own house.. "Rajveer k bache!! Tumhe to main nahi chorungi!!" Annie cursed him again. he was the reason why she came back here in anger..
"Subha hote he yahan se nikal jaoongi!!" Annie decided atlast and started planning for the excuse she will be making to her father for her immediate return.

"Annie tum pagal ho!! Tumhe wahan nahi jaana chahiye tha!!" Geet scolded Annie as soon as she met her after her return.. "Gunda sound karta hai mujhe tumhara background!!" Geet shook her head with terror.. Whenever Annie tells anything about old practises and wrong deeds and that how much pissed she is in regards with her family, Geet is the one who gets more hyper..
"Acha please haan!! Itne bhi bure nahi hai sab.." Annie tried to defend her family.. Even thought it was all true but she still didn't liked the way Geet said it..
"Hello!! Ladies!!" Rajveer joined tha two and got a loud slap over his shoulder from Annie.. "Sab tumhari wajah se hua hai!!" She yelled at him..
"Haan!! jisske liye maine sorry kaha tha! Tumhari tarah bina batae bhaag nahi gaya tha!!" Rajveer gave it back to Annie..
"Sorry kehne se kya hota hai? darra diya tha tumne mujhe.. Aur wo Rahul ka bacha kahan hai? usski bhi class lungi main!" Annie pouted..
"O really!! Tell me wahan ja k tumhe yahan se zyaada darr nahi lagta!!" Rajveer glared at him.. He was mad over Annie more than anyone else. He and Annie were the first one who became friends over a lost and found issue.. Annie lost her bag which Rajveer found and gave back to authorities just the moment when Annie was there to ask for it.. Then sometimes, lost ways or over books, they just formed  a bond of friendship.. Rajveer knew all about Annie and her background more than anyone else in the gang.
"Alright! Tum donow jhagra karo.. i am getting late!" Geet got up to leave.. Not only she but the whole gang had seen the fights and patchups between Annie and Rajveer so many times.. It was evident that Annie goes to him for everything first and he cares much more than needed about her.. It was just a matter of time before they will realise it if they haven't already and might get into a serious relationship.


"Ye other way round bhi to ho sakta hai!!" Muskaan pointed at something on Geet's notes. Study and Job were hard and so Muskaan takes classes which suits her timing, other which she misses were taught to her by Geet..
"Haan lekin wo complicate ho jayega phir.. " Geet replied back while hanging her dress in the cupboard..
"Hmmm.." Pressing her lips together, Muskaan first tried to understand and then shed a look at Geet who was now trying to make a bow out of the ribbon, on the dress..
"Yaaar... Pata hai kapron ki kami hone lagi hai mujhe ab!! Uni mein chal jata hai.. lekin Hospital to jaldi jaldi repeat karna acha nahi lagta.." Muskaan spoke out in a thoughtful tone..
"Kyun bhae? Tum to mere bhi pehn k chali jati ho!! Mujhe kami honi chahiye.. tumh ekyun hone lag gayi?" Geet arched her brows.. It already sucks when Muskaan talks about that Khurrana all day and Night and she just couldn't comment because Muskaan likes him and she doesn't and now these changes which have started taking place in Muskaan..
The girl who used to go simple had started getting all dressed up as if to impress someone..
"Main doctor thodi hun jo while coat mein rahun aur kisi ko koi farq na pade.." Muskaan tried to explain herself.. "Oppar pata ai mujhe khud ko update karne k liye kitni research karni padi hai.. ajeeb ajeeb naam aur terms" Muskaan shook her head in stress..
"Kyun? Tumhare Dr.Maan help nahi karte?" Geet spoke out with extra sugar coated voice..
"Please!!" Muskaan rolled her eyes and got back to study.. No matter how much people share with friends and family, there are certain things that u just don't share or start hiding for no reason. Muskaan has started having a fun time in the hospital especially with Maan but there was nothing like love or something and even if it was there, she was not ready to shed a light on it or share it with anyone at the moment.

Time flies and changes everything along with it.. Its been 4 months now that Muskaan was working in the hospital and by now Maan had grown quite alot in his heart for her.. He was so sure that he wants to marry her..
Rahul on the other hand was trying hard to talk and Geet was at her best to not let that happen. It was like her routine to get up in the morning, recall her goal list and things that she needs to avoid. Even it was weird when the gang noticed the bookmarks of her on which it was written in big in capital "DON'T".
She laughed it off saying that she just got few in a package deal while buying something else from the stationary and so, she just used them all for her books and notes.. Only she knew that she actually bought those bookmarks on which "DON'T" was written in big so that she would remind herself always and everytime when Rahul is around her that no matter how logical or serious or whatever he sound like or may whatever happen, she will not say yes at any cost and will try her best that he would never ask.
"Pleeease naa!!" Muskaan pleaded Geet bad..
"Main nahi jaoongi!!" Geet refused at once.. Rano was not feeling well plus Muskaan had few chapters to complete, Exams were near and she was far behing in few subjects of hers.. She really needed that time and so she was pleading Geet to go instead of her..
"Tumhara to complete hua wa hai sab!! wese bhi tumhe time nahi lagta prepare karne mein.. pleeease!!" Muskaan pleaded once again..
"Bhae mujhe kya pata mujhe wahan ja k kya karna hai??" Geet tried to avoid.. Muskaan don't realize how much she talks about Maan with Geet and Geet was already pissed off by that guy for no reason and here daily chant of him makes her dislikes him more.. She can actually feel that she cannot just stand under one roof with that Maan Khurrana.


After many pleads and arguments, Geet was finally walking inside the hospital in a full I'll put Maan Khurrana to hell mode. She walked in and moved ahead just as Muskaan told her.. Muskaan was too clear with everything that Geet didn't had a problem.. She found the desk, seat, opened the locker, took out files and stuff..
"Mann to kar raha hai jala dun sab!!" Geet gritted her teeth.. It was so hard to concentrate when everyone passing by greets her and smiles at her and she had to respond the same..
"Yeh bhi ajj he fix kar deti hoon!!" Geet thought for a while over an appointment and was just setting the time table on computer when she saw Maan coming with a lady doctor laughing and smiling through the coridoor.. "Kya dikhta hai Muskaan ko iss mein?" She wondered rolling her eyes.. To world, Maan Khurrana was one hell of a Handsome Hunk Doc and here Miss Geet Handa disagrees with all of them.

"Yeh!! Muskaan ko kya hua ajj??" Nandini looked at Geet from a distance and asked Maan who was walking along with her.. Muskaan used to come quite tip top for whatever reasons but Geet has non of those.. She was although same its just that she wasn't wearing any eyeshadows which were giving people around her the feel that she is unwell.. They were so used to see Muskaan that way that one thing missing from the face was making them wonder that she is sick or something..
"Tabeat theek nahi hai shayad.." Maan said and concerned, walked along with Nandini to Muskaan's table..
"Tumhari tabeat theek hai?" Nandini asked on approaching geet..
"Ab yeh kaun?" Geet give it a thought...
"Chutti le leyti ajj tabeat theek nahi thi to.." Maan added..
"Wese tumhe alter pe bhi kisi ko rakhna chahiye.. kisi din koi masla ho jaye to ye bichari to chutti he nahi le sakti.." Nandini frowned at Maan..
"Haan yaar.. dheyaan he nahi diya kabhi iss baare mein.." Maan replied back giving it a thought.. "Back up hona chahiye".
"Obviously.. ab to wese bhi hospital patients se bharne laga hai!!" Nandini spoke out..
"Very well!!" Geet felt like hitting the two who stood on her head planning future.. "Just a little late for planning!!" She stood up from her seat..
"Matlab?" Confused, both Maan and Nandini looked at her..
"Matlab.. pehle planning karli hoti to mujhe ajj yahan nahi ana parta Muskaan ki jagah!" Stretching her lips, Geet spoke out making Nandini confuse and Maan straight..
"Geet!!" Came out of his mouth..
"Right!!" She replied back with a fake smile.. "And if you are Dr. Nandini then.. you schedules!!" Geet pushed two diffent files at each one of them..
"Huh??" Nandini was stunned, standing there with an open mouth.. "Tum identical twins ho??" Her eyes just forgot to blink..
Maan narrowed his eyes over Nandini, she was saying all this bluntly over Geet's face as if she is some alien.. "I mean.. maine real mein kabhi identical twins nahi dekhe.." Nandini saw the look on Maan's face and corrected..
"Great!! Ajj dekh liya.. Ab late nahi ho raha app donow ko?" Geet asked the two with a sweet sarcastic tone which made them vanish in the air within a second..


"Hahaha!! Yeh geet bohat awesome hai!! Jo uske pass jata hai, usko aisa jawab milta hai phir wapas nahi jata wahan!!" Nandini laughed as she met Maan over the rounds..
"I don't know.. Main kabhi differenciate nahi kar pata in donow mein until.. iske baal na khulle hon! ya phir ye apne sarru mode mein na ho to.." Maan shook his head while writing a prescription..
"Kyun isske baalon mein kyun hai?" Confused, Nandini asked.. Geet was sitting in a position that no one can say how long her hairs are until they see her back..
"Arree... Isske baal pade pyaare hain yaar!! Maine itne lumbe nahi dekhe kabhi kisi ke.." Maan didn't realise that he just appreciated some about Miss Sarru.
"Seriously?" Nandini asked excitedly..
"Ab check karne na pohunch jana tum!" He frowned at her..
"Pagal nahi hoon main!!" Nandini made a face.. "Wese..." she chuckled.. "Tumhe nahi lagta tumhe Muskaan ko approach karne k liye... geet ko investigate karna chahiye??" She winked at him..
"Shut Up!!" He rolled his eyes..
"O come on!! I am telling you.. this will be the best opportunity! Atleast tumhe yeh to pata chal jayega k Muskaan ki life mein koi aur to nahi???" Nandini tried to excite Maan.. "Dekh lo.." She rolled her tongue inside mouth and walked off to look at her patients..
"Uhh kuch bhi!!" Maan shook his head and continued to work..


"Arghhh... Isse to baat karte he darr lagta hai, try bhi kyun kar raha hun main??" Maan kicked himself mentally while walking towards Geet's desk with a file in his hands..
"Lo.. yeh acha hai! din mein 10-12 dafa isski shakal dekho!! pasand aye ya nahi wo alag baat hai!!" Geet cursed him under her breath, she was donw with all the crappy work according to her and was now busy in reading a book..
"Need anything??" Geet smiled at Maan as he approached her desk..
"Nahi!!" He smiled back after which geet nodded and again got busy with her book.. He kept the file on her table and started writing something in it..
"Muss.. Muskaan theek hai?" He just don't know how to started a conversation.. "I mean .. tum yahan uski jagaha.." He tried to justify himself..
Geet shot a stern look at him and he freaked out within himself.. "Nahi.. main aise he pooch raha tha!" He said as if she was the boss and he is her servant.
"Theek hai!!" Geet said after a while.. "Paper a rahe hain usse kuch prepare karna tha! to usse time chahiye tha!" Geet told him in a normal tone..
"Hmmm..." Maan tried to smile and nodded..
He again got busy in the file because he actually felt scared of Geet..
"She kept reading her look and time to time glancing at him.. He seems pretty nervous and now it was making Geet laugh.. She kept smiling hiding her face behind the book but then she felt pity for the poor guy and composing hserself said.."Wese Aap kaafi dissappointed lag rahe hain usse yahan na dekh kar!" Geet said out of the blue looking at him..
"Huh??" With this sudden question, Maan's eyes widen up.. "Nahi.. aisi to koi baat nahi hai!"
"Hmmm..." Geet nodded and closing her book, put it aside.. "You gave her the post she clearly was not right for!! Itna to market ka aur kaam ka mujhe bhi pata hai!! Kyun??" Geet stretched her lips to form a fake smile and asked straight..
"Hehhh how can u say that? Ofcorse she is right for the job!!" Maan tried to compose himself quickly.. This girl was too fast and sharp..
"Nahi!!" Geet smiled and shook her head in a no..
"Nahi???" He too asked shaking his head in a no..
"Nahi!!!" Geet said again shaking her head... "Aurr main subha se yahan bethi hoon!! Muskaan k pass roz bohat kuch karne ko hota hai, mere pass kuch nahi hai!! to ab ya to main super woman hun jo sab chutki baja k hogaya!! Ya Muskaan ko jaan boojh k roz engage kiya jata hai!! So, what is it??" She asked cracking thunder storm over Maan..
"Excuse me??" He narrowed his eyes over Geet..
"Excused!! You seems more than interested in her!!" She got up from her seat and said..
He kept looking at her with arched brows and then said.. "Maybe i am! Kuch burai hai uss mein??" He asked
She kept glaring at him from top to bottom for a while and then said.. "Make a move before its too late!! Usske ek do proposals aye hue hain jiske baare mein usse bhi nahi pata!!" Geet revealed as if doing some heavy long ehsaan on him..
His mouth fell open, he was not expecting this.. "R u telling me that..." He eyed her suspiciously..
"That she is interested in you?? No!!!" Geet again put waters over his happy dreams that Muskaan is also in love with him..
"To phir tum mujhe yeh sab kyun bata rahi ho? You clearly hate me!!" He too went blunt when she was acting blunt..
"Yeah Right!! mujhe har uss shaks se nafrat hai jo Muskaan ko aur mujhe apas mein confuse karta hai!! Aur app to wese he mujhe itne confuse nazar atay hain!! Kab se yahan khade hain!! Faaltu fund mein jab k main ache se jaanti hun k koi kaam nahi ho raha yahan!! App mujhse Muskaan k baare mein poochna chahte hain!" She was shooting sixers on sixers and he couldn't do anything but stand still and look at her face...
"Kya tum ja k usse ye sab batao gii??" He asked sucking his breath in..
"Main faaltu k kaam nahi karti!!" Geet rolled her eyes..
"Achi baat hai! wese bhi tum kisi bhi angle se marriage aur lovey dovey material nahi dikhti!!" Maan commented to which Geet smiled off.. He saw her smiling for the first time he guess.. She was not loud like Muskaan.. Muskaan used to laugh and she was just smiling, Her smile holds something different!! She looked beautiful..


"Yeh to achi nikli... i mean i am shocked!!" Maan shared those details with Nandini who burst out laughing... "Hahaha Brilliant!!" Nandini cracked up more...

"Tumhe chor dun ya buss mein dhakke khane ka mood hai?" Dev asked Geet as they both walked outside the University gate together.. "Hehhh.. Tumhara office opposite direction mein parta hai!!" Geet smiled and said..
"Ghar ja raha hun ajj main!! Office jaane ka mood nahi ho raha!!" Dev smiled and opened the door for her..
"To?? Tumne kya karna hai ghar ja ke??" Dev inquired casually on the way..
"So jaoongi yaar!! Thuk gayi hoon!!" Geet rested her head at the back and closed her eyes.. "Tum kya karoge?" She too asked casually..
"Arre yaar!! Mom nikli hui hai apne secret mission pe.. Bhai ki liye ladki dekhne!!" Dev seems quite tired by his tone but it did recharged Geet fully.. She actually liked Maan for Muskaan after the two day visit of her to the hospital.. Maan and she had a talk after which she really felt like, its useless to dislike him even without a reason.. He seems like a nice guys plus the work he was doing, really inspired Geet. They way he meets and treats his patients.
Muskaan don't realise but she talks hell alot about Maan which clearlt told Geet that she has this certain likeness for this guy and if they both are good together then what is the point of becoming an obsticle on the way?? Just because Geet had a certain dislikeness for him without a reason?
"Really???" Geet looked at Dev narrowing her eyes..
"Haan!! Janne wale almost saare he peeche pade hue hain apni apni betiyun k liye.. But Mom is like.. Bhai ko to apne hospital se fursat hai nahi, so she will choose the best for him and then ask him to take a decision!!" Dev revealed the plan..
"Aise kya heere moti jarre hain uss mein jo sab ko apni betiyun ki shaadi karni hai usse??" Geet gave it a thought.. "To.. tumhare bhai ko nahi pata yeh sab??" Geet asked..
"Naahh!! Mom k hisaab se wo taal dega humesha ki tarah!!" Dev changed the gear and said..
"Baat kar k dekh lo.. Kya pata interested ho kisi mein!!" Geet tried to act frank and casual.. She loves Muskaan like anything and she really wants the good for her.. "Pata laga tum log choose kiye bethe ho aur phir wo baad mein melodrama karta hua mile.." She added..
"Huh!! Usske pass nahi hai kisi mein interested hone ka tym.. Haan apne kisi patient se uska taak larr jaye to alag baat hai!!" Dev laughed but stopped when he looked at Geet.. The look on her face was telling him something..
"What??" He narrowed his eyes at her..
"He inquired me about Muskaan!! Jab mein do din uski jagah gayi thi!! And he was disappointed seeing me on her place!" Geet rolled her eyes and said..
"What!!!" Dev pressed the break and stopped the car.. They were on the gate of Geet's house..
"Tumhare ghar k pata nahi!! But mujhe apne ghar mein koi drama nahi chahiye.. So, be care about it okay!!" Geet warned Dev before getting out of the car.. Dev kept seated still for a while.. he was not offended but surprised.. He was one of Geet's closest friends and he knew her problems.. Two young girls living in Mumbai along with their mother.. The brother was small and all three were just students.. He exactly knew what Geet was referring to and he don't want to cost them any drama too..

"Muskaan??" Annanya passed a surprised look to Dev when Dev told her that he is suspicious because Maan was asking him the other day about her.. "Wo to wese he mujhe bohat pasand hai!! Acha yaad dilaya tumne.. mujhe usska khayal kyun nahi aya!!" Annanya wondered.. If Maan's choice was Muskaan! Annanya was proud of it then..


Muskaan and Geet's Birthday was near and here Geet was standing in the mall trying to find a good gift for her.. They both know eachothers likeness but they only gift eachother what they like for eachother.. "Hehh.. ye cute hain!!" Geet saw something and comented.. She took the little stuff toy rabbit from the shelf and smiled.. "Haahhh!! Lekin isko kahan sajaye gii wo??" She put that way and by mistake some fluffy pillows of heart shape fell down..
"Ohh!!" Shaking her head, Geet started picking them up to put them back when her eyes stopped on one on which it was written.."I am not Marriage Material!" The smile on her face vanished away as Maan's words echoed in her ears..
Geet had always thought that she isn't a marriage material, even when she heard it from Maan she instantly laughed it off but don't know way, right now it was hurting her.. She felt her heart ached..
Shaking her head, she put that away and decided to go for a soft perfume for Muskaan..

"Busy Bee!!" Geet was paying the bill when she heard from her back, It was Rahul.. "Ohh Tum!!" She lightly smiled at him.. She was lost in some other state of her own mind where sadness for no reason was spreading..
"Kya baat hai? Pareshaan lag rahi ho?" Rahul shot a concerned look to her..
"Nahi aise he bus... Muskaan ka gift le rahi thi, mall ghoom ghoom k thuk gayi hun shayad! I'll go and have a coffee.." She said and moved away as if he was not there..
He joined her over the coffee on the table and reminded her that he was there too.. "Pareshaan ho!" Rahul didn't asked this time but imposed it on her.. This small gang of friends Muskaan and Geet had, they were like family.. They all used to gather up at Muskaan Geets place and study together, eat, drink and had a wonderful time together..
Dev handles studies and Business so he was kind of a busy man but Rahul and Rajveer were there to help Geet's family any time they need..
"Nahi yaar.. bus aise he!!" Geet tried to smile.. She even felt like she needs to shed that thought off and Rahul will be a good distraction.. She wasn't carrying her books or bookmarks today to remind herself that no matter how much you want or need, get out of the situations where he can talk to you about that one particular thing..
"I think i am in love with you!!" Rahul said it when she saw Geet not paying attention anyhow..
"Huh??" Now he got her attention.. "What??" Her eyes widen up, she wasn't expecting this bluntness..
"Mujhe pata hai! tum bhaagne ki koshish karogi, pagal ho jaogi, cheekhon gi!! Lekin aisa kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai!! I am just telling you what i feel!!" Rahul knew how to handle her.. He has leanred it by now.. He knew how she has guessed it and how she is trying to avoid this conversation from months now..
Rahul's words made her quiet and stopped her from getting hyper.. "You do know i am not that lovey Dovey Material!! Phir tum mere baare mein aisa kyun soch rahe ho?" She asked in a gently.. "I am not..." She again went in that zone where Maan's words hit her.. "Marriage Material" she said..
"Tum insaan ho material nahi!!" Rahul corrected her.. "Aur main tumse koi affair chalane ko nahi keh raha!! I am just saying k agar tum kisi mein interested nahi ho! To kabhi na kabhi to arrange marriage karo gi he.." He talked logical and just left Geet amaized..
"Dekho Geet!! Main jaanta hun k tum baaki ladkiyun ki tarah nahi ho aur tumse aisa kuch expect nahi karna chahiye jo tum nahi ho!! Its just that... Maine bohat socha but... just couldn't get over you!!" Rahul stated as a matter of fact..
"To tum mujhse kya chahte ho??" Geet asked calmly..
"Chance!! Just try and give me a chance..." Rahul asked with a light smile on his face..
Geet and Muskaan loved eachother like nothing else in the world.. But Muskaan was sweet and soft where as Geet was a bit tough.. For marriage, love and dating purpose everyone chooses Muskaan.. Not that Geet cares about it, infact she feels happy to be away from all this.. She gets angry if she finds out some one is eyeing her that way and then those sharp wars of her.. People run!!
But Rahul was different.. Was he? Something was happening different today, "I can try!" Came out of her mouth about which she had no idea why!! It was because she was feeling challanged by herself..
"So? ita  yes??" Rahul crossed his fingers to which she smiled lightly and nodded in a yes...

Don't Read this FF in AR/ArSh version like you people out of curiosity do for BD.. Because I started that version long time ago.. It became better after few parts but in the start it sucks!! So, i have changed and modified and what i will be giving you guys, would be carrying the realessence of the story from the very start.
Waiting for your Comments...

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nakh5683 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2017 at 4:15am | IP Logged
Lovely update muskaan really excited for her job dragged geet for jogging geet hates maan and vica versa but maan likes muskaan and decided he will marry her even muskaan started to have feeling for maan geet felt like that muskaan told geet to go work instead of her though geet didn't want to but she did maan was interested in muskaan and geet after knowing maan liked him for muskaan Rahul confessed his feeling for geet she decided to give him a chance

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meerasaravanan Groupbie

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good one. two sisters are so sweet/

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 January 2017 at 11:03am | IP Logged
hi thanks 4 da pm n fab update! wonderfully written! Maan n Geet hate each other! while Maan likes Muskaan n she likes him! Angry Rahul talks 2 Geet! she decides 2 give him a chance! update soon

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