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let it go-manan ss part 36 pg 110 (Page 69)

Hasi-Pani1 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 6:15am | IP Logged
wow superb update...continue soon

maniknandini Groupbie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Part 26:
It was a new beginning for everyone. everyone was busy with their works. Nandini over took the business from Nyonika and so did Manik allowing them to rest. 

Malhotra industries


"This is ridiculous. This is not going to happen, so don't get your hopes high Mrs. malhotra" said Manik with a victory smirk.
"Sorry to disappoint u Mr. Malhotra but am not backing down from the deal and the deal will be on my conditions." She smirked back annoying Manik and continued "and ya I'll make sure 1/2 conditions of urs are added" she said with her all time famous 'i-have-u-now- Mr. Malhotra' attitude. Manik stormed out of the room shouting "meeting dismissed". 

Manik was pacing in his cabin when the door opened and a girl came in. He stopped and looked at the person and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. She ran into his arms and he hugged her twirling. "I missed u so much baby!!" He confessed still hugging the girl. "I missed u too manik" she said pecking his lips softly which turned into a passionate kiss. They broke away when they needed breathe. "Manik agar apke wife ye dekha tho u know what will happen right?" She said naughtily and giggling. "Well y should she mind?" Manik asked while caressing her hands. "Because u r romancing the CEO of rival company N&m industries in ur cabin. Nandini will be jealous" she said flirtingly while tracing his jaws. He held her tightly and said huskily in her ears "that I'll manage in bedroom, right now let me finish this" saying this he bit her neck making her moan and gasp loudly. He suddenly kissed her drinking in her moans. He broke the hug and rested his forehead with hers "I love you Nandini" he said panting "I love you more Manik" she said trying to control her ragged breathe. They were brought out of their trance by a knock on the cabin door. They parted and made their dresses and sat on respective chairs before allowing the entry. 

It was nandini's PA Veer. "Yes veer" she asked in a firm tone. "Ma'm u have to meet the orphanage kids in half n hour. Its ur teaching time" he said campy and her lips curved into a smile. She nodded and dismissed him and turned to manik. "U r coming na?" She asked with hope in her eyes and he nodded an yes like always. That was a part of his routine too. After all the meetings, work pads and chaos in office Manik accompany to the orphanage. Nandini teaches deaf and dumb students while Manik teaches guitar to few students. Some times Cabir, Mukthi and Dhruv also joins them. But now they also were busy with their cafe. Yes those three Started a cafe name 'Twist @ the Corner' and it was a huge success not because of their popularity but for what the cafe offered.

They conduct concerts and in some Nandini joined as lead female singer while sometime she just accompanied them. That was there life now. Office, cafe, music, friends and of course romance. Manik and Nandini was at each others throats ready to rip off each others while at meetings and as loving and romantic after that. They kept their personal and professional life separate. As for nandini she was serving as one of the best photographer in India and Manik was more than proud of her.

__a meeting at N&M industries with malhotra industries_

The meeting was going on but it lacked that spark it had. And the reason was the CEOs of the respective industries. Manik was in States for the last 2 days for a concert and Nandini was dying not seeing him, feeling him. At day time she managed by keeping herself busy but nights were the worst part. She missed him terribly that she wore his shirt to bed to feel him, his scent. Everyone in the meeting knew the reason for the lifeless meeting and unlovely Nandini. Board members of both industries have seen their fights but they were aware of the love they had for each other. But the meeting was dismissed mid way by nandini.


 It was already 11pm and she was tired. She hasn't ate anything the whole day except for the breakfast. She opened the for of her house to find it dark. It was weird cuz no matter how late she gets there will someone at home(servants) but today it was all dark and empty. She was not in a state to think. She threw her bag on the couch and walked to her bedroom to try to sleep without Manik. He will b coming after two days only. She opened the door and her eyes shown like stars. The whole bed room was lighted by the light of candles and the bed was covered with roses and there was a dress on the bed with a note. 
         'Wear this and wait for me
               Love Manik'
Her heart skipped a beat as she realized he was back. She took the dress which was in the bed. It was sleeveless and backless dress that ended midthighs. It was deep maroon in color and had a silver belt in the waist portion. She moved to washroom and came out wearing the dress. She looked herself in the mirror, she herself was stunned to see her. He always chose the best for her. She wore his favorite raindrop shaped ear ring and applied some lipstick. As she finished her dressing, "you look breath takingly beautiful" she heard a soft whisper near her. Her heart fluttered and looked back to see manik intensely gazing her with desire and longing. He had missed her like she did. She jumped into his arms hugging hi as tightly as possible and he huged her back more tightly. He broke the hug as soon as he heard her sobs. "Kya hua baby, y r u crying?" He asked concerned. "Ma..Manik..I.I missed u sooo much. I don't know how I survived without u. It was.." She couldn't complete her sentence, he pulled her into a deep passionate kiss this time nandini invaded his mouth making manik groan and held her waist tightly. He slightly lifted her and took her to bed not breaking the kiss.

He laid her on the bed and accommodated himself above her. He broke the kiss and murmered against her lips "I missed u more baby" saying this he started kissing her neck and left love bites. She curled her hands in his hair pulling his more closer. His one hand held her waist while the other caressed her tighs and pinching them. Soon passion took over and made love. He was lying on top of her nuzzling her neck while she just stroked his hair soothingly. He was still inside her. Both of them were content in their small bubble they had created for themselves in the past few months. Being away from each other roped their hearts and once they got back together there was nothing that can see rate them. He just wanted to stay like this, inside her, all his life. Nandini was humming a lullaby and soon both of them drifted into a peaceful sleep after 3 long days.

It was morning and manik was the first to wake up. He woke up to realize that he was still inside her and was lying on top of her. He slowly parted making sure not to disturb her and lay beside her stroking her cheeks . she turned towards her and crawled on top of him surprising him. He just smiled at her. She snuggled into his chest. That's when he noticed, she was having te,mperature. He tried waking her but in vain, she was just blabbering in sleep "manik..ma.nik..come home..manik..miss u.." She was repeating over and over again. His eyes sweled up with tears as he saw the effect his separation of few days had on her. He stood up and changed himself into tracks and vests and called a doctor. After calling he cleaned the room and woke nandini. She was tired and was running high fever. He was cursing himself for not taking care of her. He made her wear clothes and made her lie on the bed just then d doctor came and checked her. "She is having high fever. She is weak. When was the last time she ate?" Doctor asked manik, he looked at nandini who didn't look at him. He understood that she was not taking care of herself. "Yesterday morning" she said like a whisper and Manik clenched his fist, anger rising in him. "First eat something, not anything heavy. And take good rest and here are the tablets. Give her after her lunch and dinner" saying this doctor left and manik joined him til the door he came into the room angrily and his anger vanished seeing nandini sobbing. He ran to her side "don't cry, mera baccha. Am not angry nandini am worried. U know right I don't like being careless about ur health, the y did u do this?" Manik asked hugging her and patting her back. "I didn't know what to do. I..I can't imagine staying away from I and I missed u so much and u know na I don't eat when am sad or angry. But ewhen u are here u'll scold me and make me eat but when u were not here..I.." She couldn't complete and she started sobbing again when tears started flowing from manik's eyes too "am sorry baby, I won't do this again, am wnt leave ur side. Shhh...stop crying am here na" he patted her head . he broke the hugg and kissed away her tears and tucked her in bed and planting a kiss on her forehead he went into kitchen for making breakfast for her.

So that's it guys. This part is full of manan. I hope I justified their care and love for each other. Do comment ur views and suggestions. 

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Mawara_Ejaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Loved it seriously..!!
I mean yaar Nandini ko fever ho gya how sweet :D
manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Awww! Such ab adorbale update
They were so loving...
Manik's concern for her is something beyond ...
Their love is so cute ^_^
Lovely !!
aarohi_angel98 Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Heavenly awesome...
Romancing with ceo of rival company was awesome... lol...

Continue soon...

apps33 Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
it was too good
i loved it
cont soon...!!HeartSmile
Aisha_Sandarwin Groupbie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Superb and awesome one.. Just love ur thought..
Btw take care of ur self.. And get well soon..
Thx for pm dear.. Continue soon Smile Smile Smile
HTA111 Goldie

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Wow awesome and amazing update continue soon

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