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Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi Likhdi Mere Humdum!!

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Helloo YHMianz...Big smileBig smile...After a gap of 5 months,finally am makin an IshRa topic tonite n this is my 1st IshRa topic of this year...!! Last year ek waqt tha jab i used to make so many many IshRa topics,but evrything changed towards last year oct end..!! Nywz i am glad...i am SUPER GLAD-i could finally make this post tonite coz its for this...THE ISHRA CONFESSION-my journey with YHM started with its 1st epi..!! I ws curious to knw how these polar opp ppl would fall in love n bcome one soul..!! Then i din knw IshRa would literally make me feel the best n worst feels of lovin them..!! Then IshRa ws jst another couple for whose love story i started watchin the show..!! But now after goin thru an epic roller coaster journey with them where there ws evn a time when i thought mayb i would NEVER reach the final destination point which would be DESERVING N JUSTIFYING MY OLDEN GOLDEN 11pm waale IshRa,today i hv finally reached tht destination point-n by God's grace it IS the way i once wished for badly n then lost hope fully n nw gettin tht same thing back-all i could feel now is BEING HELL EMOTIONAL(ofcourse happy waale)..CryCry..

So ppl already saying this in advance...Am rite nw feelin so many emotions,feelin epic nostalgic n wht not...!! And i jst dnt hv it in me to MAKE MY TYPICAL ISHRA waale post lik olden time where i would give my reaction for each n evry moment i loved in a scene/scenes..!! I want to..but i cant coz the feeling of gettin something back which u thought u lost forever is something beyond to be expressed in words fully..!! It could only be felt..!! But still it would be SIN if i chose to be silent n not make post..!! So for old times sake...for the old IshRa i saw today n most importantly for the love i felt for IshRa once n which FULLY CAME BACK IN FORCE coz of the HEARTFELT DESERVING CONFESSION for my 11pm IshRa-i hv to make this post as a tribute to my IshRa i fell in love with in past..Big smileBig smile!!

After all the build ups,nok jhoks finally came the moment v all hv been waitin for..!! Raman told Ishu tht its her who made his life,its her who gave the feel of love again when he had lost all beleif in love,its her who taught his heart to love which ws once upon a time ws just filled with hatred,its her coz of whom he started respectin ppl when he used to mistreat ppl includin his own child to whom he couldn shower love properly coz of his past,its her who instilled life in the stone hearted Raavan Kumar...He then said as he jst turned a normal human being frm a stone hearted man,it would take time for him to say things..!! And then he said one beautiful poem which he wrote for her which goes somethin lik this
"Tumhe Chot Pahuchaane Ke Khayaal Se Bhi
Meri Saason Ka Dhadkano Se Naata Toot Jaata Hai
Lekin Phir Sochta Hoon
Ki Ek Baar Tum Rootho Toh Sahi
Taaki Duniya Ko Bata Doon
Ki Meri Biwi Ko Manaane Ka Har Tareeka Mujhe Aata Hai
Ishita who ws already in tears hearin Raman's heartfelt confession bcame evn more emotional hearin tht heart touching poem..CryCry..Raman wiped her tears n teased her tht stop crying n try to do something newLOLLOL..And he asked her wht she wanted to hear?And finallys he says the most awaited golden words n he said tht too 4 times with a sweet Thank You at the end Big smileBig smile
I LOVE U Ishita
Actually I LOVE U Ishita Raman Bhalla
And Thank You...Thank You..Meri Zindagi Mein Aane Ke Liye..
With tht IshRa hugged each other..!! Though Ishu din say "I LOVE YOU" explicitly,but her non stop tears,the happiness reflected in her smiles,the love in her eyes with which she looked at him when he said I LOVE U to her 4 times n tht beautiful hug n content happiness she had-all were silently expressin her love to him n tht he also knws..!! IshRa ws very much past confession stage..But Today Raman Expressed it via words n Ishita expressed via gestures..!! Here the wonderful moments of this confession i captured..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

So this ws the most awaited IshRa confession...!! Now comin to wht i felt for this Confession..!! The moment Raman started talkin hw Ishita came to his life n changed his life,his world forever-all i could remember ws those numerous olden golden IshRa moments of past..!! Its lik screen pe Raman confessin via words n I ws seein a rerun of IshRa moments in my mind-rite frm their 1st meet to their cat-dogs fights to their 1st Rain Scene to their Cute moments coz of faking as husband wife to their final encounter before knwin they were goin to get married to each other to their "sirf sirf sirf sirf ruhi ke liye" contract they made before marriage to their dramatic marriage to their cute moments as Ruhi's Parents in a school competition to Raman's 1st step as Ishita's Raman when he stood for Ishu who ws bein taunted by Bala's Mom in Mr n Mrs Iyer's Anniv party to Ishita's 1st step as Raman's Ishita when she defended Raman when Mihika ws blamin him seein IshRa fight post Iyers Anniv party to their 1st holi celebrations post marriage to the Adi Sorry Drama to the cute antics of Raman's 1st time of manofying Ishita n Ruhi post Adi Sorry Drama to Ishita saving RuMan relation with DNA track to the endearing Tamil Speech surprise Raman gave to Ishita to the 1st Track which made IshRa step out of "Ruhi's parents" mode to IshRa-The Husband Wife via Param track to "Galliyaan" dance which ws 1st dance where IshRa danced for themselves n not to show nyone else n tht party ws beginnin of IshRa-the soulmates where Raman showed to Ishu n world tht hw he hv moved on frm Shagun n want to give this relation with Ishita a genuine chance to the adorable Punjabi speech surprise from Ishita To Raman to my most fav-Accident Track which cemented the base of IshRa-The SOULMATES wala relation FOREVER to the Licence Track which finally made both realize(almost)tht they both hv reached a stage where both r ready to do ANYTHING to make other happy n can fight with anyone if anyone dared to trouble him/her to their 1st passionate intimate dance-"Kabhi Jo Badal" to their 1st Kiss..Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming...!! After few days of 1st Kiss-evrything CHANGED FOREVER..DeadOuch..!! And then started the time where i saw how a golden couple...a golden show ws THRASHED left right n center all coz of Fckin TRPs..!! When TRPs dropped there used to come some good moments..!! But the damage kept on increasin as evry track past by since mid oct n trend is still continuin..!! All thnx to Shani track n the MOST PATHETIC AIRPORT "pseudo" CONFESSION-i finally gave up all my hopes dreams n ofcourse my attachment with the show..!! I gave up tht i could ever see CVs justifyin my olden golden IshRa ever again..!! This show this couple-had took me to tht peak level of obsession jo ki isse pehle SIRF my all time fav show-MJHT ws able to do..!! I loved IshRa tht epic much..!! But this same show...this same couple threw me down to bottom frm the peak n made me fel Y DID I LOVED THIS SHOW...THIS COUPLE-is it ws for this?the sheer pain to see hw evrything changing to worst?It ws so difficult for me to accep those changes ki i had evn quit for sometime in Nov..!! But my stupid heart-the love ws somewhere still left...hope somewhere still left..made me came back.  towards mid tht began my 2nd innings with show-bt almost with less attachment..!! And then the pathetic airport confession in Dec n Raman-Shagun weddin anniv drama arranged by Ishita-made sure it will be EPIC FOOLISH if i still keep any hopeless hopes to see this show changing for good n i just royally gave up to see a PROPER CONFESSION tht suits n tht TOTALLY DESERVED by 11pm IshRa..!! As old habits die hard,i jst conitnued to watch till nw with just feeling NOTHING...!! Just for KK i am continuin this show..!! And then came this confession phase jiska build up v saw in yday epi n to my shock,i felt something something for this show after ages lik old times...!! I saw some old hopes comin back..old feels comin back..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...!! But again as i ws SCARED n din wanted to go thru another round of sadness/disappointment..!! I jst tried to see tonites epi with least expectations..!! Evn the build up which ws shwn initially-ws givin me mixed signals-ki will they or wnt they...!! But...A million dollar but...THE MOMENT RAMAN bcame SERIOUS n started his heartfelt confession abt hw he feels for Ishu-THERE I WS GONE FOREVER..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...!! All i could do ws CRY CRY CRY as i just couldn beleive tht my 11pm IshRa whom i loved beyond all limits-CAME BACK n THEY CONFESSED jst lik they would hv if this show maintained the charm lik golden 11pm slot days...!! I couldn beleive the dream i had frm day one which kept on strengthenin as days pass by till Mid oct n then slowly seein to chances of shatterin of dream to finally reachin a stage where i had no option left but to give up on dream n tht same dream-ISHRA CONFESSION TOTALLY JUSTIFYING 11pm ISHRA-FINALLY FINALLY turned to a reality...PartyPartyParty...I ws literally overwhelmed with happiness..!! This has to be THE BEST YHM SCENE OF THIS YEAR till now..!! CVs-after so many months..i am gonna say this...THANK U YHM CVs for FINALLY hvin the thought of justifyin ur own creations...for finally executing tht thought in such beautiful manner n for FINALLY GIVING PROPER CLOSURE to 11pm IshRa which won so many many hearts...!! Thank u CVs for finally making tht Golden IshRa and their LOVE WIN by this heart touching confession and Thank u CVs for givin ppl a REASON TO BELEIVE tht wht v felt of olden golden IshRa ws true n hence as they say SACHI MOHABBAT KI JEET HOTI HI HAI n i see this confession as the victory of all those who sticked to this show coz at one or other point of time-there ws NO LIMIT in lovin the 11pm REAL ISHRA..!! Really THANK U CVs...!! And IshRa-all i can manage to say is I LOVE U IshRa..!! With this confession i could let go off many things which ws existing as sour things..!! For me now IshRa is IshRa from Dec 2013-Mid Oct n then jumpin to today tht SAME ISHRA CONFESSED..!! I got my happy ending which i hv been wishing alwz. n then gave up but got back much to my shock..!! I really really love u IshRa..HugHugHug...!! And IshRa will alwz hold spl place in my life...!!

I end this post by dedicating this song to IshRa as it totally justifies love these two feel for each other whose confession they did today via words,gestures..Big smileBig smile...Its from the song "Jeena Jeena" of the film - "Badlapur"..!!

"Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi Likhdi Mere Humdum!!"

OMG yaad aayi..My post is not done yet..LOLLOL..My post would be incomplete if i dnt mention my love-KK's appearance tonite...LOLWink...Now tht he knws Ishita's Raman finally DID IT..i mean confessed,KK ka gutter hormones 1000 times activated..ROFLROFL
..And the 1st thing he asked in his 1st appearance post confession tonite ws KISS..LOLLOL...KK ke liye meetha means KISS..LOLLOL...But baby if only u could "learn" frm "u knw who"...LOLWink..Y do u hv to "ask" for it...Khud de dete na..LOLWink...Plz get out of this sanskaari mode SO DNT SUIT U..LOLLOL...Nywz THANK U KK for making this already spl confession nite evn more spl with ur cute appearance..Love u...HugHug..

P.S : Though i hv loved so many love stories in tellywood since 2003,there r ONLY 3 COUPLES-which i can say i hv liven the craze of being in love with them to the fullest n this week is spl coz of two out of those 3 couples..Big smileBig smileBig smile...This week HAS TO BE the BEST WEEK of 2015 as after my all time fav couple-MayUr(Mayank-Nupur of MILEY JAB HUM TUM)two couples i got super obsessed-IshRa and MaNan(Manik-Nandini of KAISI YEH YAARIAN)confessed their love to each other this week on 2nd May(IshRa) and 29th Apr(MaNan)n i am super duper happy to be able to make confession spl posts for both of them n tht too takin diff lines as topic title frm the SAME SONG-Jeena Jeena...(THIS is my confession spl post for MaNan-Aadhe Aadhe Poore Hai Hum!!!) ...DancingDancingDancing...For me if i see a song on one couple-then i absolutely hate to see it on other couple evn if i love tht other couple too.!! But IshRa n MaNan hv shared many songs-n bcoz i love these two way too much i considered some as IshRa songs n some as MaNan songs...But JEENA JEENA is only song which i feel EQUALLY belong to BOTH IshRa and MaNan n i couldn hv got a perfect song than that to be used for their confession spl topics i made..Big smileBig smile..

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Originally posted by bscorp13

Ok..just watched a while fresh bout of sentiness hitting me...
I always used to wonder.. What is it about love stories that pulls at your heart..after all most are the same..boy meets gal...and somewhere down the line happens...maybe after a long and difficult journey. .or maybe at first sight. ..but then ..lo ho gayee love story. ..but then why is it that the world is still so fascinated with love and romance. ..
today's scene was a reminder's those raw emotions that make a love story special...not the words or the story in itself.Embarrassed

Epic tribute a very special scene. ..a scene which rightly had all elements that made IshRa. ..the bitterness..the v spice...the sour humour...the sweetness...and of course that unexplainable magic that these 2 characters have time and again portrayed. ..keeping audiences going even in the most crappiest phases of the storyline over one and half years.
A PERFECT SCENE. ..subtle., simple..yet so so powerful. Star

And while credit to both DT and KP for putting their life into the scene. ..KP stole the show totally for me as a viewer...he took a simple scene .. with very simple a totally different level with just his expressions and voice modulotion and body epic a performer this guy has turned out to beClap. can't seem to look past him when he is on screen...i know b this feels like a gushfest...but heck...the guy more than deserves it for living and breathing RKB..and today's scene was pure ..unadulterated RKBEmbarrassedLOL

I had lots of thought n ideas about how ishra could or should confess..and had read quite a few amazing OSes here too...this scene was nothing like that...but still it made a huge impact. ..few lines that stood out ..the beautiful shayari...the reference to knowing ishita ke haathon ki lakeeren and dil ki har dhadkan...Clap
the subtle imagery..of a man kneeling down to propose while supporting his hurt wife's knee on his...heck it almost felt like they renewed their wedding vows. .him kneeling and asking for her hand..and claiming to hold her steady and support all times.. good or bad. ..Clap

Also loved loved how impersonal the lines were.. with tu..tera...rather than the formal..tum..tujhe...made it so much more intimateEmbarrassedWink

And of course the actual i love you. .simple. .pure. ..and your cap speaks just said it all. . The look in his eyesEmbarrassed

Its been long nikki..since I gushed thus way for a IshRa topic na...another reason to get sentLOLi...

My parting shot..a scene which reminded me of today's scene...just the feels...EmbarrassedWink

Originally posted by Shez.Ishra09

Firstly I wanna thank you for making this post..since u described every ishRa scene and how their journey have been so far. And it was like a rollercoater for me to remember and to cherish those moments throught ur post..HugHug..and also in yesterday's episode when in Adi's movie they showed those old FBs..and I was so lost in them that I had tears in my eyes..that they were my ishRa..they were the people I loved the MOST. They were the people I fell in love with. But I don't know where the magic has gone. Everything seems so different..I lost my connection with this couple. I don't know but for me the magic of IshRa just vanished after that. I tried to connect to this show, as they are the first ever couple after Maneet to whom I attached like anything. But I just couldn't connect to them, but ur post made me feel the old magic of ishRa. And like u said, I also felt the same magic in ishRa I wasn't expecting anything from CVs but they really gave us such an EPIC and unforgettable ishRa confession. Embarrassed.. Their confession had humor, intensity, cuteness, silence, and their evergreen nok jhoks. I wanted a confession like this and CVs listened to us without running behind those silly TRPs, which just ruined the USP of my lovely show. Embarrassed..

Okay now coming towards the post...Well the two different people who are destined to be together have been through a lot of ups and downs in their lives. They hated each other in start, and their thinking were totally different and for them their thinking cant be same ever as said by raman when they first met. But But But the love of a little girl tied them in a pure relationship of marriage. Two entirely different individuals, who just couldn't stand each other, who just hated each other more than anything else, who just couldn't  even imagine to spend life together happened to come together just bcz of that girl who happened to be the cupid which was chosen by their destiny. On the very first day after their marriage they agreed on the fact that they wont be able to make this marriage successful since they hated each other, and now their marriage is so much successful that every other person is giving the example of their relation that how they have changed each other.  

They were totally different but one thing which was common in them was their "Heartbreaks". They both got ditched by their loved ones. They both had gone through the same pain and hurt. And that's what made them understand each other pains. This is the very reason, bcz of which they always give space to each other. Ishita suffered in many cases bcz of Raman's past, she had to gone through a lot but she still didn't gave up on their relationship, and she supported Raman in every situation. Bcz she knew the pain of dejection. She knew how to feel when the person u love the most just leave u alone. And just like ishita, raman also supported his wife in every matter. As in previous episodes when he confessed that how painful it is to witness the past of ur spouse. When they were in that party, where everyone was talking about subbu and ishita, then he felt the pain of ishu, when just after their marriage ishu went with raman and in that party everyone was discussing about their marriage and their love. He then felt the insecurities of ishu that it feels horrible to witness such incidents. Even thought ishita wasn't in love with raman at that time, but it always feels bad to see the past of ur husband. But they supported each other, they helped each other, they always protected each other, they always proved savior for each other. Whenever there was some bad times, they understood each other and fought through it together. Even though in the start of their marriage they didn't know anything about each other, but slowly with time when they got to know the good things about each other, they started to understand each other more properly. And from there, the beautiful journey of two different individuals started.

There have been a lott of moments in their lives from which they got to know a lott about each other's strengths and weaknesses. And from their love story, now I prefer that when two people come together, they should be different and imperfect so that by coming together they can make each other perfect by understanding, loving, and caring each other. Their relationship sets example for everyone, bcz these two people are of different nature, but they have the best understanding of their differences. And when u understand ur partner, when u share his/her worries, when u become his/her shelter, only then a strong relationship could be possible. They always confessed their love non verbally by helping each other in every matter, by sacrificing, by giving up on the things which were dear to them, by standing together in every hard times. They both knows that they love each other, but they both wanted to confess it verbally to make it official. Bcz for every person who possess love in his heart, always have the wish to listen to those three magical words and that was the wish of ishu to listen to these words. And raman tried a lott of time to confess his feelings, but after a lott of troubles and interruptions, they finally confessed on 2nd May. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..

Now about their confession...Gosshhh It was such a heartfelt and beautiful confession ...and it was perfectly the way I wanted their confession to be..Day Dreaming...I always wanted their confession to be emotional ones, to be intense, to be just pure like their relationship. And the way he confessed those three words were just beyond perfection. I just loved loveddd the way he said those words four times! It was like music to ears!! Embarrassed.."I LOVE U iSHITA RAMAN BHALLA"...Whoaaa...the besttestt confession! Day DreamingDay Dreaming...How adorable they are! Big smile..And then he thanked her for coming in his life and taught him to love again, and I love the way ishita got all teary eyes and she was speechless by hearing to those words. She just had nothing to say. But her tears were enough to show that how immensely she is in love with the person infront of her. How deeply she loves that person. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. And that's what happened between ishRa. And then the beautiful hug after the confession was like cherry on the gently he hugged her to make her sure that he will be there with her always and he will protect her from every danger. One confessed it verbally but the other one confessed it non verbally by her tears, and by her EPIC intense and emotional expressions. Justt beautifull and amazing confession!!Heart...IshRa's confession had to be like this! And that poem was like.. AAHHH..raman why u have to do such cute thingsss...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...everything was just EPIC...from that funny ishima wala confession to that poem, and from that 4 times confessing his love to her silent gestures! Everything was just PERFECT! All I wanna say that it was totally ishralicious confession!! Heart

And just like u, this scene just brought the old magic back for me and I felt that old connection while watching this scene, and I had tears in my eyes that I actually connecting  to this show again! Embarrassed..but I think this connection will be for short time..bcz the present trak just sucks. I want my RKB back!!!!

Hahaha aww lol KK completed this perfect confession by his entry! Aur uski entry to banti hi thi abhi! he thought to come and just make it more special for you..Wink..U see how much he loves uLOL..

Well I think m doneTongue..I just ranted away what I was feeling since ages. And I have no idea what I wrote..LOL..But thankx for making this post and letting me pour my heart out! HugHug..this post was just perfect as always...and its just bcz of ur post I felt the magic again and pen down it!HugHug..Super rocking post!! Big smile..and yess the song selection was just EPIC!Big smile..But for me it is reserved for Manan only..and only they comes to my mind when i listen to this song!! But as i love IshRa as well so i can share it with themTongue..But Manan will always be my priority when it comes to this seong!LOL..

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Originally posted by ..Mehak..

RES. Nikki is back. Dancing

Me and my assumptions some times are so right. Cool


OMG. Nikki, what a topic yar. So, loved it. Day Dreaming the confession was indeed beautiful. Heart all thanks to the cvs for justifying 11 pm slot wale IshRa because like you I too lost hope from it but it feels amazing when you get the the least unexpected thing.
IshRa were amazing last night! Their gestures, their eyes communication showed how much they love eachother. Heart

Few things which I wanted to share with you. Embarrassed
-When he said "I love you Ishima" he loved her as IshiMa first. Seeing her love for his kids he fell in love with this Mother. Heart although Raman was trying to fake it. How come he said IshiMa? LOL but deep down I could feel it what he meant. Day Dreaming
-When he said "I Love You Ishita" he started loving her as a person by her gestures, by her personality and nature. Embarrassed
-When he said "I love you Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla" he started loving her as his wife!
It was seriously like Chaar kadam, chal do na sath mere! slowly and slowly from bring just parents, to friends, to husband and wife and now true soul mates who have found love in eachother. Day Dreaming although Ishita's confession is left but her eyes told Raman how much happy she was to hear those 3 Magical Words! Her eyes told him how much she loves him too! And he too could sense it by her tears, by her genuine happiness.Day Dreaming

Coming back to KK. He made chota sa entry. Unhappy but something is better than nothing because he won't get him in coming weeks. Dancing
KK darling, tu kabse itana sanskari hogaya? LOL Biwi se kiss poch raha hai? Wink itani formality? Itana gutterpanti arahi thi khud karlete, mangne ki kya zarorat? I'm sure Biwi wouldn't have mind it. ROFL by the way, KK now Raman has confessed his love now do something with Biwi. Kya baki sari zindagi sanskari rehna hai? ROFL make more appearances. Show Biwi your real intensions. Wink anyways, KK Biwi ne tujhe BKT dia or sab tikhe interrupt karte rahe. ROFL this is from my side to you..

Isse khush hoja. Wink

Nikki, I hope I made sense today. Embarrassed because mujhe khud nahi pata what I have wrote. LOL

P.S I'm shocked I have not used much of the Avi-es in your post. Suprising. LOL

Originally posted by vidya.anand

iss post pe toh comment banntha hai kyun ki jiss keliye tha besabri se intezaar woh 'MEETA' pal aa hi gaya! Heart

ok disclaimer first...I am leaving aside all the past and just living this present moment where the truth is we got the first c atleast...errors ho toh excuse karna as I havent proof checked...just wrote all that was in my may or may not make sense to you...

At this moment, the only truth is that it was beautiful and magical..yes, nothing new about it because Ishra together can hook us into their magic and leave us in their dream land. 
In a magical world where we forget all past bitterness and we just dont want to come out of it.

Raman Kumar Bhalla ko dual personality toh hai but I just love him when he does such tender scenes, scenes which just melt us in his charm. the way he held her, made her get up, supported her knee on his, haaaye I just melted away that very moment.

baaki toh usual nhok jhok was there but all felt special and all the more magical when he finally uttered..."kya sunna chaati ho...that I love you...I love you...I love you Ishita...actually I love you Ishita Raman Bhalla"

her happy tears and her expressions were so apt and voiced out all that she left unsaid.

I cannot leave out the small lecture (as Ishita said) but a sweet one though and I actually forgave him for the rude behavior he meted upon her just the day before. yes, he was a stone and she made him a human...and now it would take some time to get to talking...and it would take time to become a normal human and learn the language of love. 
The anger, short temper and the harsh behavior needs time to drain away from him. 

Who else but his madrasan would know him and can handle his anger...manage his anger and understand the real man behind the angry Raman Kumar Bhalla whom she is slowly but successfully unveiling. 

I guess in their shaadi, there was no ghungat and SR bhi nahi RKB didnt lift her ghoongat like in conventional SRs...but Ishita Raman Bhalla lifts away the ghoongat(fake angry veil) off her man. I guess she forgets and forgives her man because she has known the real him inside out. she knows that his angry words arent to be taken as insults.

Every marriage is different, every couple is different. and the intricacies, the internal equations between a husband and wife can never be decoded by a 3rd person..each couple defines their own rules and the relationship stays healthy and happy till those rules stays intact. Perhaps here too with Ishra, thats the case...we are all 3rd persons and we tend to take sides for Ishita and Raman, fight for them, against them, justify and accuse them but these two fool us/ chide us around telling us indirectly time and again that, "Why the hell are you guys bothering about us? its between us and we sort it out our way!"

No I am not justifying or trying to convince myself but just analyzing their equations by putting myself in their situation. Yes as a wife, I will not forgive such words so easily but again I have my own mechanism to vent out the anger and reply in my own way. and eventually, I will forgive it.

At the end of the day, its my love, its my life, its my world...and i love it all unconditionally...Heart
[My thoughts from Ishita's POV] 

Coming back to the confession, in short, simple, beautiful and realistic confession without any hype and fancy. I loved it [and remember, I am forgetting everything else for the time being]

PS: Jeena Jeena is so apt and I love it...awesome song with super amazing meaning!

My dedications to Ishra for their most awaited confession BlushingHeart

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi 
Kismat pe aaye na yakeen 
Utar aye jheel main 
Jaise chaand utarata hai 
kabhi Houle haule dhere se


Tu Hi Meri Hai Sari Zameen 
Chahe Kahin Se Chalun
Tujh Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukun
Tere Siva Maun Jaun Kahan
Koi Bhi Raah Chunu 
Tujh Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukun 

Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham Gaye
Tum Mile To Sare Gum Gaye
Tum Mile To Muskurana Aa Gaya

Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya
Tum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

And this song is especially dedicated to KK and all your K pariwars! WinkHeart

Shining In The Shade In Sun Like A Pearl Up On The Ocean
Come And Feel Me Hoo Feel Me
Shining In The Shade In Sun Like A Pearl Up On The Ocean
Come And Heal Me Ho Heal Me
Thinking Abt The Love We Make And All Life Sharing
Come And Feel Me Ho Feal Me

Shining In The Shade In Sun Like A Pearl Up On The Ocean
Come And Feel Me Comon Heel Me

Tu Aaja Tu Bhi Mera Mera
Tera Jo Ikrarr Hua

To Kyun Na Mein Bhi
Keh Dun Keh Dun
Hua Mujhe Bhi Pyaar Hua
Tera Hone Laga Hoon
Khone Laga Hoon
Jab Se Mila Hoon

Tera Hone Laga Hoon
Khone Laga Hoon
Jab Se Mila Hoon

bohat lecture hogaya...toh ab keliye full stop! LOL

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Originally posted by aairahahmad

though i dont follow it...but came to read just your post...
as i really enjoy reading it...
u have a talent...n its different as u make ur post deep..., funny.., n realistic...

i didnt watched the episode of their confession...but after reading it...i got tempted to see it..

the only thing which i loved in yhm is ishita, raman and ruhi...
their quirky and spontaneous fights, n the innocence hidden in it...
their love for each other...which is so apt for the type of characters they are playing n ofcourse their bonding with each other's family...

the best part about their proposal was that it was very cute just like them...n the mutual understanding they have for each other was sooo...visible in it...
though i agree they fight too much...but its normal coz their opinions are poles apart n yet their is this connection between  them...

so u said they grew literally together with each other..inside n out...their core was just got more beautiful in the presence of each other...

BTW...a lovely post...Nikki...

take care...

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I love u Nikki Hug

I knew in my heart that u wud make a post about today's confession.

I loved the confession as much as I hated the situations that made up to confessions. Stern Smile I am in "I hate U like I love u" phase for this serial LOL actually that song describes Ishra well. LOL

Nikki I loved Loved Loved ur post! N u have described my Exact feelings about the confession, Ishra n the overall show. Clap
I loved ur Blue Green post, have been missing them lately. Embarrassed I actually wud have liked to see Ishita in green today but she was still looking million bucks in pink, it made her cheeks go deep red. Tongue

I just love the show on some days n hate it to the core on some. Hate is a strong emotion coz m still invested in this show even if its through hatred. N as they say that any Art which invokes responses is Good Art. So somewhere this show is awesome n doing the right things. 

I can say this is my first serial where I am so much emotionally invested where even Simple things like color of Lead's dresses matters to me. Tongue I m more of a movie person than serial watcher. LOL But still this show attracted to me with its unique concept. I could completely relate to Ishita n Raman as characters, two broken souls bound by a child's love. 

Icould relate to north vs south divide in Ishra marriage or Nok jhoks or understanding between Ishra as a couple goes through different phases of married life. Embarrassed

The confession today was quite unique n really beautiful, it took me back to certain personal memories. 3rd May is the day I got married lolz n 2nd May was my Sangeet day. So after our dance all of my husband's cousins ganged up n forced him to propose me in fromt of everyone. Both of us were shocked n embarassed at the very thought as there were quite a few elders who might not approve of all these things. He was flustered n confused how to go about it n I was just embarrassed n blushing at the very thought. Anyways Cousins forced him to do it, so he got on his one knee with Rose in his hand n said "I love You, Will you Marry me"? Extremely simple words but it kinda struck me that he had never said I love You ever to me in our 1-1/2 years of courtship. ROFL So the confession I saw today on screen kind of transported me back to those memories. Embarrassed

I loved the set up too, coz Raman had taken pains to create the atmosphere. I can relate to Adi n Ruhi forcing him. Ishra's match was made possible coz of Ruhi. Ruhi is the soul that binds this couple. Adi is the other end of spectrum for this marriage. Ishra's is not a normal marriage, Raman is a divorcee n he needs to have his kids approval before marrying but he had not bothered asking the kids ever. Ruhi chose Ishima and Adi explored Ishima. It was very important for Raman to move forward in this relationship with his Kid's approval. 

I have already stated my displeasure on get out but will not state it here. 

I loved the Shayari, it kind of meant that Raman is going to keep on hurting Ishita to test her love. LOL And it also meant that he gets deeply affected when he hurts her. He loves her so much that he cant even think of hurting her, but if he doesnt hurt her then how will he manaofy her - he loves this part too ruthna n manana. 

When he kneeled before her n lifted her leg gently n kept on his leg.. I literally went "Aww". It reminded me of SRK's dialogue - Mard ka Sar sirf teen aurton k saamne jhukta hai : Devi Ma, Ma ... Aur Tongue. N Ishita truly is an awesome lady n worth all the love coming her way. He correctly described her that u have the strength to bear ME. 

I loved the 4 times declaration of love to me it was - 
I love You Ishima- he fell in love with Ishita the mother first
I love You - He started falling in love with the Woman that Ishita is 
I love You Ishita - He started knowing her more n loving Ishita Iyer 
I Love you Ishita Raman Bhalla - her transformation from Iyer to Bhalla n now he feels completed with this woman. 

The tears in her eyes were testimony to the Love she has. DT need not speak coz her eyes speak volumes. Karan was awesome today in his dialogues n the way he held her, it felt so so real. The Hug in the End was awesome. Truly this is a magical Couple who make us fall in love wth them again n again. Smile

To be honest I am not disappointed that they did not make Ishita say the actual words. Firstly let her Tadpao Raman more for "get out" dialogue WinkLOL. Secondly I am selfish n want to see another set of awesome confession from Ishita Embarrassed. That wud be truly special when my 11pm Ishita will open her heart out to the Man she loves. I just loved the way ruhi said ki u shud have kissed him before he left to US. LOL Go Ruhi Go, be our voice n KKSS ko jaga do. 

P.S - I thought KK came when he was kneeling n he was exactly facing standing Ishita Wink 

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finally one more wish of mine fulfilled...I hv made so many posts for IshRa rite frm their 1st step towards a couple to evry progressive moments in their relation..!! till  before final realization,for 90% of their phase i had made posts by celebratin evry single phase of their relation..!! but post mid oct-when things changed n then with airport confession,i felt i will be never able to make confession post n thts so so bad coz for a person lik me who celebrated 90% of their journey as couple n bein not able to make post for final one-confession is unfair n am also a person who if is not convinced wnt make post hwver good or bad others might feel abt a scene..!! So i thank my lucky stars for givin this rockin confession n tht made me able to complete this wish of mine make confession spl post for IshRa..Party

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Nikki...Hug...Me stalking youWink
Its raining confession here and there...LOLLOLi had stopped watching YHM...but saw todays epi...and visited the forum coz i knew you would have made a post...and here it is...Big smile..loved reading it...your words are magic...
Totally right...even i lost my interest in the show because it had entered that TRP race...was happy with my manan...but todays epi reminded me why i had fallen for this show...the bickering...the sweet them seriously...Big smile
Raman be raman can never change...loved his meetha ki mangLOL
Tere Naam Pe Meri ZIndagi likh di mere HUmdum...truely lovely linesHeartDay Dreaming

-Anjali Heart

P.S. your siggies are very distractingBlushing

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it was simply magical. ..

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