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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 88)

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gr8 part..

thanks for pm dear..

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Awesome update

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this FF is so wonderful..

n I loved reading it... 

waiting for its continuation...

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Thank you so much frnds.. for all your wishes.. love you all, your love always overwhelmed me.. thank you.. how much ever busy I turn I will try to do my best to keep you updated regularly, if it delays a day or two then bear with me, once again thank you so much for you wishes... feeling so happy... love you..

A Love In Silence


Chapter 48

"Enough" Maan's yell stopped Adi in the hall way freaking out, and he slowly turned to the direction of the sound and his eyes widen up in shock and his lips had an big smile, "Enough Geet" Maan was shouting while Geet was feeding him forcefully, "Geet, you are pregnant, not me, stop this right now, Geet, you know I don't know how much I am eating if you feed me, stop it" Maan was complaining, Adi can't control his laughter seeing Maan's childish complain and both Maan and Geet turned around and saw Adi laughing there, but seeing Maan, Adi stopped himself,

"Thank god, Adi is here, now stop feeding me and get something for your brother," Maan said as he got up, "I am done" Maan said, "Adi, I will be in the study" Maan said and walked away, and Geet smiled big and went to Adi and gave him an quick hug, "How are you, Geet" Adi asked and Geet smiled big, "I am so, so, so, happy to see you and Maan sir like this, this was my dream, Maan sir seems so happy, not only here, but also outside in the office too, Thank you Geet, it's all because of you," Adi said and Geet smiled big, and asked want he wanted to drink,

"Coffee, Did Maan sir had his coffee" Adi asked and Geet nodded an No, "then after an few minutes, ask Nakul to bring the coffee to the study room, for me and Maan sir, and did you had your breakfast" Adi asked and Geet nodded an yes, "Good, now go and rest dear, will see you later" Adi said and Geet nodded an ok and went up, Adi then walked to the study and closed the door behind him and went towards Maan, "Sit down" Maan said and Adi sat on the couch opposite to Maan,

"Maan sir, did you hear about Vikram" Adi asked, "Yeap, Informer called this morning, that guy is up to something" Maan said, "Yes Maan sir, and whatever it is it's not good, especially for you and Geet" Adi said, "Hmm" Maan just nodded thinking up, "He first booked the tickets to Canada and I thought, he is going to met Riya, but then we heard he got out of the flight in California and then took another flight to Italy, but he never got out in Italy and we don't know where he is, but all his belongs show that he is in Canada now, he had planned well to confuse us" Adi said,

"But Why, Why would he get out of the country and hide, I wasn't planning to kill him" Maan said, "Don't know sir, but I am not liking this a bit" Adi said, "I know Adi, he is an cunning fox, and he might show his face with an plan, or he is try to move his coins hiding up, he is brilliant and brilliance with bad mind is such an threat," Maan said, "But keep tracking him, keep tracing all the calls to his office and to his house and to his PA, and also keep this news away from Geet, Geet will" Maan stopped as he heard the door opened and saw Geet coming in with the coffee tray

"Geet" Maan rushed up and got the tray from her hands and scorned at her and Geet gave him an silly smile, "Geet, I told Nakul to bring it" Adi too gave her an upset look, "I am fine" Geet signed and Maan nodded up, Geet signed sorry for disturbing their conversation, "Not at all Geet, Not at all," Maan said and Adi too nodded an yes, "And actually it was an happy news" Maan said and Geet looked at him puzzled, "Vikram is gone out of India and will not be back for a while, so you will not ask me to cancel our dates anymore, in the fear of seeing his face" Maan said and Geet smiled up,

"really" she signed, "Ask to your brother itself" Maan said signing to Adi, "Yes Geet, Maan sir is Right, he is gone" Adi said and Geet smiled Big and Hugged Maan up, "the one evil thing, also vanished from your life Geet, so now all its remaining in your life is happiness, just sheer happiness," Maan said and wished his words should turn true,

"Geet, Geet" Maan called up but Geet was not in her room or anywhere, Maan got an bit worried, "Nakul, Rahul, where is Geet" Maan asked as he rushed into the kitchen, Nakul and Rahul looked at each other and stood silent, "I asked you where is Geet" Maan shouted up losing his temper, "Rahul, go to the market and get the vegetables needed" Nakul said and he went away, "What the hell is going on, where is Geet" Maan shouted up now, "In Rani Maa's room" Nakul said and Maan looked at him shocked,

"But just then he realized he saw Geet then before too, when he accused of her stealing the jewels, "there" Maan asked and Nakul nodded an yes, "Maan sir, I am so sorry, But, seeing Geet ji struggling to get your love and make you happy, and seeing her asking for your past, and she is this house's daughter in-law and she had the right, so" Nakul stopped and looked at Maan who was glaring at him in half anger and half shocked, "You told her" Maan asked roughly and Nakul nodded an yes, "How could you, How could you, I never wanted anyone to knew this, and Geet" Maan said pained and frustrated,

"Maan sir, please," Nakul stopped him when he turned around to walk away, "Geet Ji, had nothing to do with it, it was me, once she accidently when to that room and saw Rani maa's picture and asked me, but I haven't told her then, but later when things got worse, I couldn't stop myself and she is your wife," Nakul said pleading with his eyes for forgiveness, "Means, Geet goes there for a long time, for how long," Maan asked surprised, "after an month or so, after she came here," Nakul said and Maan doesn't know how to react,

"Why should Geet go there, then why should she want his past, and all along he was trying to hide his past when she knew it already," Maan thought as he walked up towards the room, as he went to the right wing in the room, Maan was shocked to see Geet there, standing before his mother's big portrait and signing something as if she can see and understand her, Geet was touching her belly, smiling, and signing again, and nodding up "What the hell is she doing" Maan thought puzzled, wired and a bit scared too,

"Geet" Maan's voice pulled her back and she looked at him shocked, Maan slowly walked in and after an long time he looked into the picture of his mother and an pain of betrayal came to his heart, "what are you doing here" Maan asked looked at Geet and she signed she came to met Rani maa, "Geet, she is not here, she is not in my life, so she is not in your life too, she left this house, this life and me, long back, so let us too leave her alone" Maan said as he pulled Geet out and Geet stopped him and try to sign something when Maan held her hand,

"She is an cheat, she betrayed me, she left me alone in this jungle, she took everything from me, and I don't want you to see her face, Not with my child" Maan said as he dragged Geet out of the room and left her free, and saw Nakul there standing in fear, "You too destroyed my trust right, why in the world everyone trying to break my trust and hurt me, why everyone keep breaking the promises you give me, why" Maan asked and turned towards Geet, "Listen, this wing, and that women, is not an part of this house nor my life, so if you want o be in my life, then stay away from her and everything related to her" Maan said and went away in pain

Geet was in her tears seeing Maan like this, "Geet ji, it's up to you, I am sorry" Nakul said and walked away and Geet too went to Maan's room and saw him staring at the wall as he was sitting on the bed, and Geet imagined that Maan was reliving his painful past and she didn't want that to happen, Geet thought for a second and faked an hiccup, Maan's attention was immediately turned towards her, "Geet," he freaked out and went and held her up and made her sit and rushed up and gave her the water to drink, "Are you ok" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes and hugged him up,

The day turned ok but Geet was so restless, she wanted to tell Maan, or show Maan the pain and reason behind Rani Maa's doings, but Geet didn't want to push it much, and wanted to give Maan his own time, and wait for the right time, it turned night and Maan was normal and he was on phone when he saw Geet speaking with Nakul seriously and Nakul gave an bag to her and smiled and went away, Maan cut the call and came down and saw Geet and the bag in her hand, "What's it" Maan asked and Geet gave him the bag,

Maan opened the bag and saw lots of colorful yarn balls in it, "Knitting" Maan asked and Geet blushed up, "You know this" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes, "so you wanted to make this for the baby" Maan asked and Geet nodded a No, "then" Maan asked puzzled, "For you" Geet signed, "For me" Maan asked as he went near her and made her to sit in the couch and sat near her, Geet then signed as it had started to rain up, she wanted to knit an sweater for him, and Maan smiled big, "Geet, you are totally like my mom, she too, used to knit for my dad, and" Maan stopped suddenly

Maan then looked at Geet who was staring at him with her golden gaze, Maan didn't know from where he got that thoughts or words, maybe it was because his mind was thinking about the past, Maan turned silent and walked away from there, Geet saw him rushing up the stairs and she knew what she had to do, Geet slowly went behind him and looked at Maan who was sitting on the swing in the terrace, Geet then went away and after an few minutes she came back and saw Maan pulled his head behind and had his eyes closed, Geet slowly went near him and sat on the swing with him,

Maan felt her presence and leaned on to her shoulders, still with his eyes closed, "Geet, I loved my mom so much, and she too loved me so much, but still," Maan said and Geet moved away and held Maan's face in her hand and kissed his eyes and Maan opened his eyes and looked at Geet, who smiled sweetly at him, Geet then pulled out her notepad and Maan looked at her writing something, and as she was keeping it on her lap, Maan too can read it, "Maan, what will you do if I die," it read and Maan torn that paper and crushed it up and throw it away,

"What the hell was that" Maan shouted angered, up, "relax, just answer me, what will you do it I die suddenly," Geet wrote again, Maan then held her arms up and looked into her eyes, "I will also die the next minute," Maan said between his teeth, and Geet's smile now confused him, "Why" she signed, "Why, Why, you don't know why, because I love you, I love you more than anything, You are my world and I can't live without you, even when I thought you would leave me, I planned to kill myself if you did" Maan said and Geet's eyes tear up,  but she wiped her tears,

"You will do the same even after ten years from now" Geet wrote and Maan looked at her shocked, "What the hell is wrong with you, do you doubt me and my love for you, Not now, but whenever it may be, Maan Singh Khurana will not live in the world where you are not there," Maan said looking straight into her eyes and holding her arms tight, Geet then wrote something and showed Maan, "So you will die if something happens to me after ten years, then what will happen to our daughter Pari then, wouldn't it be like doing an injustice to her" it read

Maan pulled his hold from her and looked cold, he felt like someone stabbed him with an knife, "You couldn't live without me, so you will die with me, but what about the little girl you poured the love on" Geet wrote and kept before him to read, "Enough" Maan said and walked away and stood a few feet's away, not knowing what to think, After a few minutes Geet came up and gave the notepad to Maan and walked away, and Maan saw she wrote something for him,

"Maan, you were not wrong, you can't imagine an life without me and so you could think of anything, more than me, even your child, the same with me Maan, I will not stay a second alive when you are not with me, because you are my world, more than my own child, I love you, that's what I did in the hospital, in that day, when you wanted to abort the child, I loved my child, but when you said if I need to see you alive, I need to give up the child, I was ready, Because I love you more than anything, for an women, her husband come first then anyone, even before her child, they could lose anything but not their husband,"

"That's what ever women who truly loves her husband would do, lose their life instead of living without them, and Your mom, Rani maa, really, really, really loved your dad than anyone else, even more than you, it's not her fault, it's her love, she didn't mean or plan to leave you, but she still couldn't have bear the thought of living without your dad, the love she had on your dad made her do that, Maan I am not justifying her doing, but I am only trying to make you see her point of view, atleast just for once"

"Maan, If you couldn't live without me and If I couldn't live without you, how would you expect that from your mother, the women who was madly in love with your dad, That time you were little, everything was beyond your explanation, but now you know, you can understand, If the love can make you accept an wh**e like me as your wife, If love can vanish the strong doubts and pains I gave you, If love can make you stand against the world for me now, wouldn't that same powerful love be responsible for what your mom did, Think Maan, now you know the power of love and the love of your mom for your dad,"

"An Women's world is her husband, and everyone else comes after it, even her own child, remember this Maan," it read, Maan was holding the letter and stood there as his past reappeared, the way his dad and Mom was, their love, her laughter, the love his mother held for his dad, and what all she did, when he was arrested, it was all beyond her power but the love she had for her husband made her to fight, Maan who accepted the fact that his dad died out of guilt, for putting Maan and his mother through so much and being the reason for losing his own baby, Maan refused to see Rani Maa's point of view,

Because Geet wasn't there at the time, to show him the power and pain of the true love, Maan stood there, holding the notepad and stared at the sky and went away to his room and saw Geet already on bed and Maan too went and joined her and held her close to him, and slept off,

Morning sun shined up as Geet opened her eyes and she heard lots of noises and she slowly went out, and walked towards the sound, and Geet freaked out as she saw many guys dressed up in uniform in the right wing, Geet also saw Maan there and went towards him, "See, white curtains with golden border," Maan was saying and Geet tapped on his shoulders and Maan turned around and looked at Geet, "You can leave" Maan said to the guy and he went away leaving Maan and Geet alone, "Did the sound disturbed you" Maan asked as he held her face in his right hand and caressed her chin with his thumb,

Geet nodded a No, and signed what's happening, "Oh, I never painted or cleaned or renewed  this area, so thought I would do that now, as an part of accepting this area, this room and My mom" Maan said as his throat blocked up in emotion, Geet smiled big feeling so happy and hugged Maan up, "Thank you Geet, Thank you, You know, actually my Mom had the perfect reason to leave me than my dad, but I couldn't understand it, I could never live without you Geet, even if it means to leave my baby, I won't lie about that, and my mom too did the same and I had kept her away punishing her, not even trying to understand her state of mind and pain, now I understood Geet, Thank you" Maan said,

Geet pulled from him and kissed his cheeks, and signed whether she can come here, hereafter, "Of course, Of course, it's your house, you can go anywhere you want and after Maa, you have all rights on this house, and in my heart," Maan said and Geet smiled big, "Thanks for understanding my mom, more than I did Geet" Maan said and Geet smiled big, "I Love you and I am truly happy that I love you" Maan said and Geet's tears poured out in happiness and she pricked his lips, Maan the scooped Geet up in his arms and walked to their room,

Precap: Adi going to US...

Hi guys, the thrd exceeded 110 pages so opened an new thread.. and the next chapter will be updated in that thread... thank you...

thread link

Love Maya...

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Superb update
love it
waiting for next update

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awsm updt...aww love iis in the air...loove the way Geet explain to maan abt his mothers feelings...

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Nice ud
vickram planning something big adi try to warn maan 
geet maan moments r cute
finally geet succeed in showing Rani maa point of view
and maan happy and thanked geet fr clearing his doubts
his past burden and lessen his pain

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nice update thank u Smile

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