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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 83)

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A Love In Silence

Chapter 47

Maan was in his cabin holding a wicked smile in his face, waiting for the phone call or a personal meeting with the man who was planning to ruin his life, Maan was sure by now Vikram must have been found the truth and much have been hovering around his staffs, and his staffs too must have given him the note, that was left in the wallet, Maan had been too lenient on Vikram, out of sympathy, but not now, now everything he had in his heart for Vikram was gone,

Except for Riya, for her sake, Maan decided to keep Vikram alive but will give him a life he deserves, as he thought Maan's mobile rang up and Maan put it on speaker and put his hands behind his head and pulled his legs on the table and relaxed up, "yes" he answered, "Maan, what the hell is this" Vikram screamed, "What" Maan asked casually, "where is the document" Vikram yelled out, "What document" Maan asked, "You knew what document it is, the one you signed, agreed to give me the profit of your American project"

"Yes, I know, I had signed it and so I had taken it" Maan said coolly, "Maan that's not fair, you cheated me" Vikram yelled up and Maan laughed out loud, "hey, you cheated me, remember" Maan said coolly shocking Vikram, Vikram never heard Maan speaking so coolly with him but he had heard from his friends when Maan speaks coolly, it's more dangerous than his anger, "I Cheated, when" Vikram asked, "yea, how will you remember, when an guy cheats once he will remember, but if he lives on cheating other, it's tough to remember" Maan said making Vikram turn silent,

"Well, I will make you remember, then, you once called me and said you kidnapped Geet, and to save her life you needed the sign and I too signed it, but now I knew it was a game, you never kidnapped her, she was your partner in crime, right, then why should I keep up my words, You cheated me and I did the same," Maan said making Vikram burn in fire, "Be an devil to the devil," Maan said, "Maan, you didn't do right by stealing the files" Vikram screamed, "Enough" Maan yelled up in his MSK style making Vikram turn silent again,

"And be happy that I stole only the papers and not your life, you had played so much Vikram, now you will pay and I will play, in Maan Singh Khurana's style, Till now I was spearing you, thinking that you suffered an bad childhood because of my family, but you know what, now I am sure, you deserved that, so as your family, they were back stabbers so as you, and you had to be treated the way you had to be, I will show you, your place, Vikram Singh Rathore, wait for more fun", Maan said and cut the call and grinned up, "Now you will spend all your time in saving yourself and never to think about Geet and Me" Maan thought as he smiled up bright,

"Boss" Vikram's PA called him up seeing Vikram's terrified face, "what did he say" he asked and Vikram pulled down his cell and asked everyone to go out except his PA, "Boss" his PA called again, "something is wrong, Maan is too cool to be true, the anger hovering Maan Singh Khurana is all relaxed," Vikram said, "and it's so dangerous, he speaks like he has no pain or problem in his life, which is far more dangerous" Vikram said, "He seems happy and I can't let that happen" Vikram shouted up,

"But what can we do now," his PA asked, "whatever we do, we need an big neat plan, and really big plan" Vikram said, "It might take time, but I want it fool proof, we have to hit him hard and strong" Vikram said and his PA nodded up, and his mobile rang up, and Vikram took it up, "Hello," but whatever he heard after that was no good, his face turned anger and he throw the mobile on the floor, "Boss" his PA looked at him shocked, "That Singapore is now Maan's" he said, "But how, MSK doesn't even know about that" his PA said,

"But Now he does, Maan is not someone who uses mere words, he said he will start playing and he did, he is going to block me in every possible way, in every possible move I make," Vikram said frustrated, "then what should we do sir, Geet, Adi" His PA asked, "No, we have to wait, we have to wait till he cools off" Vikram said, "But it has to be done soon before we get bankrupted" Vikram's PA said and Vikram went and stood before his father's picture, "we will, I will" he said looking at the Picture,

Maan came to the Mansion and went to his room and freak out, "Geet" he shouted as he saw her crying up, seeing Maan she rushed up and held him tight, and cried more, "Geet, what happened, why are you crying" Maan asked and Geet kept crying hugging him, "Are you hurt, should I call the doctor," Maan asked and Geet nodded an no against his chest and cried up again, "Geet, please, tell me, what happened" Maan asked as he pulled her from him, and Geet showed her fisted hand and opened it up before Maan, Maan saw the broken mangalsutra of Geet,

For a second Maan felt an anger, thinking she is crying for something which symbolizes her past, but later he controlled himself, reminding himself his decision for hearing Geet's side and what's her point in everything she does, instead of imagining thing, "Geet, why are you crying for this, does this Mangalsutra given by Baldev so important for you" Maan asked and Geet pulled from him, and looked at him shocked, and nodded an no and rushed to get her notepad and wrote something and gave to Maan,

"I don't wear it in the name of Baldev, I wore it in your name, from the day I got it from your hands" Maan read the note and looked confused, he gave her, when, how, Maan looked puzzled and asked when, Geet got the notepad and wrote something again, and showed Maan, "That day, long before, when you took me to the hospital, the nurse made me remove my Mangalsutra and gave you and when we came home you throw the Mangalsutra on me, which rightly fall on to my neck, even if by mistake, it was from your hands, from that day on wards, I wore it in your name only, from that day I lived considering you as my husband"

Maan stood stun, he searched for that day, and in those days he wasn't even in love with Geet, and was fight for his feelings for her, and he never behaved well with Geet and yet Geet, means she was in love with him for a long time, even before he declared his love and showed her his love and behaved nice, she fallen in love with the rude and arrogant monster the world hated, and he was doubting her, and everything happened from the day she met him, they way she made him eat with her tears, they way she cared him,

They way she made him sleep, they way she begged him not to drink, and everything was love, Maan then pulled from his thought when Geet pulled the notepad from his hand and she again wrote something and gave to Maan, "I am scared, that something will go wrong, just now everything seems right and now" Maan read it up and kept the notepad away and pulled Geet up and hugged her tight, "How stupid I was to over look at this girl's love, and waste  the beautiful times in doubting and in pain" Maan thought as he hugged her up, after a few minutes, he pulled away and cupped her face,

"Geet, don't worry, everything will be fine, I will make it fine, do one thing, go get refreshed and wait for me, ok" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, "Geet," Maan called as he caresses her cheeks, looking with all love, "I love you" Maan said and Geet immediately forgot everything around her and with in her and smiled and blushed up high, "keep smiling like this until I come back" Maan said and went away,

Geet was waiting for Maan's arrival, Geet stood up as she saw Maan coming in and Maan smiled at her and Geet rushed towards him and hugged him, "Come" Maan walked her up to their room and Maan took her and made her to stand near the mirror, and Maan stood behind her, Geet looked puzzled for a second, Maan then took a box from his pocket and opened it and pulled out an new Mangalsutra up and showed it too Geet, making Geet speechless, "Geet till now, you were considering me as your husband by my act by mistake, but now, this is no mistake Geet, with my full love and rights, I am wearing you this Mangalsutra, Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana"

"For me this was just an ornament but seeing your heart full respect for it, I am too accepting this as our symbol of Marriage, now, by all means, you are my wife, and I give you full rights on my life," Maan said and Geet looked at him with her tears hanging in her eyes, she was all struck and surprised, this was like one beautiful dream, Maan then wore  the Mangalsutra on her neck as Geet was staring into the mirror watching her most beautiful and blessed moment, her heart hovering up in happiness, she bend down her head accepting the act, and then she looked up and she saw the happiest girl on earth,

Maan then held her up, and saw her happiness, Geet slowly turned around and looked at him and saw him smiling, she had nothing to give him back for the happiness he gave her now, except to surrender herself, and so she fall on to his legs, "Geet" Maan freaked out and pulled her up, and hugged her tight, Geet was so happy and was feeling like being in heaven, she nuzzled her head into his neck and pressed herself close to him, Maan too held her close but was careful not to give any press on her, he was holding her softly, the time frozen up and there was an happiness spreading up in and around them,

Suddenly everything turned beautiful and peaceful, "why didn't I do this before, what an fool I had been, these wonderful feelings in my heart is so beautiful and I was the one rejecting it all along suffering in my painful doubt and making Geet too to suffer, where did my brains die up" Maan thought as he held her up close, Maan after an few minutes pulled Geet away and looked at her face full of happiness and smile, "I am sorry Geet, for keeping this happiness away from you" Maan said and Geet nodded an no, "you know Geet, all along I only thought to keep you with me, stop you from going away from me, because I can't live without you" Maan said and Geet smiled up hearing his confession,

"Geet, the thought of losing you, another person I love, was so scary, and my past ghost was never allowing me to believe you or see anything beyond my doubts, but now when I dare to believe you now, that you will never leave me and the fact you love me so much, that ghost vanished away and now I can see how much I had missed, I suffered and also made you suffer by not believing you, forgive me if you can Geet" Maan said and Geet's was feeling like she was in some dream, she doesn't want to wake up from, she was all smiling with her tears of happiness,

"I promise you that from now, whatever happens, I will believe you, I might get angry, yell at you and act rude, but will never doubt you, and will never leave you, whatever happens we are going to stay together, I can promise you that" Maan said and Geet smiled big and nodded an yes, Maan then slowly walked her up to the bed and made her sit and slowly pushed her back, making her to lay back, and Geet saw Maan walking around the bed and laid beside her making her blush, her heart started to beat fast and she felt an shiver in her body,

Maan slowly hovered  on her and held her cheeks and caressed it up, making her feel his heat, his shining eyes was making her blush and making her more nervous and she looked at him with her golden gaze and parted lips, Maan too looked at her shivering lips and an smile creep on his face, he got close to her, making her blink slowly, she can now count her breathe as it was so slowly, Maan slowly touched her lips with his thumb making her close her eyes and hale up and after a second she opened her eyes and looked at Maan, who smiled up,

Geet blushed high and Maan gentle took her lips for an deep kiss, Geet felt an bliss having that kiss after an every long time, Maan made sure he is not touch her, he was putting his weight on the bed frame and bed, holding it tight but Geet held his hair in her fist, as he was kissing her sweetly, there was no passion in his kiss, he was slow and sweet, making Geet go wild, when Geet pulled him close and held his hand, Maan pulled from her, "No" he said and Geet looked at him puzzled, Maan then slowly touch her belly and Geet smiled big,

Maan then pulled her into his hold and laid there silently, feeling complete,

"Geet get ready soon, how long will you take" Maan was looking at his watch and when he heard the door opening, he looked at Geet and smiled big, "god, you look beautiful" Maan said and Geet blushed, "red suits you" Maan said and Geet smiled and went near him, "let's go" Maan said and Geet paused for a second, whenever she goes out with Maan, there is an problem and fight and pain, and now too she was feeling so pause, thought Maan had convinced her nothing will happen and he wanted an dinner date with her, Geet was still not sure,

"Geet, come on" Maan said as he held her shoulder and walked her up, "this is the first dinner date with you and my baby, so don't worry," Maan said and Geet smiled and touched her stomach and smiled at Maan and walked up, Maan had arranged for an beach dinner, the roaring sea, the full moon dazzling on the sky with the stars, the cool breeze and most of all, her Maan sitting before her smiling at her, Geet felt even heaven would be little less compared to this place, right now, Geet saw the waves raising high, "It's full moon, that why the waves are raising up," Maan answered her unspoken question and Geet smiled,

"Geet, how is the food," Maan asked and Geet smiled big, meaning it's nice, actually who cares about the food, she is so happy that she wasn't realizing what the food tastes like, but she was careful that she smell the food and keep it aside if it makes her sick, she doesn't want to throw up and make the date worse, the dinner went mostly in silence with lots of eye locking and feeding each other, Maan was the one happy man on earth today, he had never been so happy like this before, thought he tried, but not like this,

Maan got an call and excused himself and walked away a few feet's, and Geet was waiting for him, "seems so happy" Vikram's voice from nowhere made Geet's fear raise up, and she stood up and looked at him, who was standing there with an smile "Looks like Maan's ok with what all happened, he is cool and he is troubling me, and he is happy too, not good right, will see, how happy he gets to see us together darling" Vikram said and smiled up, "he will yell, shout, kick me, but I don't mind bleeding to destroy his happiness" Vikram said, and Geet felt too scared and turned around to see Maan just an few feet's away,

Geet frozen up as she saw Maan turned around as he cut his call and looked at Vikram and Geet, and Geet stepped back in fear, Maan then walked up towards them and Vikram had an grin in his face, and he was all set to get hit by Maan and his anger, "Hello Vikram," Maan's cool voice pulled Vikram into shock and Geet into surprise, "Looks like you are walking alright again" Maan said and Vikram was all struck with surprise, Maan then went towards Geet and held her around her waist and pulled her close, "Geet, didn't you invite your friend to the dinner," Maan asked and Geet looked at Maan shocked and Maan smiled at her,

"But sorry Vikram, we are already leaving, we are done, and we have other plans, Geet here wants an night out, but you enjoy the dinner, will all have dinner together in future, Manager" Maan shouted and an guy rushed towards them, look, Mr. Vikram here is our guest, get him all what he asks and send the bill to me" Maan ordered, "bye" Maan said and Vikram looked at him shocked, he was never prepare for this, "Geet, say bye" Maan said and Geet looked at Maan and nodded and looked at Vikram and waved at Vikram, Vikram's face was stun and frozen without an blink,

Maan then walked Geet away, and when they reached the tent Maan made for them to spend the night in the beach, Maan started to laugh high falling on his knees and Geet was looking at him still shocked, "Did you see his face Geet, did you" Maan asked and Geet looked at Maan blinking up, "Oh God, he must have been expecting that I would get angry and kick his ass, but this he wouldn't have dreamed" Maan said and Geet smiled up and slowly signed isn't he angry, "Of course not Geet, I knew his plan already, his informer had informed him that we are out here and to spoil our happy time, he came up here"

"But he is not the only one who has informers, my guy called me and told me this, the call I got, so I guessed his move and double crossed him, poor guy was heartbroken" Maan said and Geet smiled big, "I told you na, Geet, no one or nothing will spoil our happiness anymore," Maan said as he got up and held her face in his hands, "you don't have to fear anymore Geet," Maan said and Geet smiled big and hugged him up, Maan then scooped her in his arms and went inside the tent  with transparent sheet, and put her on the bed there and cover the tent up,

Maan then made Geet layup and he too laid besides her, and looked at the sky, "I love you" Maan said still looking at the sky relaxed and Geet looked at him and hovered and kissed him on his lips, as if replying and kept her head on his chest and held him tight and Maan too held her tight and relaxed back,

Precap: Vikram disappearing suddenly,

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Awesome updateSmile
waiting for next update

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hi thank u nice update Smile

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bechara vikram...kya socha tha aur kya hogaya...

awesome update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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fabulous update dear, hope he died

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Beautiful and Lovely Update

Maan sees the Mangel Sutra in Geet's hands and asks her if she is crying because Baldev gave it to her and Geet let's him know that he mistakenly had threw it on her neck and from that day she wears it on his name , Maan immediately saw immense love and truthfulness in Geet so he too decided and went out and bought her one and made her wear it but this time he himself puts it around her neck and both share just blissful moments of happiness .
Maan takes Geet for a beautiful date and again Vikram tries to destroy their happiness but this time it all back fired as Maan did not get angry at all instead he stood by Geet wishing Vikram and they both left Vikram in utter shock

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Aww.. awesome update
Love it

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omg maan is too dangerous when he is calm 
poor vikram his bad day has started 

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