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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 77)

vandy28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2015 at 7:46am | IP Logged
hey superb update...
loved it,...maan n geet gonna start a new life...
pari n maan bonding is so sweet can imagine how sweet n caring he will with his own baby...
adi indirectly through doc conveyed to maan that he need to keep his anger in check...

P.S. comments will b irregular or my be i wont be able to comment till 20th july...bear with me till thn

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A Love In Silence

Chapter 46

The night started to show up, Geet was standing in Maan's room, well, it's their own room now, her dresses and things arranged perfectly in the room and Geet can't ask for more, and Geet stood there near the window staring at the Moon, shining making it's light blow away the darkness, and Geet slowly touch her tummy, "You are like that moon in my life, came to rescue me from the darkness, don't know when your dad will know the truth, but I know with you, he will soon, because you are my Lucky Pari" Geet was speaking with the baby inside her in silence,

"Geet" Maan's voice came up, and she turned around to look at him, "You need to rest" Maan said most like an order and Geet signed she is fine, and went and sat on the bed and called Maan to sit near her and Maan too sat near her, Geet slowly laid her head on his shoulders, without any fear or pause and Maan looked at her, to find what she was feeling now, or thinking, but he couldn't find it out, "what are you thinking" Maan asked out loud, failed to guess up what she was having in mind,

Geet then pulled from him and signed she was thinking about him, "Me" Maan asked puzzled up, and Geet nodded and went up and took her notepad and pen and came and sat near Maan and started to write up keeping it low, so even Maan can read it as she write it up, "I was thinking how can you be so good at heart" Geet wrote and Maan looked at her reading it, "Good, me, I almost killed my own child and" Maan said feeling ashamed, and Geet nodded an no, "But Still you didn't, even after thinking that it's not your child, you saved it, you were ready to share the Khurana name with the child" Geet wrote and Maan looked at Geet,

And Geet continued writing up, "no one would do this, you think I had cheated you, gave you lots of pain and yet you let me to be your wife and the mother of your child," Geet wrote and Maan kept staring at the notepad, "you are so nice Maan, by heart and soul, that's why your child is safe now, even after you had been mislead" Geet wrote and it made him feel more guilty, "Enough, don't do this, I am an monster," Maan said turning around and Geet held his face and nodded an No, and started to write again,

"Trust me Maan, I had seen really monsters, I had lived in hell, you were never an monster and never will be on, you are an angel, Maan, and this house is no less than an heaven," Maan read it and saw Geet who was having her tears and yet there was an smile, "You know Maan, I almost lost the faith in life, humans, relationships, emotions, everything, I thought this world is an hell and there is only monsters here, but when I saw you, it was all so different, you made me believe in life, there are nice people too in this world and it's not after all an hell, you were an blessing, Maan, and I still don't know what I had done to get you in my life, but whatever it is, I don't want to lose you, ever" Geet wrote and Maan read it up and looked at Geet,

Geet took his hands in her fragile hold and kissed it up, Maan was feeling happy, confused, puzzled and what not, every emotions was hovering up in his heart, Geet understood his pause and left his hand and wrote something as Maan was looking away, and gave it to Maan and walked away, "Maan, I know it's too much for you, I know you still can't believe me, but I am sure, some day the truth will come up, and that day you will accept me happily and until then I will not force you to believe me, or love me, I am not going anywhere Maan, I will be here with you only for my whole life, waiting for that day, because I Love You Maan,"

"You might not be able to believe it now Maan, but soon one day you will, and until then I will wait for you because all I need is to be with you. Loving you and nothing more" Maan read it fully and he found his tears dropping down, "what is happening, is she playing with my emotions again knowing that I will not do or say anything as she is my child's mother" Maan thought as he stood up, "but what if she was saying the truth, what if there is something that's hidden from my eyes, but Geet herself accepted everything, then" Maan was so confused and puzzled up,

"Then why do I see the truth dazzling in her eyes, the love for me in her act, her every single move screams the amount of love she has for me, I can feel the love for me, this can't be fake, not all the time, but when she loves me so much, then how come she be with Vikram, those videos, the staffs," Maan thought confused and sat there,

Maan and Geet was on the dining while Nakul served up instead of Geet, "Geet ji, you have to eat well, now you have to eat for two persons, so double dose" Nakul said and Geet blushed up, Maan felt a bit normal hearing the conversation, Maan then took Geet to their room, and after a while Maan came with hell lots of medicine that doctor gave with health tonics, Geet actually freaked out, and nodded an big no, "What does that no mean, Geet you have too have this" Maan said and gave her the tablets, and then handed over her an glass of milk,

"Eat it, Drink It" Maan said and Geet nodded and try to get an sip of the milk, but as she kept the milk near her mouth, she paused for a second, her reaction changed and rushed inside the washroom, "Geet," Maan too went behind her, and saw her throwing up in the sink, Maan went towards her and stood behind her holding her head tight, he was getting worried up, Geet then relaxed up finally and washed her face and found her dress messed up, and she signed Maan to go away, as it smelled terrible,

"Shut up," Maan ordered, and without a words, removed her dress up and made her naked and filled the bath tub with warm water and made her to lay back into the tub, and he watered up and cleaned up the mess and Geet felt so bad, for making Maan do it, Maan then saw he too was ditched up and he removed his shirt up and looked at Geet, who was in the tub, her beauty didn't miss his eyes, and his desire filled gaze was not missed by Geet, Maan can feel his heat raising up, "What the hell am I thinking" Maan thought and went towards the shower and turned the water up, making his body and mind relaxed up,

Maan held the walls and stood there closing his eyes and controlling his thoughts but his efforts got shattered when he found her soft hands on his bare back, Maan haled up and stood still, and he felt her soft hands snaking his waist up and pressing her body into his back, he can feel her nakedness and it was making him go mad, "No, No, I can't, I won't," Maan thought as he held her hand and turned around to see Geet standing there all wet, Maan's eyes roamed on her beauty, Maan then held her head and pulled it close to him and pressed his lips on her,

But it was an sealed on, he was just keeping his lips on her hers, pressing it hard and when she try to part her lips, he parted away from her, "let's get you dry," Maan said and walked up and pulled an towel around Geet and walked up to the bed room, and called the doctor up, "Hello, are you at the clinic, if not, come soon, I am bring Geet now, she is sick" Maan freaked out, "Sick like" The doctor asked, "she was fine and had dinner too but when she was above to drink the milk, she just got sick and she throw up" Maan said, "Oh, Ok," The doctor said coolly, "What do you mean by ok, it's absolutely not ok," Maan screamed up,

"Mr. Khurana, Relax, it must be the milk, some ladies get sick with the smell of the milk when they are pregnant" the doctor said, "And you are saying that now," Maan yelled up, "Sorry Mr. Khurana, But it's not in all cases, it differs from case to case, some with flowers, some with milk, some with even fish smell, so I wasn't sure what Mrs. Khurana would get sick at, but it's completely normal" The doctor said, "Yeah, really, she throw up her whole dinner and it's normal, then where will she get the strength" Maan shouted up, "Mr. Khurana, please give the phone to Mrs. Khurana" the doctor said and Maan too gave the phone to Geet, and Geet listened up for a few second and gave the phone back to Maan,

"Mr. Khurana, I had said everything to Mrs. Khurana, so don't worry," the doctor said and cut the call, "What did she say" Maan asked as he sat near Geet and Geet nodded an Nothing, "How could that be nothing, Look tomorrow the first thing we are going to see her, she is so cool, and she is saying this is so normal," Maan winced up, and Geet looked at him amused, Maan was murmuring something, and he looked so cute, which made her laugh up, "What" Maan asked as he saw her laughing and Geet said he was looking cute, and Maan glared up,

"Oh no, you throw up everything, that means you are empty again, you need to eat now" Maan said and Geet looked at him shocked and nodded an No, signed she might throw up again, "then the tablets" Maan asked making an baby face, Geet was again amused by the way Maan was behaving now, like an little kid he is complaining, Geet was seeing this Maan for the first time, Geet then signed she will have the tablets with lime juice, and Maan nodded an ok and rushed up, just the Geet saw he didn't changed his wet pants till now, nor care to dry himself,

"You are always an extreme Maan, either it be caring, loving or getting angry," Geet thought smiling up and got up and changed herself to the night suit, after an few minutes Maan came up with the juice and took the tablets and gave to Geet and Geet had it and signed him to change up and Maan too changed up into his night pants, Maan then made Geet lay back and Laid besides her covered her with blanket and slept there with an distance,

"The baby is mine, she is so beautiful in bed, we spend night together, Geet was my wife, she was a wh**e, I bought her up, It was all stages, to trap you, she loves me, it was an trick, Geet was mine" Vikram's voice haunted Maan's head, all the conversation till now came up, and he opened his eyes wide and stared into the ceiling breathing heavily, he was sweating high, Maan then turned around to see Geet sleeping well, and he was holding his hands keeping it near her tummy,

Maan felt restless and moved away from there, and stood near the window, staring into the moon there, and he turned around to see the notepad of Geet and took it up, and their latest conversation was there and the last line made Maan feel the peace, "I am not going anywhere Maan, I will be here with you only for my whole life, waiting for that day, because I Love You Maan, You might not be able to believe it now Maan, but soon one day you will, and until then I will wait for you, all I need is to be with you, loving you and nothing more" Maan smiled up and again he read the whole conversation,

"I almost lost the faith in life, human, relationships, emotions, everything, I thought this world is an hell and there is only monsters here," "I know you still can't believe me, but I am sure, some day the truth will come up, and that day you will accept me happily and until then I will not force you to believe me, or love me," and this time these lines struck him hard, He can feel that Geet wasn't happy in her past, and what was the truth he wanted me to know, where did I go wrong" Maan sat there in the couch opposite to the bed and looked at Geet, her calm, silent face, and everything related to her come back,

And everything fitted in perfectly, not seemed wrong, it was all against Geet, then what was he missing, or over seen, Maan then took a paper and pen and pinned out the things, he was feeling as if like investigating, he had already done such things but it was for business and was with his clients, but now it was for Geet, as he pinned it down, it looked so perfect as an film perfectly scripted, Maan suddenly found something strange, it looked too perfect, like it's been staged well and it was all around Vikram, no one else was involved, it was only Vikram who showed proofs, who spoke, who showed him everything,

And not to forget he was trying to make Maan kill his own child, "What kind of stupid I am, why didn't I think of this before, that I am believing the words of someone who wants to destroy me and my family" Maan thought as he crushed the paper and throw away, "Vikram was the only one involved and how much can he be trusted, but those documents and things, what those people in Geet's village said and those people in that wh**e village said and Geet herself accepted it and went away with Baldev, if it was all Vikram's play then why did she go with him, what's the truth, No, there is something which I am missing, If I take Vikram away from this, then everything looks nothing," Maan thought and looked at Geet,

"Till now I never believed her, and so I believed everything against her, what if it was all so biased, I was taking the side against her all the time, just because I was get to prove my thoughts and imaginations are true, I never listened to her, never believed her word," Maan thought as he walked up left to right and vice versa, Maan's mind played the image of Geet begging him to believe her, then all that happened after she came in to his life, the way she slowly took hold of his life, turned into his life, their happy times, and making her his wife, then Maan seeing Geet with Vikram, and then everything after that," Maan held his head and sat on the couch again,

"What if I missed something big, because of it, Geet is framed and staged into this, and only one guy can say what the hell is all this is about, Baldev, I need to find him now, and pull the words from him" Maan thought and looked at Geet and went near her and laid besides her, "what do you want me to know Geet, what is it, Ok, till now you never tried to prove yourself, your Innocent, but now, I will take up the challenged to prove you are innocent, till now I never believed you and trusted you, and if I behave like I do, faking up for the reason you are carrying my child, then that would be so selfish,"

"I Love you, but it was incomplete without trust and belief. Now let me complete it, let me believe you, trust you, Love you fully, so that I don't have to fake things up," Maan thought as he caressed her hair and Geet smiled up and turned around and snuggled into Maan in her sleep, The decision to trust and believe Geet made him feel so light at heart and Happy, "May be I was too blind due to my fears and thoughts, and put you into too much trouble, Not any more Geet, I will now believe you blindly, and let me see where it takes me" Maan thought and held her close and closed his eyes,

The morning sun shined up and Geet slowly got up and as soon as she got up, she immediately felt sick and rushed up to the washroom, Geet then came out of the washroom fully refreshed and saw Maan standing there near the table, Maan sensed Geet's presence and turned around and smiled at her, it was an short, sweet smile, but it was so pure, there was no doubt or anything but only love, shining in his eyes, "I am dreaming" Geet thought staring at him, Maan then held an glass of lime water and walked towards her,

"Morning Sickness" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes, still can't believing her eyes and kept staring at Maan, "Nakul Kaka, told," Maan said as he gave her the glass, and for the first time Geet was hearing Maan calling Nakul as Nakul Kaka, "You drink this, and rest up, I asked Rahul to bring the breakfast here, for an week or so, don't strain much, Doctor said this when I called her in the morning" Maan said and Geet just kept looking at him, "Drink" Maan said and Geet too drank it up,

"And I have an meeting in the morning, so I will be heading to the office now, but will be back for lunch, and" Maan was speaking up, and Geet smiled and went and hugged him up tight, she can't believe these were happening in real, she was aching for such an moment for an long time, and this was like she was living in an dream now, and her old fear made her scared of losing Maan and she held him tighter, "Geet, I am not going anywhere" Maan answered her unspoken question and Geet pulled up from him and looked at him, Maan looked straight into her eyes, "I am not going anywhere, I am here with you and will always be with you," Maan said

Geet felt like dying for these words in happiness, and her tears raised in her eyes, "No Geet, I don't want to see these tears in your eyes, never, I just want happiness in it" Maan said and Geet smiled big, "I had already given so much of tears, now I doubt whether you deserve those, I Might be wrong, falsely accused you, Geet, I was always taught that many times, what you see, what you hear, might look like the truth but it never will be, and I had applied it on you alone, doubting what I see in your eyes, and what you say, but I never put this theory on the opposite side," Maan was saying and Geet was looking at him still shocked,

"I was so biased, all those fears and hate and doubts on all relationships, made me believe everything except the person before me in relationship, I never gave you an chance right," Maan asked and Geet looked at him with no reaction, all shocked and surprised, "I guess I was too stupid" Maan said and Geet nodded an NO, and Maan gave up an smile, "Rest up" Maan said and Geet smiled big, and Maan walked away, and Geet held her heart and her happiness was hover like an stormed sea inside her, "did this really happen, did Maan really say these things, or was I imagining up", Geet thought as she felt like flying and dancing up,

"Baba ji, Maan, Maan said those things, he was ready to give me an chance, he said he should have believed me, he is feeling that I might be framed and he is see my side of truth now, Baba ji, Please help Maan to find everything he needs to find, I want this Maan forever, and I will not ask anything more from you, please, Baba ji, bless me, please" Geet prayed up,

Precap: Happy times for Maan and Geet and bad time for Vikram,

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3 updates are painful and emotional parts
geet was shocked seeing viraram that room
maan get more angry and didnt belived her 
she decide sucide herself but adi call disturbed and after his talking changed her decision ,days went maaneet didnt talking each other one day maan caught her rani maa room he was shocked geet faint after dr chech up he was happy geet pregnant but vikram again poision his words  maan told dr abort child ,pari baby words changed maan he went to dr dont do it geet was happy , maan was shocked dr words, geet was 3 months pregnant baby was his child he went beat vikram badly adi ask dr told maan take caring geet adi was happy maaneet hugging each other

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superb part...loved it
finally maan thinknng from different pov...he is able to point out one thing common of all...vikram ...who is showing or saying or doing things to proof geet be wrong...n now he understnd may b he ddnt trust or believe her enough...n wanted to find out about whole truth with vikram involment...

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it was like a big storm everything is slowly getting settled  downSmile
happy that maan gave 1 chance to geetSmile
vomiting &  maan's talks with doctorLOL
waiting for next updateSmile

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atlast maan will be finding the truth ...

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Amazing update
Waiting for next update

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Geet said maan dat one day he will believe her innocent nd love again.
Maan is trying to feel d depth of Geet words.
Maan gets worried wen Geet throwed up.
Maan decides to prove Geet innocent nd vikram guilty.
Geet is happy to see maan caring for her.

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