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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 71)

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lovely update maan was mad in rage he didnt check the rport of geet in his rage he decided to abort the baby as vikram amde him believe it was his geet pleaded him not to she even was ready to leave with her baby but maan was blind in his anger geet knew he will feel more guilty if he comes to know it was his child geet tried to call adi but couldnt reach him maan was in his pool of agonmy when a small girl came nad reduced his pain making him realise he was abt to commit a sin and went to stop the abortion when doc dropped the bomb that geet was 3 mnths pregnant he was ahamed and shocked he was going to kill his own baby he apologised and cried to his baby

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Love In Silence

Chapter 45

Maan walked up and smash opened the door and entered in, Vikram who was relaxing in his bed freaked out seeing Maan, "Maan" Before he could continue Maan hit him straight in his mouth and held his collar and pulled him from the bed and started to hit him like an mad person, Vikram started to bleed and he was fumbling on the ground already, Maan then held an wooden chair there and hit it onto Vikram's head, making his head to spin up, and blur out the vision, Maan then started to kick him hard making Vikram to lost his sense and faint up,

"Mr. Khurana" The doctor voice came up and she rushed towards him and try to stop him, "Please stop it, you will kill him" she said, as she came before, "I need to Kill him, I told him to stay away" Maan said as he kicked him more on his abs, making the doctor freak out, "Mr. Khurana, Please, control yourself," The doctor said, "I Can't" Maan screamed up, "Come on Mr.Khurana please, stop it, atleast for your wife and child's sake" the doctor yelled and Maan stepped back,

"Please leave Mr.Khurana, please, I beg you, please, leave" the doctor said, and Maan looked at the unconscious Vikram, and the doctor who was standing there holding her hands before him, begging him to stop,  and Maan walked out,

It was around 2.00pm; Maan walked into the Doctor's cabin and sat on the chair, "Mr.Khurana, you almost killed him," the doctor said, and Maan Grinned up, "well he deserves that" Maan said, "Mr.Khurana, you need to control your anger," The doctor said, and Maan rolled his eyes, "if not for your sake, for your child sake atleast, if you are going to have the child, that is" The doctor said,

"I told you, that was an mistake, I need my Child, and what's the connection with my anger and child," Maan asked tensed, "A Lot" The doctor said, "Your each action will have an strong effect on your child, not only yours but Mrs. Khurana's too, the baby might be in her womb but it can sense everything around it, even the things which we can't sense," the Doctor continued and Maan was hearing her carefully, "So the Baby can feel my anger" Maan asked slowly, "Yes, and it can affect her mental stability too, so she might born with an in-build fear, or aggression, which is so bad," The doctor said,

"No, what should I do no, I want the baby to be perfect and fine" Maan asked and the doctor nodded up, "Mr. Khurana, it's easy, first you have to feel happy and act happy when you are around with Mrs.Khurana, and most importantly, you have to keep Mrs.Khurana happy and make her feel your happiness, because an Baby feels most of the emotions through its mother, it feels happy when she is happy, it feels cared and comfort when she is cared, it feels pampered and loved when she feels it,"

"And the baby can feel the opposite feeling too, like when she is tensed, the baby is also tensed, when she is sad, baby is also sad, and in your case, it's an girl child and it trends to grasp all the emotions soon and the child would ache more for its dad's pampering, so I would advise you to be with Mrs.Khurana, spend lot of time with her and make her feel loved, and you too reduce your anger and try to be happy," the doctor said and Maan nodded an Ok, "Mr. Khurana, remember one thing, the tablets and tonics we are giving will make the baby physically strong, but only your care and love will make the baby mentally strong" the doctor said,

"When can we go home doctor" Maan asked, "As I said Mrs. Khurana is so weak, let her been here for today and you can take her home tomorrow morning, by then the reports will also be here" the doctor said, and Maan nodded up and walked out, "Mr. Adi, You can come out" the doctor said after Maan left away, and Adi stepped out, from the screen, separating the examination table, "Thank you Doctor, Thank you so much for speaking with Maan sir" Adi said, "Well Mr. Adi, I didn't do anything, I just told Mr. Khurana, which is 100% true," the doctor said,

"I knew, but Maan sir would have never accepted it from another person, and no one would have had the guts to say this to him, so Thank you" Adi said, "Well, I too want Mr. and Mrs. Khurana to be happy, After all how many life he had save, how many children's he had helped medically, all those families prayers and blessing shouldn't go waste," The Doctor said and Adi nodded and went away,

Maan was standing outside the hospital in the lawn, he was feeling awkward now, till yesterday he and Geet was like two strangers in the same house and now, though there was love, but it was hidden in silence and now he had to show it out, suddenly they were so close, till now, their marriage meant nothing but now, it was everything for them, after all it was like, he was suppose to have an family, and he was still feeling some kind of distance feeling towards Geet and was thinking about them, when someone pulled his pants, and Maan turned around and saw the little girl Pari there, and he smiled big and scooped her up in his arms, "Hey Angel" Maan said as he kissed her cheeks,

"You are happy" Pari asked with an smile and Maan smiled up, "Yes," Maan said, "You got someone for you" Pari asked and Maan smiled up, "Yes dear, May be the gods heard you and so I got an family," Maan said, "See, I told you" the little girl said, "yes my angel" Maan said, "Can I see your family," she asked and Maan nodded an yes, "Pari" this time an young lady came up, "Mama, Mama," Pari shouted up, "Mama, this is my friend" she said and the young lady must have known Maan, he can see her shriving up,

"Mr. Khurana, I am sorry, my daughter" she started up, "don't be sorry, she is an angel" Maan said and the little girl smiled big, "you know me" Maan asked, "Yes sir, My Husband works in your factory only" she said, "oh, ask him to meet me, he is so lucky to get an angel like her" Maan said and the lady smiled big, "If you don't mind, can I take her with me for a while, and is she admitted here" Maan asked worried, "No sir, we can here to get her daily injection, she is suffering from an rare lung problem, so daily injection is need for her," the lady said, almost having tear in her eyes,

"Don't worry, tomorrow, when your husband comes to meet me, ask him to bring her reports too, I will bring down the best doctors and I will do everything I can to cure her," Maan said and the Lady fall on her knees before Maan, "What are you doing, Get up" Maan ordered, "You don't know sir, how much your words means to me, Thank you sir, thank you, till now we were just hoping to keep her alive until, we can but Now an word from someone like you, gives me so much of hope, that my girl can have an life," she said with tears, "She is sure having an life, full of happiness and smile," Maan said and walked away with Pari,

Maan then walked Pari into the room when Geet was resting up, and Geet looked up as Maan walked in with an little girl, Geet smiled up as Maan dropped down the little girl, Pari too walked towards Geet and looked at her, "she is your wife" Pari asked with her little sweet voice looking at Maan and Maan nodded an yes, and Geet smiled at Pari, "Hi, I am Pari, his friend" she said pointing her little finger at Maan, "Where is the baby" Pari asked remembering Maan's words while bring her up,

Geet then held Pari's little hand and kept on her tummy, and the little one smiled up, "Your baby is inside ah, my aunt's baby too, Mama said I too was inside her Tummy only," she said and Geet smiled at her innocent words, suddenly the girl looked at Maan who was standing there and at Geet, "Come here na" she called and Maan looked at Geet, paused up, "You both are Katti, Katti ah" she asked and Maan looked at her puzzled, "Katti, Katti" Maan asked, "Fight" Pari said, and Maan nodded an No, "then come here na" Pari called and Maan too walked up and sat near Geet, and Pulled Pari too in to his Lap,

It was nothing like before, with everything happened between them, but the doctor's word was still ringing in his mind, the baby can feel everything. And Maan was trying his best to be happy forgetting everything but it was not so easy for him, "Baby, hi, I am Pari, when you come out from you Mama's tummy, I will come and see you and we can play together" she said and Maan remembered his words with his baby sister, whom he never saw, he too used to say like this too her,

Geet saw Maan's eye getting moisture, "Geet, now you can pour your love on Maan sir, without any fear, now he will not reject or get anger," Adi's voice came to her mind, and Geet then slowly touched Maan's hands, with an slight fear, and Maan looked at her, and but didn't react, so Geet slowly took his hands and kept on her tummy and Maan lips gave out an smile, "My Baby" The thought made him so much of happiness, like never before, and Geet smiled seeing his happiness, and Maan too saw her face,

"Pari, let's go dear, your mom will be waiting, and Baby needs to rest" Maan said and Pari nodded her head, "you can come to my home with your dad whenever you want to see me and the baby, ok," Maan said and the Girl smiled big and Maan scooped her in his arms and looked at Geet and walked away, "Pari, this name is always close to Maan's heart, this is the name he wanted to give to his sister, now this name, I will give to you, You will be his little Pari, you will give him the happiness he lost, you will give him the life he missed" Geet said as she touched her tummy,

"Pari, My Pari's, My Maan's Pari," Geet thought as her tears flowed down but in happiness, "Pari, you will be one lucky child, your dad is such an sweet guy, such an nice person, you are so lucky" Geet thought as she caressed her tummy,

It was around 8.00pm, when the nurse came and gave the tablets to Geet and Maan was sitting on the couch, then she went away and Geet stood up and walked towards Maan and stood there, "What" Maan asked his face was serious but his voice was calm, "Can we go home" Geet signed, "No, tomorrow morning" Maan said and Geet turned dull, "why, what happened" Maan asked looking at her dull face, "this place is not good, and she is not feeling sleep even if she is tired" Geet signed,

Geet signed, she need to go home, "But the doctor said you have to be here, tonight. Now go and try to sleep," Maan said and Geet signed she is not feeling sleep, "then go and lay back simply" Maan said in an firm voice and Geet too went and laid back on her bed, looking at Maan, and when Maan saw here, she closed her eyes pretending to sleep, Maan for a second grinned up, but something made him to withdraw the smile, is he still having the doubt on her,

Maan then went and sat on the bed near Geet and Geet looked at him and got up, and sat up looking at him, "Geet, I know nothing is good between us till now, no trust, no love, but only pain," Maan said and Geet listen to him with an nervousness, "But now, even if we don't like it, we are bonded strongly, our meaningless relationship has a strong meaning now, so" Maan said and Geet looked at him a bit scared, "let's try to forget everything in the past, I promise you that I will try to forget everything, which might take time, but I promise I will try, and you too have to promise me something," Maan said and Geet looked at him Puzzled,

"You have to give away your past life and all it's bad shadows, I will try to give you all the happiness and everything you like," Maan said and Geet held his hand, and looked at him, "Maan, how will I say, The day I met you, on that day even I was out of my past, and you turned to be my everything, and I don't need anything then you and your love, to be happy, nothing else matters to me," Geet thought and Maan saw her tears flowing down but there was an big smile in her lips, and she hovered up and hugged Maan,

Even after all those proofs and all he saw, believed, still his heart screamed that she loves him truly beyond all those facts, when she hugged him he felt loved, Geet held him tight pressing her face into his hard chest, and Maan looked at her big smile and it made him feel an peace, he held her back, and he felt that his world is complete, suddenly, there was no pain in his heart, no weirdness, maybe he was imagining things, this was not hard, accepting Geet's love and care was something so natural and it made him feel happy and calm, and nothing strange, Maan then pushed backed Geet still holding her and laid back,

"Sleep" Maan ordered and Geet snuggled into him and slept off in no minutes feeling his warmth, "Why am I feeling like nothing happened between us, we are still in love, and she loves me immensely, why is my heart begging me to throw the facts and proofs away and believe Geet, why, what kind of magic is this" Maan thought and looked at Geet, who was sleeping calming in his hold, "an heart filled with lies can never have a peaceful sleep like this, but what I saw" Maan thought confused,

"let the past be past, I don't want to remember it or analysis it, it may be true, nor fake, but now, Geet is my wife, and my child's mother, and we have an future to live together, and that's all matters" Maan thought and closed his eyes pushing himself into the sleep, holding her close,

Maan and Geet came to the Mansion in the early morning even, "One second Maan sir" Adi's voice came up shocking Maan, and Maan and Geet stopped in the door steps even, "Adi, you" Maan asked, "Pinky come soon" Adi called out, "Pinky" Maan asked and looked surprised to see Pinky walking up with an Rice Kalash and Arti thali, "Adi what's all this" Maan asked, "Maan sir, this is nothing, but an small thing, saying that you and Geet are going to start an new life in this house, You, Geet and My little baby boss, will have an happy and blessed life," Adi said and Geet smiled big,

"Pinky" Adi said and Pinky came before and took the Arti for both Maan and Geet, and kept the Rice Kalash down and stepped away, "Come on Geet, enter the house with full honor, you are not only Maan Sir's wife, but mother of his child, in all true way, Khurana House's Daughter-in-law, This is your house, he is your husband, enter in with no doubts, no fears, with all blessing and love, let this be an good beginning for a happy life ahead" Adi said and Geet's tears flowed down in happiness and looked at Maan who was just listening to Adi,

Geet paused up not knowing Maan's thought, but she looked  surprised, when she felt Maan's hand holding her hand tight, Geet looked at Maan, who was looking at her, and signed her to go ahead, Geet smiled big with an happiness hovering inside her, "Baba ji," Geet thought, and hit the Kalash with her right foot holding Maan's hand tight and walked in, "Geet Ji" Rahul and Nakul came up with an plate full of sweets, and came to Maan and stood before Maan, "Congratulation Maan sir, Congratulations Geet ji, oh I am so excited," Nakul said,

"Maan sir, have this" Nakul gave him the Sweet, "No," Maan said, "No Sir, please don't refuse it, you have to, if not for us, atleast for the baby, otherwise the baby will think that Papa doesn't like her," Nakul said, Maan then scorned at Nakul but took sweet, "Wow, the baby made Maan Singh Khurana to change his decision, she is so powerful than her dad" Rahul said and Maan glared at him and Rahul looked down and Maan turned around and went upstairs without a world, "Oh God, Adi sir, Geet ji, did you see that, Maan sir didn't say anything for what I said, I can't believe it" Rahul said, and everyone smiled up,

They all had the sweets then, everyone fed Geet so much of sweet, "Geet, you take care, me and Pinky will leave now," Adi said, and Geet hugged him up, "No Geet, you should not cry anymore, No, you have to be strong actually double strong for Maan sir and for the baby," Adi said and Geet pulled from him nodded an yes with an big smile, "Good, always be happy Geet," he said and Geet turned towards Pinky and smiled at her, after Adi and Pinky went away,  and Geet too went to her room, and saw Maan there, "Geet, you don't have to switch room, you can stay in my, I mean, our room itself, I will asked Rahul to pack your thing and bring there" Maan said as he saw Geet there,

Maan then turned around and saw Geet standing there with her big eyes blinking up, "if only you wish, you can stay here too, there is" before Maan could finish Geet rushed into his arms and hugged him tight, and she didn't know where she got this sudden confidence and fearless nature, "I can take this as an yes right" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes rubbing her face on his chest and Maan too held her up, "Maan soon I will make my place not in your room but in your heart, maybe I already have, but I will make you accept me completely and now I am not alone, I have your own soul dwelling inside me," Geet thought and hugged him up tight,

Maan was half surprised and half shocked, Suddenly Geet was so back to normal, like nothing happened, he was holding him with love and her eyes was shining with the same love, "What happened to her, suddenly she is so close, maybe it's because she is holding my baby, yes, now she will not leave me even if she thinks, and my soul growing inside her will never allow that, she will be mine and only mine, now, My wife, My Child, My Family," finally he can say that, finally someone for him and just for him, and the thought made Maan the happiness guy on the universe, and he held Geet tight,

Precap: Maan and Geet's love blossoming again, it's like the first time, the same nervousness, same excitement, same happiness,

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yeyyy.. me 1st..Big smileParty
maan was back in action.. dheeshoom sheeshoom.. vikram ki to band najaa di..LOLLOL
Dr gave a lot of GYAAN regarding being a good parent ... and maan as a good father also learning everything with full attention.. clap for this man yaar..Clap
aww... little pari has already made a place in maan's heart.. he is willing to pay for her health care.. he made pari meet his geet and child.. that entire part was simply awesome maya.. you are bringing every good shades of maan out.. i m glad for that..
hehe.. maan doesn't know what's KATTI?LOLLOL let his children arrive, he would come to know about everything.. katti- batti..LOL and if by the time geet would get her voice back... then he has the highest chances to improve his vocabulary.. Wink
though maan is happy that geet is carrying his child, but still that hesitation and aloofness is there with geet.. he is trying to b normal just for his child.. he is trying his level best to improve their chemistry.. i m waiting for the time when maan would come to know about the complete reality.. i m waiting to see the happiness on maan's face when he would come to know that his geet was always his only.. she never cheated on him.. she was always faithful.. she was never acting of being in love with him.. she had always loved him only.. ahh... that would b the best part.. i know, with the happiness, the remorse of hurting geet would also come, remorse of misbehaving with geet, punishing geet, giving pain to geet.. well, that would be solved by geet i guess.. in their own sweet style.. Wink
aww... aadi n pinky are so sweet.. specially aadi.. he is being the best friend, best loyal employee and more over, the best elder brother of geet.. they made maaneet's day v special with the special welcome ceremony.. Clap.. with geet's good news everybody is happy.. nakul also fed maan sweet forcefully.. LOL
wonderful update maya.. i keep on waiting for this story's update.. n m glad that u r v regular also.. kudos to u n thank u v much for giving us such a wonderful story dear..Smile

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Finally the happy days are here...
Both are ready to forget d pst and welcome d bright future...
Love d changes in maan...
Damn sure dat d little princess will make their bond and Love stronger
Grt job maya...
Continue soon

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awsome update
loved it so much
pari & maan conversation is so cute
geet is now not scared from maan
it will be great to see again both falling in love
plz cont soon

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nice part very interestingSmile

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Awesome update 
Hope Maaneet ko kisi ki nazar na lage

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Awesome update
But I think maan should know geet s truth complete than only he will happy from heart that geet is his only
Than in future maan able to protect geet from vikram

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