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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 63)

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Nice update

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Hey guys, missed me and LIS and IHUMILU...
I missed you all alot... and as promised two long updates of LIS, it was so long, so divided it into 3 parts... love you all...

A Love in Silence

Chapter 42

Geet was in her room when Maan entered in, he was looking seriously angered and Geet thought something must have happened in the party down, or is it her, is he anger on her for coming like this without asking his permission, Geet's thought made her look scared and feared up, "Where have you been" Maan asked in his lifeless horror voice, making Geet to feel an shiver all over her body, but she controlled herself and went and took an paper and pen and wrote it all, and gave to Maan,

Maan grabbed it and read it silently and his eyes turned even more red with anger, "So Sonu was not well, so you went to take care of her," Maan asked between his teeth and Geet nodded an yes, "And Rohit Sharma took you with him to take care of Sonu" Maan asked again and Geet again nodded an yes, not really understanding Maan's anger and the reason behind it, Maan held his head and closed his eyes and stood there burning in his anger for a while, Geet felt puzzled and slowly went and touched his hand,

"Stay, away," Maan screamed up, "How could you," Maan asked as he looked at Geet who was looking at him with her innocent eyes, "These, these eyes always fool me, why is that I see an true love when there is nothing like that, ah" Maan asked and Geet looked at him scared, "why can't you just tell the truth now, where have you been" Maan asked spilling out his anger and Geet was still confused and swear that she was saying the truth, "enough, enough," Maan screamed high and Geet stepped back, in fear, "I found out the whole truth, don't try to hide, You went to meet that Vikram right" Maan asked between his teeth,

Geet's world stopped for a second hearing Vikram's name, she total forget about that devil, she was into many thing right now that she totally forgot that hell creature behind her life and Maan's happiness and hearing his name now was totally an shock for her, Geet nodded an no in fear, "And yesterday, it was him, right, who came to our room, How dare you brought that scoundrel into my room and Romanced up and then, disgusting" Maan screamed up and Geet was crying high hearing his words,

Geet was totally shattered by Maan's accusation and she nodded an No and signed it's not true, but it only made Maan more angry, "Stop lying" Maan screamed up and Geet signed she went to the room to meet the little girl, "You are still lying and you think I can't prove anything" Maan asked and he rushed to the phone and dial the reception and put the phone on speaker, so Geet too could hear, "Hello, it's Maan Singh Khurana, who is in the room 439," Maan asked in his anger spilling voice, "just now I informed you sir" the reception girl said, "you will not die if you say it again" Maan yelled up, "ok, ok, sir, it's Vikram Singh, from India" she said, and Maan cut the call,

"Now" Maan asked as he looked at Geet, and Geet nodded a no, she was so confused and scared now, "Still trying to act" Maan busted out and held her hand and dragged her up holding her arms and Geet was crying and pleading him still shocked and confused with his accusations,

 Maan and Geet stood before the Room No. 439 and Maan knocked the door, and stepped aside making Geet to stand in front of the door, and Geet looked at Maan who was holding his head and breathing high controlling his anger, Geet turned around when she heard the door opening up, and as the Door opened up, her heart stopped beating, she can't believe her own eyes, it was like an nightmare, the devil which ruined her whole life was standing before her holding an glass of rum, Geet's eyes widen up and her heart was beating high, and she started to shiver now,

"Geet, what happened, did you forget something," Vikram's voice pulled Geet to reality from her nightmare, Vikram here and not Rohit, Geet was so confused, and Vikram was speaking so coolly, "What Geet, or you didn't have enough of the good times we had together and need some more" Vikram said and suddenly out of blue Vikram was hit hard and was thrown into the room, Vikram fall on the floor with an noise and looked up to see Maan standing there, in his deadly avatar, his anger, his pain was so clear and it made Vikram to forget his pains and grin up, "Maan," He said wiping the blood bleeding from his lips, "how did you find me" Vikram asked, "How did I found out, how dare you" Maan screamed as he punched on his face again making his bleed with the tear in his cheek skin,

"Maan, listen, I understand you are angered up, well now that she is your wife, but believe me, it wasn't an plan," Vikram said, "Believe you, you" Maan held his collar and pushed him into the wall, "Maan yes, nothing is planned, oh, Geet was here and we met and for old times sake, we, and also, no one will know, we thought, but" Vikram said and he screamed in pain as Maan's knees hit him hard on his abs, yet there was an happiness and smile in Vikram's face seeing Maan burn in pain, "Maan, understand, Maan, it's been so long and the girl was so willing so, you understand right, what will I do, I couldn't refuse her, you kept us away for more than two months and, look it was an accident," Vikram added fuel to the fire

Geet held her mouth and cried high as she can clearly see what Vikram was doing to Maan, breaking up his heart with his fake story and claims, and she don't know what to do, she wanted to scream he was lying, but she can't, seeing Maan broken again, she cried her heart out standing there in the corner, "Geet, don't cry, Maan understands, it's not the first time we" Vikram said and Maan's anger hit high as he couldn't bear his words, it might be true that he slept with her, but it was still painful to accept it,

Maan fisted up his hand and beat Vikram until his blood flows from his nose and mouth and he turned him up and held his head and hit his head strong into the table there, breaking the table and so as Vikram's bones, Maan then pulled him up and hit him up into the mirror, making the glass pieces piercing his skin to bleed, "look if I ever see you with her, even if she was willing, I would put you into your grave forgetting everything about us, about you, your family, even Riya will not be able to stop me," Maan warned in his cold bloody voice and walked away and Geet rushes behind him still crying,

Vikram slowly got up with his remaining strength and looked at his own reflection in the broken glass pieces there and he was looking all blooded, he wipes his blood and smiles up, "Maan, you broke my face, my bones, which will be healed soon, but I broke, shattered your heart, which you might never be able to cure, the pain I am having is so small, compared to the pain I gave you, enjoy Maan, enjoy," Vikram said and started to laugh out loud like an devil in happiness,

Maan entered into his room, his anger a bit reduced but the pain more now, as he was relaxed pouring out his anger on Vikram beating him black and blue, but his Pain had been increased as his anger was gone, and his tears hovered up in his eyes and Geet saw his eyes liquidizing and she felt like dying right away, she can bear Maan's anger, not his tears, Geet went before him and joined her hands, and begged him to believe her, "you still expect me to believe your story when I saw the truth with my own eyes," Maan asked and Geet went and wrote something and showed him, "please believe me, Vikram is lying, nothing happened as he said, seriously Rohit was in that room, with Reema and Sonu, please believe me" Geet begged up as she showed her message to Maan,

 "Believe me, Ok, Sure, one last chance, if you are proven wrong, then never ask me to believe you" Maan said in his anger boiling words, and Geet nodded an Ok and Maan held Geet's arms and walked her up and Geet was just following him, Geet try to behave normal when she saw People looking at them wired as they walked up, Maan didn't care about anything and was full of pain and Geet was trying to hold herself up, and keep up with Maan, she can see all the questioning eyes on them, Maan stopped before an closed door and knocked it up

With his second knock, a guy in his blue cop uniform came out and looked at Maan shocked and surprised, "Mr. Khurana, what can I do for you" he asked as he let Maan and Geet in, "I need to check some footages" Maan said and Geet looked at Maan shocked, "Sorry sir, as per the rules" The guy started up, "Now" Maan demanded, "May I know the reason sir" he asked, "Security purposes" Maan said, and the guy nodded up, "Martin, show me the footage of" the uniformed guy paused looking at Maan, as they reached the systems room, "Second floor, yesterday night at 9.00pm" Maan said and the uniformed guy tapped on the shoulders of the guy who was sitting before the system,

"Sure, chief," Martin, the computer guy pulled out the tape and played it, Geet's eyes widen up in shocked and it was as if seeing an ghost movie, Geet was walking with Vikram in the footage where she had been walking with Reema and Sonu in real, but Vikram, how, Geet was so confused and she can't believe herself, her eyes poured out immediately and Maan looked at her as if he had won over the argument and made her guilty, "And today's morning footage at 10.00am at sixth floor" Maan said the guy played it and it was the same, Geet was walking with Vikram, Maan then turned towards Geet, "Anything more to say" Maan asked and walked away,

Geet cried high and rushed behind him, she can't believe her own eyes, and she herself got confused on what she saw, was there a Reema and Sonu, then what was on the screen, how did it show Vikram and her instead of Reema and herself, Geet felt like living in a nightmare,

"Well done Martin" Vikram's voice came up later when everyone left the room, and The guy before the system stood up and took at Vikram shocked, "Sir what happened to you," Martin asked looking at the bleeding guy all messed up but Vikram only smiled, "Relax, I am ok, in fact, I am so good, Can I see that footages Martin" Vikram asked and the guy played it for him, "Wow, wow, so brilliant, you have an world class talent, no one can think it's been faked." Vikram said with an smile, "And no one can find, it had been faked until, they put it under some high standard testing," Martin said,

"Bravo boy, Bravo, and your 50 lakhs in Chinese Yuan will be deposited in minutes in your account," Vikram said, "Thank you sir" Martin said with an smile, "Thank you my dear, you don't know how much you had done for me, Thank you, and do one thing, destroy these tapes soon," Vikram said, "Don't worry sir, it will be done soon" Martin said and Vikram patted his shoulders and walked out, "Now Geet is totally trapped, totally, I had trapped her in such an trick that she herself will find hard to figure out what happened and Poor Maan," Vikram said laughing out loud as he walked dragging his broken leg, still bleeding here and there,

"Enough" Maan shouted, "Enough, not an word," Maan said as they entered the room and Geet was crying still confused and pained, "I had been expecting this, yes, I did, My Mind never believed you, and my heart begged me to believe you, looks like my mind won, my heart lost again, my love lost again" Maan screamed big and sat down on the bed, Geet can clearly see how much he was bleeding inside, Maan then turned to Geet who was standing there in tears, and the pain in his eyes killed her totally,

"please no more lies, if you want to kill me, then stab the knife on to my heart not on my back," Maan said and turned around and now his voice was all shaky, "for one day, Just one day, I thought everything was normal, and I had an chance of living happily, and now, my fault, My fault, I can never be happy, I am born to burn, and enjoy the hell"  Maan said as his tears rolled down, "so this time I am not gonna hurt you or even yell at you, I knew the result yet I fall into you, I am weak, I am an fool, I am stupid, even after knowing the truth, so why should you get any punishment, for my stupidity,  I am the one who needs that,"  

Maan said and Geet went towards him and touched his shoulders, "Enough, enough, Please, please leave me alone, please, I can't burn anymore, It's paining" Maan said with the tears in his eyes and Geet stepped back immediately and walked back till she hit the wall and drowned down on to the floor, Maan then walked out of the room and locked the door behind, Geet stood up slowly after an few minutes, "Why am I still alive, why, to burn Maan more, to see him suffer like this, if I wasn't there, Vikram will not have an chance to make Maan weak and pained, I shouldn't be alive, No," Geet thought and stood up and looked around and saw the knife in the fruit basket  there and took it up and kept it near her neck,

"It's better to die totally then too kill him daily and to kill myself too," Geet thought as she closed her eyes and kept the knife close to her neck, all set to cut herself, and end the pain,

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Chapter 43

Geet tightened her grip on the knife, but dropped the knife suddenly, freaked out by the sound of Maan's mobile, Maan's mobile rang up distracting both the silence and her mind, Maan had forgotten his mobile in the room, so she looked at the mobile and found it was Adi, seeing his picture in Maan's mobile screen, she took the mobile and started to cry high and attended the call, "Maan sir," Adi's voice came up and Geet cried up loud, "Geet" Adi too heard it, "Geet what happened, why are you crying, where is Maan sir" Adi asked and Geet cried high, she wanted to say everything to Adi but how, "Geet please, please, don't cry, please" Adi begged,

There was an silence for a few second, "Geet, remember, once I thought you how to click pictures and send through message, you too once messaged me, Maan's sir's mom's picture right" Adi said, "do one thing, write everything in a paper and click an snap and message me now" Adi said and Geet immediately took an paper and pen and pinned down everything and then snapped it and messaged to Adi, and after a few seconds Adi's phone came up again, "Geet, I am so sorry baby, I am sure it's all Vikram's plans, already Maan sir doesn't trust you fully and now, even the tiny little trusts he had on you too would have been broken now," Adi said anger up and Geet cried up,

"Geet, please, don't cry, and what the hell you wrote about killing yourself, if killing you would have solved everything, and if it would make Maan sir happy, then I myself would have killed you, if you kill yourself, Maan sir will be more depressed, maybe he would kill himself, do you need that, don't you want to see Maan sir happy again, I know whatever happened was so not good, but Geet, this is not the first time, it happened already and then too you fought and won over him, and you can do it again, you can't lose your hope, please, for my sake, for Rani Maa's sake, for Maan sir's sake, For your sake, for your loves Sake, you have to fight, you have too" Adi's words gave an little strength to Geet,

"Geet, please dear, don't lose hope, don't you know how much Maan sir loves you and his pains can be cure only by you and your care and by proving him you are innocent, trust me Geet I am half way finding the truth, finding the proof about your past, once I get hold of everything, I can fight for you with Maan sir, so please Geet, please, if you do something to yourself and if Maan comes to know that you are innocent after that, then Maan sir will not live a second, please Geet, please, come home we will find an way, please, trust me Geet, please" Adi begged and Geet cut the call and picked the paper and pen,

"Adi Bhaiya, I am sorry, I understand, it's not my fault nor Maan's, and not every time the fate will favor Vikram, and I will not Give up, you are right, I will not leave my Maan alone, Never, I will fight till the end of my life, to prove my love, I will get my Maan Back and from now onwards, I will be more careful and will never let that Vikram win, I will make my Maan happy again as I Promised to Rani Maa" Geet wrote and snapped it and send to Adi, and wiped her tears and waited for Maan in silence,

Maan came back only in the morning, and the whole Night Geet was waiting for him silently, and when Maan came back, he didn't look at Geet, he went to the washroom, refreshed him and came out and he was totally emotionless, no, pain, nor anger nor happiness, "Get ready we are going back" Maan said like an robot and Geet was shocked with his so normal behavior, and she can't understand what's in his mind, and Geet too got ready and they vacated the room and started up top India in the early morning and reached the Khurana Mansion in the afternoon,

Geet was so worried and confused with Maan's behavior, he didn't speak an word, he didn't hold her hand, nor smile nor yell, he seemed like an zombie, and it gave Geet more pain, Geet came to her room and stood before Baba ji's picture and her eyes poured out with silence, and she fall on her knees,

Day went by in silence, It's been a month after they came from China, Maan was acting like an robot, he never spoke, he never smiled, he ate, he slept, he didn't drink either, and he kept full distance from Geet, he never saw her face, nor called her name, Adi come up now and then to keep her hopes up and saying that Maan will be alright soon, But no way it was gonna happen soon, Geet can't even express herself as Maan's not even ready to look at her, she can't neither provoke him and make him anger or go near him and make him ok,

Even Adi failed in that, Maan wasn't ready to speak with Adi too, he said he is not disturbing Geet and so he too need no disturbance in return, Adi too felt helpless, It was like only the Gods could help now, Geet was feeling so left out, her only life moving thing was her dairy writing and talking with Rani Maa in silence, Geet was feeling so weak now a days and felt Sick literally, but Maan haven't noticed that as he was busy in suffering in his own hell and pain, She wasn't eating well and she skipped her medicines, she thought because of that she was so weak,

It was around 11.30 in the noon, Geet was in Rani Maa's room, talking to her in her silence, asking her when things will get back to normal, she is ready to be punished by Maan, by words, and even actions but not by silence, it was too much to bear, "What the hell you are doing here" Maan's sudden voice pulled her from her thoughts and she turned back to see Maan there burning in anger now, his eyes was totally red and scary, but Geet liked it, anything on his face was better that his painful silence,

And Geet already Knew Maan would be anger if he finds out this truth of her secret meeting with Rani Maa, Maan rushed in and held her arms tight, giving her pain, but this pain made Geet feel alive, his touch however painful it may be, was an bliss for her, she looked at him and found his eyes on his mother picture, and he pushed Geet away, "So this is what you are up to, if you had told me, I would have given you myself, no need for you to act up" Maan said and now Geet looked at him puzzled, Maan then went and opened the cupboard there and Geet looked at him puzzled,

But her eyes went wide when Maan pulled out some costly antique jewels from the cupboard, it was Rani Maa's without an doubt and it looked so valuable, "Have it all" Maan shouted and Geet freaked out, "What is he thinking that I came here to get these jewel, no, No Baba ji, no more accusations" Geet prayed up, "atleast live my mom alone" Maan said and Geet could only cry now, and nodded an Big no, Maan then held her hand and dragged her up and Geet walked with him,

Maan took her to an big room and he went near the wall and pressed some buttons fixed on the wall and the wall spilt open and Maan pushed her in, Geet for a second thought she was dreaming, that was an medium sized room with racks filled with money all around and Gold biscuits and coins on the other end and there were shinning gem stones too, but what caught Geet was the golden cradle decorated with the gemstones, shinning in the corner, Geet immediately remember Nakul's words and it was an gift from Maan's uncle on Maan's birth,

"Take everything you want" Maan's scream made Geet to see the reality before her, Maan is thinking she is here for money and jewel, "Just leave me alone, and if you want to run away from here, you are free to go," Maan screamed high and Geet looked at him scared, Maan the just pushed her away and turned around, "Enough of all this, I can't live an better life, so what, you can, go and live an life you wished, you can keep your surname as Maan Singh Khurana or can take that off too, but just leave me alone, I just" Maan said as he turned back,

"Geet" Maan freaked out as he saw Geet on the floor, fainted up, Maan bend down and pulled her up, she was cold as ice and Maan scooped her in his arms and rushed to his room and put her on the bed, "Geet, Geet" Maan tapped her on her face, but Geet was not reacting, Maan's heart started to beat high, even after everything, even after believing Geet cheated him again, his love for her didn't reduce, he used to check her out at the middle of the night when she is sleeping, thought he can't forgive her, he can't forget her either, she was the one he loved with his heart and soul and she will be the one,

Maan was freaking out literally and he called the hospital and found the Doctor was busy so he decided to take Geet to the hospital and Maan scooped her up from the bed and rushed down stairs, "Vijay, Take the car" Maan shouted as he rushed down carrying her in his arms, he got in to the car's back seat, still holding Geet in his arms, He was physically away from her and ignoring her, but by heart and soul he was living with her, living under an same roof with her was all enough for him, "Geet, Geet, Please open your eyes, please," Maan begged up as he was travelling up,

Maan carried Geet inside the hospital in his arms, "Doctor" Maan screamed high making everyone stun up and the doctor came out of the room and immediately Geet was taken into ICU and Maan was left waiting outside tensed, he can't think anything now, except for the fear of losing her forever, it was more than 30 minutes and Maan was already sweating high in tension, then the doctor came out and glared at Maan so angrily and walked inside her cabin without a word and Maan too followed her freaking out,

"I didn't except this from you Mr. Khurana, I thought you would take care of her well, and you promised that too, do you remember, then why is she so weak, like she wasn't eaten for days, In this condition, it's your responsibility to take care of her" she said and Maan looked at her puzzled, "In This Condition" Maan asked suddenly too worried, "Oh, No, now don't say, you don't know she is pregnant" the doctor asked and Maan stood up in shock, "Pregnant, Geet is, Pregnant, really" Maan asked shocked and surprised, "Yes" the doctor said, and Maan suddenly felt an happiness which was death inside him, "Baby, Baby, Geet is holding my baby" his heart screamed up,

"Can I see her" the Maan asked, "No Mr. Khurana, she is under sedation, as she is weak, it's need for her, you can see her later, you can go home now, if you need, as we will take care of her" the doctor said and Maan nodded an ok and went out and walked towards the ICU and stood outside and looked inside through the glass there, Geet was lying there unconscious, once the child is born then she will never leave him, he doesn't have to fear that she will go away, and there will really an family for him, his wife, his child, Maan's mind already started to dream about the child and his future with it,

"Boss, Boss" Vikram's PA rushed into the Room where Vikram was admitted, "What happened" Vikram asked trying to get up on the bed, Vikram till now wasn't totally cured from the damages done by Maan in china, it's been one month and still he was under the treatment, "Sir I saw MSK here" His PA said, "what's so big about it, this is MSK's hospital and he could come here for anything" Vikram said, "Sir, But he didn't come for anything, he came for Geet" he said and Vikram jumped up in shock, "Geet" Vikram asked,

"Yes sir, and if you knew the news you will be hell shocked," Vikram's PA said and Vikram looked at Him puzzled, "You were saying Maan Singh Khurana is all dead and his relationship with Geet is lifeless but now, Geet is pregnant," Vikram's PA said making Vikram hell shocked, "Geet is What, no this can't be true, no, Khurana family will not and will never had an heir," Vikram said, "So what sir, you are going to kill the baby in her womb" Vikram's PA asked and Vikram smiled big, as his evil mind got an plan, "Why should I do anything, Maan himself will kill that baby" Vikram said with an sadistic grin,

Vikram's PA looked at him shocked, "But How sir, Why would Maan Singh Khurana, Kill his own child" Vikram's PA asked, "If it wasn't his child then" Vikram asked and Vikram's PA looked at him confused, "Sir, but Geet is living with MSK only for an long time and if she is pregnant then it must be his child, then"  Vikram's PA asked, "That we knew, but Not MSK, according to Maan, me and Geet were together in China for two days, that's all enough" Vikram said with an smile, "Now do as I say" Vikram said as he walked towards his PA and said his plan,

It was around, 6.00pm Maan was standing in the hall of his mansion, "by now Geet must have got back her conscious and she would be so happy if she heard the news," Maan thought and was getting ready to get back to the hospital, "Hello Sir" An voice came up and Maan looked up to see Vikram's PA there with bouquet and an sweet box, "What the hell you are doing here," Maan shouted up, "Sir, I am as an messenger of Mr. Vikram" he said and Maan's anger busted out,

"If you want to be alive, then don't you take his name before me," Maan shouted out, "Sorry sir, But My Boss asked to give these flowers and sweets to you" he said as he gave the bouquet and Sweet box to Maan, Maan got it and throw it away on the floor, "Done, get lost" Maan shouted again, "No sir, one more thing, Boss wants to speak with you" He said as he took his mobile, "But I don't, now get out before I forget you are just an messenger" Maan screamed up, "right sir, but boss will think I was scared and didn't tell you about the call, so please, I will call him and you, yourself tell him what you want to" he said,

Maan saw Vikram's PA dialing up, "sir" he said as he gave the phone to Maan, "please" he said, and Maan pulled the mobile, and screamed up, "What the hell do you want"; "Maan, Maan, instead of telling me congrats, you are scolding me, no problem, I am so happy now anyways" he said and Maan felt puzzled, "What drama you are putting in now" Maan asked, "Drama, Oh Maan, Come on, I am so happy so no drama, I heard Geet is pregnant, Oh god, never thought our two days of romance would make me dad," he said smiling big,

Maan suddenly felt like an knife stabbed deep into his heart, Maan never thought this way, Geet is holding Vikram's Baby, the thought made Maan sick, all his happiness which was creating inside him shattered down into pieces, and an anger raised above his nervous, "wow, Maan, wow, until now we were enemies but now, brothers, oh god, oh god, what is our relationship, now Geet is your wife, so my baby will get your family name, it will be grown as an Khurana heir, can you believe it"

"Which family was called as cheap, traitors and killed by your Khurana family, that's Cheap family's hire will be grown in your family with your surname, my baby with your family name, I wonder what your dad and uncle would think and feel now if they were alive, I know they would have hanged themselves with shamefulness," Vikram said smiling up, "Vikram" Maan's scream hit the roof like an thunder even making Vijay, Nakul and Rahul come out to see what happened,

"Oh Chill up Maan, you can't do anything now, you can't tell the world that the child is mine, as Geet is your wife, and you will never let the world to know that Khurana's Daughter -in-law had an affair with an outside guy, nor you can push her out, so the world would say Maan Singh Khurana had abandoned his pregnant wife, Wow, Maan you are struck, you can't stop my child from ruling the Khurana's bloodline, my child, ok Maan, take care of My Geet and my baby" Vikram said with an laughter and cut the call, Maan throw the mobile on the floor making it go into pieces and the Vikram's PA went away without an word,

Maan then rushed up to his room and locked the door, "No, No, NO" Maan screamed as his mind was blocked with anger and vengeance, "that cheap, rotten bas***ds child, will never get my family name, no" Maan screamed as his anger busted up and he started to smashes everything that came before his eyes, making the room a mess, "No, No, I will not let this happen, I will not let this cheap, monstrous blood to grown in my family, no, no, Khurana bloodline can be destroyed without an heir but it will not have an dirty blood into its stream" Maan screamed and rushed out,

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Chapter 44

 "Mr. Khurana, what are you saying" The doctor asked freaking out, "You heard what I said, abort the child" Maan said and the doctor was confused, "But Mr.Khurana, are you tell me to do this as it's an girl child" The doctor asked, "I don't care what it is, Just do as I said" Maan shouted out, his mind and body was burning in anger and fury, and the Doctor was already scared looking at his red angry eyes, "What if Mrs. Khurana doesn't like this decision," The doctor asked slowly, "I don't care and I tell you, you will not get any problem after this, just do as I say" Maan said and the doctor was in an fix, "Ok Mr. Khurana" she said and walked away in silence and Maan too walked out,

Geet was staring at the roof, not knowing whether to feel happy or sad, after the doctor said she was Pregnant, Geet was so happy, knowing that she was carrying Maan's child, it was the symbol of his love, his baby, she felt that this child will give her life an new meaning, an new direction, an new light, it may even change Maan's life an more happy place, but only if he accepts the baby, Geet was scared whether Maan will accept this child as he still thinks her as an cheap cheat, but she decided to move out with the child if Maan doesn't accept the child

And go somewhere and raise the child herself, maybe she would not be able to give the child an Khurana lifestyle, but she can give the values and will do everything to make the child's life an better one, her baby, his baby, Geet thought, she suddenly felt blessed with the child and was smiling up, "Geet" Maan's anger voice made Geet to freak out and turn around, and saw him entering the ICU even thought the Nurse stopped him and he pushed the nurse out and went towards Geet, Maan saw Geet touching her stomach and it made his anger doubled, "never thought our two days of romance would make me dad",

"My baby with your family name" "my child will rule the Khurana's bloodline" Vikram's voice echoed up and he held Geet's arms making her freak out, "Get his baby out of you" Maan said and Geet looked at him scared and feared, "I am not going to making Khurana's bloodline dirty, with that bas***d Vikram's child" Maan said and Geet looked at him shocked and pained, she nodded an no, and the doctor too came in and looked at Geet who was in tears and in Pain, "Abort the child and make her clean" Maan said and Geet held his hand,

But Maan wasn't ready to see her face, the more he saw the more pain it gave, "Geet, if you need to see me alive, then abort the child" Maan said firmly and Geet left his hand and cried high, Maan the turned to the doctor, "do it" Maan said and went away, and the doctor looked at Geet, who was hitting her head with her hands crying high, she would do anything for Maan but killing her own child, his child, but what will happen if Maan comes to know that he killed his own child, Maan will burn alive, she can't let this happen to Maan and to his child,

Geet thought for a second and asked the Doctors mobile phone, if someone can help her now it was Adi, but to her bad luck, Adi's mobile was out of reach, and she cried high, not knowing what to do, "Baba ji, help me, please, help me" Geet begged up, holding her stomach tight,

Maan came out and stood near the tree looking the darkness creeping around him, in a second Maan busted out into tears, can't he be happy even for a second, he felt like killing himself, the pain was too much in his heart, He loved only one girl and she turned to be an cheater and now, he thought his life might have an happiness after all and that too, Maan was crying high as he fall on his knees, hit the ground with his hands "why are you crying" suddenly an sweet little baby girl voice came up and Maan looked up with his tears flowing down his eyes, and he found an baby girl standing there holding her teddy bear, in her pretty white dress,

 "did your mama scold you" she asked as she came near Maan and Maan can't help but smile seeing her innocence, it was so magical, even after the hell burning pain inside his heart, he felt an slight breeze of peace seeing this baby girl, "No, I don't have an mama" Maan said wiping his tears, "Papa," The baby girl asked, "I have no one" Maan said as his tears flowed down, "Don't cry" she said as she wiped his tears with her little hands and Maan smiled and held her hand and kissed it, "Don't cry, I will pray for you, soon God will send you someone to be yours, so you can play with her happily" she said with an smile,

"If you need, I will gave my teddy and you can play with it until you get someone else to play with" she said and Maan held her face and kissed her forehead, "Pari," An old women's voice came up and Maan turned around and wiped his tears and controlled himself and stood up, "Oh Pari dear, what are you doing here" she said as she came near them, Maan looked at the baby girl, "Pari" the name gave him so much of memories, his lost dreams and desire of his childhood, to have an small sister and his world with her, Maan scooped the little girl in his hands, "Your name is Pari" Maan asked and the Girl nodded with an smile,

"Pari, doctor aunty is calling you, so inside" the old lady said, "No, she will give me an big injection" the baby girl said, "Then how will you get well" the old lady asked as she came near Maan, "She is right, you have to listen to the doctor, then only you can be healthy and happy and you can play for an long time" Maan said, "but it pains," she said, "Sometimes you need to take up small pains for an longer happiness, and goodness" Maan said and the girl nodded and Maan dropped her down and she rushed inside the hospital,

"Thanks dear, did she trouble you" the old lady asked, "No, she was like an light in the darkness" Maan said, "Yes dear, that's why children's are compared to gods, they have the power to eliminate darkness and create happiness, they are pure souls untouched by any worldly evils," she said and Maan stood there as if someone slapped him hard on his face, "and looks like you love children's, may the god bless you and your children with long life" she said and walked away, Maan was frozen for a second, suddenly all his anger vanished up and what he done came before him,

"what have I done, I am an monster, I just said to kill an baby," Maan felt like someone holding his neck tight suffocating him, his heart turned heavy, "whose ever child it is, it's an child, it's an baby, and I, no, no" Maan screamed, "I am an monster, how could I turn this monstrous to kill an child, what will it do for the mistake done by Geet and Vikram, No" Maan thought and rushed inside the hospital, "Where is Geet" Maan asked as he entered into the ICU, and the nurse informed that she was taken to the operation theatre and Maan rushed up and he entered into the operation theatre shocking everyone, and Geet, she was still pleading them,

"Mr. Khurana" The Doctor asked shocked, and Maan rushed towards Geet and touched her stomach, "The baby" he asked scared, "did you" Maan asked still sacred, "No Mr. Khurana" the doctor said and Maan felt relaxed and closed his eyes, breathing in relief, "stop this, I need the child, I want the baby" Maan said and Geet looked at him shocked, but he didn't look at Geet, he just walked away, Geet looked at Maan and she felt happy, whatever reason it may be, but now her child is safe, their child is safe,

"Mr. Khurana, I don't understand" the doctor said as Maan was sitting inside her cabin, "so do I" Maan said slowly, "Mr. Khurana, it's not an game, You really want the child," the doctor asked and Maan nodded an yes, "Because I want you to be mentally prepared for it, it's an life Mr.Khurana, and if you can't handle the child after the birth then both your life and the child's life will be destroyed" The doctor said, "I understand," Maan said, "so if you need take your time and decide well, but with an week, because it's already three months for Geet, if it goes beyond then aborting the child will be dangerous for her health too" the doctor said,

Maan just frozen up in his place, he can't believe what he heard, his heart was turning heavy and his breathing was turning difficult, "How, how, How many, Months" Maan asked again, "Three months," she said, "didn't you see the reports, I send to you," she asked, "reports" Maan asked puzzled, "Did you forget that, you had gotten Geet fully examined before you go to china, and I said I will send it to your mansion, and I did, didn't you get those" she asked and Maan remember Rahul giving him an courier when he came back from China and Maan throw it out in anger, Damn, Maan thought, closing his eyes and walked out,

Maan then went and stood near the room where Geet was made to rest and looked at her through the glass, "Three month, its means it's my baby, my baby" Maan thought "and I try to kill me own baby, no, no," Maan cried his heart pained, and Geet suddenly saw Maan, standing out crying and she signed him to come inside, and Maan felt so shamed, guilty, he was calling Geet an cheap girl, now what he did was never more cheap, an evil thing, he tried to be murderer, he felt so low, but he slowly walked inside and Geet saw him and understood he came to know the truth about the child, and made him to sit down, her tears was flowing down like river, she held Maan's face up, making him to look at her, and signed that this baby is his, and begged him to trust her for once,

Maan too cried up and hugged her up, "I know, I know, I was so cheap, cruel, I am an monster, I try to kill the baby, I am heart less, I am monster, I try to kill the baby, I am selfish, may be this is why I am suffering the pain, an guy life me doesn't deserve any happiness" Maan said and Geet freaked out and pulled away and wiped his tears up, and signed not to talk like that, " The baby will never forgive me, she will never like me, no one deserves an father like me, she will hate me," Maan started, and Geet kept her finger on his lips, silencing him,

Geet took his hand and kept on her stomach, and signed it's his baby, and she loves you, no matter what, Maan cried high as he caressed Geet's stomach, "My Baby, Will you ever be able to forgive me, will you accept me monster as your father," Maan said pouring out all his pain and anger and vengeance and his heart out by his tears, Geet too cried see him and she wiped his tears and hugged him tight, and she felt complete, after all there can still be an life of happiness for her, for Maan, for her child in this world, she thought,

Adi came rushing to the hospital seeing the message given by the doctor freaking out scared for Geet and the child, as asked by Geet and went to the doctor's cabin and he came to know what happened and went towards Geet's room but stopped when he saw Maan and Geet hugging up, and he was so happy to know that Geet is pregnant, but even more happy now to see Maan and Geet embracing each other clearly showing that everything was fine, "God, now I have 100% belief that Maan sir will change, his life will be happy and beautiful, Thank you god, Thank you" he said and walked away living Maan and Geet alone in their own world,

(Hi as promised, all sad parts in one go, and after this you will get to see Maan changing up, and Geet smiling more, Vikram failing more, and the love building more, with the baby, Love you all)

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Chapter 42

Painful Update

Again Vikram wins , he even knew that Maan would look at the footage and he made the guy edit it according to what he wanted Maan to believe .
Maan is seeing with his eyes and he too is not at fault as the first time when Vikram lied to Maan Geet thought that Maan read her letter so when he asked questions she just confirmed and now when he sees with his eyes he surely has to believe .
at this point I so wished Geet could have tried hard enough to voice out her truth , now again both are in pain .

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Wow.. awesome updates
Love it.
Thx for the updates.

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awesome parts 
loved it 
glad that maan knew the truth ...

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part 42

painfull update

vikram trapped maaneet badly

he planned everything so well n maan in his anger n his less trust didnt see anything

omg... geet trying to kill herself

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