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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 57)

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part 39
vikram get angry his plan flopped for maaneet again he try planned separted maaneet  maan choose dress for geet he was stunt her beauty geet was scared travelling flight maan supported and caring her in room maaneet moments are awesome

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Gudiyeet IF-Sizzlerz

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maan was happy get 2 award he exterimelly happy geet with him this time geet was happy maan took her with him he was shocked his room messed geet explained him she meet mrs sharma and her daughter.she was happy she feed him lovely update

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 41

Geet can't be so happy, she was in an unknown place, with full of unknown people, speaking some unknown language, but still she didn't feel an bit of fear as her Maan is with her, Maan was right the night life was so awesome, with those lighted streets and people all enjoying and having fun, lots of road side stalls were there, Maan was walking having an look around and Geet was looking at Maan and was walking besides him, Maan bought her chocolate rolls and Geet was eating it,

Maan and Geet then went to the Huangpu Park and the Bund. The bund has been a symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years and is a popular destination for tourists. Walking along the Bund at night is a fascinating site, as the entire Pu Dong skyline is illuminated, including the Oriental Pearl TV tower and the 2nd tallest building in the world-Jin Mao Tower. Geet was wowed by the site and was looking at it with wonder, Maan was looking at Geet all the time, Geet held Maan's hands as it was dark there, and it was crowded,

"Geet, don't be feared" Maan said and held her around her waist and walked up to an less crowded place and as they were walking Geet saw an young couple kiss there in public like no one is watching, Maan looked at Geet who was dumbstruck and he too saw what she was seeing, "Geet, don't stare" Maan said and Geet looked back at Maan and felt an bit embarrassed, "it's normal here, no big deal" Maan said and Geet looked down, suddenly Maan held her neck and pulled her close and took her lips,

Geet was shocked, surprised and thrilled and was melting in his passion, the night, the chillness, the open space, people around them, but still Geet couldn't resist but to hold him tight, and after an few moment, he pulled from her and looked at her face, she was blushing high and her eyes shining bright, she looked down, Maan then held her hand, "Let's go" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok and walked with him still blushing,

Geet got up with an smile and saw Maan sleeping besides her, holding her waist, Geet felt like staying here forever, at this moment of happiness, this place is no less than an heaven, Maan started to show his love and behaving like before, maybe he doesn't believe her fully but still he is ready to live in the present forgetting the past, and this is all she needs, Geet sat up slowly and kissed his forehead, "You no need to love me, you no need to believe me, atleast be like this and let me shower my love for you, be there for you, forever" Geet thought and caressed his face and kissed his lips,

Maan woke up and there was an breakfast invitation for him already, and so Maan and Geet went down to the breakfast down the hall, and all the business man was all there, there was an formal hi and hello and Maan and Geet sat on the table, and Geet was searching for Reema and Sonu there, "Who are you looking for" Maan asked and Geet took the tissue and wrote, Reema and Sonu and gave to Maan, "Oh, Your new friends, are they here, and what's her husband's name" Maan asked and Geet wrote Rohit Sharma and gave to Maan,

"Rohit Sharma from Mumbai, after we eat, I will find their room number and tell you, you can go and meet them there, if you wish" Maan said and Geet nodded an Ok, after the breakfast "Geet, you go to the room, I will have some chat with Mr. Robert and come" he said and Geet nodded an ok and went away, as Geet walked out towards her room, "Geet" Reema's voice stopped her, and she turned back, "Hey Geet" she said with an smile, Geet to smiled back and signed why she didn't come for the breakfast,

"Oh Geet, Sonu got fever, think the climate didn't suit her, so was taking care of her" Reema said, and Geet felt so sorry, "Geet will you come there, to see her, maybe she will feel better" Reema said and Geet said an ok and went with her, as Geet went in she saw the girl lying down unconscious, Geet signed what happened and Reema said it would be so kind of medicine effect, and Reema was talking about her kid and life as she asked Geet to wait until Sonu gets up,

    It was around 12.30pm when Maan came to his room and found it empty, "Where is Geet" Maan thought and rushed out but stopped when he saw Geet, "Geet where have you been" Maan asked, "First, Get in" Maan said and took her to the room, "Where have you been" Maan asked again and Geet went and took the paper and pen and wrote she met Reema and Sonu after breakfast and about Sonu being not well, "Reema and Sonu, Rohit Sharma's wife and daughter" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes,

"Geet are you sure, his name is Rohit Sharma, because I didn't find an Indian guest with that name" Maan said and Geet signed an don't know, "no problem Geet, may be the Chinese got confused with Indian names, what's their room no" Maan asked and Geet wrote and gave the number, "Room No. 439" Maan read it and paused for a moment, "439" Maan thought about it, and he remember the flowers came with the same number in it, "is it an coincident or something more" Maan thought confused and before Maan could think further Geet held her head and fall back on the bed,

"Geet" Maan freaked out and held her up as he sat on the bed besides her, "Are you ok, should I call an doctor" Maan asked and Geet nodded an no, and said she is just tired, and she will be ok with an sleep, "Fine, you change up and sleep, me too feeling tired anyways" Maan said and Geet nodded and they both changed up and relaxed back into the bed, "Tonight is the dance party" Maan said as they laid back, "And if you don't feel well to go there, then we can stay back" Maan said,

Geet sat up on the bed and looked at Maan and Nodded an no and signed they will go, "Geet, it's not an compulsion, we can quit it" Maan said, and Geet nodded an No and she said she need to go and Maan nodded an ok, and Geet laid back keeping her head on Maan's heart, "I will not let you miss any happiness" she thought and held him tight, and slept off,

It was around 7.30pm when Maan and Geet stood ready for the dance party, "Geet, I am telling you, we can quit" Maan said though he wanted to go and Geet was looking absolutely gorgeous with ball gown and he was sure she will make every girl ache seeing her beauty and all the guys would burn in jealous when she walks with him, her makeup was also perfect, just an tiara was missing to claim her as an princess, Geet held Maan's hands and signed they can move and there was an knock on the door,

"They came" Maan said and held Geet's hand and moved up, Geet felt so proud as Maan was looking super handsome and hot in his black tuxedos, he sure looked like an prince of Delhi, as they walked in Geet felt shocked seeing an man at the door step wearing an fancy mask and holding an tray full of such Masks and there was an girl too standing there wearing an beautiful Mask and holding an tray full of masks, "Geet, it's an mask party, People wear this and dance, it's for fun," Maan said, "And if you don't need it, then don't wear it, it's ok" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok

And Geet as enter the hall, saw everyone wearing it except a few, and all were already dancing, speaking and all, as Maan and Geet entered, it was Mr. Robert who welcomed them, "Hello Young man, and Hello Mrs. Khurana, you looking so beautiful, an perfect princess for the prince" he said and Geet blushed high, "Can I Have an dance with you My pretty Lady" he asked extending his hand and Geet smiled and looked at Maan, who nodded an ok, and Geet too gave her hand, Mr. Robert was an sweet, decent guy and he was dancing well and was also making it easy for Geet, after a few minutes he came towards Maan and gave her hand on his, "She is all yours dear" he said and walked up,

Maan then held Geet's hand in one and held around her waist in another and started to dance up, they both danced to the light music and Maan was keeping it quite decent but his stare was so deep making Geet blush immensely, after a few minutes, Maan was asked to dance by another lady and Maan accepted it and Geet just walked up and someone asked her and she was dancing up, Geet was dancing up but her eyes was all on Maan, she can't bare the fact he is dancing with another girl

Maan understood her stare and excused himself and went towards the bar space there and was chatting with his friends, "May I" suddenly an voice came up and before Geet could react he held her hand, literally pulled from the guy who was holding her hand and started dancing up, Maan looked at Geet dancing with an guy in black and he was wearing the gray mask, and Maan turned around, "Mrs. Khurana, right" he asked and Geet looked puzzled as he spoke in Hindi, and nodded an yes, "Hi, I am Rohit Sharma, Reema's husband" he said and Geet smiled up,

"I kind of feeling left out, Reema and Sonu didn't come, as Sonu was still not feeling well" He said and stopped dancing and Geet felt something familiar with him, but didn't strain up to find it, Maan turned and saw Geet stopped dancing up, but still was with the guy, "who is he" Maan thought, "Sonu is so naughty, she was getting cold items and now caught fever and here's medicine is taking time" he informed and Geet nodded understandingly, Maan turned to Geet again and saw still she was speaking with him and she was looking comfortable and smiling,

Maan decided to check for himself, who the guy is, and got up, "My boy, where are you flying up, mind to have an drink" Mr. Robert stopped him, "Excuse me sir, my wife" Maan started, Mr. Robert too looked around and saw Geet talking with someone, "She looks fine, let her party up" he said and pulled Maan back and made him to sit down, Geet turned to see Maan with Mr. Robert and felt relaxed, Suddenly Rohit's mobile rang up and he took it up, "What" he asked in shock, "I am coming right away" he said, and turned to Geet, "Mrs. Khurana can you help me, Sonu is serious, and so Reema had gone to get the doctor, leaving Sonu alone in the room,"

"Please Mrs. Khurana, can you come with me, I need help and I don't know anyone" Rohit asked tensed and Geet looked at Maan who was talking with Mr. Robert, "Please, please, don't worry about Mr. Khurana, I will speak to him please, please, Sonu is all alone" he said and Geet nodded up and rushed away with him, Maan as he was speaking with Mr. Robert turned around and stood up in shock, "Geet, where is she" Maan thought and found she was missing so as the guy, who was speaking with her,

"Excuse me, Mr. Robert, will be back in a minute" Maan said and came up and looked for Geet all around and she was nowhere in the hall, Maan felt tensed and nervous, and he didn't want to create an mess too, so he walked out and saw the security standing there at the door steps, and luckily they were the ones who accompanied Maan and Geet to the hall, and Maan went to them, "Excuse me, did you see Mrs.Khurana, Going out" Maan asked and the guy nodded up, "She went that way" he said, "Was she alone" Maan asked again, "No Sir, she was with an gentleman and they seemed in an hurry" he informed,

"Geet, what is happening, who is that guy and where did she go" Maan thought and rushed up, "May be she went to our room," Maan thought and rushed to their room, but Geet was not there, "Where did she go than" Maan thought and started to look for her, "as he was searching up, he was turning tensed every second, who is that guy" Maan thought as he walked around the corridors and then he returned back to the room, "where did she go, whom to ask, she can't disappear, she has to be here somewhere" Maan thought, looking tensed, should I call the security search, or it's too early"

"Geet is new to this place and don't know anyone," Maan thought and stopped, "Reema, May be she had gone to see Reema, her new friend, what's the room number, Maan thought for a second, "439" Maan remember and rushed out, and saw an room service guy, "Excuse me, where is Room no. 439" Maan asked, "two floors above sir" he said and went away, and Maan went towards the lift and the two lifts were occupied and so Maan took the stairs, he can't wait and as Maan reached the floor, he found 430 number on the first door, and walked up,

Suddenly Maan saw a door opening in an distance and Maan stopped up as he saw Geet coming out of the door, and the guy who was still in his mask came out to send off Geet,

"Thank you so much Mrs. Khurana, without you I couldn't have handled Sonu, Reema will be here in a minute, Thank you, seeing you Sonu got relaxed," he spoke and Geet smiled and nodded an ok, but she felt so wired in the room with him, she felt too familiar with him and she didn't know would it be right to ask him to show his face, and Sonu was behaving violent and was kind of scared and was holding Geet in fear all the time, but Geet didn't know whether it was her imagination or what, as if why Sonu should be scared of her own dad, maybe he was an strict dad,

"Mrs. Khurana" Rishi shook her shoulders up and Geet got out of her thought and signed she need to go as Maan would be searching for her, "Would you like me to accompany you, can speak with Mr. Khurana" He said and Geet nodded an no and signed she will go and turned back, "Oh My God, Mrs. Khurana, please wait" he stopped her, and Geet looked puzzled, "Oh, Your dresses Zipper is been down" he said and Geet felt embarrassed, "It's ok, it must be because of Sonu hovering over you, I am sorry for that," he said, and went behind her and zipped her dress up,

Geet felt totally embarrassed and more uncomfortable yet she turned back and signed Thank you, "Oh Mrs. Khurana, I must only thank you, look she messed your dress and hair style," he said as he adjusted her hair and Geet stepped back and smiled up and signed it's ok, "Ok Let me walk you, Mrs.Khurana" he said walked her up holding her shoulders but keeping his distance,

Maan who was watching everything from an distance felt totally puzzled, Geet's behavior with that guy was totally wired, she came with him to this room, and looking at Geet, his mind was imagining many thing, her dress was messed up and so as her hair and that guy was zipping up her dress and Geet was smiling at him and acting like she is comfortable, and Maan can't pull anything logical with it, if this is Reema's room, where is she and if this guy is Reema's husband, what the hell Geet is doing with him and Maan felt totally confused,

But Maan decided to speak with the man after Geet goes away, and so he hides himself behind the tall decorative plant near the lift area, and Maan saw Geet accompanied by the guy to the lift but she choose to go down the stairs, "Geet are you sure" he asked and Geet looked at him shocked as he used her first name for the first time but she didn't mind she wanted to go and see Maan now, and so she nodded an ok with an smiled and walked up, "and If need I will talk with Maan" he said seeing her vanish down the stairs,

He then turned around, "Geet" she said out loud and Maan too stepped behind his hide out slowly and stopped as the man was removing his mask, Maan was frozen up in shock as he saw the man removed his mask and it was none other than Vikram, "Geet, I could never get enough of her, lucky Maan, having her for himself" he said and grinned up looking towards the tall plant there, as if he knew Maan was there and walked up with an smile, Maan can't imagine it,

"It was Vikram in that room but Rohit Sharma, Reema, Sonu, all what Geet said, was it all an fake one, she was lying" Maan thought and rushed down to the reception, "I need an information, who is staying in Room No. 439" Maan asked and the receptionist paused up, "Tell me now" Maan shouted up and the girl freak out seeing Maan and looked into her computer, "Mr. Vikram, from India" she said and Maan fisted his hands, "How long is he here" Maan asked, "two days" she said, and Maan then remember the flower, "Reached, Room No. 439"

Maan stood shocked and angered as his blood was boiling up, "she was lying to me all along, she knew Vikram was here" Maan thought and turned around to the reception, "did Rohit Sharma and his family from Mumbai came to this event, if so in which room" Maan asked, still trying to believe Geet, the reception checked the system, "Sorry sir, no one name Rohit Sharma had checked in or been invited" she said and Maan's eyes turned red in anger, "Geet" he said between his teeth,

Precap: Back to India, (curse me as much as you can, but still three more episode you have to bear this pain, i mean, Geet and Maan had too, then, it will be sweetie, sweet oneWinkWinkWinkWink)

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...But jaldi jaldi Pain Pain game khatam karo...
aur Hero ke Bimag chalaoing...make him original hero...


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awesome update.
hate vikram

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Vikram trapped Geet in perfect game.
Geet is thinking she is helping someone but in reality she is used by vikram.
Maan is thinking Geet again fooled her.
Big misunderstanding between maaneet.

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Maaneet ki happy world mai that stupid vikram
feeling sad for Maaneet
Plss end these saddy saddy parts soon
want happy maaneet :)

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Awsm update...
Hope this tym maan listen to geet and find out the whole truth...
And their pain comes to an end

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