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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 51)

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nice part
loved it
so vikram hell bent on runing maan life completely he wants to geet out from maan life for he planned something and booked tickets for china
maan made arrangments for geet to got ready  he was blown away by her beauty in flowing gown geet felt nervous but he calmed her puting his hand on her waist
maan and geet had their passionate moments
interesting precap

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Super Amazing Update

Geet feels nervous in the flight then in front of the media but she handled herself quiet well .
Maan on the other hand knows he loves Geet and can't pain both of them by always hurting Geet so he finally gave in to his love
the message of the bouquet reads reached and room number its almost like Vikram again sending Geet with silent messages so that Maan can doubt her and both fall again in Vikram's plan

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Wonderful updates

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gr8 parts..

thanks for pm dear..

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 40

The day went well and Geet felt so fresh when she got up but freaked out seeing the time, it was evening already, and she haven't even had her lunch, Geet saw Maan standing near the window and looking outside and enjoying the view, Geet smiled looking at Maan's calm face and got up and walked towards him and stood behind him, "Geet, how are feeling now" Maan asked without even turning back and Geet nodded an ok, Maan then turned around and saw Geet and he smiled lightly and Geet almost felt that she was still sleeping and in dreams,

Maan then walked and took an juice glass and gave to Geet, "drink it, you might feel empty as you didn't eat in the afternoon" Maan said and Geet looked at him with so much of love and she got the glass with an big smile and drank up all and gave back the glass to him, "You go and have an nice bath, I had called an parlor girl here, to get you ready for the function tonight," Maan said and sat on the couch and Geet went inside the washroom and filled the tub and drowned into the warm water,

She felt so happy, Maan smiled at her, after what it felt like an era, he smiled and his love is been shown without an barrier, and Geet can't be more happy than this, she felt like screaming and shouting, Geet took her own time in getting fresh and when she came out and she found Maan on the couch flipping the magazine, Geet was in her bath robe and  went and sat on the bed silently, "what do you want to wear today" Maan asked and Geet signed a don't know,

Maan stood up and opened the wardrobe and looked at it and pulled an black one, "wear this, I am going to wear an black one too," Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, "when the parlor girl comes, tell her you had choose this dress and get the makeover done accordingly" he said and Geet nodded an ok, "I will go and meet someone and come, you be here," Maan said and Geet nodded an ok,

It was around 7.00pm when Maan came back and saw Geet in her black gown all ready, her hair was done pretty with curls and her long diamond earring was dazzling up and she looked stunning in her black fish cut gown, its netted design showed her fair skin here and there, adding more to the beauty, Maan can't stop himself from grin up and feeling proud that this girl will be by his side making all guys jealous, Geet stood up and showed herself and signed how she looked, is she looking a ok, "Ok, You are looking perfect" Maan too signed up without any words making Geet blush high and then Maan too got ready in his black suit, he looked super hot in black as always,

"Geet I am telling you now even, today is an award ceremony, and I am getting an award today" Maan said and Geet looked at him with an big smile and for what, she signed, "Best Entrepreneur, India" Maan said and Geet smiled up, "they select best business man from every country and then they will select internationally too, last year, our client, you too had meet him in Delhi na, the American, remember, Mr. Robert" Maan said and Geet nodded an yes, "but don't know who will get this year" Maan said as he was putting his perfume over him,

And there was an knock in the door, "Looks like they came," Maan said and went near Geet and held her around her waist yet keeping an distance and walked her up and opened the door, and the camera started to click up, flashing it's light, and there were too big guys in an security dress walked Maan and Geet up, blocking the media up, and took them inside the event hall, and Maan can see every guys eyes were on Geet and Geet can see every girls eyes on Maan, Geet was walking more elegantly with the king's attitude Maan, his lion walk demanded everyone's respect and they stood up to greet him,

Two to three men even held Geet's hand and kissed her hand and as Maan had already told her this would happen, she wasn't surprised, Geet and Maan was made to be sit on the respective places and the event started in few minutes, and Geet was looking at the big hall, and everyone there, all the men seated there wore suit like Maan and ladies wore gowns and short dress, but every Man is accompanied by an women, some even with kids, and Geet felt happy that she came with Maan, and the place was large one and there was an big podium before them,

Soon some men came up on the stage and everyone stood up, so as Maan, and Geet too stood up, and they spoke up in Chinese and there was an guy who was translation that in English, well both are foreign to Geet and she was just listen to it and suddenly everyone including Maan clapped and Geet too imitated him and Maan who knows Geet doesn't knew the language yet copying, made him grin up, looking at her innocent behavior, sometimes her behavior is no different than an child's, then there was some dance shows,

Geet's eyes went wide, looking at the dresses of the dancers, it was too short and more revealing and she can't bear the fact Maan's watching it, but his face was firmed and serious, and the next performance made Geet feel really uncomfortable, it was an passionate dance form and the girl and boy were making their passionate moves and Geet looked around and found everyone watching it without an blink and the clapped at the end, after various performances, the award ceremony came up, and the awards had been give away for the best businessman from all over the world, one by one,

Geet was waiting for Maan's name and as his award was announced Geet felt so happy as Maan walked up and he got the award, he raised the award and his eyes fell on Geet whose eyes were pouring out in happiness, she saw everyone clapping and appreciating Maan and she was in so much joy and seeing Maan smiling at the stoplight, gave her an big smile, "Rani Maa, your son, my Maan is getting an award and is appreciated by all, I am so happy and proud and I know you too will be happy and proud" she thought and smiled up,

Maan then came back to his table and sat up and gave the award to Geet, and Geet held the award, and the people nearby congratulated Maan and Geet smiled at that, and after all the awards they came to the big one, "The Best International Entrepreneur", everyone sat up still so as Maan, and Geet too looked at the stage, "now time to give away the most prestigious and honorable award, for the best talent and hard work, "The Best International Entrepreneur" and to announce and give away the award, I call up on Mr. Robert Fletcher , who won this award last year" he said and Geet smiled seeing Robert as she already knew him, and clapped well,

"Thank you, and I am so honor to give away this award, to my most favorite business man, not only his business style but I am fan of his personality and attitude too, at such an young age, he had achieved so much, he had expanded his business territory not only in his country but all around his continent and he had already made an successful establishment in Europe last year and I am so proud and happy that this year he is expanding his business in US too, that too with an merge with our company" Mr. Robert was speaking up and Maan already guessed it but it was so big to even dream  and Geet was smiling at his speech,

"Born in the land of rich heritage and values, raised in the capital, heir of the royal blood line," he was building up and everyone was looking puzzled and waiting eagerly, "Ok Gentleman's I understand, with no further delay, let me call up the Prince of Delhi, the  most charming and talents and the holder of best entrepreneur award, from India, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana" he said and the hall applauded hugely and Maan was really awestruck, he knew he was the best but he didn't imagine this award, he never saw an young aged guy like him getting this award before, "Come on my young champ" Mr. Robert called up,

Geet saw Maan was struck with happiness, and she smiled big and shook Maan up and asked him to go and Maan looked at her, who was signing him to go and everyone around congratulated him and Maan got up and walked a few steps, and turned around to look at Geet who was smiling big and clapping hard, and Maan thought for a second and went near Geet and held her hand and pulled her up and held her around her waist and walked her up with him, and Geet looked at him shocked, "remember we are equal partner, may it be in pain or in happiness, we will share the moment" Maan said and Geet stared into Maan eyes and there was an smile on his face and an pride in his eyes,

Geet nodded an ok walked with him, "Hello My Boy" Mr. Robert welcomed him, "And hello Mrs. Khurana, you are look stunning" he said and Geet smiled, "I am so happy to give this award Mr. Khurana, normal I don't like giving away this award, but I don't mind giving you this, well deserved my boy, well deserved" he said and Maan nodded up with an thank you and got the award, he held his award in one hand and his Geet in his other hand and he felt he had achieved something so big, Geet was clapping hard, till her palms turn red with an big smile, seeing Maan happy was her everything,

But there was an fear too, she was feeling happy continuously which is not like her regular life and the fear of losing this happiness was lingering on her thought but still she was trying to feel positive, then the ceremony ended, and there was an special dinner for the winner and their families and Geet and Maan attended it but didn't feel like eating up, "Geet, I will go to the bar with the guys, you go to the room," Maan said and Geet looked at him upset, "Don't worry, I am not gonna drink" Maan said reading her mind and Geet smiled up, "you go and freshen up," Maan said and Geet nodded an ok,

Geet walked up holding Maan's trophies and saw the lift and she was scared to use the lift without Maan, "Mrs. Khurana" An lady's voice made Geet to turned around, and saw an young lady around her age, standing there with a smile, "Hello, I am Reema, wife of Rohit Sharma, he is also an business man, Mumbai and we came here for the event from India," she said and Geet nodded an ok, and signed she can't speak, "Oh I knew it Mrs. Khurana, I am so bored in this place, all are foreigners and if Indian s they are not willing to mingle, as I am bit traditional, see all girls are in bar and I don't drink," she said and Geet smiled, understandingly,  

"Is Mr.Khurana Too, with the other guys" Reema asked and Geet nodded a yes, "My Husband too, I am kind of bored, can we have some time together, until they come back" she asked and Geet paused for a minute, she only meet her now and going with her, she was scared of Maan's reaction, Geet then signed, she is tired and so wish to go to her room, "Oh That's bad, my daughter would have loved to be with you, she too can't speak" she said and Geet looked at her sadly, and then Reema called "Sonu" and an cute little girl came running towards her,

Sonu ran into Reema's arms, "hey baby, say hi to the aunty here" Reema said and the cute girl waved an hi at Geet, the sweet look of the child melted Geet's heart immediately, and the fact she can't speak hurt the more, Geet knew the pain, Geet held her face and kissed it and Sonu smiled big, Geet then signed whether she would come to her room, and Reema nodded an ok and Geet and Reema and Sonu went to Geet's room, Sonu was an naughty child, she was jumping up in the bed, and she and Geet spoke in sign language,

Geet felt so happy to see her smile, and Reema was talkative and was talking about her family, her marriage and everything, and Geet was listening to it and suddenly Reema's mobile rang up, and she stood up, she didn't attend the call, but seems she was in an hurry, "Sonu come dear, we have to leave now," Reema said, "Geet, it was an pleasure meeting you, you are such an sweetheart, oh Rohit is calling me, I need to leave, will see you tomorrow" she said in an hurry, and rushed out carrying Sonu in her arms,

Geet then locked the door and went to the washroom and drowned inside the bath tub, Maan came back from the bar holding lots of bouquets and looked at the locked door, "did she sleep" Maan thought as he opened it with his key and went in, Maan felt wired seeing the bed messed up and there was two empty juice glasses, Maan didn't wait for anything but just entered the washroom and saw Geet in the bath tub, and Geet got shocked with Maan's sudden entry, "Did someone came," Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes,

"Who" Maan asked, and Geet, sighed him to wait and got out of the tub and wrapped herself in towel and went out and Maan followed her and she took a paper and pen and wrote up something and gave to Maan, "I met Reema, Rohit Sharma's wife, they are from Mumbai and she had a daughter Sonu, she was an little naughty girl but can't speak like me, they invited me to their room, but I invited them to ours, and they came and just a few minutes ago they went away," it read, "And so this mess was created by her ah" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes, "Ok," Maan said as he started to remove his coat,

Geet then saw the flowers that are on the table and tapped on Maan's shoulders and signed what is all this, "Oh, this was given to congratulate me for awards" Maan said and he went inside the washroom, Geet saw the flowers and thought for an second, and smiled up, and when Maan came out refreshed wrapped in the towel around his waist, Geet went and stood before him and Maan looked at her puzzled and asked her what and Geet slowly pulled her hands from the back and gave Maan her flowers, she made with magazine sheets there,

Maan looked at it and then at Geet and Geet gave him an note, and Maan too got it and read, "Maan, I don't have real flowers to give you, or anything else, like others give you to congratulate you, so I made it myself, congratulation for the awards, I didn't know the value of those awards until I saw the happiness in your face, if it makes you happy than it must be big, I am so happy for you, and I wish you should get these kind of happiness all the time," It read and Maan looked at Geet and she gave another three flowers she made, and gave another note too,

"Maan, this is to say my thank you, thank you for sharing your wonderful moment with me, we both knew I don't deserve that place to stand next to you, but still you gave me that place, Thank you, thank you so much" Maan's eyes melted up as he read that and he looked at Geet and the life less paper flowers she made with the magazine sheets, but for Maan those paper flowers had the smile and smell of love which those real flowers didn't hold, "You made it" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes,

"I think I already got your gift" Maan said and Geet looked at him puzzled, "You know, this is not the first award I am getting, previously too I got lots of awards, from my childhood, but I wasn't happy, because I didn't know for whom I am getting those awards, when others get an awards, their families will be there to cheer them, shout, cry and celebrate, and when most of them give their speech, they say they got this award because of their family, their mom, dad, sister, wife, children, and some even dedicate it to them, but when I was holding the award, I had no one" Geet was on her tears hearing Maan,

"But today, when I got the award and looked up, I saw your smile, your happiness, your tears, it made me happy, when I walked you up there and got the award with you, it felt like my emptiness was gone and I truly have someone with me to share my special moments," Maan said and turned to Geet, "I still don't trust you fully Geet, a part of me, is still feeling you are fooling me, but I don't care, today my greatest award was not those trophies but the feeling you gave me by standing by my side, for me, just for me, taking away the emptiness in my life" Maan said and Geet looked at him with her tears,

Geet hover on to him and hugged him tight, his pains from past was paining now and she cried both with happiness and pain, then they heard an knock and Maan pulled her up and went and opened it and it was their dinner, Maan had been ordered it as they didn't eat there,  the room service guy placed the dishes on the table and went away, and Maan and Geet sat on the couch and served themselves, "Geet, will you feed me with your hands" Maan asked and Geet was surprised and nodded an yes immediately, what more she could ask for, she smiled big as she fed Maan and Maan eat well in her hands,

 "Geet you eat, I never knew the quantity when you feed me" Maan said and Geet smiled, she was ready to starve if Maan would eat everything, Geet too eat along with Maan, but she fed him more, And when the dinner was over, Geet went and washed her hands and came and saw Maan dressed up, "Geet, I think I ate too much, and I am not feeling sleepy too, heard Chinese night life will be fun, coming, if you are not tired" Maan asked, Geet was hell tired but she wouldn't miss the chance to roam with Maan, that too when he is so much light and happier, Geet nodded an yes with a smile

Precap: Geet getting trapped well in Vikram's plan

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gr8 part..

thanks for pm dear,,

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Wonderful update
Maan got 2 awards
Geet so happy
Vikram trap
Do not want another heart broke for maan

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Loved the update... Precap is scary... Plzzz don't break maan's heart again and don't separate maaneet...

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