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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 46)

Drashtilove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 5:05am | IP Logged
lovely update geet didnt want to go because she doesnt want people making fun of him but maan taught her everything nice part thnx 4 update

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nakh5683 IF-Rockerz

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lovely update i just loved their mahi dance geet is scared to go china with maan she thinks she might mess up maan asks her abt it she tells her worries that she is not fit for him maan told her he will tarin her as its for couple of hours geet is happy as maan will help her whereas maan was confused he was sill in dliemma will geet leave him as his own mam didnt care for him geet was confuse with his behavior but his words mader her guilty again there was pain in her eyes for him which amazed him again how much his pain hurts her he he took her to shop were he had arranged for western dress which geet ddint wanted to wear but maan forced her to but a big mistake he arranged for a gown full length as he was highly possessive of her maan arranged for doc appointment who was happy with geets reports geet parised maan he taught her table manners taught her how to eat and behave she llistened carefully geet was putting away dresses when she came maans fav sari and wore when maan came for practising dance she couldnt do much and very innocently told him she was following him drowned in his passion maan was shock he hold her and both did a sizziling dance when their desire took over them making them craving for their love

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shubhi_s Goldie

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again a beautiful update
loved it
maan teaching geetBig smile
maan was mesmerized seeing geet in short dressWink
precap seems scaryShocked

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taahir004 IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 38

Beautiful and Elegant Update

When Maan hears that Geet has locked herself in her room and refused to go to China , Maan ask her if she is taking revenge but when he learns of her reasons he tells her that he will teach her everything
Geet is happy at this and the next day they go shopping only for Maan to choose an short dress for Geet but when he sees her in it his possessive side takes control and he tells her to take it and orders gowns for her , Maan also teaches Geet about table antiques and dancing and tells her that she has to dance also with others when they ask her as its a sign of respect 

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Nice story. Just read all parts . Looking forward for next update

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superb update...
geet has her fear which are just related to maan repo n  respect...n maan thought she denied but then he come to know geet's reason n decided to help her was sizzling hot as alwys

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 39

The room was an total mess, all the things were throw here and there, and the photo's of Maan and Geet was everywhere  on the floor, "No, No, No" Vikram was shouting high, "Vikram sir, what is this" His PA came running in, "My Defeat, symbol of my defeat," Vikram shouted up, "everything I did to make that Maan suffer, but look, nothing happened, he is married now and going to an international Meet with his wife, that bitch" Vikram shouted up

"I did everything, broke him physically and mentally too, but still he is holding on, strongly, how, and that Geet, she did her magic, well and good with that MSK, and now she turned to be his wife, that wh**e, and I can't tell the world about her, I have no proof for it, and that Baldev too vanished away, and now the great MSK is going to China to receive awards with his new trophy Wife and gonna spend his Honeymoon there, and here, and here, I have to burn in defeat" Vikram screamed high

"Sir, please now leave this MSK alone and let's get back to business and also MSK signed papers are still with us, so his project profit will be ours, and we will have an fortune with it, and so we can concentrate on our own projects" Vikram's PA said. "Who needs the money, I need MSK's happiness, his pride, his fame, to be destroyed, I want him weak, I want him crying, I want Khurana groups destruction and that can be done only with MSK's death" Vikram screamed, "Sir I don't understand, why you are so obsessed with MSK's destruction, and also don't understand even after MSK knowing about you doing everything, he left you alive" Vikram's PA asked,

"I heard that, MSK never let his enemies alive, but you" Vikram's PA asked, and Vikram turned towards his PA with an evil grin, "tell me one thing, why does Maan spare me every time" he asked his PA, "I guess it's because of your daughter, Riya" His PA said, "True, Not exactly," Vikram said, "Because he knew why I am like this, why I am doing this, I lost my family because of Khurana's, my father was Raaj Saab's partner, and, Me and Maan were Childhood friends, until his family destroyed my family, my life, leaving me orphan on the road, Struggling up, Maan knew it well" Vikram said,

"Maan is sparing me because he was feeling guild for his family's doing, his family is responsible for my condition and so Maan is taking my actions as an punishment for taking my family away, But I don't want these little things, I want the Khurana bloodline to be destroyed, I want the whole family to vanish up in the air, and I thought it would be done by Maan itself, as he wasn't going to marry and his bloodline would be destroyed with him, but this Geet, she is now his wife, and tomorrow she might become the mother of his child, and Khurana bloodline would grow up, and I can't bear that, No, No, No" Vikram shouted up,

"But You only said, MSK hates Geet now" Vikram's PA asked, "yes, but who knows what is happening inside that house, if not now, what if in future, Maan wants to have an child, No, No, I have to do something, Make Maan throw Geet away," Vikram said, "But How" Vikram's PA asked, "when there is an will there is way," He said grinning up, "Book My tickets to China, I will make sure, when Maan and Geet comes from China,  they will be separated forever" Vikram said laughing out loud and his PA nodded an Ok and went away,

"Maan, I will not stop, until I destroy you, never, I will destroy your happiness, your family, everything, you will suffer Maan, you will" Vikram shouted out loud,

Geet was getting ready and Maan come to her, "what the hell are you wearing" Maan asked looking at her salwar suit and Geet looked puzzled, "Where is the dresses I got you" Maan asked and Geet signed that, those dresses where for party, "You are going to wear 12 dresses for 3 days" Maan asked and Geet nodded a no, "Then" Maan asked, "Where are the dresses" Maan asked and Geet showed the two big suit cases in which she had packed all her dresses, "You packed all" Maan asked shocked and Geet nodded an yes,

"Great, get everything out" Maan said and Geet took everything out and Maan was going through all the dresses again, and selected his favorite ones, two dresses in black, and one red one and one white and one pink, "Pack this alone and ah," Maan said as he took an light blue dress, "wear this now" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, "And an girl named Miya will come here to get you ready" Maan said and Geet looked puzzled, "just for travelling, this much we have to do" Geet thought,

"What" Maan asked staring at her thoughtful look, Geet then signed him, why to do so much for travelling, "because you are my wife and we will be welcomed by the Chinese business council member when we get down from the flight there, so we have to go ready and there will be hell a lot of media, and we will be getting clicked still we enter our rooms, so we have to go prepared" Maan said and Geet turned nervous already, "Baba ji, I should not do any thing wrong" Geet thought scared,

Geet was in her room after Maan left her and Miya came and dressed Geet up and did her makeup, it was around, 2.00pm when Maan came out from his room, "Rahul," Maan shouted up and Rahul came rushing out, "take the bags out" Maan said and he nodded an ok, and Maan went towards Geet's room, and knocked the door, "One second Mr. Khurana" Miya answered and then in a few seconds she opened the door and came out, "Mrs. Khurana is ready" she said and Maan peep in and stood stud

Geet was standing there in her flowing sky blue gown, beautifully fitting her body and revealing her shapes perfectly, with her hair flowing down her waist, the diamond long earrings dancing in her ears, those light pink lipstick was making her lips more adorable and the eyes make up making her eyes more mesmerizing, and little smile taking his breath away, "Mr. Khurana, Mr. Khurana, is it ok" Miya asked, "Good job, you can leave" Maan said and she smiled and left from there and Maan went inside Geet's room, "Geet" Maan called and she looked at him,

Maan was holding his favorite black coat in his hand and had wore his semi transparent black shirt and left his shirts top button open to give an casual look to it, he looked totally hot and handsome in his black attire and Geet couldn't take her eyes of him, his shirt clinching to his perfect body and his revealing skin making him look more gorgeous, "Let's go" Maan said and again called Rahul to take Geet's bags down, and walked up leaving the Mansion behind, Geet felt an fear to leave this mansion, but she had too for Maan, "Baba ji" she prayed and went away,

Geet was so nervous as she had only seen flight flying high in her childhood, she thought they would go by car or bus, but when Maan took her to the aerodrome, Geet turned tensed, Geet stood near the glass and looked at the flight which was ready to take off now, Maan saw Geet and went near her and tapped her shoulders and Geet looked at him and signed how does the small flight turned this big, Maan grinned looking at her innocence and explained her, and after some time, Maan walked Geet as they boarded up, Geet was feeling super nervous

Without her knowledge, she held Maan's hand and was looking around as she walked up and Maan put his hand around her waist and held her close to make her feel little less nervous and then as they got inside the flight see looked even more tensed, "Geet, it's like travelling in an bus, so don't get too tensed" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, it was an business class space so Geet didn't feel too scary, but she felt dizzy and throwing up, she was holding her mouth up and Maan saw that, "Feeling dizzy" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes, Maan then got her an lime drink, "drink it, you will feel better" Maan said and Geet too drank it up and Maan gave her an lime flavored wet tissue to feel ok, and it worked,

And when they landed in China it was night and Maan was so right there was a huge crowd to welcome them, and as soon as they came to their sights the lights flashed from everywhere, and Geet wanted to hold Maan's arms around, but Maan had told her not to do that, and she felt relaxed when Maan put his hand around her waist but was keeping the distance and walked her up and it continued till they reach the hotel, to their rooms, Maan locked the door and took his hands of Geet,

Geet was so nervous and she didn't know how she was holding back till, the long flight journey, the crowd, the media, lights flashing up, Maan was walking fast which Geet should cope up, and her long gown was disturbing her fast walk, and at times Maan stopped holding her up for photo snaps and he already said, Geet to have an smile when she was out, and Geet tried her best to keep her tension and freaking nervousness inside her and smile up, but as soon as she came into the room, she rushed towards the washroom and poured out,

"Geet, Geet" Maan freaked out and walked behind her and saw her throwing up and he held her head from behind, Geet then washed her mouth and face and felt a bit free now, and she leaned onto Maan back feeling tired, "Geet, are you ok" Maan asked so much worried and Geet nodded an yes and signed the flight, the height and this crowd made her so nervous, "It's ok, it happens" Maan said as he held her, and Geet saw her dress which had been messed, and she was smelling bad now, and Geet looked at Maan signing up she will have an bath,

Maan then nodded an ok and asked her to brush first and then undress and he made the tub ready for her with warm water, Geet then slowly sat inside the bath tub and relaxed up, Maan then stood there looking at Geet, naked in the water, it was an tempting view, Maan then went near the tub and kneed down looking at her, and Geet blushed high with his stare, Maan then hover up and took her lips for a kiss, and Geet drowned into his passion and after the wild kissing session, Maan pulled Geet up from the tub and wiped her with the towel

Geet was simply standing like an doll blushing up high and Maan took her to the bed and kissed her again, may be due to the change in the place, Maan felt more relaxed and free now, and kissing Geet was lot more easier, Maan suddenly stopped and pulled away from Geet shocking Geet too, "Geet, you are tired, you need rest" Maan said and Geet looked at him shocked, she knew how much he wants her from the kiss itself, and now he is controlling himself as Geet is tired and didn't want to hurt her, Geet could lose her life for Maan's love for her,

Geet then went towards Maan and held him from behind and pressed herself into him, "Geet" Maan moaned fisting his hand controlling himself, Geet then caressed his hair from behind, "Geet" Maan held her head and pulled her front, and Geet looked at his dark desire filled eyes, "You, Need, To, Rest" Maan said between his teeth and Geet nodded an no and hugged Maan tight and Maan was finding it hard to resist her now, Geet pressed her soft lips on his hot chest and Maan totally lost it,

He pushed her on to the bed and hovered on her, Geet was smiling and felt happy seeing Maan enjoying himself, and closed her eyes drowning into him, Maan relaxed up finally as he laid on his back, after his love session with Geet, and looked at Geet who was laying besides him breathing high, Maan saw her face all red and worn out, and it also had an small smile, Maan can't help himself from adoring her beauty and love shinning in it, he slowly caressed her hair looking at her and Geet looked at him,

Her eyes filled up and her heart screamed in happiness as she saw the love in his eyes for her, the one thing she was aching to see, she slowly turned up and kept her head on his chest, a bit scared of course, because she wasn't sure, whether Maan was willing showing his love or it was an accidental display, but her heart skipped an beat, when Maan's hand held her close and caressed her back, Geet's tears flowed up, and held him tight, when she saw Maan, he was looking at the ceiling straight up and his face was a bit soften, and his hands was still caressing her hair,

Geet wishes she could die now, it seems like Maan was back, she could do and give up anything to hold on to this Maan, Maan looked down and saw Geet staring at him with her longing love filled eyes, Maan wiped her tears slowly, Geet smiled between her tears and held his hand and kissed it, holding it tight in her hands, Geet can see Maan eyes showing her the love he was hiding, and she held him tight, scared that she might lose him and his love again and Maan pricked her forehead and relaxed and closed his eyes,

Maan was tired of hiding his love and acting up, so for once he let himself lose and ready to take up the pain later, for loving her now, he would die later, but he can't die every minute in hurting her and pulling himself away from her and losing terribly before her, every time, he once again wanted to give an chance to his life, in spite of the fear inside him, in spite of the pain he would suffer, Geet wished that these minutes shouldn't go away, his love should not vanish, she would give up her life happily if she could live in his love for a single day, she doesn't need anything, more.

Main hoon gumsum tu bhi khamosh hai
Sach hai samay ka hi sab dosh hai
Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta hai
Jaane kyun phir bhi dil kehta hai
Jee le zaraa, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil, jee le zaraa
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zaraa

Hai zindagi maana dard bhari
Phir bhi is mein yeh raahat bhi hai
Main hoon tera aur tu hai meri
Yoon hi rahein hum, yeh chaahat bhi hai
Phir dil ke dil se, pul kyun toote hain
Kyun hum jeene se, itne roothe hain
Aa dil ke darwaaze hum kholein
Aa hum dono jee bhar ke ro lein

Jee le zara, jee le zara
Kehta hai dil, jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa, jee le zaraa

Gham ke yeh baadal guzar jaane de
Ab zindagi ko nikhar jaane de
Chhod de ab yaadon ke dukh sehna
O sun bhi le jo dil ka hai kehna

Jee le zaraa, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zaraa
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zaraa

Sun shined up and Geet opened her eyes and looked besides and got shocked as Maan was not there and she started to look around but he was not there and Geet covered herself with the blanket and stood up, Geet's smile came up when she saw Maan walking out of the washroom, Maan looked at Geet standing there, "Come on" Maan said as he extend his hand and Geet dropped her blanket and walked with him into the bathroom, and Maan made her to sit inside the bath tub and Geet relaxed up,

Geet eyes widen up in shock when she felt Maan's hand behind, massaging her neck slowly, Geet shivered up with his touch, "you look too tired" Maan spoke out as he massaged up her back, tracing her spine, Geet was breathing high with his touch and was holding the tub tightly, then Maan heard an knocking sound, "Refresh up," Maan said and walked out and Geet smiled and she pinched herself, "it's paining means I am not dreaming, it is Maan, my Maan," Geet thought with an smile,

When Geet came out wrapping the towel around her, she saw Maan arranging the food on the table, and Geet looked at him puzzled up, "You were too tired so I ordered the food here, you eat it and take rest" Maan said and Geet nodded and sat on the couch and Maan gave her the plate and Geet got it and started to eat, and saw Maan not eating, she signed why he is not eating, "I had an breakfast invitation with Chinese officials" Maan said and Geet nodded up and eat up everything,

"Geet, you take rest, I will be back soon, if you need anything, call me" Maan said pointing towards the phone, and Geet nodded an ok, "Geet lock the door, and sleep well, I have an key so don't worry about me," Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, and Maan went away,

Maan came back around 11. 30am and knocked the door twice but as the door wasn't open up, Maan used his key to open it and got in and saw Geet sleeping well covering herself inside the pile of blankets, Maan then turned around and saw an flower bouquet on the table, "Where did this come from," Maan thought and took the flower and looked at the card hanging to it, "Reached, Room. No. 439" it read and Maan looked puzzled, "what kind of message is this" Maan thought,

Maan then turned around and saw Geet signing up and Maan kept the flowers on the table and went near her and sat on the bed near her and caressed her hair and Geet smiled in her sleep and continued her sleep, while Maan watching her sleep silently

Precap: Happy moments, proud moments and love filled time of Maan and Geet,

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Vikram decides to create problem between maaneet.
Maaneet start their journey for china.
Geet is feeling nervous.
Maaneet shared passionate moments.

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