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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 42)

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 38

"Geet, Geet" Adi was tapping Geet's door but she wasn't opening it and Maan came from his room slowly, "Adi, what's the problem" Maan asked, "Maan sir, oh, I was saying about the event in china and Geet suddenly said she can't come and rushed into the room and locked the door," Adi said, "Leave it, and take them all away, will bring Geet to the designer shop tomorrow and will select" Maan said "and asked him to get some more collections too, I need the best," Maan said and Adi said an ok and went away,

"Geet" Maan yelled up, "Geet, open the door" Maan shouted and Geet came and opened the door and Maan went in and sat on the bed, and Geet stood there looking down, "are you taking revenge on me" Maan asked and Geet looked at him immediately and nodded an no, shocked, "I know, I only asked you not to go out of the house and so" Maan started and Geet nodded an no, "Then for what, oh, for insulting you for arranging the Puja" Maan asked guessing,

And Geet nodded an big no, and looked around and went and took her note pad and wrote something and showed to Maan, "no, it's not what you are thinking, you have all the right to scold me, yell at him, insult me, even to kill me, and then too I will not have any complains, I am not saying this "No" because of me but because of you " it read, "Me" Maan asked and Geet nodded a yes and sat on the floor crossing her legs, near his legs and started to write something, Maan was looking at her as she was writing it seriously like an exam,

"What the hell is she writing" Maan thought and laid back on the bed tired of waiting and suddenly he felt Geet getting up and sitting on the bed and tapped his hand, Maan looked at her and got her notepad and started reading it still laid back on the bed, "Maan, it's for you, I don't want to come there because I don't want people to make fun of you because of me, I mean, I am not fit for you, people will make fun, and in all the parties and where ever we went together, people just wonder and ask why you choose me,"

"I can't speak too, they would make fun of this too, and you the most powerful guy yet you married an illiterate girl that too who can't speak, and I still remember those media people's question, what if there too some media asked like that and you turned anger, and also from Adi ji's words, it's clear that it's most important event, and I don't want to spoil your name there, and do you remember, people had made fun of my eating too, that I don't know how to use the spoons properly and about my dresses and my sandals and what not, you always say you don't care, but I care,"

"I don't want your name and fame being destroyed by this, people here see the person outside more than how they are inside, it's better I stay back and say I am sick or something rather than going there and made fun off, that too in an important place, and sure you will get angry and do something if they comment bad" The long note read, Maan kept the note pad away and looked at Geet who was sitting on the bed with him, "so it's about outfit and manners ah" Maan asked and Geet nodded a yes

"Geet, I don't have an choice, I promised them I will bring you, and if you didn't show up, then too, there will be lots of question and then too, they will make fun of me, for not walking in with my newly wedded wife to an important event like this," Maan said and Geet looked down worried, "I will train you" Maan said and Geet looked at him shocked, "I will teach you how to behave there, that too we will be in the events for just two or three hours only so you can manage" Maan said roughly, but for Geet it was such an sweet words from Maan,

Geet felt happy that Maan's ready to help, atleast this much close he came and he isn't shouting and yelling up more now, thought there was no love from his side, but for Geet this was enough, to be with him and loving him immensely though he doesn't love her the way she does, then the night came up and they both had their dinner in silence and went back to their rooms,

Maan rushed to the washroom and filled the bath tub with the warm water and drowned into it, Maan as soon as he started to accept Geet's love for him, his heart was urging him to show his love, it all seems all normal, Geet was behaving as an perfect wife, and loving him so much, and anyone who sees them from outside will find no problem, but only Maan knew what's happening inside his heart, he can't move away from her nor get close to her, can't reject her love or accept it fully,"

Somewhere behind his head, there was an voice, warning him that she too will go away for him, and he might not bear her separation, the more he wanted to trust her, the more fear craved up, "She will not go away" his heart screamed, "What's the proof" His mind asked, "Her love" his heart screamed backed, "For how long will her love be like this" his mind screamed back, "When an, mother who loved her son more than anything in the world, had left him all alone in this world, at an young age, not even thinking what he will do, or how will he survive, what is the guarantee that Geet will not leave him" his mind asked,

Maan's heart had no answer, so it turned silent letting his mind win up, but when Geet is before him, even his mind turn silent, making Maan to go by his heart, Maan pulled from the bath tub and came out, wrapping an towel around him and as he stepped out he saw Geet on the bed, laid on her right showing her back to him, Maan's heart skipped an beat as he saw Geet laying there, Geet then turned back and saw Maan staring at her, his wet hair was falling on his forehead and the water droplets where still hanging on to his abs,

Geet can't blink seeing him, she could never get enough of her Maan's beauty, an pride often pricked her heart, telling her that this hot guy only belongs to her, and only she had the right to touch his gorgeous body, Maan then suddenly walked away out of the room in his towel shocking Geet, and she too jumped up and walked behind him, Geet then saw Maan sitting on the swing on the terrace and was staring at the open sky and the stars, Geet was confused with his behavior and went near him, the cold was freezing her, but Maan was in his half naked self and was sitting as if he didn't care,

Maan was searching something into the sky, when he felt an warmth around his skin, and he turned to look Geet covering him with the thick blanket and went behind him and dried his hair with towel, Maan laid his head back as he was sitting on the swing, closing his eyes and Geet was drying his hair standing behind him, "sometimes, I just wish, I shouldn't be born" Maan said out loud, and he felt Geet stopping her act, "Then I wouldn't have to be suffering so much, I didn't have to argue with me, with the pain inside me, or scared of loving anyone and getting close to happiness, with an fear that everything will vanish suddenly" Maan spoke up,

And Maan felt the wet drops on his face and he opened his eyes and saw Geet's tears flowing down, Geet then came in the front and sat near him and held his face in her hands and kissed all over his face and pulled his head and kept near her heart and hugged him tight crying high and Maan felt the Geet's pained tears pouring on his face, Geet can't stop cursing the fate which is giving the pain to his life, she felt like dying, he pulled from her and saw his pain in her eyes, he was amazed by the connection she was having with him, it was not her pain but his pain making her cry like this,

Maan then slowly pulled the blanket up and wrapped it around Geet too, pulling her in into the blanket with him and hugged her up and relaxed back, he wasn't feeling happy nor sad, he was feeling peace, holding her onto him, Geet hugged him tight pressing her head into his heart and wetting his bare chest with her tears,

Geet opened her eyes as the sun shined up and Geet looked up shocked, she didn't remember when did she slept last night, and now, she was sleeping in Maan's hold, Geet pulled from him and kissed his forehead caressing his hair, and went away, Maan got up with the smell of his favorite coffee and looked at Geet who was standing with an slight smile, Maan too got up and went to his wash room and came out, had his Coffee, and came down and saw Geet getting his breakfast ready,

"Geet" Maan called as he went down, "Get ready, we are going for shopping to get your dresses and accessories" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, and got ready, after her breakfast and Maan took her out, Nakul and Rahul was happy and was praying Maan should soon change like before and have an happy life with Geet, Maan took Geet to an great designer shop, there was lots of dresses, the shop owner was so happy as he welcomed Geet and Maan with all smile, "It's an international fest, so I want something for that" Maan said,

"Sure sir," he said, "I had bought in all latest Paris fashion week collection for you" he said and pulled up some dresses, it was all short strapless dress, and Geet's eyes widen up in shock, and held Maan's hand slowly who was looking at it, and nodded an no for it, "Why, it's good" Maan said and Geet nodded an no, Maan then pulled out an light pinky dress, "Go and try it, I will say whether you can wear it or not" Maan said and Geet looked at him pleading,

"Trail room" Maan asked ignoring her and pulled her up, to the trail room, "Go, try it, you said you didn't want everyone to make fun of me right, then be the best" Maan said and pushed Geet in, with the dress and closed the door and stood there, after an few minutes, Geet opened the door and Maan's mouth too opened up wide and his eyes went big, the light pink dress, matching her skin color slightly, made her look super sexy and it was exposing her legs till her upper thighs and her top was strapless and was showing her cleavage,

Maan moved inside the trail room and Geet looked at him slightly blushing, Maan moved close to her looking at her from top to bottom breathing high, and he leaned close her, "remove it now" Maan whispered into Geet's ears making her look at him in shock, "here, is he serious" Geet thought, "I said now" Maan said a bit roughly and Geet removed the dress up, and stood before him trembling, the trail room had mirror walls around it and it reflected Geet's perfect body on the four sides, Maan turned around controlling up, "Dress up" Maan said looking Geet from the mirror and Geet obeyed as Maan was looking at her through the mirror,

Then they came out, "Sir, is it ok" the guy asked, "oh, give me some full length gown, it must be elegant and it must cover her fully," Maan said and Geet smiled seeing his possessive attitude, and he nodded and went and bought up so many more dresses, Maan selected more than 10 dresses and was not stopping, Geet then stopped him and signed they were only going for three days, and Maan finally nodded, "Pack all this" Maan said and Geet signed it's more than 10 dresses, and they no needed it, "Are you gonna pay" Maan asked and Geet turned silent,

"Bring them all to Khurana Mansion, and take the cash" Maan said and he nodded a yes, then Maan took Geet to the shoe session, and was looking at it, Maan gave her an high heeled shoe and Geet try to wear it and fall right into Maan's arms and signed no Heel, and Maan finally nodded an ok and then got five pairs of new designer sandals and walked to the jewel session and Maan bought five sets of modern Diamond jewel set and they completed the shopping, and then Maan drove her up,

Geet was shocked when Maan stopped his car before the hospital; "Hospital" Geet looked puzzled, and looked at Maan, "I need to get my reports and will have your check up too" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, Maan had already called and fixed an appointment for Geet, and they too were ready and the doctor took Geet and made an complete check up, "Doctor, when can I get the reports" Maan asked, as he and Geet was sitting in the doctor's cabin, "In two days, the whole reports will be ready, and even by looking at Mrs. Khurana, I can see she is fine and fit now" The doctor said,

Geet smiled and signed that Maan takes good care of her, "Oh that's so sweet Mr. Khurana, Mrs. Khurana is lucky" she said and Geet smiled big, "Doctor, we are going out of country, so send the report to the Mansion, in three days we will be back and I will look at the reports" Maan said and the doctor said an ok and Maan and Geet came home, and before they reach home Geet's dresses came home and Maan made them to be placed in Geet's room, and in afternoon when Geet came down for lunch, she saw Maan arranging the table

Geet rushed down and saw Maan had arranged the table like in some hotel, and Geet looked at him puzzled, "lets started the table manners lesson" Maan said like an strict teacher and Geet nodded an ok, "Geet, there you are not allowed to sit right away, you have to wait until I pull the chair and make you sit" Maan said and Geet seriously noted it and nodded her head, and Maan pulled the chair and Geet went and sat in it, "and now, the next thing is, to take the towel here and put on your lap," Maan said "and do it with your both hands elegantly and slowly" Maan said

Geet too followed his words, "Good and now this an fork, it used to eat noodles and to hold on to the items to be cut," Maan sat down and demonstrated her and he taught her in which had she had to hold the spoon, fork and knife, and Geet was listening to it carefully, "and Finally, you will press your lips with the tissue and drop it away and then again will wait until I come near you and help you" Maan said,

Geet rehearsed everything in her mind once, finished her lunch and went to her room, and she felt so sleepy that she slept off and when she woke up it was late evening already, Geet saw Maan busy in his room with his laptop and Geet was putting up the dresses and was seeing in the mirror how it looks and then Maan's favorite white Saree fall down from the cupboard and Geet smiled up and wore it up and was standing before the mirror and looking up, "where is the party" Maan's voice made her turn around and saw Maan standing near the door with his arms fold,

"I came to teach you something else", Maan said and Geet looked at him puzzled, "Dance, you have to dance there, not only with me but also with others" Maan said and Geet's eyes widen up in shock and she turned nervous, "Geet, in foreign parties, asking for dance is consider as an compliment and accept it is an sign of respect, you can't deny anyone," Maan said, "atleast two steps you have to dance with them" Maan said and Geet nodded an ok, "go and wait in my practice room, I will come now" Maan said and went away,

Geet too want and waited there and Maan too came up and he taught her up and Geet nodded and Maan went behind her and dance up but Geet couldn't pick up the steps with him and trembled up in to his arms, "Geet, what the hell is wrong with you, listen to me carefully, move your left leg first" Maan said and Geet nodded, and tried up, and again messed up, "great Geet, if you can't even manage an single step, then sure you will make an fun of yourself, Geet, ok, on that day you danced well with me" Maan said remembering his previous dances,

Geet signed she didn't dance she was just following Maan and she was too mesmerized in his hold on her, that she dance under an spell of his passion, Maan's eyes went wide with her actions and Geet bit her lips as she revealed something at an wrong time, and she was scared that Maan will get angry and so rushed up, but stopped by Maan, Maan pulled her up to him and he slowly traced his finger on her bare skin, and Geet lost herself into his touch, fall back on to him and then she moved as per Maan's moves totally spell bound,

Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

Toote to toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte behayaa
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi meraa sab le gaya
Na fikar, na sharam, na lihaaj,
ek baar aaya..

Phir zarre zarre mein deedaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai

Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

Tu hi meri awargi
Tu hi duaa har shaam ki
Tu khamakha, tu laazmi
Tu hi razaa, tu hi kami
Aur tu hi wo, firaaq hai jis ki
Hai silsilon ne mere pass laaya

Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai

Behadd aur beshumar aaya hai

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai..

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai..

The place heated up and so as Maan's mind and body, his passion and desire screamed that he scooped Geet in his arms and walked towards his room, to make an perfect end for the day,

Precap : Maan and Geet fly to China with trouble following them,,

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1st thing 1st...yea  M 

  update ..seems like u love to trouble them...anyways the way story process...


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Geet told ma'am y she doesn't want to come to china with him.
Maan tells her he will teach her everything.
Maan becomes possessive seeing Geet sexy avtaar.
Maan teaches Geet table manners nd dance.

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maan teached her maanner 

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Awesome update
Maan teaching geet to fit in high society
Dance and song good

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hi thanks 4 da pm n brilliant update! superbly written! Geet refuses 2 go n explains! She doesn't want to embarrass him! Maan says he wil teach her hw 2 behave! Geet happy! Maan reflect on everything! he is sad! Maan emotional! Geet hugs him! Maan at peace with her in his arms! Maan's inner thoughts well portrayed! Maan takes her shopping. they go to the hospital|! all is well. n den teaches her table manner n dancing! update soon! awesome precap

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wonderful updates dear, pls kill that vikram and her so called husbandAngry

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awesome one..lovvving it

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