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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 36)

Twenty1st IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Apt title 36 finally it makes sense, your insanely brilliant. Geet is mute so it made sense silent love but now Maan decided to live in silence. Awesome part, Geet installing her love and making him believe it, adi an understanding ally, cool

Great update, waiting for the next

Thank you and keep it up

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kshubhangi IF-Dazzler

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Kudos for such a nice plot. Very beautiful.
Most chapters moved me to tears. Highly emotional.
Love to read it

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Drashtilove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
superb update maan cant stop himself seeing her love care for him he had to bow down but he scared thinking about his past now he will love her in silence

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jayshu17 IF-Rockerz

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Fantastic update!!

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 37

Geet opened her eyes and found she was laying on Maan's cheat still naked and she rose up and saw Maan was sleeping, but Maan was no actually sleeping he was just closing his eyes up, "Baba ji" Geet thought as she looked at the clock and got up and dressed herself and went away and Maan opened his eyes and saw she was gone, Maan used his left hand and pulled himself up and sat up and leaned to the bed frame, Geet after getting ready and making his black coffee, came to Maan's room and  saw Maan sitting up,

Geet then went near him and helped Maan up and walked him to the washroom, "I think I will have an bath," Maan said and Geet nodded a no, and signed he should not wet the band aid, "the plastic sheets is there, it will keep away from water" Maan said, and Geet signed he must not put pressure on his leg and arm, "I am not going to fight, I am going to bath," Maan shouted, Geet then signed she will help, "I am not an baby" Maan said and went to the bathroom

Geet too followed him, "Geet you" Maan started and Geet covered his mouth with her hand, and asked him to brush and she turned on the heater, Maan too brushed up leaning on to the wall, standing in his left leg and then after he finished, Geet walked him and started to remove his pants, Maan wasn't shy but sure was embarrassed to stand fully naked and that too in her control and she walked him to the bath tub and made him to sit, and she carefully pulled his right leg and kept above the tub and took his right hand too and kept upon the tub and she turned on the water.

Warm water flowed down and Maan felt Geet's soft hands on his bare skin, heating it up more, Maan looked at Geet who was busying bath him like an kid, and he can't help but adore her and feel the comfort, Geet signed Maan to close his eyes and was applying soap to his face, and when was finished she pulled Maan up and dried him, "in which angle that this act of her looked fake, so much of care and love pouring out, she actually was taking care of him like a baby,

Geet wrapped him with the towel around his wrist and pulled him out and made him to sit on the bed and stood before him to dried his hair with the towel, and Maan noticed Geet was so busy that she wasn't even looking at his face, after she dried his hair Geet went and saw that his coffee she bought had turned cold and so she signed she will bring another one and went down and Maan was now in an fix, "does this girl cheat on me, can she, so much of love and so much of care, is this all, how can it be fake," Maan thought confused,

When Geet came back she saw Maan standing up leaning to the wall and was trying to wear his shirt, Geet then kept the coffee mug down and rushed towards him and signed why he haven't waited for her, Geet then made him to sit on the bed and dressed him up by herself, Maan was really feeling like an baby in her loving hands, one side he cursed for this situation and on the other side he felt blessed too, Maan was looking at her trying to find an single reaction which can make her whole act fake,

Maan stopped Geet's hand from buttoning and held her face in his left hand and looked at her as if searching for his answer and Geet was confused by Maan's sudden change in behavior, she didn't know what was going inside his mind, "Why are you doing this, why are you pouring your love on me" Maan asked and Geet gave an small grin and pulled his hand from her face and kissed his cheeks, and went and took his coffee and gave to him, "you didn't answer my question" Maan asked roughly and Geet signed that even she doesn't know why,

Geet then signed he is the smart one and he should find the answer for himself, and Maan looked away and Geet smiled up, as she gave the coffee and Maan got it, "Maan, I know you can feel it and see my love for you, whatever your mind was thinking till now will vanish up with my love and care, and how long will you act Maan, you have to give up, you have to allow me to make you happy, you have to" Geet thought as she walked away,

The days went by as Geet was helping him in his every step and he didn't mind it now, there was no reason for him to stop her now, he turned silent and the was an total silence in the Mansion now, Geet's love was making him weak and he hated it, he started to enjoy her love, her closeness, and at night it was the same, Geet used to make love to him and make him sleep peacefully, making him forget the struggle inside his heart, every day his closeness and love for Geet was raising high, along with his unknown fear,

He can see the way Geet is behaving, is similar to his mother and he was getting sure that she will leave him like his mother, But Maan can't live without Geet, without her care, he can't bear it, she was his, Maan thought scared, Geet was feeling blessed as Maan was accepting her care, though he wasn't smiling, or talking with her sweetly, he was also not yelling, Geet was getting tips from Nakul and was doing everything as Maan's mother,

she somehow wanted to get Maan's forgiveness for Rani Maa too, even if she was wrong for ditching her son, she was also madly in love with Maan's dad that she couldn't bear his lose, her love was so strong for her husband than on her son, She felt, it was a duty her to make Maan's anger reduced on his mom and dad and if his heart forgives them, then it will easily forgive Geet and accept her too, three days went in silently in the mansion,

The doctor came after four days as said already and asked about Maan's health, "I am perfectly fine now, there is not a single pain" Maan said and Adi and Geet smiled big, "Ok then let's go to the hospital and remove the band aid," the doctor said and Maan looked at Geet who was standing there, "you be here" Maan said and Geet nodded an yes, and so Adi walked Maan down, "Damn," Maan said, "Adi my Mobile" Maan said, and Adi rushed up to Maan's room and saw Geet there sitting sadly,

"Geet" Adi called and she looked at him surprised, "what happened dear, I thought you would be happy as Maan's gonna be fine now" Adi said and Geet nodded an yes and signed she is happy, "but your face is saying something" Adi said, Geet then signed, till now Maan was close to her but now if he can do everything by himself, he will not let her near him, Adi went near Geet and caressed her head, "Geet, so what Maan sir had to be in the band aid forever," Adi asked and Geet nodded an no,

"Don't worry, did we plan this accident," Adi asked and Geet nodded a no, "but still it happened and it bought you close to Maan sir right" Adi said, and Geet nodded an yes, "Then likewise, you don't worry, destiny and your Baba ji will bring Maan sir close to you, Geet, remember, love gaining in an easy way, might lost soon, but when you win it with a tough fight, it will turn into your life and will never leave you, may be all this pains are only to make your relationship with Maan sir stronger and deeper" Adi said and Geet's eyes filled up and wished Adi's words are true,

Maan who was waiting in the hall got frustrated, "is he taking the phone or making it, Adi" Maan shouted and Adi grabbed the mobile there and rushed down,

Geet smiled big, when Maan came home with no band aid, "Mrs. Khurana, he is fine, but please continue the medicine for another week and there will be swelling down his leg and arms as it was tightly band aid and so here is an oil to give an slight message to him, and  ask him not to walking or standing for an long time, atleast for another week, then he will be perfectly fine" the Doctor said, and Geet joined her hands and thanked him, "oh, it's my duty Mrs. Khurana, after all he is my boss too" the doctor said and Geet smiled,

"Maan sir, I will too leave now, Mr. Smith will be in the office," Adi said and went away, and the place filled with an awkward silence again, Maan got up slowly and Geet wanted to hold him like before, but she knew Maan doesn't need her support now and she stood there looking at him longingly, and looked down upset, "there was one way to get close to him, and serve him and now that too is go" Geet thought looking down but her eyes went wide when she felt Maan's hand over her shoulder,

Geet looked at Maan, and she was sweetly surprised, Maan held her shoulders tight, "Oh doctor said I should not give my right leg more pressure for one more week" Maan explained looking straight avoiding her shining eyes and Geet held him around his waist and walked him up to his room, with her happiness tears dancing in her eyes and made him to sit on the bed and looked at his leg and she removed his shirt and looked at his hand, the doctor was right, it was swelled up and so Geet went and came with the oil and she sat near him and held his hand and started to apply the oil and massage up,

Geet was slowly massaging his hand and Maan was just staring at her, Maan felt he was so much into her these five days, and was enjoying and getting comfort in her hands, and he was also scared how long it will go, Geet looked at Maan who was looking at her and signed is it paining and Maan nodded an no, and then she went and sat on the foot of the bed and took his right leg and kept on her lap and started to give the oil massage, there was an smile and peace in her face, whatever the reason it may be, Maan loved to see it on her face,

Geet as massaged well kept his leg down and signed him to relax and she will bring in his coffee and walked away, "Geet" Maan called and Geet had her another surprise as Maan took her name in an normal tone and was not shouting, and she rushed and stood before him looking him in shock, "did you have your breakfast" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes and her eyes filled up and Maan nodded an ok and turned around, and Geet went out and she felt like jump high, and hovering up with happiness, Maan is changing, she thought as her tears flowed down her cheeks,

An new hope building in her, and the day went well, and at night, Maan was roaming inside his room and he went and took his Rum bottle from the fridge which he haven't touched for almost a week, Maan poured the Rum in his glass and stood there holding it and thinking something staring at it, Geet then came to his room and stood shocked to see him holding the glass, she felt an pain inside her, now she can't even stop him, no reason was there, and guessed he doesn't need her closeness now to forget his pains, as he had chosen the alcohol, she thought pained her and she walked away as Maan was looking at her,

Geet went to her room, and walked near her window and stood there staring at the moon, "Everything turn like before, he is fine, and he started to drink and he doesn't need my care and closeness now, he can take care of himself, and" Before Geet could finish her thoughts, her heart skipped a beat when she felt Maan's strong hand on her waist and she gasped, Geet felt his hold crushing up around her waist, but only felt happy, suddenly she felt an black cloth being tied around her eyes and Geet felt an fear, but didn't react,

Maan left his Rum untouched as he wanted to be with Geet, her closeness was so addictive to him then the Alcohol, and he wanted to make love to her like before, with so much of love, with no anger or grudge but he couldn't do it with her shining eyes watching him, or can allow himself show his weakness, he couldn't bear the love in her eyes for him, and the pain it creates in his heart, Maan walked Geet to his room and Geet wasn't reacting but going in Maan's flow, Maan stopped as he reached the bed and started to undress her,

Geet was breathing high and her heart beat was tripling up, it was so wired for her yet so tempting, she wanted to see Maan's face but also didn't want to upset him, as she was freed from her clothes, Maan made her to lay her on the bed and Geet was breathing high fisting her hand not able to see what was going on, "is he gonna leave me like this, like before and start drinking up" Geet thought as her heart freaked out, but her mind relaxed when she felt his lips on her neck, she felt an shiver in her body and her hand went to hold him,

Maan was so slow, Geet felt the same love which she was enjoying before, she wanted to see Maan's face, as there used to be an smile in his face now, but she was blind folded, Geet had the best night of her life, it was an oasis in midst of her loveless dessert life, it was an sudden gift, Maan was enjoying in loving her, from his kisses to his hold there was an softness and love and care, the night was like an sweet poem, like an melody, like an art of dance, it was so beautiful, desire died where love lived for long hours,

Morning sun shined on Geet's face and Geet stretched her hands up and suddenly got up as yesterday night came to her mind, she blushed immediately and looked around to Maan, but he was not besides her, and she got up covering herself with the blanket and looking outside the door, and suddenly a pile of cloths fall on Geet's face and she turned around and saw Maan sitting on the couch, already refreshed and dressed up perfectly,

Geet held her clothes and rushed inside his washroom and changed up and walked towards her room, Geet still can't believe what happened last night, it was like an dream and now Maan's reaction showed her the reality, Geet then got ready and come out and went down and Made Maan's coffee and saw Maan walking down the stairs and he came and sat on the couch, after coffee, he had the breakfast with his hands and he didn't eat fully, Geet signed and wished she could have feeding him with her hand,

It was around 11.30am, when Geet was on the hall, Vijay rushed in and said some people had come to see Maan and Geet signed Vijay to let them in and make them sit, Geet then rushed up to Maan's room, Geet went to Maan's room and signed guests arrived and walked Maan out, Maan walked down followed by Geet and he saw his Business Association Members there, and seeing Maan and Geet they stood up, "Hello Mr. Khurana, Hello Mrs. Khurana" they said and Maan asked them to sit,

Geet then went to the kitchen and made coffee and bought to them, "Thank you so much Mrs. Khurana, please join Mr. Khurana, we would be looking forward for you too," they said and Geet looked at Maan, "Ok Mr. Khurana, will see you there than," they said and went away and Geet stood there puzzled, "Who asked you to bring the coffee" Maan asked and Geet signed they looked important so, and also Nakul and Rahul is not here so she only have to bring it" Geet signed and stood there looking down,

"Bring them in" Maan said and Geet looked at Maan and smiled big, but stopped as Maan glared at her, "Vijay" Maan called and he rushed in, "Ask Nakul and Rahul to come back to the house" Maan ordered and walked up to his room and Geet was jumping with Joy, and the day went well, it was around 5.00pm when Rahul come to Geet's room and called her down, and as she went down, she saw Adi and another guy and there was lots of dresses, all designer, Geet looked shocked, "Geet, come on dear, here you have all latest designs, choose whatever you want and if you need to match up with Maan sir, here are his selected dresses" Adi said,

And Geet sighed for what, "for the International Business Meet, in China" Adi said and Geet's eyes went wide, well she don't know where China is, but thought it must be far, and Maan is taking her with him, "didn't the association member say that to you" Adi asked Geet nodded an no, "Geet, it's important, it's international and you are Maan Sir's wife, the world would be watching you, Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana's first Business meet appearance after Marriage " Adi said and Geet felt an fear suddenly and turned nervous and signed she is not going and rushed upstairs,

Precap: Geet to be trained how to behave in the meet by Maan Singh Khurana...

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Geet is taking good care of maan.
Maan heart is melting with Geet care.
Maan doesn't want to show his love to Geet.
Geet is going china with maan for meet.

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awesome update 
so their silent love blooming arround 
maan kitna bhao mat khao please
it is so beautiful update 
am lost in this Smile

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WOW!! beautiful update dear...loved it...

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