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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 31)

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gr8 part..

thanks for pm dear..

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 36

Morning sun was shining high and it fall on Geet's face and she woke up and smiled big seeing Maan sleeping up still and he was still holding her, Geet slowly pulled from his hold and kissed his forehead and slipped away, Geet went to her room and got ready to face the new day with full hopes and she came rushing down, and saw Vijay there, and she went and asked to call Nakul and Rahul here, and he didn't dare to refuse and so he went away, and in few minutes Nakul and Rahul walked in,

Nakul saw Geet writing something and went near her and wished her and Geet smiled big and gave the note to Nakul, which she was writing, "Nakul Kaka, can you make Maan's favorite childhood dish today" Geet had written, "Of course I can" he said with an smile, "and how is Maan sir now" Rahul asked and Geet signed he is fine, Nakul went to make Maan's favorite dish and Geet to make his coffee, Maan signed up and tried to stretch his hand forgetting about the band aid, "Aww" Maan said out loud,

Geet rushed to the room with an tray in her hand, and looked at Maan, and realized what he was above to do, Geet went near him and helped him to sit up and placed his hand carefully on the pillow, and smiled up, "what are you grinning up" Maan asked angered up, and Geet nodded an nothing and turned around, Maan held her waist in his left hand and pulled her suddenly making her fall on to him, Geet slowly pulled from Maan and look at him with her big eyes shining,

Her lips trembling and while trying to get up, Maan held her by her waist and pulled her close making her to clinch into his broad and bare chest, making her to shiver, "Geet, I asked you want made you grin" Maan asked as he looked at her redden face and her lowered gaze and shivering lips, "Answer me" Maan demanded, and Geet looked at him, and slowly pulled her hand up and signed she smiled thinking that so brilliant Maan Singh Khurana, had forget the simple thing that he was band aid and can't move his leg and hand"

Maan looked at her who was still looking down avoiding his strong glare n her, "these lips had gone too much fearless that it's grinning upon Maan Singh Khurana" Maan asked and Geet  nodded an no in fear, Maan pulled her even more close, making her to crush up against his hard chest and he was breathing against her upper body and it was making Geet go weak on her knees, she didn't know when her hand went around his bare waist, holding it tight, Maan felt her breathing getting heavy against his chest,

Maan slowly moved his hand to her head and pushed it close to his and took her lips and kissed it with an quick kiss and he bit her lower lips and pulled it a bit and he did the same again for a few times and Geet winced in Pain and pleasure with his act and she buried her nails into his waist skin and after an few moments he left her up and grinned an evil grin, "Punishment for these over smart lips" Maan said and let her go and He try to get up and Geet helped him up and walked him up to the washroom and stood there as Maan went in, and locked the door,

Geet then turned around and looked at her lips in the mirror and her eyes widen up in shocked and she blushed up, her lips had his teeth mark and it was highly swollen, "Oh No, how will I go I front of anyone with these lips, which" Geet thought shivering up, Geet stood there frozen up looking at her lips, "Looking nice right" Maan's voice pulled her up and Maan was standing there with his evil grin, Geet blushed high and went near Maan and held his left hand and walked him to the bed, and made him sit down

Geet then went and took the coffee and gave to Maan and Maan too drank it up, Geet then went away and Geet went down and waited for Nakul and as Nakul and Rahul came with Maan's breakfast, Geet went there covering her mouth with her dupatta, "Geet ji, are you ok" Rahul asked and Geet nodded an yes feeling shy and asked them to go away, Geet then blushed thinking about Maan's naughty act and put the dishes up on the plate and took his tablets and went away to his room,

Maan was still half sit on his bed, laid relaxed on to the bed frame with his eyes closed, Maan can't explain himself why he behaved with Geet like that now, Geet went and sat near him and Maan opened his eyes and saw her with the tray of food and closed his eyes again, "Go away, I am not hungry" Maan said and Geet saw Maan was in some disturbed thoughts, if only she was an mind reader, Geet thought, and she put the tray down and took the plate up and today too she didn't bring the spoon on purpose, "I said go" Maan yelled, but Geet reacted as if she didn't hear it,

Geet took the food and kept near his mouth, and Maan opened his eyes which was red with anger, "don't try to play smart Geet, just because I can't walk or snap at you now, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want" Maan said, "I don't need your pampering, go get the spoon I still have my one hand free" Maan said and Geet nodded an no, stood up and went away keeping the tray up, but when she came back, she had the note in her hand, instead of spoon and she showed it to Maan, "I am not acting and I am definitely not smart either, Maan, when you can care for me by still giving my medicines secretly, why can't I feed you the food, when you are sick," Geet's note read and Maan's eyes went wide and he felt caught,

"Oh," Maan started, and Geet started to write something, and showed Maan, "You don't worry, I am not taking any meaning for your act, likewise, don't take any meaning for what I am doing, I am not expecting you to turn soft towards me or forgive me or love me like before, and you can keep any name for what I am doing, acting, play, game, I don't care, but don't stop me, please" Geet wrote and Maan was awestruck with no response, when she was ready for everything what can he say, Geet then went and washed her hands and came up and took the food in her hand and kept near his mouth,

Maan leaned back and closed his eyes and opened his mouth, trying to avoid her look, and as soon as he tasted the food, his eyes went wide, the taste of his favorite childhood dish, which he ditched these many days and Maan snap opened his eyes and looked at Geet who smiled slightly and fed him more, Maan's heart started to beat high, the same taste, the same care, the same love, Geet had the same smile that his mom had when she fed's him, his eyes filled up, Maan kept starting at Geet's smiling face and the happiness in her face,

It was impossible not to feel the love and care, which he was aching for years, and also he can't stop himself from feeling it, enjoying it, and carving for more, Geet was smiling big as Maan eat the full plate and she kept the plate down, and went and washed her hand and came back and gave him his tablets and water, and wiped the water droplets on his lips with her dupatta and Maan kept staring at her who was having an happy smile on her lips, as she made him lay back and covered himself with the blanket,

And she walked away with the tray, "Same love, same care, and I know, it will result in the same pain, when she goes away, when my own mother didn't think of me and left me alone, how can I expect Geet to be with me forever, with all her doing, she is giving me my forgotten pleasure which will give me more pain later, guess I have born only to suffer" Maan thought as he laid back and closed his eyes, and suddenly something hit his mind, "Geet," He yelled up and she came rushing to him and Maan looked away from her,

"Did you, I mean, did you have your food" Maan asked and Geet smiled and nodded an yes, "And" Maan paused, and Geet understood and signed she also had the medicines and Maan nodded and closed his eyes, acting to sleep up, Geet then came near him, sat with him looking at him, and Maan didn't open his eyes feeling her presence him, and Maan didn't feel sleepy but he didn't want open his eyes, and after sometimes he felt Geet's soft body clinging to his left side and she laid her head on his chest and Maan slowly opened his eyes and saw Geet hugging him and sleeping up, caressing his right arm,

"Why is she doing this" Maan thought, "she came here for Vikram, for money, she never loved me then why is she acting like this" Maan thought but he didn't push her away, "is she scared of me and still doing this, is she is thinking to get my forgiveness, but how long will she be doing this, do she really love me, should I accept it" Maan thought "and how long will I be able to act like I don't care, when I love this, when I love her, god, what is the end of this play, what is the end of our relationship, no, no, I no need an end , let it go as it is and as far as it can go, but will it, is there an tomorrow of our relationship"

Palko ke leke saaye
Paas koi jo aaye
Lakh sambhalo paagal dil ko
Dil dhadke hi jaaye

Par sochlo is pal hai jo
Woh dastan
Kal ho na ho

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chaav hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho

Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama
Kal ho na ho


Maan opened his eyes as he heard some murmuring, and he looked that Geet was not there and Maan looked at the door entrance and saw some shadow and it was Adi's voice, and Maan tried to get up as Geet, Adi and the Doctor entered the room, and Geet rushed towards him and helped him to sit up, "Maan sir, how are you" Adi asked and Maan nodded an ok, "Mr. Khurana, are you feeling any Pain" the doctor who came with Adi asked and Maan nodded an no, "That's really good, and Mrs. Khurana said you are taking good rest and taking the tablets properly, so you might be fine soon" the Doctor said,

"Doctor, can I have my bath, I feel sweaty," Maan asked, "No Mr. Khurana, but you can have Sponge bath" he said, making Maan roll his eyes, "Mr. Khurana, should I send a nurse here to help you" the doctor asked, "No need, Geet is taking" Maan started and stopped and looked away, and he saw Adi and questioning eyes, "Ok Then, will remove the plaster in a week" the doctor said, "In a week, no way, I am feel fine" Maan said, "just get this thing out of me, I have work, I can't be here in the house for one week" Maan jumped up,

"Ok, if not an week, atleast for a another three to four days you have to be in this, and after that will have an X-ray and then will decided," Doctor said, "What" Maan said frustrated, "Maan sir, please, you don't worry about the Office works, I am there na, and you can work from here too, I will mail up everything," Adi said, "And for the meetings and presentation, will have it as an live conference, Maan sir please, health first, please listen to the doctor" Adi said and Maan rolled his eyes up and laid back his head on the bed frame, "whatever" Maan said,

"Ok then Mr. Khurana, I will leave," the doctor said and Maan nodded up, "I will leave him down" Adi said, and Geet stopped him and signed Adi to speak with Maan and she will walk with the doctor and bring him something to drink, "It's ok Geet," Adi said and Geet nodded an no and rushed out, and Adi smiled at Geet and turned to Maan, "Adi, how can you act like nothing happened with Geet" Maan asked looking at Geet and Adi's bond, "Because nothing Changed Maan sir" Adi said, "what, she is an liar, she cheated, she was an," Maan stopped looking down,

"She didn't lie to me Maan, she didn't cheat, you care about where she had come from, and I cared about where she is now, she is your wife, and this houses daughter in-law" Adi said, "just for outside world" Maan said, "and to your inner heart" Adi said and Maan hated the fact that Adi is always right, like he can read his mind, "But don't know for how long, when she will ran away" Maan said and Adi went near him and held his hand, "Maan sir, serious, now too you think she will go away from you" Adi asked,

"if she had to ran away, wouldn't see ran out of this house by now, who is going to stop her now, not even Vijay stops her when she steps out, but why do you think she is still here, holding to you, why do you think she is circling around you, how much ever you insult her, she cries, she might even fight but doesn't she come back to you, again," Adi asked and Maan knew he was right, whatever he does she comes back to him, "Maan sir, can't you really see and feel her love or you are ignoring it purposefully" Adi asked and Maan was silent and Adi can read his mind, and they both turned around when Geet came with an tray and two coffee mugs,

She gave one to Adi and another one to Maan, and stood there, "Maan sir, today I went and gave all the details about the project to Mr. Smith's boss and he is starting to US tonight and he asked me to convey his good wishes and wished you to get well soon," Adi said, and Maan nodded an ok, "Ok Maan sir, take care, I will leave now, it arranged for an live conference tomorrow so you can view the presentation from here" Adi said and Maan nodded an ok, "Geet, take care, and take care of Maan sir too" he said and Geet nodded an big yes,

Geet then came near Maan and asked him to lay back, "no I think I need to get away from the bed," Maan said and Geet then signed whether he wanted to sit on his open terrace, it was Maan favorite place, and Maan nodded a yes, Geet then helped him and pulled him up and held his waist and Maan held her around the shoulders with his left hand and walked up slowly and when they reached the terrace Geet made Maan too sit there on the swing and pulled his legs and place on the swing, making Maan half sit on the swing,

Maan looked up the sky, and it was around 5.00pm and the sun was ready to set down, and the wind was pleasant and Maan slowly closed his eyes relaxing on the swing and after a few long minutes he slowly opened his eyes and saw Geet, who was sitting on the floor and keeping her head on his foot, and her eyes were closed, "Maan sir, can't you really see and feel her love or you are ignoring it purposefully" Adi's question came up in his mind, "even if I feel it, accept it, enjoy it, what is the guarantee that she will not leave me like others I loved, can I suffer anymore" Maan thought,

Maan was scared even to accept his own love with the fear of losing it, Maan then again closed his eyes and drowned into his thoughts, and the night came up, and Maan ate up fed by Geet but this time he didn't say anything, and the more he enjoyed her care, the more his heart feared of losing it, and at night Maan was laying back and Geet was laid beside him, Maan couldn't sleep, his past memories were kindled up more as he enjoyed Geet's care, his lovely time with his mother and horrible time too came into his mind,

Maan snap opened his eyes and stared at the darkness in the room, Maan then tried to get up and Geet woke up immediately and turned on the lights and looked at Maan, "I need my drink, I need it now" Maan said and Geet stopped him from getting up and pushed him back, as Doctor said he can't have it until he is under medication, "I need it," Maan yelled up, "I can't sleep" Maan shouted and Geet understood it, whenever Maan's mind is too disturbed this is what happens and she also knew the other way to put him into sleep, Geet held Maan face in both her hand and pushed him down looking straight  into his eyes,

Maan too stared at her and Geet pressed her lips on his forehead and Maan looked shocked and turned silent and calm and as an heat raised up immediately, Maan's eyes went wide, when Geet sat up on the bed and started to undress herself, as she finished, she looked at Maan who's eyes was dark with desire and she turned off the light and slightly took the blanket covering Maan up and slide herself into it, Maan felt her warmth and closeness and signed up as his desire rose up inside him maddening him and he flinched he felt Geet's lips on his bare chest, Maan suddenly forgot everything and surrendered himself to Geet and let Geet do whatever she needs, and drowned into the pleasure he was feeling inside him,

Maan didn't know when he slept off but when he opened his eyes the sun was shining high and he found Geet still sleeping inside the blanket holding on to him, she was in an deep sleep, may be the blanket kept her away from the sun light and made her to sleep still, Maan thought, she looked so cute and beautiful in the sleep, Maan couldn't help but to caressed her hair slowly and touched her cheek, she smiled a bit, taking Maan's breathe away and she snuggled into his chest,

Maan didn't want to disturb her and so laid there without moving, "what am I fight for," Maan thought confused, "she is not stopping showing her love, nor fighting back, she is accepting everything, my yelling, shouting, insults, everything and not even refusing my accusations, then how will I fight, and how can I reject something which I was aching for years, but what about my fears, if again I enjoyed it all and if she felt me then, what will happen to me"

"what will happen, when her love changes, her choices changes, if she decides to leave him, what will he do, will he be able to survive without her love and care, no, then," Maan thought and looked at Geet, "but if she is going to go away anyways, what's wrong in living and loving till then, can't I ever forgive her, love her, what if I started showing my love directly and her love changes and she leaves me alone, no, she can't do that," Maan thought confused, "ok, will accept her love and will not stop her, but I will not show my love to her, let it be like this even"

"Let my love be in Silence, with No words or action, let it be an secret and silent one, until the destiny itself plan something" Maan thought and closed his eyes relaxing up,

Precap: Maan slightly giving up to Geet's love

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yeyyy me 1st.. Big smile
geet has already started the preparation to pamper maan.. she asked nakul to make maan's favorite dishes.. 
i think maan was not punishing geet, but he was taking chance and pleasure at the same time.. after all he's the pakka business man na.. koi mauka thodi na chodega..LOL
geet fed maan though he refused initially, even got angry.. but geet did not leave any chance for him to let it go.. she fed him with all her love.. maan is also feeling this change and her love.. but also afraid because of his past.. he's afraid that one day like his mother, geet would also leave her.. this insecurity can bring bigger sad events..Cry geet has to fight a tough battle, she not only has to earn maan's trust but also has to remove his all these insecurities..
thank god aadi came and left few v imp Qs to think for maan.. yes, indeed geet always come back to him only.. coz she is made for maan only.. Embarrassed
maan's heart and mind are fighting but both need geet.. let's see how will maan's new strategy work?
wonderful update dear!Smile

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nice update. one improvement from maan side he is accepting what ever geet does and even is accepting what ever maan says both love each other and kept their love in silence.

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really awesomoe ud
maan didn't want to accept geet
care and love but he enjoying her
care and love and feel his moms 
love and closeness in geet act
adi always show him reality
and maan always speechless
and he thought let b like that
he will not show his love but
don't stop geet fr doing anything 4 him
their moment was really awesome romantic

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wonderful update
maan decide to accept her love but not to show his

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hi thanks 4 da pm n fab update! superbly written! Geet takes care of him! Maan being rude! Geet doesn't let this affect her! Maan punishes her! Geet js accepts! Adi knws everything! Adi is a wonderful friend! Maan's inner thoughts well portrayed! update soon

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