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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 26)

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 35

Maan got out of his car and looked at his house shocked, it was decorated with lights and people where going in and out, "what the hell" Maan thought as he rushed up and stood shocked at the door step, seeing the decorations and lighting and people there, it was fully crowded up, he felt he was dreaming, and an his past image came up rushing, this is how his house was, when he was little, when his mom was alive, she always believed in celebration and feasting other, but she choose the wrong guys, she fed the money mind bas***ds,

Maan felt dizzy as he thought of his past and he stood there frozen up, this was so much for him, this is why he wouldn't go to any functions other than his business parties, it reminded him of his mother, and father, who always said they loved him but ditched him for this cruel world, "Mr. Khurana" An voice pulled him up and he looked up to see his business clients there, he wanted to scream "get out" But he controlled himself, it might affect his business, which he don't like "we were all waiting for you" they said,

Maan walked up seeing all his clients and he stopped still when he saw his American clients there, Mr. Smith was there smiling big with his boss and wife, Maan's anger was building up but he was controlling it, and looked around and stopped shocked as he saw Geet there, beautifully dressed and perfectly jeweled up, she looked like an angel, Maan for a second lost his anger as he saw her, walking towards him, but as she came and stood near him, his anger spilled up high,

"What the hell is this" Maan asked and Geet stood there strong, she didn't want to cry and grab any attention, she controlled her fear, her tears, everything and Adi had already said Maan will not react big before his business clients, "What the" Maan try to raise his voice and Geet held his hand and nodded a no and looked around and Maan too looked around and found everyone are looking at them, "Come upstairs" Maan said and rushed up, excusing himself, Geet looked at everyone and signed Nakul and Rahul to look towards the guest and went up, 

Geet went and saw Maan standing there burning in anger, Geet slowly went and stood near him and seeing her his anger popped up, "what the hell is going on" Maan asked, "who gave you this right," Maan yelled up and Geet's eyes filled up and she slowly signed Adi was saying about the Puja, "even if Adi had said, why did you allow," Maan asked suddenly pulling her close to him, "who gave you the right, to arrange these thing in my house without my permission," Maan asked,

Geet trembled and he pushed her away, "these decorations, this, why" Maan asked and Geet held his hand and show to him, Maan saw his palm which had the scar created while he filled her forehead with his blood, "Oh, so now you are show casing yourself as Khurana's Daughter-in-law, Maan Singh Khurana's wife," Maan said irritated and pulled her close by holding her arms, "Don't you have an bit of shame" Maan asked and Geet looked at him pained, "how could you be like this, why do you want me to burn in the guilt again and again,"

"Wasn't it' enough that I put my family's bloodline in guild by marrying an wh**e, and giving the name of Khurana's Daughter-in-law and now, you wanted me to celebrate it, with the world, I lied once but not gonna do it again and again, and fake up like I love you, and don't you dare think I would let you enjoy the status of being this Khurana's Daughter-in-law, Remember, who you had been, in the F**king Village, and don't forget that," Maan said pouring out his whole anger from his heart both the one he is having now and he was having for his past,

Geet gets hurt and looked at Maan with her tears, and signed, yes, she is an wh**e, so what she doesn't have an heart to love, she sold her body but not her heart, her heart loved only one truly and it will live for him alone and signed that Maan too knew who it is, in his heart, and Maan stood there stun, the truth in her eyes was making him weak, there was an pain in her eyes, when she signed about her, and don't why, Maan wanted to hugged her up immediately and rub that pain in her eyes, but he stood there stuck and she went off,

"Maan Sir," Adi's voice made him to turn around and he saw Adi in tears already, "why are you doing this to her and yourself, why," Adi asked and Maan pulls up his Mask on him, "I can't believe it Adi, after knowing everything you did this, why,  I can't understand Adi" Maan asked and Adi went near him, "yes Maan sir, I know everything, and so do you, then why are you doing this, I can't understand you Maan sir," Adi said, "why do you hurt her, when you love her, why are you trying to push her away when you want her close" Adi asked,

Maan was dumbstruck with Adi's direct rightful question, "what rubbish, there is no love, she cheated me, tricked me and I hate her" Maan shouted up, "who are you lying to Maan sir, to me, or to your own heart" Adi asked softly, "Even after knowing about her, even after trusting that she is an bad girl, you bought her into the mansion, that too by giving lump sum to that bas***d, MSK never spend this much money without any gain, and in this too you have gained something, aren't you sir," Adi asked and Maan looked at him slightly puzzled, "Gained?"

"Yes sir, you gain back your love, your happiness with Geet," Adi said, "what nonsense, I told you Adi, there is no love" Maan said but there was no power in his words, "then why did you make her as your wife, why did you give her this great honor," Adi asked, "To save my reputation, she was my girlfriend for them and to save my words I did it for the world, and to trap her here forever to punish her, the reason why I bought her back" Maan explained more of to himself, because this is what his heart was asking him all day and now instead of his heart, it was Adi,

"Maan sir, please stop finding a fake reason for your genuine act of love" Adi said and Maan turned around unable to face his true words, yes he love her, but can't show it, "You bought her back to keep her before your eyes, to see her, take care of her, not to punish her, and torture her, if Maan Singh Khurana decides to punish someone, I know what will their life look like, and you filled her forehead and made her your wife, because you wanted to say to the world that she belongs to you and no one else, if it was about saving Reputation I know your style for that too sir, now you had put yourself in to an circle and also pulled her into it,"

Adi words were so true and Maan wanted to scream it was true, but he controlled himself, "Maan sir, when you love her so much, why can't you forget everything and give her another chance," Adi asked, "because I can bear the pain of staying away, but I will not be able to bear the pain, if she broken my trust and love again, I am not ready for one more heart break, it's better to convince myself that I hate her and stay away from her, then loving her and getting myself hurt,"

" I may be strong but I am still an human, and how many times I can bear the pain of my heart shattering down into pieces , if it happens again, I may not be alive to feel the pain," Maan said broken down, "Maan, sir" Adi freaked out and Maan walked away, Maan as he walked down saw Geet standing before the goddess statue and doing the Arti and she turned to see Maan standing there and watching her and she turned into the Puja, looking her do the Puja, he had an vision of his mom doing it in the past, and he shook his head, "is this means she too will leave me like maa," Maan thought and an pain came up and he rushed out without an word,

Geet was in the hall, worried and crying, Nakul and Rahul were standing near her, "Maan sir will be fine" Nakul said, Geet looked at the clock at it showed 4.00am now, still Maan haven't come back, "Maan sir" Rahul shouted suddenly and Geet looked up and freaked out, she saw Maan shirtless and having his right arm and leg plastered up big and strong, and Adi was holding him on left, "What happened to Maan sir" Nakul asked, "Oh Maan sir was driving and he hit on an big rock and lost balance and hit on the tree" Adi said,

"His right arm and leg had been fractured badly" Adi said, "No, I am fine" Maan said and try to keep his right foot down, "Please Mr.Khurana, Please," An doctor who came with them warned, "don't stress that leg, or it will be serious" he warned, "Mr. Khurana, if you want to get back to normal soon, then you have to rest well and take the medicines as I told you, or else it might take longer, so if you need these plasters, you got to be on rest totally" The Doctor said, as Maan was made to sit on the couch,

"Mrs.Khurana, here are the medicines and the prescription of it, do add egg and milk in his meals, it helps, and please keep away from water" he said and Geet nodded an ok, and he went away, "Come on Maan sir I will take you to your room," Adi said, "No need, I will go myself" Maan said, and Geet asked Adi to go and so as to Nakul and Rahul and everyone went off, and Geet tried to held his left hand and Maan pulled from her, and Geet went away and in a minutes she came to him with an notepad, and showed him still holding it in her hand,

"Maan, we had an deal of sharing the Pain, and I knew I was the reason for this condition of yours, you must have been upset and thinking about me and so missed the rock and hit up, so it was my fault, accept my help and care to reduce your pain or else let me too go and jump down from the terrace and broke my bones and then we can share the same pain" the note read and Maan looked shocked at Geet, "Are you blackmailing me" Maan asked angered and Geet gave an stubborn look, and again wrote something on her notepad, and showed him,

"No, ok, kind of, yes, still you think it's an act, then I hope you will believe me when I am done breaking my bones," Geet said and looked at Maan, who was looking confused, and she turned around and Maan held her wrist, Maan knew that Geet could do something like that, and if something bad happen to her, he will never be able to bear it, so Maan gave up, and held her hand and got up with his left leg and he put his left hand around Geet's shoulder and held her, Geet wanted to smiling big seeing Maan give up, she looked at him who was looking away, avoiding her eyes,

"Maan, your love for me will help me to win your trust on me and on my true love" Geet thought and put her hand around Maan's waist and held him close and walked him up in the stairs to his room, her closeness and her soft hold on his skin made him burn and was making Maan to feel the heat and it was provoking his desire up, Geet finally made to Maan's room, but it was not  an easy job for her fragile self and she made him to lay back on the bed, and kept an pillow under his right leg and kept an pillow under his right arm too and cover him with the blanket,

Maan can't help himself from falling in to her care, he loved it, though he can't show it, he can't deny that his heart loves it, Geet then rushed down and made the Haldi milk and came up with Maan's tablets and gave him the milk and Maan turned back and Geet pointed towards the window there and sign then she will jump from it and Maan scorned at her and  held the glass in his left hand and drank up and also had the tablets and Geet pushed him down to the bed, and covered him with blanket, and sat beside him, Maan closed his eyes and after sometimes Maan felt her soft hand caressing his hair, thinking he is slept,

Maan's eyes were closed but he was awake, and he simply loved the feel on her hand caressing his hair, he moved a bit, and he felt her hand stopping him from moving, holding his arms hovering on him and he can felt her closeness more now, he felt her warm body touching his arms and her hand still holding his right arm and he felt the little tapping of her hand on his bare chest, maybe she is trying to put him into the sleep, and this is how his mom too would do to him, an Pain and pleasure mixed up in his heart and he gave up to his sleep soon, may be because of the medicine,

Maan slowly signed up as his sleep got disturbed and looked up and it was dark, "What the hell, how long did I sleep" Maan thought and looked at the clock which showed 7.00pm, "Oh God" Maan thought and try to get up and pressed his left hand hard and before he could move, he felt Geet's hand on him, helping him to get up and she place an pillow on his back and made him to sit relaxed, and gave him the water glass, "Did Adi came" Maan asked and Geet nodded a no and signed he called, "Get my mobile" Maan said and Geet went and took it up and came and gave him up, and Maan called Adi and spoke with him and then kept the phone down and Maan pulled his pillow under his right leg and Geet looked at him shocked,

Maan try to get up and Geet went and helped him up, and looked at him, "Geet, I need to used the washroom, so leave me alone" Maan said and Geet took of her hands, not wanting to irritated him up, but she went and took up something like an plastic sheet and wrapped around his leg, and arm, to avoid the water on his plaster and stood away and Maan went into his washroom and Geet waited for him outside, and when he came out, she removed the plastic sheet and it looked like Maan had washed his face as the water was still dripping up in his face and hair,

As Geet helped Maan to sit down and put the pillow under his right leg and his right arm, she sat near him and took her dupatta and wiped his face and dried his hair with her dupatta, and Maan looked at her face, she had an slight smile and so much of love, looked impossible to be called as an fake one, Geet then went down and Maan cursed his fate for putting him down like this and now he was under the girl, who he wanted to prove that he doesn't love her, and need no care from, though he loved it,  he hated his life little more,

Geet then came with the food tray and sat near him and served the food and to Maan's shock she took the food in her hand and kept near his mouth, "Did the spoons in Khurana Mansion got stolen or something" Maan asked and Geet nodded an yes, "Geet" Maan try to raise his hand which was band aid and Geet signed up and stopped him and Kept the food near his mouth, "Geet" Maan try to speak and she feed him his food as he opened his mouth, and Maan was totally shocked by her bold move, Geet signed, it will not kill to eat in her hand,

"But only Maan knew it really kills him, his past ghost was getting close with everything she does, but he loves the way she feeds him with her hand, he suddenly felt hungry, the hunger which he lost when he was an child, and then Maan gave up and Geet fed him up with her hands and Maan was eating up, staring at the wall, and Geet was surprised, as Maan had ate the dishes completely, he never had ate like this before, he never completes his dinner on plate, he leaves it half, and Geet remembered Nakul's words, how Maan loves to eat well in his mom's hand and he was an foodie,

Geet eyes filled up understanding what would be going inside Maan's heart and she gave him the water and then gave him the tablets and stood up and kept the plates away and went and washed her hands and came up and Made him to lay back on to the bed, Maan was somewhere lost in his own world and he laid back without a word or reaction, maybe he was in his lost world of love of his childhood, Geet then covered him with the blanket and laid besides him and caressed his hair and tapped his cheat,

Maan closed his eyes and gave up to the drugged effect of the medicine, Geet was looking up at Maan, her eyes flowed up, looking at him, she can't bear the struggled he was having inside his heart, so strong yet so fragile, she kissed his forehead and laid up holding Maan close on his left side, making him feel her warmth and caressing his hair, "I Love You Maan, I Love You, and I will be there for you always" Geet said in her silence words and Maan snuggled his head into her as if he heard her soundless words and held her around with his left hand and pulled her close near him,

Geet looked at him, he was sleeping well, yet not missing to show his love and hold on her, "I Love You, Geet" Maan's murmuring words hit on Geet's ear and she looked at him and she smiled as her tears flowed out in happiness and she kissed his lips, "I love you too, Maan," she thought and pulled herself close and slept off,

Precap: Geet's love and Maan's surrender...

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Wonderful update
Maan angry seeing puja in km
Maan met with accident geet care love changing maan little

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Wonderful update 

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Fabulous update...
Maan had an accident...
Geet taking care of maan...
Love it...
Waiting for nxt eagrly...

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maan was so angry seeing all the decoration which reminded him his childhood he was very rude with geet but adis word made so effect on him he met with an accident now geet takes care of him n he actually loving her caie precap sound good lovely part thnx 4 update

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loved it

geet tring to i things which rani a hqd done in past so it will remind maan of his lovely past days

she is as sturben as maan

precap seems interesting

cont soon

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he was angry seeing all arrangement 
lashes out his frustation on geet 
he hurt her by words
adi argue with him made him numb 
he met in accident 
wow good way to control maan 
maan enjoye geet care but his ego not let him to do so 

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