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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 21)

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soo painful update ... Cry

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awsme update di.. painful bt beautifully written

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It was so much painful. Maan had lost his parents in his childhood. Maan's father had arrested because of some wrong allegation which was put by his enemies. No one  helped them and in all this tension rani ma had abortion. Hearing this first maan's father suicided n than his mother. Maan become hard from that time. His mind filled with hatered only. Geet was crying so much hearing his last. Now she got more determined to love her and makes him believe on her. Waiting for next dear

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
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sweet scorpio

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feeling sorry for maan

cont soon

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Next update jaldhi de do di ;)

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sad updateCry
maan has been through soo muchCryCry
feels bad for himCry
pls update soon

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 34

Maan wake up as the sun heated his face and he found that he sleep on the chair leaning on to the table in his private bar even, he slightly remember what happened yesterday, "She was crying, behaving strange" Maan thought and went shook his head and went up and when he went to his room he found Geet missing and before he could freak out, Maan saw the coffee mug steamy with his hot coffee and Maan went near it, and there was an small note there, "good morning, your coffee"

Maan crushed and throw the letter away and rushed to Geet's room and saw that she was not there, "where did she go" Maan thought confused and got back to his room and saw an note near the coffee mug, "but I" Maan thought and saw the crushed note still on the floor, and he went and took up the fresh note, "even after I hurt you so much, you have given an place to live and food to survive, and you had spend so much on me, so, atleast this I guess you will let me do, for you, and this will not change anything, everything is same as before and I am not excepting anything else"

"And if you think it was another game of mine and you are scared of falling for me again, if you are so week for me, then don't drink the coffee, I can understand" the note read, "Scared, I am not scared, and I not falling for you," Maan shouted already knowing Geet is watching him from somewhere, and he grabbed the mug and drank it up, and his taste buds screamed in happiness as it got it's favorite coffee taste, Maan hated himself for liking her coffee so much, and he kept the coffee mug and went inside the washroom,

Geet who was standing behind the screens smiled up as she came out and took the coffee mug and walked away, "Maan I know you, provoking you was the only way to convince you, let me see how it works now, I will try everything now to get you back," Geet smiled up and went down, Maan came up and saw the Coffee mug gone and so he dressed up and rushed to Geet's room, still she was not there and Maan rushed down but she was not in the kitchen too nor in the hall, but the breakfast was already bought in,

Maan then opened the breakfast box and found the food quantity less, "Nakul had send less today," Maan thought but he can't waste the time, so he served the food on the plate for Geet and went to the kitchen and took her medicine and mixed it in the milk and came out and still Geet was not there, "Everyday I had to go and call her ah" Maan thought irritated and rushed up, "Geet" He yelled shaking up the whole building as he entered her room but she was not there and then Maan went to his room,

Maan stopped shocked as he saw an plate on his bed, covered up with another plate and there was an note with it, Maan went and held the note and looked at it, "Your breakfast, please have it and I will have mine, after all we are partners, I mean, suffers in crime right" it said, Maan didn't know how to react, he sat on the bed and started to eat his breakfast, but his heart was already missing Geet, sad or happy, he somehow wanted to see her face, Maan then rushed out and went down and saw the plate empty on the dinning,

He wanted to look around for her but he controlled himself, he didn't want to act as an desperate one, so he went away, Geet saw him going away in his car from her room and smiled up,

Maan was hovering inside his cabin, "What the hell is going inside her mind, what is she thinking, what is she trying to prove or say by this, what is happening with her, one minute she is crying, then she is smiling, then she is striping herself and stands before me naked and today she is playing hidden seek, what the hell is going inside her mind, what does she want, and damn I am feeling like I miss her" Maan was talking to himself, when he heard an Knock, "Come in" Maan said as he sat on his chair,

"Sir" Pinky came in with Mr.Smith, "Oh God, with all the drama in that party, I almost forgot to call them and apologies yesterday" Maan thought as he stood up to welcome Mr.Smith, "Hello Mr.Smith," Maan welcome him, "Hello Mr.Khurana, how are you and here is an small gift from my Boss's wife to you and Mrs.Geet" he said and with the mentioning of Geet's name, Maan missed her even more, "Mr.Smith, I was above to call you, for what happened in the party, I am" Maan started up

"Oh, No need to say anything Mr.Khurana, we completely understand and in fact my Boss and his wife was so impressed in the way you stood up for your love and cleared all claims on her, that was truly heroic to step up for your lady before media and it show how much you love and respect her and her dignity, it was so impressive Mr.Khurana, you are not only an Man of talent but true honor" Mr. Smith praised making Maan uncomfortable, "if he only knows the truth about me and Geet's real relationship, what will he call him," Maan thought,

"Ok Mr. Smith, what can I do for you now" Maan asked cutting him off, "Nothing Mr.Khurana, just wanted to ask whether everything is ready or not, within an week boss is flying off, so before that he wanted see everything regarding the project, so that we can do everything there before Mr.Adi comes up," Mr.Smith said, "Sure, will send Adi with all the details to your office" he said and Mr. Smith said an ok and went away,

It was 10.00pm when Maan came to the Mansion and Geet was not on the hall waiting for him, and it made him feel an pain and it pricked him, he looked around to see her but she was not there and Maan went to his room and changed and refreshed and came down and saw the dinner was untouched, and so he walked into the kitchen and came back with the milk glass and kept on the table and waiting up on the dinning as she had to come down for dinner, but as Maan waited up she didn't come,

Maan got tensed, "Ok, I am going to my room," Maan shouted and went to his room, and after a few long minutes he came out and went down and saw the plates empty, and he turned back to look at his room and rushed in and he saw the dinner plate on his table, "how did she, where did she come from and" Maan thought surprised and Maan was getting desperate to see Geet every minutes, he throw the food in the dust bin and sat there, not knowing what to do, and went to her room and to his surprise it was locked, Maan wanted to tap or kick the door, but controlled himself,

"Fine, she doesn't want to show her face, I too don't want to see her" Maan Thought and then went to his room and started to drink high, but his mind was running around Geet, an extreme desire for her was building up, it was not her closeness but her distance was making him wanted her badly, Maan's mind had her image played up, her big eyes, her sweet lips, her fragile fingers, her soft body, her closeness and warmth, Maan drank up like an Manic but his thirst wasn't subsiding, as he couldn't bear it, he went and kicked Geet's door and his monstrous strength made the door give up in a kick,

Maan entered in and he saw Geet sitting on the bed, freaked out, with his sudden entry, Maan then went close to her and held her neck in his one hand, and pulled her up and looked at her breathing high, and he suddenly pressed his lips on her and Geet gave up immediately accepting the kiss, and he after a few minutes pulled up and looked at her and caressed her hair on the forehead, Geet felt an bliss as his fingers touched her, the touch she was missing and aching for, Maan then traced his finger down her nose and lips and neck,

 Geet's breathing turned high and she held Maan's arms as she closed her eyes and parted her lips, that was all Maan could control and he hovered on her and pushed her on to the bed and laid on her top and started to kissed her face, He was so wild, and so much passionate, he was biting and licking her all over like never before and Geet was enjoying his wildness with tears of happiness, Geet didn't even know when she was undressed or when Maan got undressed, she was so lost in to his love, and so as Maan, totally lost into her and he forgot everything except her, he left his body to do the talking for him, his love, lust, pain, anger everything was ruling his love making, and it went for an long, long time,

Geet looked at Maan who was completely exhausted and sleep off in her hold, not even having the time to dress back, Geet looked at Maan laid facing the ceiling and she curdle up and laid her head on to his heart and heard it's beat, " so much of pain is there inside you but don't worry, I will take away those pain, I will hold you and love you, and pamper you, like no one else did, I love you," she said in silence and kissed his heart, making Maan sign and put his hands around her held her tightly and sleep off, Geet too curdle into his hold and slept off, happily.

Maan signed up as he felt the wet kiss on his cheeks, he slowly opened his eyes and it was dark and breezy, but he can feel the hot breathe on him, and then he squeezed the sleepiness in his eyes and open it up and found the darkness was because of the hair screening up the light and he stared into the deep golden gaze staring at him, he stared back as she pulled from him and smile slightly and pulled away and walked up, but stopped near the door and looked at Maan with her dazzling gaze and went away,

Maan was frozen up with her pleasant morning look, her shining eyes, but suddenly reality struck him up, Maan looked around and found he was in Geet' room and started to recollect what happened yesterday, and as everything come into his mind, "Damn, I am such an loser, I again lost to her, she was right I am so week and desperate for her, just one day she tried to hide herself and I, what the hell now she would think, no wonder she kissed me, she must have decided that she has won, no, no, no, I can't let her think like that"

"I have to show I didn't lose up to her, I am not desperate for her, I am not weak" Maan thought and stood up, rushed to his room and refreshed up and rushed down and saw Geet serving up the breakfast, "Damn, she confirmed that I lost myself to her, she is so cool, and she is thinking that she can behave, and be with me like before, she can have my love," Maan thought frustrated by his own act and came down, rushed towards Geet his eyes pouring out the anger, "how dare you to kiss me" Maan said holding her arms and pulling her close,

"who gave you the right, why this show off when you don't love me for real" Maan yelled up and then pushed her away, "look" Maan was above to say something but stopped as he saw Geet writing something on her notepad, now a day she walks with her notepad in hand for Maan, and she gave her notepad to Maan, "Then what will you say for what you did last night, why did you touch me, kiss me, f**k me, when you don't love me, when you hate me to the core, what gave you the right" the note read and Maan looked at Geet who was staring at him with no fear,

Maan anger hiked up without an barrier and he held her arms and pulled her close, "Listen to me carefully, I can touch you," Maan said as he held her waist and pulled her more close, "Kiss you" Maan said as he kissed her, "and" Maan said and he saw the slight fear in Geet's eyes, and he grinned up his evil grin and pushed her back, "I owe you, I already today you, you are just like these furniture, and I not need to have love or affection towards them, to use them for my needs, I have the right, only I have the right, understand" Maan said

"Now go to your room" Maan said and Geet looked at him puzzled, "I said go" Maan yelled and Geet rushed up scared a bit and Maan relaxed himself, "why does she always provoke me to speak like this" Maan thought as he went inside the kitchen, Geet was confused why he was asking her go to her room and she slowly peeped down the hall and saw Maan missing and she went down and she heard some noise from the kitchen and went and peeped in, Maan was holding the milk glass and kindling it with an spoon, Geet then rushed back as she saw Maan turning up,

"Geet" as Maan's roar came up she came down and he pointed at the breakfast, "eat" he said and walked out, without having his breakfast and Geet then rushed to the kitchen and looked around and then she found the medicine cover on the dustbin and she turned around to see an cupboard not closed properly and she opened it and saw the medicine box kept inside it, and her eyes filled up, "Maan, was still giving my medicine properly, which I forgot totally, Maan, if you are saying you don't love me, then why so much care, why Maan, caring me so much and yet asking me not to love you,"

"How can I be like that, you are so nice but why are you trying to show yourself as an bad guy, you are right Maan, you own me, you own my heart and soul, but you didn't bought it with money but with your love, my Maan is never an bad guy" Geet thought smiling up and came to the dinning and drank up the milk he made for her, and cursed herself for missing this act of Maan this long, he was so much caring about her health and yet didn't want to show it and so secretly giving her, her medicine, "so much of love, I am so blessed Maan, for this love I will bear even more pain," she smiled big with tears, and went up

Maan was in his cabin when Adi came to his cabin, "Maan sir, Mr. Smith called and asked for an help" Adi said, "What kind of help" Maan asked puzzled, "as his boss and his wife are new to India, they were so excited about the Indian system of Puja and festival, so they asked if they could personally experience that in any way" Adi said and Maan jumped up, "What does this company look like," Maan shouted up, "Maan sir, relax, he asked it with an personal note"

"There is nothing personal in business," Maan said between his teeth, "Ok Maan sir, let them think as Personal, we will take it as a business, by doing this we will be able to pull up all their future contracts and also can establish our good image in the US companies," Adi said and Maan glared at him, "Khurana contraction have its name and image by work, not by this" Maan said and Adi looked down, "Ok, You said you will arrange ah" Maan asked and Adi nodded an yes,

"Then Go ahead and do whatever you want, and unless its business don't interfere me in it" Maan said and Adi nodded with an thank you and went away, where to arrange for an Puja within two day, Adi thought and smiled big, and rushed away,

"Hello Adi sir" Vijay smiled big when Adi entered Khurana mansion, "I am fine, how are you" Adi asked and he said an fine and Adi went in, Adi rushed to Geet's room and knocked the door standing out and Geet came out and seeing Adi she hover up and hugged him up, and Geet smiled big as she pulled Adi in, "How is my Sister doing" Adi asked and Geet nodded up, with an big smile, "wow, Geet it's an bliss to see you with all smiles with not tears, always be like this" Adi said,

"And ah, here," Adi said as he gave her two bags, "your marriage had been happened in an very unusual way but still I am happy that it happened,  so here is my little gift for my sister and my boss's wife," Adi said and Geet looked inside the bag and found an Saree and an jewel set, and it looked costly and Geet looked at Adi with an question look, "what are you looking at, it's an duty of an brother, thought I would do everything in your wedding first but things changes up badly, but still, it's my duty" Adi said,

And Geet poured out her tears, she wasn't excepting so much of love from Adi, he not only said she was his sister but also meant it, "oh come on Geet, please do cry, it's an happy day" Adi said and Geet wiped her tears up, "and in this happy day, I need an help from you" Adi said, and Geet looked puzzled, "actually Geet, you need to do an Puja, full traditional Puja" Adi said and Geet looked at him shocked, "why" she signed, "For the goodness" Adi said and smiled and said his really reason,

Geet signed she don't know how to do an Puja, "don't worry, I will take care of everything," Adi said, Geet signed for Reason, and Adi looked up thinking, "Lakshmi Puja" Adi said shocking Geet, she signed now, "yea, come on Geet either the foreign will know nor Maan sir, and yea, Lakshmi Puja is done for prosperity and happiness, so let's do it" Adi said, and Geet then pointed towards Maan's picture, "Don't worry I will handle Maan sir, and also Geet" he said as he went near her,

"As long I knew this house was always bearing the pain, atleast now let it feel some positive energy and happiness, who knew may be this would help us in getting you and Maan sir closer, enough of the loneliness this house and Maan sir went through, it's time to change it all, and as this houses daughter in law it's your duty too, and I also heard that once Khurana Mansion will always be decorated and filled with people and celebration for one reason or other, let's give this old building so new life" Adi said and Geet smiled and nodded an yes, "Don't worry Geet, everything will be fine" Adi said and Geet too wish the same,
Precap: Puja in Khurana House, will bring Maan and Geet close???

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Fabulous update maya...
Geet playing hide and seek wid maan...
Waiting for d day whn dey again come closer...

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