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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 16)

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again a super part
rani maa blessed geet
nakul ready to help geet
now what is in this letter so
as all life of khurana scattered

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superb update
rani maa  encourage geet to make maan normal 
on geet's request nakul kaka narrating maan's past to geet

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gr8 part,,
thanks for pm dear,,

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 33

Geet was waiting with fear for Nakul to continue, Nakul looked at Geet and Geet signed what was that letter about, "it was an court order asking Raaj Saab to surrender in the police station" Nakul said shocking Geet to the core, "It was said that there was complain on him that he is doing some illegal activities and that's why suddenly he gained so much of money, and as he is an royal blood, they didn't want him to arrest but asked him to surrender without creating any buzz,"

"Raaj saab was totally shattered up, he was an pure hearted soul, he never done anything wrongly and the pride is the one thing he valued the most, he was suddenly petrified and he found out that two of his family cum business enemies joined up to do this, Raaj Saab decided to face it off and he went to the police station as asked by the court, showing his respect to the law that day late afternoon, Rani maa was so shaken, she was never been so scared, she stopped Raaj saab to go to the police station"

"Ask him to wait for a day but Raaj saab wanted to follow the law, and left to the station and Rani maa immediately called her brother Raja Ratan saab but to our bad luck he had gone to London and when called him in London, he was shocked, he was an strong man, and asked Rani maa not to worry, he will come back soon, but he couldn't come because of the bad weather there, the flights were not running, have to say that even the fate was against Khurana family then,"

"Maan sir was just an small kid, but grasped the situation and turned strong, he was giving courage to his mother, holding her strong, but Rani maa was heartbroken, and she was so scared, she held Maan sir in her arms and sat there waiting for Raaj saab, but only the darkness came, it's turned night and Raaj saab didn't come home, and Rani maa started to cry, we all couldn't bear it and suddenly one of Raaj Saab's manager came and informed that he was arrested and kept in the lock up,"

"Rani maa was so traumatized, it was like they have some evidence against him and as he went there they showed him those and arrested him, Rani maa was shattered and she wanted to see Raaj saab now, but the manager and we servants stopped her as it was night and she was pregnant too, we asked her to wait, Rani maa was crying all night and Maan sir hated it, he was begging her not to cry, as he couldn't bear it, that night no one eat or slept, everyone was waiting for the sun rise and as soon as the sun came up, Rani maa went to the police station"

"Trust me Geet ji, Rani Maa was an pampered child she never go out of the house, that too all alone and on that day she was left alone, she was scared yet she did it for Raaj Saab, she and Maan sir along with the manager went to the station and their they found about the tricks made by Raaj Saab's enemies and the police said they can't leave him out as the case is strong and they need to ask for bail with an advocate, Rani maa broke down and then she pleaded the police guy to see Raaj saab"

"But Raaj saab refused to see her and Maan sir as he knew they can't bear to look at him like this, then the manager said he will arrange some advocate and went away leaving Rani maa in the mansion, but he didn't return back, we got confused and then when called him, he said he is out of station and can't help anymore, and we were all scared, looks like the enemies bought him with some huge amount, Rani maa pleaded to him, asked him to help her and she will give him enough money he need,"

"but he didn't listen, he was the first one who left her alone for money, Rani maa never interfered in any of Raaj Saab's contact and she didn't know what to do or whom to call, she was left alone, she then went to Raaj Saab's business partners and friends to help her, But no, not an single soul was ready to help, all who earned money and fame because of Raaj Saab, acted like they don't know him, some said they can't interfere because their business would be effect, some out of fear of getting involved,"

"Rani maa holding Maan sir in one hand and with an child inside her was begging everyone, everyone was keen on their money, and fame and status and thus then we found that all their sweet talks and praises was just an show, when the time came everyone showed their real color, they were all jealous of Khurana's and their fame, everyone, Rani maa as innocent as an baby, who believe everyone as her own, everyone was an good, found the bitter truth in an bad way,"

"She then called her brother and told anything and Ratan ji called his lawyer from Jaipur and asked him to help her, but when he came, it was Saturday, almost evening and he went to the station to find the details and he can't take him out immediately and Sunday court was also leave, leaving Raaj Saab one more days in jail, only after that advocate came here, we found all the truth, Raaj Saab's two close friends and partners are involved in it, along with two of his staff member, who created fake documents of illegal transaction and as Khurana concerns own employees and partners are involved, and all the letter pads and documents have Khurana concerns seal in it, it's so difficult to prove wrong"

"But that advocate promised he will do everything, Rani maa can't bear it, every minute she was suffering thinking of Raaj Saab in Jail, and she forgot sleeping or eating, so as Maan sir, he was walking behind her crying seeing her crying, and suddenly Sunday afternoon, she took Maan sir and went to Raaj Saab's partners house who gave fake evidences and statement, and asked them to tell the truth and get Raaj Saab out, but they laughed at her and insulted her, she even said she will give how much ever money they need"

"But those guys wanted everything, if Raaj Saab goes to jail, then the Khurana Concern will be theirs, the can take over it fully, Rani maa was shocked totally, everyone, around them was only for Money and this truth was unbearable, and she decided she will not beg anymore and cursed them for their wrong deed and came home, she was so broken down and crying like hell, Maan sir was silently seeing everything, and his little innocent heart was registering everything that was happening,"

""Money, money, money, everyone wanted that only, how many days I had offered them food with my own hands, I called them Bhai and treated them like my brother but they" Rani Maa shouted up frustrated and asked the advocate to do everything in power to put everyone on their right place, she said she will give away all the money she own for it, and the Advocate too did what she said, but those guys were even more criminal, then on Monday, Advocate went to the court to get the bail order, and Rani was happy,"

"She made Maan sir's favorite dishes and was feeding him, happily with her own hands saying that today Raaj saab will came home and everything will be fine like before, but when they were eating some guys entered the house and said that court had sealed all the properties of Khurana's as they suspect it was all were from the illegal money and until the case is been solved, all Khurana properties, bank accounts and company transactions will be stopped, immediately,"

"Rani maa was so shocked, those heartless guys asked everyone to get out immediately, I still remember how an guy pulled Maan sir from the dining table pulling his food away, along with Rani maa, Maan sir along with his mother been throw out, they refused even to use her car, Maan sir and Rani maa was locked out of their own house, Rani maa then asked every servant to go home and come back when she calls them, but I refused to go, she was more than an owner to me, she was my god, so as Raaj saab, we decided to go wait for Raaj saab and the advocate to return from the court,"

"We went to the nearby temple and waited for them, Rani maa was feeling so tired, due to everything she was bearing, and I went away to get something for her to drink, and didn't know what happened, she suddenly got stomach pain and Maan sir was freaked out, and I too didn't know what to do, then I took her to the hospital, our nearby small clinic and" Nakul cried high, and Geet went and bought him some water and he drank it up, and wiped his tears, and took an deep breathe "and there we found out that she had an abortion, Rani maa was heartbroken, she can't bear it,"

"Maan sir was the one who was more broken, he become violent, it was his sister, his dream, he couldn't bear her lost, Doctor said as Rani maa was an delicate women and the stress, hyper tension with not having proper diet and also medicine resulted this, but Rani maa was only worried of Raaj Saab, as Maan Sir, Raaj saab was so in love with the baby, and now, she fear to tell him and her fear turned, as soon as he came to know about what all happened he shattered up, already he was guilty of putting his family name in shame,"

"And this, because of his careless attitude and trusting everyone without an doubt, had put his love and child in worst condition, that day's night, Raaj saab called Maan sir and told him, not to believe anyone, and everyone was behind their money, and they meant nothing for anyone except as an money giving tree, and also said, "cheaters can be forgiven, but fools are meant to be punished", and then went away, and in the midnight, when I went in search of Raaj Saab, I saw him, hanged himself in the tree outside the hospital, and was hell shocked and went and told everyone and Maan sir rushed out immediately while Rani maa was frozen in the place,"

"We went and pulled him down but no use, he was already gone, Maan sir was crying high and suddenly we found Rani Maa didn't come, and I went to her room to call her but, but I only saw her bleed up in an blood pool, she who loved Raaj Saab more than her own life, can't imagine an life without him and so she cut herself and went with him even, leaving our little Maan sir in pain and shock, in that small age, Maan sir was wounded deep down as everyone went away living his all alone with their own problems and pain, he suddenly frozen up and turned silent, and refused even to do the last rituals of Rani Maa and Raaj saab,"

"Then when finally Raja Ratan Saab came up, he was hell angry with what had happened, he took over Maan sir, he promised he will get back the Khurana Mansion and punish them all who was responsible for his sister's dead, Raja Ratan saab was not an soft guy, he had his Royal rage, He did what he said, some by legally, and some by killing, he killed Raaj saab partners without an clue and also his employees, and finally it was Raaj Saab's enemies turn, till date no one knew what happened to them, except a few of us who knew they were dead"

"Then Raja Ratan Saab took Maan sir back to the Mansion, but he couldn't stay here, he felt this place was haunted with his mom's memory, and he felt no one loved him as they all left him, they didn't even think for him for a second, what will happened to him, he couldn't eat in the dining table, or anywhere, he missed Rani maa, he turned violent, he started to scream and broke things up, now and then, she stopped talking and turned silent, so Raja Ratan Saab took Maan sir to Jaipur with him, for his studies, leaving the Mansion in my responsibility,"

"And after that I only saw Maan sir when Raja Ratan Saab took him back to this mansion as an fully grown man, and handed over the businesses he was taken care of till now, which was Khurana's eventually, but Maan sir was changed a lot, he was filled with anger always, he started to drink immensely, morning fully he will be in the office drown into the Business and night he will be in the bar, and he stopped eating in the house, he throw out all the servants, except me and Rahul, as he was my nephew, but he made me promise to never talk or tell anyone about his past"

"Maan sir started to earn more money like an manic, and he spend a lot too, "Money is power, money is everything this world need, when it's gone, everything will go away from you, even your shadow will leave you go, the people around you are dogs, you have to feed them the note bundles, once you stopped, they will bite you back" Maan sir would often say, every emotions in his heart died, with his mom and dad and when Raja Ratan Saab died Maan sir was all alone,"

"but the wound and what all happened in that few days never died in his heart, he throw away everything regarding his past in to the right wing and ditched it completely," Nakul said and Geet was crying like hell, her eyes were all flooded with pain, She can't imagine what all Maan could have under gone in his childhood, the deep huge love and emotion in his heart for his mom and dad, was the result of this huge deep pain and hurt, no wonder he hate the life and people like this,

"But Geet ji, no one knows this, that Maan sir still has some kindness to this world," Nakul said wiping his over flowing tears, "there is an lot of trusts running secretly with Khurana Funds, and even in Khurana Hospital all treatments for the pregnant ladies was free, and Khurana trust is funning so many orphan girl child, Maan sir loves Girl child, and many old ages and child care centers holds our funds, but no one knows this, except me and Adi sir, Adi sir personally handles this,"

"My Maan was not an bad guy Geet ji, this fate was, the destiny was, it took away all the beliefs he had on mankind, and only thing he believes now is the power of money and support of alcohol" Nakul said and Geet cried high, "Please Geet ji, please don't cry, well I had told you everything I know, and if you need to know anything more do ask me, I will say, hope this will help you in some way," Nakul said and went away, and Geet sat  down on the kitchen floor and held her knees and cried up,

How in the world she is going to treat this wound created in that young innocent heart and grown up to an humongous pain and grudge now on the whole mankind, how is she gonna prove that there is pure love in this world, how, Maan still keeps witnessing the fakes people who care only for money, like Ravi, Baldev, Vikram and she too according to Maan, how will she, and even Maan's business clients as per Adi's words are only after Maan's money, then how wills she change the fact now, Maan's anger on Rani maa and Raaj saab was justified, they only thought about themselves their pain, and not about Maan,

Geet then remember Maan's hand shivering up every time when he sit on the dinning to eat, why he was avoiding the meals and dinners, "Baba ji, he misses his mother, her love, her care, her pampering, he still misses her so much, all his anger and attitude, was to cover his aching for some true love", Geet remember how Maan used to ask her to feed him with her hands before and how he used to cuddle into her in his sleep holding her dupatta and how he always ask her to caress his hair while laying on her lap,

Geet thought it was all about love, no, no, it was all what he missed from his mother, he wanted to get that love and care from her, "Baba ji," Geet cried high as she ran into her room and kneed down before Baba ji's picture, "why Baba ji, Maan was trying to get his mom's care and love from me, he was happy because he got back someone to love and care him immensely and selflessly like his mom, and you took away that too from him, why, why, it was more than love and desire he had on me, it was the belief and trust of having someone as his own, why Baba ji, why" she cried high laying on the floor,

It was night 10.30pm when Maan came into the Mansion, but he was shocked when Geet came rushing towards him and hugged him tight, full of tears and Maan was taken aback with her action and he pulled her up from him and saw her face which was a bit reddish and her eyes was heavy, "she had been crying" Maan thought and was so puzzled, she then caressed his cheeks and before Maan could pull her hands away, she herself pulled off and went to the dinning and started to serve the food,

Maan got confused and went outside and asked Vijay did anyone come to meet her, and he said an no, and then he checked his landline which was dead and his mobile jammer was also still on, no way Geet could have contacted someone from outside, then what happened to her, Maan thought, "is this her new plan, or play" Maan got confused and then asked her to go and changed up, and she rushed up, Maan then went to the kitchen and made Geet's medicine milk quickly and came and kept it on the table and waited for Geet, and she came and ate up everything,

Maan then went up to his room still confused and puzzled and when he turned back he saw Geet there, she came before and suddenly to Maan's shock she started to undress herself and Maan's words went dry and his eyes widen up and she want and lay on the bed naked looking at Maan, Maan was shocked to the core, looking at her Maan didn't get any desire, but he had an sheer pain in his heart, she reminded him how cruel and cheap he behaved with her, Maan went near her and took an blanket and throw it over her and walked away,

"Maan, may the fate play even more games, I will not stop trying to prove my love and get your love back, I will not leave you, I will not lose my life, I will live, live for you, with you, I will shower my love and care on you that you ache for, I will, if my love for you is true, then let that love help me, with my fight against the destiny" Geet thought sitting up holding to the blanket,

Precap: Geet attempt to show her care and love for Maan..,

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Emotional part. Maan suffered so much as a kid and all that shaped him into what he is today.

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Emotional update 

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Emotional update...

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Emotional and Devastating Update

Maan's parents died because people were jealous on their wealth
he lost their love and safety at a young age thus making him the person he is today , someone that believes everybody only loves money nothing else .
Geet hearing about Maan's past was sad and now she has no idea how to bring that carefree loving Maan back

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