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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3) (Page 12)

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A Love in Silence

Chapter 32

Geet slowly opened her eyes when the sun hit her eyes and she was shocked to see she was on the bed and she was surprised too, she knew she slept off only on the floor but, well, who else would do this other than Maan, her tears gather up and she smiled big in between her tears, knowing Maan's love for her, so true and pure, and his struggle of hiding it, Geet then got up and took Maan's picture and looked at it, and the glass frame reflected her face too and Geet saw the dry blood in her forehead and she touched it,

"Yes, Geet is married, and her husband's name is Maan Singh Khurana, she is Geet Maan Singh Khurana, she was my wife, she is my wife and she will be my wife forever, any more questions," Maan's words echoed up and she smiled and took an deep breath and went to the bathroom and came up refreshed and stood before the mirror and saw the mangalsutra dazzling in her neck, till now only she knew that she was wearing it in the name of Maan and now the world knows it,

And she took the sindur and closed her eyes and saw Maan's face in her mind and kept the sindur on her forehead and smiled and opened her eyes to let the tears flow down, she then turned around to see the clock which showed her 9.00am and she freaked out, "Baba ji, did I sleep too long" she thought and rushed to Maan's room and he was not there and she rushed down, and was looking around for him, "Madam" Vijay's voice made her to turn around and look at him

"Mam, Maan sir had already left to the office and he had his breakfast too, and he had asked you to have the breakfast too," Vijay said and Geet went to the table and saw Maan already had served the breakfast for her in the plate and kept her milk glass too there, "Mam, you want me to make it hot for you, if it's cold" Vijay asked and Geet nodded an no and started to eat what was on the plate and drank up the milk and thanked Vijay with her sign and went up,

Vijay in his life had never seen any relationship as complicated as Geet and Maan's, so much of love, yet too much distance, so much of caring yet too much of pain, if he had the power he thought he would make things right, right away, but all he can do was pray for Maan and Geet and wait for something good to happen, Geet then went to the right wing and stood before Rani Maa's big portrait,

Geet heart started to beat high, she wasn't able to see the shining eyes in the portrait and busted out, "I am sorry Rani maa, I am so sorry, please forgive me, I bought shame to you noble family, an girl like me doesn't deserve this huge honor, the place where once you had been, but promise, I wasn't expecting this from Maan, I am sorry, I shouldn't have come back, I am sorry" Geet cried high and suddenly her head spin up and she held her head and sat on the floor and fainted up like that,

"Geet, Geet" she felt an soft hand on her face waking her up and she opened her eyes and her eyes went wide in shock, "Rani Maa" she looked at her shocked, the golden glow in the face, the glittering eyes and sweet smile, Geet sat up slowly, and Rani maa caressed her head lovingly and Geet busted into tears and started to sign her though trembling up, "I Know dear, I know, you haven't don't anything, you are innocent, now, and before too," she said as she pulled Geet up and made her to sit on the couch and sat near her,

"I know Geet, my Maan is an hard shell to break, it's sure difficult but not impossible, he loves you so much dear, and only you can break that hard shell in his life, bring his heart out, his heart is filled with beautiful emotions, happiness, enjoy, love, passion, care, but it's all hidden inside his shell made of hate, pain and rage, in one way or other I am also responsible for that" Rani Maa said as her tears hovered in her eyes, and she held Geet's face,

"But Geet, you can, only you can bring my happy and fun loving Maan again alive into this world, only you can, stop blaming yourself, what so happened, was happened, and everything happens for an reason, right or wrong, you are my son's wife now, my daughter in-law, now my son's life and this family pride lies in you, you have to be strong and take over that," Rani maa said and Geet looked at her shocked, "Geet, when you wanted to do something with your heart and soul and does everything you can, the destiny will be compelled to help you" Rani maa said,

"Like when you decided to get out of that hell life of yours, you took an bold move, ran away and see now you are out of it completely, likewise, you want my Maan to be happy and smiling right" Rani maa asked and Geet nodded an big yes, "then you do what you can and the destiny will help you by itself, to fight with someone who is strong and hard as Maan you too have to be like him, shouldn't give up or stay weak, enough of self sympathizing Geet, be strong, fight to break the shell, that was covering his heart for all these years," Rani maa said, and held Geet's hands tight,

"Promise me Geet, promise me you will try to bring my little happy Maan alive in this world again, promise me you will never give up on him, you will fight for him and don't worry my blessing will be always there for you" she said and Geet hugged her up and after a few second she pulled from her, Geet signed what happened in the past that Maan hates all humans and thinks everyone needs only money, and all other human emotions are waste, Rani Maa held her face and smiled, "you will have to find out yourself, and you knew how to find it and whom to ask," Rani maa said,

Suddenly Rani maa got up and Geet too got up, she hugged Geet and kissed her forehead, "take care of my Maan, and if you can ask him to forgive me" she said and walked away, Geet was shocked and she signed her not to go away, she wanted to stop her, run behind her but she can't, "Rani Maa," Geet opened her eyes and saw herself on the floor and looked around to find Rani maa, but she was not there, and she looked up to the big portrait still smiling at her as always,

 "was it an dream or your message," Geet thought, "whatever it is, you are right, so right, thank you Rani maa, for answering all my questions," Geet thought as she stood up, "You are right, I can't changed the past, it's my destiny, that I am Maan's wife and this house's daughter in-law and it's my duty to keep him happy, but for that I need to know what was disturbing him, what happened in his past, but except Nakul kaka no one knows about it and he is not telling, but will ask him now, once again, pleaded him up to say, but for that I have to see him, but Maan had strictly ordered them not to come in and Vijay will never allow them in," Geet thought

Geet then walked out, and reached the hall, Geet then saw Vijay carrying the lunch bag from the outhouse, and she had an smile, Geet rushed to her room and pulled her note pad out and write something and tore it up and rushed down and kept it inside the bag and went towards Vijay, and signed him to give this back, and Vijay just nodded and took it back, Geet then went towards the kitchen and opened the big window there and stood near it, keeping her fingers crossed,

Geet was praying and wishing with all her heart and was roaming inside the kitchen, "Geet ji" Rahul's voice made her to turn around and she smiled big as she saw Rahul and Nakul there outside the window and she rushed to the window and her eyes filled out and poured out in happiness, she signed and asked how are they doing, and Rahul and Nakul nodded an fine as they were too full of tears seeing her, she then signed she missed them, "We too missed you Geet ji, so near and yet, and we were worried too, are you ok," Rahul asked and Geet nodded an yes,

"What happened Geet ji," Nakul asked still in tears, "what is all this, finally we were all happy that Maan sir's life is good and happy now and so as yours and suddenly what happened" Nakul asked and Geet closed her eyes as her tears rolled down, she then signed it all what is written on destiny, Nakul and Rahul keep silent for a second, "Geet ji, we read in the paper that Maan sir announced you as his wife, is it true, did he marry you, really" Rahul asked and Geet nodded an yes with the smile,

"Then you first husband" he asked immediately, Geet knew he wasn't meaning bad, he was just curious, Geet can't reveal anything to anyone now, even if her life goes out, her truth must not go out, Geet took an deep breath and excused for a minute and went inside up to take her note pad and pen and come up, she wrote something and gave to Nakul, and Rahul grabbed the note from him and read out loud, "My first husband was an very bad guy, and I didn't want to go back to him, so Maan save me from him, and got us divorced, and he married me,"

"Wow, Maan sir is such an nice guy, Geet Ji, but if you are married, then why he is keeping you arrested in the house now too," Rahul asked confused, "Maan sir sure loves you," he added up, and Geet signed Maan's anger on her, and soon he will be back to normal and for that she needs their help, Rahul and Nakul looked at each other, "Our Help" Nakul asked, and Geet nodded an yes, "Geet ji, will do everything we can to help you and get our happy Maan sir back" Nakul said and Geet smiled big and wrote something in her note pad and gave to Nakul,

"Nakul kaka, to change Maan now, I have to make his old wounds vanish away, his heart is sealed with some kind of views, and I need to know the source of those view, I have to know where it all started, I want to know his childhood, I need to know his past and except you, no one knew the past of Maan and now I plead you, beg you, join my hands before you, please let me know what happened, why Maan's this hard, why he is not ready to accept that there is any true emotion in this world, please I need to know this" the note read

Nakul pulled the note down and looked at Geet, who was in tears and standing there joining her hands before him, Rahul grabbed the note from Nakul and Nakul's eyes flooded up, "Please Geet ji, don't do like this, you are this house's pride, Maan Singh Khurana's wife and this house's daughter in-law, I am just an servant here, please don't do like this, please, Rani maa will never forgive me than, please" Nakul said crying, Geet wiped her tears and said that he is now equal to god, an messenger to show her the path for making Maan's life right,

"Nakul kaka, please tell Geet ji everything, what is the use of holding an promise which is hurting everyone, if it can help Maan sir and Geet ji, why do you hide it, even if it gives you sin, can't you bear that for the happiness of Maan sir, please kaka, and now Geet ji is Maan sir's wife, she have all the rights to know about his past, please, if you want Geet ji and Maan sir's happiness, please tell her everything, I will also go away, and will not hear anything, but please tell her everything, please," Rahul said and gave the note to Nakul and went away leave Nakul and Geet alone,

"I will tell you Geet ji, I will, all I need was Maan sir's happiness, I will tell you" Nakul said and Geet smiled big, Nakul wiped his tears and looked at the garden there, as if remembering everything,

"it was just an years in this Khurana Mansion for me, when Rani maa got married to this family and came into this house, she was the princess of Jaipur, such an soft hearted women, and so kind to everyone, especially me, everyone in the Mansion felt blessed to have her in, she never treated us like servants, she was an angel for us, she loved wear the royal attire, she was always completely dress, and had an bright smile in her face dazzling everyone, especially Raaj Saab, Maan sir's father,"

"They were both in immense love but Rani maa loved him a bit more, actually their marriage was an love marriage, Raaj Saab lost him mom and dad in his college days, and Rani maa too, but she had an elder brother, Raja Ratan saab, who loved his sister so much, after two years Rani Maa got pregnant and the whole mansion and even the whole Delhi was happy, Raaj Saab's business too hit it's hike and it was celebration for ten months, Raaj Saab appointed two doctors to take care of Rani maa in the house even"

"And I can still remember the day when Maan Sir was both, the celebration was so big, Khurana mansion was decorated like an bride, Raaj Saab gave use all an big gold chain and there was an 24*7 feast in the Mansion, whoever came in had the food, Rani Maa's brother was so happy, he bought an cradle made of pure gold and decorated with diamonds and gems, for Maan sir, it was so beautiful and it's still in the mansion, the Mansion celebrated Maan sir's birth for two whole months until he was name, Maan Singh Khurana, officially"

"Maan sir was Rani maa's love and life and Raaj Saab's world, Maan sir was an naughty child in his young age, we always had an eye on him, or he would ran in to some room, and get lost and Maan sir was so much attached to Rani maa, he had never been away from her for a second, and he also loved his uncle Raja Ratan ji, and as Maan sir grew up, Rani Maa send him to the school, but Maan sir would ran away from school as he missed his mom, so Raaj Saab decided to teach Maan sir in the Mansion even,"

"Maan sir always used to smile and be naughty as his mother loved it, he was an quick learner too, Rani maa taught him all kinds of arts, Painting, sword fight, music and everything, and even after he grew up a bit big, Maan sir would always have his food only from Rani maa's hands, Raaj Saab tried to make Maan sir eat by himself but no, only Rani maa should feed him, or else Maan sir would not eat, as the time passed up in happiness, one more happiness came into their life, when they found Rani Maa was pregnant again,"

"The family doctor checked her up and told them it was an girl and everyone was super happy, specially Maan sir, he named her Pari, his little Pari, and he started to make an separate room for her, Raaj Saab who always wanted an girl child was super happy, again doctors where bought into the house, and Maan sir was the once taking care of Rani maa, he was small, yet so intelligent, he used to speak with his little sister inside his Maa's womb for hours, and keep on promising her that he will take care of her when she comes to this world,"

"He will give her all happiness, and teach her everything, he even painted imagining how  she will be, and the everyone was so happy, Maan was such an emotional child, he respected everyone, he was a sweet natured guy and would talk so much, his naughtiness was keeping this mansion alive, and when he goes to Jaipur to his uncle's house, the whole place would look lifeless, without his laughter and sweet voice, Maan sir was an  foodie too, he loved different varieties of food, so Raaj Saab and Rani maa was making sure he gets his favorite,"

"This mansion was an little heaven on earth, but there can an day which shatter this heaven and turned this heaven in to an hell, temple into an grave," Nakul said as his eyes turned wide, and tears rushed up, Geet who was hearing Maan's sweet past with an smile imagining the naughty cute Maan, stopped and looked at Nakul and his reaction tensed her, Geet held his arms and shook him to say more and Nakul wiped his tears, "I still remember that heart ripping day, it was bright shinny Friday, everything was as usually going on, Rani maa made all the favorite dishes for Maan sir, and Raaj Saab was busy there in the hall"

"Then the letter came, it was not just an letter, it was evil came in the form of letter, to destroy Raaj Saab and Rani Maa's sweet life," Nakul said as his eyes flooded up, remembering that doom day,

Precap: Maan's past dark days.,

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It's amazing. Rani ma blessed geet and encouraged her to keep loving maan and make him out from his shell. Geet was relived after having rani ma's blessing. Now she decided to know whole past of maan. Although at first nakul was hesitant but sewing geet's pleading eyes, he started to narrate. Maan was very fun loving child in past. He was the apple of eye of everyone.he was so much pempwred in his childhood. Than what had happened which has been changed maan completely. Waiting for next dear

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Amazing updt,cont soon.

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Amazing update
Waiting for next update. 
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Rani maa blessed Geet nd asked her to bring old maan back.
Geet decides to learn abt maan past.
She begged nakul nd he start telling abt maan past.
Maan was a very cute nd intelligent child.
He loved his mother d most.

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amazing update...
Rani maa give her blessing to Geet...
Now Geet ask Nakul about Maan's past...

thank you for pm dear...

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Super update
rani maa came
Aww...maan as a baby soo cute
what happened that day...eagerly waiting

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Fabulous update maya...
Plz continue soon...

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