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A Love in Silence MG FF ch 49 updated thrd 3)

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Hey guys thanks for you immense love and support for my FF's ... truly blessed to have you awesome readers.. love you all, for your never ending love and support, love you all immensely ..

A Love in Silence


"Hey, there she is" an gang of guys shouted up,

"Catch her, if she goes out of this village she must not be alive" an well build man scream up

The girl ran and ran holding her heart along with the meaningless Mangalsutra dancing on her neck, sweating like hell in the sun, her sweat drop made the sindur in her forehead fall on her eyes blocking her views along with her tears,

She wiped it out and the only train for that village screamed up as it made a pause in that junction as usual for 10 minutes,

She used all her left strength in her body to rush to catch the train, it's her last chance, atleast to die, she had no interest to live in this cruel world, which is filled with monsters and pain, she wanted to die, but not here, not in midst of these monsters, she will die but far away from the world, somewhere, where she feels her death will be peaceful,

"Yes, Money, Money is everything"  his uncle's voice echoed in his heart,

"Money gives power, it gives strength, it gives everything one needs to be happy" the voice continued,

"Money can't be taken away from you, as long as you hold it, it's yours, love it, it will love you back, no one can take away the money which you earn and cared to hold," the voice was getting bigger, as he touched the 1000 rupees note bundles pyramided before him, he took an handful and throw it in the air,

"you are mine, and will be mine, no one can take you away from me, I am the powerful guy on earth, I have everything in my life, everything " he screamed up, and laughed out,

But the painful truth deep inside his heart scream, "Nothing, you have nothing in your life, you are the weakest person in this world" which he ignored with the help of alcohol.


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A Love in Silence

Chapter 30

Maan stretched his arms when the sun light hit his eyes and he signed as he flipped in the bed, Maan slowly gained his memories up about the last night and he remember passing out on the couch there, Maan realized the soft bed underneath him and opened his eyes to see he was on the bed, he found his shirt removed and was kept neatly on the couch and he turned to see his shoes removed and was in its rightful place, he was covered with the blanket and his eyes widen up when he remembered Geet being with him,

"Oh No, how did I get into the bed, did I do something in my drugged state, how did I get into the bed and my shirt," Maan thought a bit confused, "and where is Geet now" Maan thought and jumped up from his bed and went towards Geet's room and she was not there, Maan suddenly felt an fear and rushed down, and saw she was not in the hall too, and suddenly Maan found some noise in the kitchen and Maan went in,

Maan felt a shock when he found Geet in the kitchen making his coffee, "Geet" Maan yelled up and Geet turned around and smiled at him, he saw the old smile in her face and it suddenly made him feel an peace, her eyes shined up as she took the coffee for him and came before him, Maan was still staring at her with his hard look, he can't understand the words behind her look, did he do something last night which lead to this change, he thought,

Maan then caught the cup with a force and throw it on the floor, with an unchanged reaction in his face, Geet saw some hot coffee drops had spill on his shirt less chest and so she took her dupatta and wiped it up unmindful of Maan's rude act, Maan's frustration increased with confusion and it turned into anger, Maan held Geet's arms and pulled her close, "what the hell is this, what is this new drama for," Maan asked between his teeth and staring deep into her eyes,

And this time Geet didn't cry, nor show any pain but smiled at him, making Maan's heart skip a beat, he can't control his mind from admiring her sweet smile and golden gaze, Maan left her arms and turned around, "is this an new plan of getting my love and making me fall for you" Maan yelled up and Geet went up and stood face to face towards him and nodded an yes, "how dare you accept it" Maan yelled up in anger looking at her guts, and Geet signed from now on she will only speak the true,

She signed "she had hide the truth and hurt him, so now she will not hide anything from him," Geet said and Maan grinned up, "Ok an new drama, some new lies, some new play, well, Geet," Maan said between his teeth as he held her close, "listen to me carefully, your smartness isn't gonna help you now, so as your beauty, so don't waste your energy," Maan said as he pressed her more into him tightening his hold on her arms, "And don't you dare entry into my Kitchen, your room and my room are the only rooms that you can enter"

"Understand" Maan said as his anger eyes hover on to her eyes, and pushed her away, "Now go away" Maan yelled and Geet nodded an ok and walked up, but she didn't cry or react much, Maan was getting more fear of losing up before her and decided to act smart and hard,

Maan dressed up and came down and made Geet's medicine milk ready and shouted for Geet but Geet didn't come and Maan's anger hit high and rushed upstairs and went to her room and saw Geet praying there, "So you started acting again ah, for whom you are praying, for me," Maan asked in his sadistic tone and Geet turned around and nodded an No, she signed she was praying for her, Maan didn't know how to react for this, "Just cut the non sense and come down stairs, didn't you hear my voice" Maan yelled up,

Geet signed an Sorry, "Cut the crap and get down" Maan shouted high and went down and in a few seconds Geet too came up and saw Maan sitting on the dinning, and Geet went and sat up and served her food without waiting for Maan, and Maan saw her puzzled, and Geet then gave her notepad to Maan and Maan too snatched it up and read it, "atleast now stop punishing yourself for treating me bad and have your breakfast, I am not hurt," it read and Maan was hell shocked and looked at Geet who was looking at him with her big eyes,

"What the hell, you think I am not eating because of you, you still think I care" Maan asked in anger and feared of getting caught, of course he cares for her, but she shouldn't know it, "You are stupid, don't dream, I don't feel an small amount of pity on you, you deserve how you are treated" Maan said in his anger spilling words, Geet got the notepad back and wrote something and gave him, "Liar" she wrote, and Maan's anger hit high, "How dare you" Maan jumped up in his anger,

"Why in the world I have to lie, I am Maan Singh Khurana, don't you dare forget it" Maan shouted up scaring Geet a bit but she held her heart steady, but her fear was shown in her eyes, "I am not the one who always lied, I am not the one who hide the truth, I am not the one who cheated for Money, I am not the one who broke the trust, I am the one who f**ked others for my benefits," Maan shouted up, as he kicked the chair there making it smash away, and he stood there turning away, breathing high with his anger and pain,

Geet held her heart tight, for a few second she was frozen up scared and feared and slowly she relaxed herself and took the note pad and wrote something, and went and stood before Maan and his eyes was red but also it had some moisture in it, he didn't like speaking with Geet like that, it pained his heart but, she was provoking him, Geet slowly held Maan's arm and Maan looked at her who gave him the note pad and Maan looked away, Geet again held his arms and pleaded him to read, and Maan pulled the note pad and looked at it,

"Yes, You are right, I did everything, so I am the one who should be punished, thrown down without food and water, tortured up, not you, why are you hurting yourself, hurt me, I am the reason for everything, I am the criminal, I am the cheater, then why are you taking up the punishment" it read, and Maan looked at her and held both her arms and pulled her close looking straight into her eyes, "Because I believed, liars can be excused, fools are not, they don't worth it" Maan said between his teeth his anger spilling out, "I believed you, I am an fool, so I can't be forgiven, and I am worth an punishment" Maan said and left her and turned around,

Geet then wiped her over flowing tears and wrote something on the notepad and stood before him, showing him the note pad, still holding it in her hand and Maan looked at it, "Then lets share the punishment, I know, I am not worth enough to share your happiness n love, but I sure deserve to share your pain, punishment and tortures, you don't eat, I will also not eat, you sleep on the floor, I will also sleep on the floor, but I can't share the immense pain in your heart for that you can give me physical pain, I will accept it, from now I will share all your pains, promise" it read and Maan's heartfelt heavy reading it,

Maan stood there silently and his anger was disappearing as her words filled his mind, Geet suddenly went and took the knife from the table gave to Maan, shocking him, she is black mailing him, or, Maan looked at her confused, and as Maan didn't get the knife, Geet turned the knife and stretched her hand and tried to cut herself and Maan freaked out and held the knife and pulled it away from her hand and threw away, and held Geet's hand and made her to sit on the dinning and he too sat there,

Maan took the plate and served himself and started to eat and Geet looked at him and her eyes filled up with tears of happiness and she too sat and started to eat and Maan didn't turn around nor his reaction changed, he slightly looked at Geet's milk glass and pushed it towards her and Geet too got it and drank it fully and he got up and walked away without an word, Geet felt so happy now, she finally found an way to make Maan do what she wanted, Maan will never allow Geet being hurt, so he would stop hurting himself, if she too would suffer with him"

Geet smiled big and went to her room and stood before Baba ji, "Thank you, Thank you Baba ji, thank you," Geet prayed and next she went to the right wing, "Thank you Maa" she said in silence looking at Maan's mom's picture, "Like this slowly let me bring back Maan, please be with me Maa, please," she prayed to her and sat there before her looking at her,

Maan was hovering inside his cabin, he never thought Geet would behave like this, she not only accepted the faults but also asking for punishment instead of forgiveness and how will he punish her, and he was still scared with Geet's act of cutting her hand with knife, what if she does something like that went he was away, Maan somehow felt defeated and he hated it, "Again and Again, in one way or other I am being defeated by her, what will I do now, how will I ever get anger on her" Maan thought frustrated,

"why is it me, why, why can't I hold myself before her, why can I punish her like she says, why do I still feel my emotional connection with her, why, why, why did I turn this weak" Maan thought angered on himself, and he heard an knock on his door, "Come in" Maan yelled up and Pinky came in, "Sir, Mr.Smith Called and asked to remind you about the party tonight" Pinky said slowly looking down, "Do I look like an memory loss patient, can't I remember this silly thing" Maan yelled high and Pinky looked down as her heart started to beat high with fear,

"Sor, sor, sorry sir, oh, he called, so, I am sorry" Pinky said trembling up and Maan closed his eyes, and took an deep breath, "Pinky, its ok, and how is Adi now," Maan asked suddenly and Pinky looked up and saw Maan calmed up, "totally Fine sir, he was wishing to join up, he is missing you so much sir" Pinky said and Maan nodded up an ok, "Ok, Ask him to join up tomorrow, and also inform him to come to the party tonight, as he will be dealing this project I want everyone to know him" Maan said and Pinky nodded an ok, and went away,

Geet was in her room writing something in her dairy and suddenly she looked up as she heard Maan's car sound, she looked at the watch it only showed 6.30PM, Geet then looked confused and rushed out and saw Maan walking in, in his normal stage, as he looked at Geet, he walked beyond her ignoring her and Geet turned back and looked at Maan running up the stairs and Geet too went behind him and went to his room and found Maan not in the room, and she guessed Maan must be in his washroom,

Geet stood there waiting for Maan and he came out after an few minutes from his wash room with just his towel wrapped around his waist, letting the water drops decorating his half naked body and his wet hair falling all over his face, Geet was awestruck looking at Maan, she had never seen any guy who would be as beautiful, hot and handsome as Maan, Maan then felt her gaze and turned around to see Geet standing there with her big eyes frozen up and shining bright, and her lips slightly parted and having an shy smile,

Maan's throat went dry as he saw her reaction and her eyes was holding some magnetic power pulling him towards her, and Maan walked towards her and Geet stepped back slowly but her reaction didn't change nor her eye gazing on his, Geet hit the wall and stopped and Maan walked close to her, closing the gap between them, Geet's breathe heavies up as Maan's hot breathe fell on her face, his body washes smell was filling the space, making her dizzy,

Maan's look fall on her trembling lips, shivering up with his closeness, Maan's heart beat hiked seeing her lips, his mouth went totally dry and he badly wanted to take her lips, chew it up, taste her soul but he won't he decided, Geet closed her eyes as put her whole weight on the wall behind her and stood her waiting for her long awaited Kiss, Maan wanted to pull from her but it seemed like he was frozen there, he could smell her fragrance and the sweat drop in her neck was making him go crazy,

He grained his teeth controlling his desire to bite her neck up, and with an high growl he pulled from her, scaring her for a second and stood away and he then opened his wardrobe and pulled out his black suit which he wears for the parties and then his accessories and was getting ready quickly and Geet was looking at him puzzled, within 5 minutes Maan was all set and ready and he didn't even look at Geet for once, as he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he did, and rushed down carrying an cover with him,

"Vijay" Maan screamed high and he run up towards Maan so as Geet, as Maan felt Geet's presence, "Today at 7.30 there is an party at Hotel Blue Diamond, it's an theme party, here is the costume, I want Geet at 7.30 in the hotel, in the party hall, you personally will accompany her there, understood" Maan said and Vijay nodded an yes and Maan rushed away, Vijay saw Geet standing there and went and took the cover and gave her, "Madam, please, Get ready, Maan sir" He started and Geet stopped him and smiled and nodded and went up,

Geet then went to her room and changed herself and looked herself into the mirror, she was looking beautiful, and Geet wanted Maan to feel this same reaction when he sees her, even if he doesn't shows it out, and then she walked out,

Maan reached the party and all his clients welcomed him, Mr.Smith and his boss was so happy to see Maan and they asked about Geet, and Maan said she is on her way and then Adi came up and Maan introduced Adi to the people and said he is going to look after the project in America and they had their business talks and Maan excused himself and called Vijay, "Where is she" Maan asked and Vijay informed Maan that they are in the hotel lobby and will be in the hall in few minutes,

"Keep away from media" Maan ordered and Vijay said an ok and Maan cut the call, and Maan's heart somewhere was so eager to see Geet in that white dress he send her, as Maan was waiting he suddenly felt the crowd murmuring up and looked up, and he stood stun, his eyes shined up as he saw Geet walking in slowly with an nervousness and tension, her eyes was looking for Maan, she literally took Maan's breathe away, in that white dress, looking exactly as an angel

Maan's anger took a back seat as her beauty mesmerized his brain, Maan's eyes showed calmness and his lips had an smile and smile stood there admiring her , Geet walked in and found Adi in an funny avatar, "Geet" Adi said and Geet smiled and gave him an quick hug, and signed where is Maan and Adi said he was here only and suddenly Maan's clients who already met Geet surrounded her, "Hello, Geet, how are you, you are looking beautiful, why didn't you come with Mr.Khurana" there was lots of question and all Geet could do was smile,

"Mr.Adi, where is Mr.Khurana" Mr.Smith asked as he came up, and Maan stepped in but he was now wearing his mask of anger and rage, his face was hard with no smile and Geet looked at him longingly trying to know whether he liked her look or not from his eyes, but he didn't turn towards her, and when he did his eyes was filled with the same anger and it made Geet upset, "come on Mr.Khurana, lets introduced your girlfriend to our boss" he said and walked Maan and Geet to his boss,

Mr. Smith's boss was smitten up immediately by Geet's beauty and his eyes shined up and his lips bloomed as soon as he saw Geet, Maan looked at his react and his jealousness screamed up in his heart, "Hello Ms.Beautiful" he extended his hand and Geet looked at Maan and saw Maan burning in jealous and it was easy for Geet to identify it and so Geet joined her hands for an Indian Namaste, taking Mr. Smith's boss aback and Maan looked at her and an slight grin of wicked happiness crawled on his lips

Precap:  An unexpected shock to Geet,

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Congrats to for d new thread
Amazing update
Geet decides to win back maan trust.
Maan is confused abt Geet behaviour.
Geet tells maan to give her punishment instead of himself.

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It's amazing. So geet decided to behave same like before with maan. She denied to eat anything if maan will not accompany her. Today something changed in maan. For sake of geet he joined geet for breakfast. Geet is very happy with that. M.r. Smith's party , where maneet was invited. Everyone was blown away seeing Grey's beauty. Waiting for next dear

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congrates for new thread
superb update
maan is very much surprise as geet accepted her all deeds n ask for punishment

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congrats for new thread
amazing update
waiting for next update

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loved it

cont soon

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