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UNDER THE SKY LANTERNS - A RoSid FF by Archana Vinod

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A RoSid FF by Archana Vinod


"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..."


Broken and devastated after being let down by the man of her dreams, Roli could never be the same again, never fall in love again, never feel anything at all ever again!


But when she finds solace in the warmth of her friend and colleague Siddhant, things take a different turn...


An overview:

Roli is excited to be on her new job! Everything looks so great! A designation to be proud of, new office in the heart of the city, good company, great colleagues and a handsome salary... what more could she ask for?


But most of all, she is excited to be going steady with the man of her dreams - Atul.


Contrary to her expectations, her world comes crashing down when destiny takes a nasty turn. At a time when support and understanding is most desired, she is left to suffer her fate by the man she expected to stand by her through thick and thin.


Siddhant's heart goes out to his friend and colleague Roli. He becomes her shoulder to lean on. A rainbow after the storm! And before he knows it, he makes a shocking discovery - he's falling for her, like crazy! Will he manage to bring her out of the storm and live life once again? 

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By Archana Vinod


A residential colony in the heart of Ahmedabad city.


The hot summer morning begins to take its toll on its inhabitants as temperatures soar above 35 degrees C.


However, this does not bother Roli much.


ROLI DWIVEDI, late 20's, just moved into an apartment in the city a few weeks back with her parents Jamanlal and Meena. And she loves it already! The city is always full of life irrespective of the time of day. They have easy access to everything - bus stops, railway stations, hospitals, schools, shops, malls etc. The city streets teem with vehicles all day and most of all, there are a lot of places to hang around!


Today, Roli is very much excited. She is all dressed up for a job interview! She checks herself out in the mirror one last time before dashing out with her handbag and a neat file.


She hurries to the living room. Her parents, Jamanlal and Meena are at the dining table already digging into some breakfast.


MEENA: Come dear, have a spot of breakfast before you go.


ROLI: No Maa! I'm late already!


MEENA: Arrey! You must have a bite at least! Never leave home on an empty stomach.


Roli regrets giving in to her mother's compulsion as she almost chokes on her food!


MEENA: (pats on her daughter's head) Calm down!


Roli hastily gulps down a glass of water and begins to rush.


MEENA: A bit more.


ROLI: No Maa, please! I'm getting late.


She almost bolts out of the door, but...


MEENA: Wait-wait-wait! A word of prayer first!


Roli pauses quickly and closes her eyes. Hey Matarani, she prays, help me to get through the interview today. She's off again.


MEENA: Took everything?


ROLI: Haan Maa.


MEENA: CV? Certificates? Etc. etc?


ROLI: (irritated) Haan Maa! Haan!


JAMANLAL: Call us when you're done! (beams and gives her a thumbs up) All the best!


ROLI: Thank you Papa, I love you you! Bye!


She plants a quick kiss on her parent's cheeks before dashing out of her apartment and bolting towards the elevator.


She glances around impatiently as she waits for the unbelievably slow elevator to trudge its way up the floors. The building is a mess with its poor maintenance. Garbage bags and other litter are strewn here and there carelessly. To top it all off, it also stinks to high heaven! Roli is disgusted.


The elevator is still at level 3. Three more floors to go!


ROLI: (mutters to herself) Why the hell is thing taking so long?


She jabs on the elevator's call button irritably.


A few minutes later, it finally screeches to a halt on the sixth floor! She darts in and shuts the door.


BOOM! SCREEE... The ancient' elevator begins to slide down noisily before stopping at the 5th floor. She is egged up.


A man enters. The lift begins its downward slide again. SCREEE!!!!


BOOM! It stops at the 4th floor!!! Roli is really annoyed now!!! Hey Matarani, I'm seriously going to be late today!!! She gnashes her teeth as she tries to contain her anger.


Another person enters. It stops at the 1st floor again!!! God!!! Why can't people use the stairs!!! She doesn't bother to wait around anymore. She just walks out and takes the stairs.


In a few minutes, she's out on the streets. She flails wildly at a couple of autos and taxis passing by. After so much of jumping and waving, she finally gets one.




Roli waits her turn amongst many others. A while later, she is called in.


She walks in to her interviewer's cabin, shakes hands and smiles warmly.


The interviewer, VIKRANT MEHTA, a tall rugged looking guy in his early 30's, sits behind a large oak desk with a warm smile on his face.




VIKRANT: Roli Dwivedi? How are you today?


ROLI: Very well sir. Thank you.


VIKRANT: Shall we begin?


ROLI: Sure sir.


VIKRANT: (smiles) Call me Vikrant.




Roli heads home jabbing all over her phone's touch screen. She looks mightily pleased with herself as she dials up her father and waits for him to answer.


ROLI: Papa?


JAMANLAL: Haan beta. How did it go?


ROLI: (punches the air) Success Papa! Success! I'm selected!


JAMANLAL: (laughs)Wow! Congratulations! Very well done!


ROLI: Thank youuu! I love youuu!


JAMANLAL: So where are you now?


ROLI: On my way. I'll fill you in with the details once I get home.


JAMANLAL: Sure. Be careful.  




She finally reaches home sweet home. Whew! What a day!


As she walks into her building, she notices a guy go in to the elevator. Might as well use the lift, she thinks, anyway it's here. I'm busted as it is! Really not in the mood to climb the stairs!


She hurries to the elevator before it shuts up, but the guy notices her coming and holds the door open for her.


ROLI: (smiles) Thank you.  


The guy, quite tall and charming smiles back and look away. He almost fills up the elevator with his huge physique. He is SIDDHANT BHARADWAJ, early 30's.


SIDDHANT: Which floor?


ROLI: Sixth.


SIDDHANT: (smiles and presses 6) I'm headed there too.




Siddhant almost falls down. He is startled at the jolt and explosive sound.


Roli, who has been watching him from the corner of her eyes, smothers a laugh.


SIDDHANT: What the f"


He stops, embarrassed. He had almost begun to cuss!


The elevator screams painfully as it heaves itself up.


ROLI: (an amused smirk) I think you're new.


SIDDHANT: Yeah. Just came in to see a friend.


ROLI: Ahhh! No wonder!


SIDDHANT: (confused) I'm sorry?


ROLI: Well... If you were tenant in this building, you would have been familiar with this notorious elevator.


SIDDHANT: Why? What's so special about it?


ROLI: Oh. That's a -




Without warning, the lift lurches to a grinding halt!


The lights flicker for a moment and then go off!!!


It's pitch dark!!!





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Hwy nice to see a rosid ff here...
Loved ur writing

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Originally posted by Angellic_doll

Hwy nice to see a rosid ff here...
Loved ur writing

Thank you dear Big smile Glad you enjoyed. 

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An original story by Archana Vinod





ROLI: Beyyy yaaar! Not again!


Siddhant is quiet. His chest thumps fiercely as he strains to see, but all what he can see is an endless black!


ROLI: I don't know why I got into this stupid lift today! Ooofff!


Siddhant fumbles around in his pockets and fishes out his mobile phone.


Roli does too. She flashes the light around.


Siddhant directs the screen light towards the control panel of the elevator and presses the alarm' button.


ROLI: Don't waste your time. It doesn't work.


But Siddhant continues to jab on the button.


ROLI: Oye. It doesn't work.


Siddhant doesn't bother to respond. He is frantic at the thought of being trapped in a dark elevator. He feels suffocated! He feels trapped! He's desperate for air. But most of all, he's afraid of the dark!!!


With his phone in one hand, he tries to pry the doors of the elevator open. But it's a tough job! He groans as he gives it all what he's got.


Roli just looks at him. What is this guy up to, she thinks with a smirk on her face.


He manages to pull the door open by a couple of inches. She watches on curiously.  


Suddenly, his phone slips from his hand!!!




His arm shoots out for the phone, but it's too late! The trendy iPhone slips out through the elevator doors and makes a suicide drop all the way down!!!


SIDDHANT: (breathless) Oh no... oh no... oh bloody nooo...!!!


He's mad with disbelief!!! His phone's gone!!!


Roli just watches him. She can hear his phone smash to smithereens on the ground floor. He is literally in tears!


Angry and frustrated, Siddhant musters all his strength and tries to pull the doors apart, but it SMASHES shut!!!


SIDDHANT: Owwchhh! Shit!


He pulls off his hand and cradles it in the other. His fingernails just got jammed to glory!!! Siddhant is in intense agony and humiliation as he screws his eyes shut and struggles not to utter a sound.


Roli watches on quietly.


ROLI: (in a nothing happened at all' tone) Are you okay?


Siddhant is not in a position to respond. Instead, he just swerves around and BANGS furiously on the elevator's door.


SIDDHANT: Helllooo? Anyone there? Helllooo?


ROLI: (calmly) Don't waste your breath. No one's going to hear you. No one usually does.


SIDDHANT: (ignores her) Helllooo! Somebody please!


ROLI: Don't expect anyone to turn up for the next one hour.


SIDDHANT: (in disbelief) What!!? One hour? What do you mean?


ROLI: Exactly what I said. One hour.


SIDDHANT: What the hell! One hour??!


ROLI: (casually) Minimum. Usually it takes two.


SIDDHANT: How on earth are we going to stay in here till then?


ROLI: (thoughtfully) Well...


She plays a groovy song on her mobile phone.


ROLI: Time pass. Aur kya?


Siddhant can't believe this girl.


SIDDHANT: What? How can you stay so calm?


ROLI: Then what do you want me to do? Jump up and down?  




Siddhant's stammers come to an abrupt halt. The fabric of his shirt sticks to his rugged terrain' as he gets drenched in his own sweat. He can't bear this feeling! The feeling of being trapped in a confined space. The darkness closing in on him...


Roli just ignores him and flicks through her playlist. She begins to groove.


SIDDHANT: (irritated) Can you please turn that thing off?


ROLI: Why do you have to get so egged out? Just be cool.


He grabs the phone from her and stops the song.


ROLI: Hey!


SIDDHANT: Keep this shit off! Or I'll throw it out!


ROLI: Just try!


SIDDHANT: Don't pout at me like that!


ROLI: And what if I do?


SIDDHANT: Hey Uparwaale! Where on earth  do you people come from?


ROLI: (winks) You're there now. Welcome to my den.


Siddhant just backs up. He can't take it anymore. He can't stand her either! He's sweating like crazy. His hair begins to glisten with sweat!


Roli watches him curiously.


ROLI: Tell me one thing, you're afraid of the dark, aren't you?


He looks up at her, stunned and embarrassed at the same time.


An amused smile breaks across her face.


ROLI: You're scared! (laughs) Oh my God! You're scared of the dark!


Siddhant watches helplessly as she laughs her guts out.


SIDDHANT: That's enough!


ROLI: (struggles to get a grip on herself) Sorry yaar, no offense. It's just that this situation is pretty new to me. And oh... you look so cute when you're scared.


Siddhant is breathless! He just has no clue what to say! He's dying here and this girl is having fun! Jeez!


Suddenly, the speaker in the elevator begins to sputter and crackle. "Anyone there?"





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An original story by Archana Vinod





Siddhant looks up, stunned. Who's that? And where's it coming from?


"Anyone there?" the speaker crackles again.


ROLI: Haan-haan! In here!


"Hang on!" says the voice, "we're getting you out."


ROLI: Whew! Thank God! Didn't have to stay that long in here this time. (gives Sid an amused smirk) Don't know how I would have managed.


BOOMMM!! The elevator lurches violently. The jolt throws them out of balance.


Siddhant clutches on to whatever he can!!!


Roli almost topples over but hangs on.


The lights flicker on.


SCREEE!!! It begins its upward descent after what seems like years!!!


Siddhant looks over at Roli in disbelief. His expression says are we getting out of here?'


Roli simply smirks at him.


He looks away, embarrassed. He gets it, he's now an object of laughter! How he wishes never to cross paths with her again!


Finally... the elevator screeches to a halt on the 6th floor!!! The door is opened by the technician and watchman.


ROLI: (to the watchman) Kya yaar? (walks out) Can't you do something about this lift? This has become a fashion nowadays.


The watchman smiles and opens his mouth to reply but stops midway in shock!


Siddhant stumbles out of the elevator half senseless and looks around frantically.


Roli is equally stunned. What's wrong with this guy? Weirdo!


To their surprise, Siddhant runs down the stairs as if his pants are on fire!


WATCHMAN: (baffled) What happened to him?


ROLI: (jokes) Stomach ache maybe.




The door bell RINGS. Jamanlal opens the door to Roli.


JAMANLAL: Wah! Wah! Back? (looks towards the kitchen) Meena! She's back!


She jumps in and hugs her father happily.


ROLI: Yeahhh! I'm back! (pulls off and sniffs the air) Paneer today?


She makes her way to the kitchen. And sure enough, Meena is hard at work, cooking her daughter's favourite dish. Roli is extra pleased at the appetizing aroma.


ROLI: Wah Mumma! Special today ah?


MEENA: Of course, today is a special day na?


ROLI: (hugs her mother) In that case you have to make gulab jamun as well!


MEENA: Of course darling.


Roli settles down beside her father on the living room couch.


JAMANLAL: So... how did the interview go?




The watchman stands and watches on as the technician checks out the control panel outside.


Siddhant bolts up the stairs looking like a nervous wreck!


SIDDHANT: (breathlessly) Hey... My-phone! My-phone!




SIDDHANT: My phone's gone! Went down the elevator! Through the door!"


TECHNICIAN: (doesn't look at Sid, continues to work on the panel) Forget it then. You can kiss your phone goodbye.


SIDDHANT: No! NO! Don't say like that! It's a new phone! It's an iPhone!


TECHNICIAN: iPhone or uPhone, whatever it is, if it goes down the elevator it's gone.


SIDDHANT: (raging mad) Shit!!! Why can't you guys be more responsible? Why can't you maintain your stupid good for nothing lift?


The technician finally turns around to face him, disgruntled at having been questioned and judged about the quality of his work.


TECHNICIAN: Oh hero. Don't act smart. It's a lift, not a satellite. Get it? It will stop once in a while! If it stops then you have to shut up and stay there. Understand? Not dance around! Who told you to throw the phone down? I told you?"


Siddhant is stunned at the man's attitude.


SIDDHANT: Boss! For your kind information I never threw it down! Do you think that I'm crazy? All what I tried to do is open the damn door! You expect us to get stuck in your stupid lift for hours without air, food and water? What the hell!


TECHNICIAN: (raises his voice) This is how my lift works. If you like it, use it. Or get lost.


Siddhant's temper flares now!! He begins to lunge at the technician but the watchman holds him back, just in time.


WATCHMAN: Kya bhai... just leave it. It's okay."


SIDDHANT: (to the technician) I need my phone back! Get it? I NEED MY PHONE BACK!




To Siddhant's horror, the technician turns around, drops his pants and moons at him.


Siddhant's jaw drops open in shock!




Roli snacks on some goodies and tea while she narrates her experience at the interview.


ROLI: And Papa-Papa, you know what? Even today this bakwas lift got stuck!


JAMANLAL: What? Again? When?


ROLI: Sometime back. And guess what? There was with funny guy in the lift with me! Hey Matarani! You should have seen him!


Roli begins to laugh.


JAMANLAL: (amused) Why? What happened?


ROLI: (bursts out laughing) Oh my God! He was going all crazy in there! And he was... (she can't control her laughter now)


JAMANLAL: (laughs) What? Stop laughing and tell me...




Siddhant browses the counter for a new phone. His eyes keep darting towards the new iPhone 6 and Samsung models but he bites his lip. He's short on cash!


He has fleeting images of his new iPhone going down the lift and smashing to a zillion pieces on the ground floor. He is damn frustrated. I don't believe this; he thinks angrily, my new phone!!! Grrr!


He is left with no choice but to end up with a low budget economy smart' phone. Smart move!





Roli tucks into bed after a word of prayer. She's super excited.


Tomorrow, she starts on her new job!!! She's nervous as heck. But she looks forward to it.


Help me to perform well Matarani, she prays quietly; hope that I have a really good boss and great co-operative colleagues.




Roli is late again!!!


She takes quick glances at her watch as she struggles to get hold of an auto or taxi. But none of them stop for her!!


Today I'm done, she thinks frantically; the first impression itself will be like the worst impression.


In her frenzy, she doesn't notice a car parked just behind her. She doesn't even notice the sedan quickly back up at her!!!




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An original story by Archana Vinod





The car backs up in to her powerfully and knocks her flat onto the ground!




But it still doesn't stop! It keeps coming at her!


The tires roll in closer to her torso! The driver doesn't see her!


A couple of people on the streets notice the accident' that is about to happen!


"Oh Bhai!"


"Hey! Watch out!"


The people on the streets flail their arms to get the driver to stop. But...


Roli is petrified! The tires close in! Closer... closer... closer...


She hastily clambers away from the line of target and BANGS her fist on the car's trunk.


SCREEECH!!! The brakes hit hard! Even before the driver can step out, she begins to scream her lungs out.


ROLI: What the hell! Are you crazy? Bloody idiot!


The driver, Siddhant, cranes his neck out of the window wondering what could have happened. Then, he sees it all - the people standing on and watching with their mouths hanging open, a young lady behind his car struggling to get onto her feet. He realizes what just happened!


He steps out and walks over to her.


SIDDHANT: You okay? I'm sorry, I didn't-


ROLI: (cuts him off) Are you blind? Where the-


She stops abruptly as she notices who the driver is. It's Siddhant! He is equally surprised!




ROLI: (in disbelief) It was you?


Isn't this the crazy elevator girl, he thinks.


ROLI: I should have known! You almost killed me! Ran over me! Do you know that you weirdo?


SIDDHANT: I'm sorry; I swear I didn't see you.


ROLI: Oh puh-lease!!! Don't give me that crap! How could you NOT have seen me? Don't you have rear view mirrors?


Siddhant is quiet as he notices people stand on and watch the commotion.


ROLI: I asked you a question!




Siddhant goes quieter as he becomes more and more conscious by the second.


ROLI: Do you have a stiff neck?




ROLI: Do you have an eye sight problem?




ROLI: (shouts) Then? What the hell is your problem? How come you didn't see me? Were you dreaming? At least you must have heard me get knocked down!


SIDDHANT: No. Not really.


Roli is irritated at his attitude.


ROLI: Then what kind of a driver are you? Do you even have a license?


SIDDHANT: Yes, but-


ROLI: (cuts him off) You made me late for work! Do you know that?


SIDDHANT: I'm very sorry, it wasn't on purpose, I swear. I'm sorry, please.


ROLI: (even more angry) Kya sorry? If you ran over me, then? What would have happened to me?


SIDDHANT: (helpless and frustrated) I'm sorry, I'm very-very sorry.


 He has no clue on how to handle this situation other than say sorry'. On top of that, it's embarrassing to have people gloat at them like that. He's desperate for this scuffle to end.


ROLI: Stop it yaar! How do you go on at it with your "sorry" sorry? Don't drive me mad! Do you really think that you can get away with it?


By now, some of the passers-by close in. Both men and women.


PASSER-BY 1: Call the police! These motorists nowadays are simply off their hooks!


PASSER-BY 2: Didn't you hear us calling out?




PASSER-BY 3: You could have killed that girl! What the hell were you thinking?






PASSER-BY 5: Seriously! What this guy really needs is a tight slap!


Passer-by #5 reaches out, grabs his collar and slams him to the car.


SIDDHANT: No-wait! Listen-


Roli now sees the big picture! She is angry enough to slam him herself, but she really doesn't want it to happen. If she doesn't do something fast, these people could make minced meat out of him! And if the police pick him up, he can say good bye!


ROLI: No! No need of the police! Just leave it! I really don't have the time for all this! Please!


PASSER-BY 4: You want us to leave this guy?


ROLI: Yes...


PASSER-BY 5: You're making a mistake. If you leave him, the same thing is going to keep on happening!


PASSER-BY 3: Teaching this guy a couple of lessons would be good for all!


They begin to crush him onto the car again. But -


ROLI: Guys! Stop it! No one touch him! If it's okay with me then why go through all the trouble? Leave it! Please! I'm getting late for work as well! Hope you understand.  


The passers-by give Siddhant a deadly stare.


PASSER-BY 5: (to Siddhant) Thank your lucky stars and this girl buddy. Or else...


Siddhant is loaded with guilt and confusion. He struggles to meet her gaze.


Roli quickly looks him in the eye and takes to her heels. She's getting late!


One by one, the passers-by disperse leaving Siddhant to deal with his own demons.  


Roli manages to hail an auto after all this! She's still mad with rage! Her head is pounding! Her vision is a complete blur! Such a careless, bumbling idiot!!! He made me late on my first day! I swear I'll kill him if I see him again!




Roli finally makes it! She dashes into the building's elevator and PUNCHES floor 3.




She can hardly stand still as she takes quick glances at her watch! I'm so bloody late, she rages, on the first day! Grrr!!!


DING! The elevator comes to a smooth halt on the third floor.


Even before the doors can slide open, she bolts out...


... And in to her office!


To her dismay, she finds her new boss Vikrant in the glass walled conference room. He's not alone. He has a team of five seated around him.


Vikrant notices Roli come in through the door and waves at her to come over.


Her chest is thumping like crazy as she moves in to the conference room. Hey Matarani, she thinks, this is so embarrassing! How will I explain myself?


VIKRANT: (smiles) Good morning Roli. Late on the first day! What happened?


Roli opens her mouth to reply but stops midway as she notices one of the guys on the team. It's Siddhant!!!




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An original story by Archana Vinod





Roli is dumbfounded. What is this guy doing here, she wonders.


Siddhant too gapes at her. No ways! She can't be working here!


VIKRANT: (looks back and forth at them) Looks like you two know each other.


The both of them snap out of their trance.


VIKRANT: (to Siddhant) What man, Siddhant? What's the catch?


Siddhant looks very uncomfortable.


VIKRANT: Roli? What happened? Why're you late?


ROLI: Actually Vikrantji...


VIKRANT: Don't be standing there, get in! Get in! Just be seated.


ROLI: (moves in and settles down) Actually Vikrantji, I met with an accident this morning.


VIKRANT: (shocked) What! You've got to be kidding me! How did this happen?


Roli looks over at Siddhant. He stares at her for a moment before looking away.


ROLI: Well. I was waiting for an auto when this car wala backed up into me.


VIKRANT: What do you mean? He just backed up in to you like that?


ROLI: Haan ji.


VIKRANT: (hisses in fury) What an idiot! I wonder which part of their body they use for vision.


Siddhant fidgets in his seat a bit. Idiot? Which part of the body?


VIKRANT: Such guys should just be kicked below the belt! I would seriously do it!


Siddhant fidgets more. Kick below the belt?


Roli smothers a smirk. That would be so fun to watch! And at this point of time, he deserves it!


VIKRANT: And are you alright?


ROLI: Thankfully yes. Very close shave though.


VIKRANT: Be extra careful next time. People are senseless nowadays. Anything could happen.


The team finally settles down.


VIKRANT: (claps his hands and wrings them) Okay guys. Welcome to Techsearch! As you already know, we have three teams at present. The construction & engineering team, banking & finance, IT & telecommunications. Your team, FMCG, will be the latest to our addition.


The new recruits hang on to every word.


VIKRANT: Bhanupriya will be your team leader (gestures at a kind looking lady in her mid 30's) The rest of you, Remo, Siddhant, Roli and Vimla will work under her as recruiters.




The new team exits the conference room and head to their work stations after their first session. 


Roli settles down at her new table. She takes in a deep breath and spins on her new swivel chair as she prepares herself to start off fresh. The office is so clean, white and inviting! Everything is up to the mark with the best equipments and facilities. I love this place already, she thinks, much better than the last place!


BHANUPRIYA: Alright guys! Let's get started. Your main task as of now will be to get new accounts.


Roli gets on with her new task. She utters a word of prayer before she begins.


Just then, she notices her enemy Siddhant come in with a cup of coffee.


He glares at her before plopping into the empty chair next to Roli's work station.


Hey Matarani, she thinks anxiously; now I have to sit near this guy also? And see his silly face every day! Every hour! Oof! How will I bear this?


BHANUPRIYA: When you're done, you guys can merge with your neighbouring team members and work out a presentation. Good luck!


A tall, stocky and muscular but gentle giant in his 30's rolls towards Roli on his chair. He is REMO, Roli's new colleague.


REMO: (in a heavy dreamy voice) Hi. I'm Remo.


ROLI: (turns around startled, smiles and shakes hands) Hi. Roli.


REMO: First job?


ROLI: Not really. Second.


REMO: Oh wonderful. Me too. But I was in the hotel industry before.


ROLI: Oh really? Then how did you land up here?


REMO: Well. It's obvious. Better pay, manageable timings.




Roli manages to get hold of one new client. She rushes over to the printer, exhilarated and prints out a business presentation.


As she waits at the printer, she notices Siddhant walk over to his desk with another cup of coffee. She nods her head, annoyed. This guy has no other job other than drink coffee all day!


After she gets done, she gets back to her desk and searches for the stapler. But doesn't find it! Instead, she finds one on Siddhant's desk.


ROLI: (to Siddhant, uncomfortably) Ermm...


Siddhant glares at her and looks away.


ROLI: Can I borrow your stapler for a moment?




She reaches over to get the stapler, but accidentally KNOCKS over his coffee cup.


To her horror, a tsunami of the steaming liquid spills, flows all over the desk and straight onto Siddhant's lap!




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