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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Rima OS: In A Moment

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OS: In A Moment

"Hello" Rk said smiling.
"Hmm" Madhu justed nodded her head arrogantly.
"So what?" She shouted at him making him chuckle.
"Nice terrace garden... I like it" Rk looked around the garden as he was not able to take the angry glare from her. Its not that he was scared of her glare but he finds hard not to laugh at her. He felt her so adorable when she was angry. 
"Are you angry?" Rk asked her pressing his lips not to burst out laughing. 
"At me?" 
"Nope. At my parents. How could they do this to me? This is all wrong" she said pissed.
"What's wrong?" he asked confused.
"Our marriage proposal" she said as if he was dumb to understand this simple thing. 
"I didnt get u?" he said still confused.
"You & your family came to meet my sister for ur brother. They both love each other so they are getting married but why we should get married??" she asked him.
"We have all our life to love so why hurry, we will first get married, then slowly we will fall in love with each other" he explained her.
"I don't want to love u" 
"Why? Don't u like me or do u like someone else" he asked silently praying she would say she is not in love with anyone.
"Yeah I'm in love" she said sternly.
"Who?" he asked softly so that he can beat him to pulp.
"Hrithik Roshan" she said dreamily.
"Gah!! Then I'm in love with Angelina Jolie" 
"Then go marry her, why me?"
"Oh c'mon yaar, don't be childish... everyone has their personal favorite actors but that doesn't mean we truly love them & we should wait & marry them... be practical... besides both HR & AJ are married" he reasoned her. 
"Still No"
"I want a Romantic husband who gives me anything & everything in a gold platter..." 
"I' ll also come with it, of course. It's a packaged deal" he finishes the sentence for her.
"How do u know that?" she asked surprised.
"U read lots of romance novels huh?" he smirked & she grins at him.
"I m not sure whether I can give u paradise but I will try" he promised her. Still she looked unconvinced.
"See there, my brother Sikky & ur sister Dipali are happily having a conversation... don't u think even we should be doing that??" he asked with a loving smile.
"Oh God! I don't even know ur name" she said exasperated.
"So name is the problem, Madhu? U could have asked me... I'm Rishab Kundra."
"How do u know my name?" she asked.
"Ur mom & dad were keep on calling ur name since we came here then how come I dont know ur name?" 
"Oh okay Rishu" she smiled.
"That's what your mom called right?"
"Yeah. But I prefer Rk" 
"Rk... sounds good" she greed.
"So u didnt tell anything??"
"No. I don't want to marry u" she declared.
"Why? U must be blind to reject someone hot & handsome like me" he said with attitude.
She stared at him from head to toe & said out loud " I have to grudgingly agree that u r an epitome of male beauty. A handsome hunk... I have never seen someone so hot & cute like  u in my life" 
"Cute?" he asked making a face. He always felt the word cute never suits men. 
"Yes. Cute. You dimples. If u were mine I would have licked ur dimple ith the tip of my tongue to see how deep it goes" she said without thinking & he smirked.
"So make me yours, forever" he said hotly close to her ears.
"Nope" she said like a stubborn kid.
"What's your problem in marrying me?? I know u like me so do I... then??" he asked a little irritated.
"I feel like I m a shampoo sachet" she said cutely pouting.
"WHAT?" he asked shocked.
"yes. I feel like if u buy big bottle shampoo then sample shampoo sachets free. U all came to see my sister & u wanna marry me. I feel like I m coming on free along with my sister" bade bottle shampoo ke saath chote bottle free... She mutters with a pout.
"What a stupid logic? My brother likes ur sister & I like u so we thought why not both the brothers get married to sisters. U r not a product" he said.
"U r a hot property. My hot property" he said huskily pulling her close to him by her waist.
"No. u r an asset. A precious asset of mine" 
"Asset?? then what i'm ur liability huh?"
"That after marriage I will say that" he teased her.
"U r also a Chartered Accountant like ur brother?" 
"Guess" he said & leaned back on the railing & started humming "Tum hi ho...abh tum hi ho...zindagi.."
"Singer?" she asked excitedly.
"Nope" he chuckled.
"I m a Doctor" he said coolly.
"U know what I'm very fond of Doctors..." she asked with her eyes full of admiration. " BTW, What doctor. In which u did ur specialization??"
"Sex Doctor" he winked at her.
"Chee..." She made a face
"What chee?? You dont like Sex?? you know right sex is a major part of marriage?? if u have problems then u will go running to them but now u r making faces... hypocrisy at its heights" he shakes his head in disgust.
"No I didnt mean like that. I'm sorry" she genuinely apologized.
"So u like Sex?" he asked grinning & she turned pink completely.
"No" she said looking down at her foot.
"Liar" he chuckled. 
"But I like very much" he whispered. 
"You are bad" she slightly pushed him away
"You are so innocent" 
"So u r a Doctor?" she asked to change the track.
"I wish I was. But I m not that brilliant to study huge volumes of books" 
"Then why did u lie to me" she asked angrily.
"Just to rile up. U look adorable when u r mad, didnt I say that to u??"
"No" she blushed
"Moreover I came to know that u r fond of Doctors" "How?"
"Just now u told, besides I saw a small girl's pic wearing a doctor coat & I guess that was u so I guessed u wished to become a Doctor"
"Yeah I wished but when I grow up my interest went on something else"
"So what u studied?" Rk asked her.
"MA (French lit.)... I work in Alianc Francais"
"So what the hell u r doing?" she asked bored.
"Velai Illa Pattadhari (jobless graduate)
"Engineer huh?" 
"What the hell? How could u mock engineers?" he shouted at her.
"U r scaring me... in that movie (VIP is a Tamil movie) the hero was an engineer so I thought even u r an engineer... I'm sorry"
"Hehe... I was just trying to scare u dont worry I'm a very cool guy" he smiled as sweet as he could & madhu breathed a sigh of relief.
"Teacher?" she asked after thinking for a while.
"first I should learn something then only I can teach others... I said before itself I'm not a bright student" 
"So u r a dumb guy huh?"  
"I'm a smart guy. For being smart u need not be a topper of ur university" he said. 
"You r so fit, muscular..." she unknowingly caressed his biceps " strong. Are u a sport person" 
"Nice choice but I'm not" he smiled
"Gah... my final try & I declare u r a Lawyer. U talk a lot, argue a lot, defend a lot, LIE a lot so fixed"
"I don't think by ur declaration I get any Law graduation"
"I quit" she said tiredly & sat down on the chair placed beside the tea table.
"Relax. Have a cup of tea" he quickly made two cups of tea for them & handed one to her.
"Thanks" she really needed as she got a headache after talking to him.
"Hmm... hmm...hmm" she made a "hmm" sound every time she sips her tea showing her liking for the tea.
"You are a Chef!!" she screamed.
"Finally u got it right... I learned cooking in Australia... did my MBA in hotel management" he sighed.
"Omg!! Omg!! Omg!! I'll marry u, NOW" she jumped from her chair & bounced on Rk's lap.
"What?" he asked shocked & surprised seeing her sitting on his lap. He quickly encircled his hands around her back to hold her on place.
"I always wished to marry a cook so that I don't want to cook. I have never cooked ever in my life & now I got my full time chef." she excitedly bounced on his lap making him wince in pain but he couldn't control his laughter.
"Have u heard about Kundra group of hotels??"
"Yeah" she said wide eyed.
"I own them. Totally 4 branches in & around Mumbai & soon one new branch will be opened in Malaysia. Once we get married we can go their & set up the new restaurant & also..." he looked with a naughty smile at her while his fingers works on the sides of her face.
"& Also??" she asked holding her breathe.
"& also spend our honeymoon in Malaysia, if u wish we could go somewhere else from there" 
"Paris" she says excitedly.
"You wanna see Paris?" he asked her playing with her hair. She nods shyly. "Okay" he said & she pecked on his lips. "You are too fast. Dont you??" Rk smirked at her. She blushed crimson.
"So my Shampoo, ready to marry me??" he asked smilingly.

"Bro, here over. When will u put intermission to ur romance movie" Sikky teased Rk as sikky & dipali walked towards them.
"Yeah, Bro, we r done & she agree to marry me?"
"She agreed?" Dipali asked shocked.
"You charmed her man. See how she is clinging to u" Sikky chuckled.
"Madhu, Back to earth. Get down from his lap" Dipali chided her sister who was shamelessly drooling her man.
"Will u make something for me to eat now??" Madhu asked rk with a cute pleading face which melts him. 
"Now. U want me to cook in ur kitchen?"
"Yes" she said stubbornly. He hesitantly looked at dipali for help.
"She is a foodie, u cant escape from her. She will wake u up in midnight 2 or 3 & ask u to cook. My poor mama tolerated her this long & now she is ur headache" dipali waved her hand & walked downstairs along wit. h Sikky.
"What u will make for me to eat?" she asks lovingly.
"First get down from my lap please, then we will go down, tell our decision to our family, then I'll cook whatever u like" he said & straightened her. Then he looked around the terrace to find no one & looked at her for a moment before slamming his lips on her. He sucked her juicy lips with tasted like strawberries & bit her lower lips & she gasped & he injected his tongue into her mouth & kissed mating their tongues. 
"Thanks for filling my appetite" Rk smiled while Madhu gasped for precious breathe.
Then they both went downstairs hand in hand making their parents feel happy. 

"Rishu, u like madhu right?" Radha asked her son with a bright smile as she knows the result already but for everyone's satisfaction she asked him.
"Mom, she likes me so madly so I don't want to break her heart so yes, I agree for the marriage" he said winking at madhu & she drops her mouth wide open.
"Rishu" Radha chided him. Then radha asked both dipali & Madhu to sit beside her & lovingly caressed them & blessed them. 
"So Malik, what u say?" Mohan asked Malik.
"I'm so happy to get my daughters married to ur sons" he smiled.
"Prefect. Then we will fix both the wedding together" 
"Good. I'll talk to our pandit & tell u the dates when we can conduct the engagement & wedding ceremonies" Malik said.
"Then we will take our leave" Mohan said & stood up & all follow suit.
"Mom, I have some work so u & dad go with Sikky" Rk hushed her mom inside the car.
"But what work, Rishu?" Radha asked him
"I'll tell u later, now bye" he said & the car drove out of Malik's house.
Then Rk turned to Malik & padmini & hesitantly asked "Aunty, can I use ur kitchen for a short time?" both Malik & Padmini looked puzzled at first & then they both together turned towards Madhu & glared at her.
"Son, it's ur house too, so don't hesitate to ask" Malik said with a smile.
"Thanks Uncle"
"Call me, Papa" 
"Papa" rk smiled.
"Thats good. & haan whatever u r making make some for me too... i'm bored of eating out of my wife's hand" he said & walked in ignoring Padmini's furious glare & madhu's giggle & Rk surprised expression & chuckled understanding from where madhu got the habit.

Then he made jalapenos pizza & chicken wings making the entire Malik's clan mouth water. 
He too ate with them seeding information about him & his love for cooking & future plans to branch out restaurants in different parts of the world. All the while madhu hogged the pizza like a pig but still she managed to drool her droolicious to-be-husband who occasionally gave her a sexy smile.

"Madhu, Take Rishu to wash his hands" Padmini instructed her while Malik was busy enjoying his pizza. 
"So u liked it?" Rk asked following Madhu to the wash room.
"Loved it" she said smilingly.
"Ahaan" he noticed some tomato ketchup on the side of her mouth, then he leaned down & licked the ketchup from the corner of her mouth making her blush & he quickly kissed on her cheek & walked away leaving Madhu in daze.

They both fell in love "in a moment"

After two month both Rishbala & Sikpali got married... Rishab's new restaurant in Malaysia had a grand opening... Soon Rishab & Madhu moved to Malaysia & got settled there... After two years madhu gave birth to a beautiful baby boy & they named him Rishi kundra.  Rishi's looks are like Rk & but crazy as his mom Madhu.
All the three lived happily ever after.

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Thank u so much to all my lovely reader who are still interested on my writing. I m feeling so happy with all the love & support u show me... keep encouraging me lovelies... I'll try hard to write few OS or TS whenever I find time... thanks!!

Hope u all liked this crazy update... well, i'm known for writing crazy kinda stories LOL...

IMP: Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, CA's, or whatever major u r please don't get offended after reading this update... its purely written for fun not to mock any professionals... I respect all!!

please do hit the like button & comment your views...

P.S: No time to proof read...sorry for mistakes...


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Aww twinnie that was one master piece of urs Big smile
I always wanted to write a chef rk but with my commitments cldnt do that but u did wat i wanted LOLLOL infact exactly the way i wanted just loved it totally 
My superstar handsome chef rocks 
Loved his charm to make her agree 
But i love that sex doctor part LOL
It was so damm hillarious 
I guess everytime madhu ask rk to cook 
Aftrr fulfilling her wish he will make her excessive workout under his fav. Place LOL

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Awesome start dear loved it 
Poor rk he has to make lunch for everybody

P.s. i too dont know cooking n wish that i got a hubby who can make food  for me n my mum gets really tensed sometimes coz of this issue Wink

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Madhu is so cute & funny. Loved her antics. RK is chef?? First time reading him as chef. Well the role is reversed here he made dishes for her & in-laws. Not bad, I also want a hubby like him, hunk+cook. LOL That shampoo convo really crackrd me yaar ROFL you write romantic comedy so well..please write more stuffs like this. Thanks for pm. Update soon Smile

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madhu didnt want to get married to rk 
she was guessing rks profession 
when rk said he is chef madhu immediately agreed to marry 
rk prepared food for madhu 
well written

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funny...seriously ...too much funnn
lved it yr...
pls pls pls...
jldi update krna na

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Awww...its soo damm crazyyy LOL LOL...Im sure...u and me are really crazy...we two get always crazy ideas like this stuff to write..ROFL..i always prefer rom com...and coming to story... yeah its not only was fabulous...and just eager how this crazy story progress...loved it...u made myt wait worthful Sudha...keep going Thumbs Up

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Cutie cutie n crazy story. Clap

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