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'I love you Ishita Raman Bhalla .. Thank you!' *Updated* (Page 8)

Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Gan-

Originally posted by Wings-of-Fire

Beautiful, beautiful edits and update, Gan.Tonight I'm a fangirl. I absolutely loved the confession. I was skeptical too due to the OTT arrangement but I loved how Raman bared his heart and I bought it. I was so happy that I went ahead and watched the entire episode which I haven't done in a long time. 
P.S. The downside of being the fangirl is that, the fangirl spooks easily. I'm now afraid of the blunder Toshi is gonna make while Raman is away.

I think the Cvs pulled a fast one on us by planting all those red balloons and then surprising us with such a meaningful confession. Well they need to surprise us more like thisWink

I didnt watch the precap after reading that...Dead

It looked like they had cleared a lot of those balloons before the actual shoot. And I thank heavens that the angling of the cameras were really good tonight.

I don't get why they have to go at such a great speed! Karan has 10 days off and the rest are probably getting at least 2-3 days to attend his wedding. This is the time for snail pace, not NFS!!

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by beckysharp

Beautiful collages Gan.  But , I am in no coherent state to pen down my thoughts and feelings ! Just now I am afloat and my heaet is aflutter !

UN reserved !

I was actually extremely skeptical when I watched the precap yesterday.  Was ready for disappointment and dissatisfaction.  For once, I was neither disappointed not dissatisfied !
Omg, what can I say about the episode.  Please forgive me if I turn this into a gush fest !

Tumhe chot pahunchane ke khayal se bhi .. Saanson ka dhadkanon se naata toot jaata hai..  Lekin Phir sochta hoon.. Ke Ek baar tum rootho toh sahi.. Taaki duniya ko bata doon.. Ki meri biwi ko manane ka har tareeka Mujhe aata hai.

We all were upset with his get out / dafa ho jao.  But the shayari he recited made my heart flutter ! The shayari above is his apology for being so harsh with her !

Here is a man who has been through hell and back. Here is a man, who was adrift and lost.  Here is a man who was made to feel unwanted and a loser and who by grace of second chance got an anchor when he was not even looking for one. The setup in the room though tacky, garish and childish, is what raman the nerdy, dorky guy would have done.  I believe, Ishita is his first love.  What he felt for Shagun was awe, awe at the fact that such a beautiful woman agreed to marry a dork and nerd like him ! 

With Ishita, he is on a different plain.  He has metamorphosed himself from that dork into this successful smart person though very embittered by life. When Ishita walks in, she has no expectations from him.  She is the exact opposite of Shagun.  So too are his feelings for Ishita.  He is not in awe of her.  He possessive of her. Loves her with an intensity.  Hence he took this long to profess his love.  But once he said it, he repeated it and repeated it and couldn't stop saying it. The beauty of the scene was in its simplicity.  No OTT drama. Just heartfelt pouring of feelings actually not just an outpouring of feeling more a deluge. All that he wanted to say, was said today in myriad ways.  

The beauty of the goodbye, the way he looks around for privacy, before bending down towards her.. ah, be still my heart... !!! 

When Ru and Adi and then Mihir interrupted that private moment before his departure, the frustration of puttar was literally palpable ! 

#iaminlove with puttaronceagain.
#inevergave up on him.
# puttarisadorable

I am not looking forward to the ensuing drama.  Rinky needs a tight slap and I wish someone shakes Some sense into her !

The precap was adorable, with Ru baby asking whether ishima had kissed papa ! And her demand that she has to kiss him when he returns ! 

And finally, a tip of a hat to KP and DT for their par excellence performance !  Their acting prowess, made a tacky setup and silly drama bearable and made all of us go crazy today. ! 

Wonderful post Becks!! Clap

The Shayeri surprised me ...but the way you put it...hey I'll take that...if that's his apologyEmbarrassed

Agree with you about Rinky...she's a late blooming byotch!Angry

KP and DT make us all ignore what's in the backdrop because all our main focus is on them . And they never fail us...especially in scenes like these.

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sky-if

Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Beautiful collages and quotes G!

I have to admit I wasn't convinced even when the confession started y'day that I would be able to enjoy the moment.. today I did though, since it was classic yhm - simple heartfelt conversation.

I personally still am hoping and waiting for Ishita 2.0 to raise from the ashes also before she confesses her love! I think Subbu will be instrumental in making that happen.

> apology..
I almost did not want to refer to this one but since its kind of hanging in there at the back of most of our minds, here goes nothing.. 

With the entire RKB yelling part, I think the CVs achieved(?!) two things
1. For once the forum Ish Vs Ra arguments seemed to quieten down a bit - I think the audience were genuinely taken aback by the yelling and the swift forgetting by biwi - most responses I read were along the lines of 'well, if that's the way the couple are and they are ok with it ..' LOL

2. The CVs now have a hook to create all the drama.. every Bhalla sibling has at some point created trouble for IshRa - its now Rinky's turn to turn crazy and instigate the 'loose screw' Toshiji to MU the whole Subbu angle - the 'dafa ho jao' might come back to haunt - not IshRa but us - via Madhaviji.. in any case though, for all the drama that is likely coming our way, we should take Sr. Bhallaji's oft repeated dialog/advise to 'tandh rakh' LOL

thanks and nice pointers about the Ishra fight and about Rinky the troublemakerAngry

Subbu is annoying to me...I'm dreading any track with him being one of the main players...atleast with Shagun we could make fun of her browlift and barely there blouses...Subbu has plaid blazers which I find very weird ..other than that he just annoys me. Period!. So I'm dreading Subbu's role in emergence of Ishita 2.0Dead

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nb.neha

beautiful  quotes
beautiful captures

beautiful collages

beautiful confession

loved every bit of it 

Thanks for sharing your write up Neha...Nice blog post!. Yes it was a beautiful confession. Day Dreaming

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Oh, and since I watched the entire episode, I have to say that Doc was spot on in labeling Rinki. She indeed is a basic bitch at least for now.

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Autumn.

Beautiful Collages

Raman's confession: Words were beautiful. Though I did remembered his fight words when he utter respect lines he wrote for her and just wish, apology was put before ILU started but oh well.. On the whole confession words were beautiful & meaningful. I actually cried hearing them.

Wish Ishita too shown confessing ILU for a complete confession from both.

That they are holding for TRP I feel Ishita is going to be hit by her past imperfect crashing  into her present and turning it upside down...So her confession would make more sense when Raman is back...I can wait for that.

the CVs are rationing ..1st Raman Confession...then Ishita Confession and then in some time in future the big CLOL

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nb.neha

After such a beautiful confession they shouldn't ruin the show by focusing on subbu track :( the precap is an indication. I hope they don't spoil yhm

Ah well they brought Amit Tandon to cover KP's hiatus atleast, if not brace yourself for some Subbu created dramaDead
-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shalz_123

Thanks Gan...for the amazing collages and words...
copy pasting wat i wrte in another thread...

I m dead...n m in heaven n m in DFL and ishra land... ... 

I LoveYou

I Love You

I Love You..Ishita

I Love You Ishita Raman Bhalla...

Every  time becoming more and more confident.. He was so real..Nothing was drama.. Beautiful

Puttar just made my day..When I saw him and the way he said.. Biwi had tears... I had tears too... itni khusi ki lag raha hain ki I m the recipient of tht immense love... 

few dialogues which are in repeat mode in my mind...

Saaare competition ek taraf, tera mera rishta ek taraf

Sunaa kya chahati ho...

Tumne is Pathar jaise Ravaan ko insaan bana diya...

Abhi abhi to pathar se insaan bana hu..bolne main waqt lag gaya...

Bola nahi...but sach to sach hain. aur tumko bhi pata hain...

Yes that is what it is... 

She knows, He knows... They just had to say it.. ek half ho gaya hain... dusra half after RKB returns... n i know tht also I will go crazy...

The song which i am  going to use for song osthon...n which i think are apt for them are

Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar Jee Nahi Sakte Tumhaare Bina
Suna Gham Judaai Ka Uthaate Hai Log
Jaane Zindagi Kaise Bitaate Hai Log
Din Bhi Yahaan To Lage Baras Ke Samaan
Hume Intezaar Kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar Jee Nahi Sakte Tumhaare Bina
Hume Tumse Pyaar
Tumhe Koi Aur Dekhe To Jalta Hai dil
Badi Mushkilon Se Phir Sambhalta Hai dil
Kya Kya Jatan Karte Hain Tumhe Kya Pataa
Yeh Dil Beqaraar Kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar Jee Nahi Sakte Tumhare Bina
Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar Jee Nahi Sakte Tumhaare Bina
Hume Tumse Pyaar...

You know what...i was looking thru those gifs and collages n thinking... those balloons...those flowers...nothing mattered..
tell me honestly...did anyone notice anything else other than those two...

I had diffuculties in dividing my attention among these two also... Both are power houses... If one was saying things from heart..melting everyone... another was emoting thru her eyes... 

It was like a tennis match... I was looking at puttar then again at biwi..back n forth...

I was never good with words...I never appreciated too much dialogues..for mee love is simple...what u feel.. n I could see feel touch the love these two have for each other. 

May be the way they show, act, That is why we are so crazy about them,..We yearn for them...

It is our dream, let it be our dream...

Dreams are good...

Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa

Nice post Shalz and also I love that song!

Yes though the PH took a lot of effort decorating the room with everything from "Archie's Gallery" ..none of us even noticed them as the main players took all our attention. Both were fabulous!

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