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'I love you Ishita Raman Bhalla .. Thank you!' *Updated*

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Posted: 02 May 2015 at 9:50am | IP Logged

"Maybe that's what I have been looking for. When storms and rockslides threaten, I am looking for someone who will hold on to me and not let go." 
 Courtney Milan

"He tried not to hug her too hard, even though she was kind of hugging him too hard.
 In fact, she was pretty much crushing his rib cage.
He didn't mind, though." 
 Cassandra Clare

Honestly I was not expecting much...because the balloons and too much valentine red from the OLVs had kinda put me off.

But I was pleasantly surprised. Amidst all the cliched backdrop what stood out was the emotions expressed by Raman. It was subtle, very much in tone with Ishra equation and after all the misfires from a visibly nervous RKB ..when he said it...there was no doubt where those words were coming from...he poured out his heart, his true feelings and it reached her. Isn't that what love professing is all about? It's not just the three words uttered but the emotions that cocoon those words that matter. And he did just that. It was just beautiful with only one major editing faux pas...I wished they had not put the RBJ competition celebration in the middle of the hug.Ouch

Yes scenes like these make me forget the ridiculousness of RKB's crude behavior this week or wish they had put in his apology for the behavior too. Wish the CVs were consistent with their writing ..or their effort like they were in the confession scene.

Loved the little scene in the kitchen too. Haddi fauj was full on action there too. Maybe Puttar next time try to fill your "meetha" quota in the privacy of your bedroom behind closed doors. And Ishita's scenes with Raman's shirts always leave me sighing. No exception today too.

Rest of the episode. I fast forwarded.Dead

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To begin with apologies Gan, I am extremely late I know but had some guests over and well it was unexpected - guests usually are unexpected as well as tiring, you get the drift right?

Beautiful  collages and such amazing quotes, as usual.Big smile

So let's get this show on the road now.


I'll be honest here Gan because that's the only way I know how to write things that I need to pen down.

I have been very vocal about being disappointed with the get out of my house drama that came up and last night when the confession scene started on the heels of that drama it didn't sit well with me. I couldn't digest two characters that I love and adore becoming ...jaded. It was disappointing to me and I spoke about it in the LU, A LOT.

Then tonight happened and well there' only so much a girl can rant especially about the things that she doesn't have the power to change, and so with as much patience and tolerance I could summon within me I sat down to watch tonight' episode. Skipping over the minutes in between wasted on the annoyance plaguing us found that I actually quite liked it. Yes, I had to put the latest drama behind me but the sentiments, the words penned by Ritu Deora were spot on and all I could think of was why, why was the you leave my home drama even necessary, because had it not been for THAT one particular thing this would have been so PERFECT.

Why did they add that really, because she isn't even being mad, the confession happened DESPITE that and so it still makes no sense to me why was this stupid thing even written in the script.

If it hadn't been written this would have been everything that could have and would have been APT for IshRa, and so I decided to just let the things I can't have any control over aside.

And as soon as I made that decision I came on the forum and reserved a spot on your thread, the very first one too by some weird co-incidence.

Therefore, I will write about the scene disregarding the things that make me want to shake someone in the Balaji and SP camp badly, if only I could do that, but alas, I am moving on.

After lots of talking in circles, we arrived at the moment most awaited and there was a goof-up, or so it seems.

Raman' first confession that he really intended and meant had him mouth "I Love You Ishimaa".

It ruined things for her and for a second there stumped him, he immediately reverted to mention Ruhi and spoke of his kids, their kids...said that they impressed the word upon his mind...

But in his heart, that's how Ishita began to make a place for herself, she started out as the woman he saw as the mother of his child, his daughter - the little girl who so longed for the love of a mother, who eventually became the mother of both his children. In my opinion, Raman Kumar Bhalla started getting attracted to Ishita Iyer a long time before he even admitted it to himself; the seeds were sown on one rainy night where they found themselves stranded together for that attraction to take root. But he fell in love with her, the moment,  his daughter called her Ishimaa for the very first time; the instant he saw them hug he knew the pure joy, the unadulterated happiness on his child' face is courtesy of this woman who he  had just married and hard as he tried to ignore Raman Bhalla was a goner.

I have always adored the scene, the stumped look Raman has there, then the way he schools his features just in time for no one to take notice how the little moment affected him, but the truth is it does. The magic stays on forever with him, which just gets more potent over time as he falls more and more in love with her how could he not after all?

I always believed that after Shagun Raman locked up his heart,  so tightly at that that even he had no idea how to escape the confines he restricted around himself, even though, as is the case with the finest of armory too, his armor had a chink - his children.  Though he tried to not let it be known; this woman went ahead and tackled that very chink - she let him see how easy was it to love and be loved in return - all he had to do was, allow himself the chance and hope for that.

He saw the joy his daughter found in the love of a mother and in loving that mother.

So while Raman saying I love you Ishimaa is a blunder of sorts, it's the way their journey began, it's how he started to fall in love with this woman - as the mother of his child to begin with.

His next words were a simple "I love you to her" - twice over.

For the times that he lied or made it seem the words he spoke earlier were a pack of lies. Earlier when he said them they had been true too, only one he wasn't willing to acknowledge to even himself, hell he was fighting himself back then too, to not surrender to his growing affection for this woman. The first time he said those words, he made up the excuse that Ruhi was looking at them, true she was, but even his daughter couldn't possibly have heard them all the way to the third storey even if he yelled over the downpour of the rain.  The other time was made to appear as a means to distract her attention enough to help her through a moment of pain.

Slowly however, the walls began to give away, she chipped away his defenses just by being who she was, is, this woman he got to know her as  not just as a mother, a daughter, sister or DIL/SIL but just Ishita.  Little things about her that made her strong or weak, silly or wise, the way she infuriated him to the point of madness as well as made him smile despite the very madness that drove him up a wall.

He fell for Ishita - for being the child-woman that she is, the woman who knew how to bring out the best in him even if he showed her his worst, more often than not.

She made his dark life lighter by her smiles and the laughter she infused in it. She made him want to be a man who couldn't help himself when it came to her.  Teasing her, annoying her, doing things that made her roll her eyes or drive her to the point where she would positively be seething.  Because whenever he did that, whenever he managed to ruffle that cool exterior - he got under her skin and as he did so, he didn't even realize he allowed her the same. In enjoying ruffling her feathers, he started making room for her in his heart, bringing down bricks one at a time that would one day fell the wall.

He resisted with all his might but in the end, he came to love Ishita justifying his - "I love you Ishita."

Now was there any point in denying, in resisting, in fighting a lost cause,?  She was the mother he wanted for his children, the woman he came to adore, the woman he loved to annoy - she was the woman he saw himself growing old with - the woman who he accepted in his heart of hearts as his soul mate, his lover, his wife.

This woman became Ishita Raman Bhalla for the world the day he tied the knot with her, but who in his heart became the wife he fell in love with over time. This time he didn't surrender his heart easily but surrender he did at last and not because he HAD to love her, no, there was no compulsion that made him do it now, like the last time. A relationship that is supposed to be a bond of love wasn't stifling him, on the contrary it was loosening him up - this time his heart was conquered and he yielded, but in that, he won, in losing his heart he found his victory - his freedom as he admits - he came to life.

Therefore, Raman Bhalla admitted he has come to love "Ishita Raman Bhalla", not because it was expected of him, rather because he simply had no choice in the matter this time around.  Since this time a face hadn't bewitched him enough that made him ignore the person behind the beautiful mask, rather the heart drew him out of his shell, enough for him to recognize that this time around the woman he had come to care was beautiful inside and out - and most importantly, she made him feel the same way too.Embarrassed

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Eagerly waiting for your collages Gan.

Gan I do have a request to make if you can make a separate collage of Raman supporting Ishita on his knees Please.


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Before anyone reads this...understand it's the ramblings of a delusional, sleep deprived don't judge me too much! Big smile

Also I just have seen the confession scene so I may be missing things!  I'm going to try & synthesize the thoughts I had during the LU & while watching the scene...

Despite royally botching 75% of things...I feel like thought was put into this actual scene.  It was simple & the deco was a bit cheesy for my pref...but for once in a looong while what stole the scene was the dialogs & intentionality of it.

First he was drawn to Ishita - the Ishima, then he fell for Ishita - the woman, and since the Shagun Shaadi track...he's been trying to fully make her Ishita Raman Bhalla - the Biwi & love of his life!  

Each of his proclamations today, to me, were a throw back to his "fake" (bc I think deep deep down they were real back then too ) I Love Yous of yesteryear & mirrored his journey with her thus far... 

First he said it in the rain bc Ruhi was "ILU, Ishima"

Then he said it to distract her from pain out of genuine concern but with no acknowledgement of his love "ILU, Ishita"

And finally he claimed her as his fully by using her full name - no longer is she just Ishima or just Ishita, a wife/friend/person of circumstance...she is Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla  

[sigh that full name bit takes me back to the scene he put a name plate on their old house for her!  ...looks like we'll never get the cozy old place back Cry]

Whether I'm deluding myself or not...I just love the beauty in all of this. It's not what any of us expected from the confession but it turned out to be a bit more!  

The confession was subtle & driven by the sentiment & not grand gestures.  With YHM we have seen so many shades of love - passion, anger, raw attraction, sweetness, innocence, insecurity, expectations, & so on but my favorite is the deep emotional love between the characters.  Nothing pales in comparison to honest emotion.   Heart

One kostin...even today they didn't shut their bedroom door! LOL

Beatuiful collages, Gan!  I love the one of their close ups! 

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the Quote    Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming 
the pic(collage) Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Oh Gaaan...
I cant even... THEY are MAGIC. Nothing can dampen that. Nothing can lessen it...


ufff... i cant control it... i need a moment...

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nazm uljhii hui hai seene mein

misre atke hue hain hothon par

udte-phirte hain titliyon ki tarah

lafz kaagaz pe baith-te hi nahii

kabse baitha hua hoon main jaanam

saade kaagaz pe likhke naam tera

bas tera naam hi mukammal hai

isse behtar bhi nazm kya hogi




Gulzar saab is saying, that a poem is entangled in his heart, the lines stuck at his lips, the words flying around like butterflies, he is sitting staring a paper for hours with only his beloved's name written on it. The name alone is poem for him and there could be no better poem than this for him. I couldn't think of any better nazam than this for Puttar's 'I love you', the name Ishita uttered from his mouth is enough to portray the immense love he feels for his beloved wife. 

I didn't know here to begin so i did what I do best i.e steal from Gulzaar saab to emote my feelings. 


I don't know where to begin and where to end, there was so much soul and beauty in yesterday's episode and the best part about the entire episode was that it reflected them and their relationship. Just like it took them ages to find and complete each other similarly it took them ages to profess love verbally, but they did find each other and did finally profess their love, it was nothing short of divine beauty.

Puttar probably said I love you' a million times to his family members, his kids, Mihir, and even Shagun at one point but when those three powerful words mean something it takes a life time to muster up the courage to express those words, because it takes grit, determination, the courage to expose the most vulnerable part of you just to find that quivering voice to profess I LOVE YOU'. I loved how they portrayed puttar's inner struggle to find courage, to finally open himself up to love and giving himself another chance at happiness.

I really really enjoyed the scene more than the I love you' because what puttar said to his wife was far more beautiful than those simple 3 words.  There was so much innocence, love, purity and a sense of belonging in those beautiful moments where Raman thanked his Ishita for turning his life around, he told her he became a person again, he learned to breathe again, he became a father to his children, he began to smile again and finally he started to love again. More than the I love you, I gushed over I love you, ISHITA RAMAN BHALLA, it almost felt like he wanted to own her, to keep her just for himself not to share with anyone, she belonged to him and only him.  Sigh! Faint! Too much cuteness for me to handle!

I loved the look of endearment and satisfaction on missus' face upon hearing her husband utter those words, she could read the gratitude in his eyes, she could see the immense respect he has for her and their relationship, and she could hear the never-ending love in his voice when he uttered the word Ishita'.

I felt like Ishita for a first time actually believed she had a purpose in this life, she felt like a complete woman, a woman that a man desires, a woman that a man needs to make his, a woman that man wants to serenade.

I am sure the above didn't make any sense because I just finished watching the episode and I am still reeling under it's magic, I got the feel of old YHM, the one where excellent writing took precedence over everything else.

So many songs to choose from, I am utterly confused so I will come back to it, lol

I loved the vulnerability of Raman so much, he exposed his inner self to biwi yesterday, reminding me of my favorite poem by W. B. Yeats.


"Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,

Enwrought with golden and silver light,

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Of night and light and the half light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

W.B. Yeats


I CANNOT BELIEVE PUTTAR WROTE SHAYARI! I AM FLABBERGASTED! Yesterday when puttar was serenading missus with Shayari and finally uttered those 3 magical words not only were we shocked so was Mother Nature! Because Michigan was hit by 4.0 magnitude earthquake and we never get earthquakes here.


Putting up with weeks of crap and over the top drama only to get a poignant moment like yesterday fills my heart with joy. Gif below is how I feel.

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Still not coherent enough for speech, maybe will try again later


Gan, I love the collages. And your quotes. Beautiful as always.
Like you I wasn't expecting much either, so what we got made me happy. Bas.

We have all decided to be Ghajini and forget what happened two episodes ago, and just enjoy Puttar and his confession. I cried with biwi today. Finally, he said it to her.

Bas. I can't say more, or will have to resort to more silly emoticons.

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